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  • the back of Thalasso Carnac
    the back of Thalasso Carnac
    by gwened
  • stones alignment at Menec
    stones alignment at Menec
    by gwened
  • main entrance to museum in the am
    main entrance to museum in the am
    by gwened

Carnac Highlights

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     sit back, have a crêpe with cider 

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     mostly rocks 

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     La mer! toujours formidable! 

Carnac Things to Do

  • stones, megalithes ,this is it

    megalithes are huge stones that show up here and nobody exact knows how they got here,by whom , etc UNESCO has it under consideration for world heritage site.There is a Maison des megalithes on site with plenty of information,tours, souvenirs, etc. Just across the field of Ménec,and Toul-Chignan, there is further of Kermario, and then Manio and...

  • Grande Plage

    this is the big beach or grande plage. It is the lively happening center of life in Carnac, just up to ave miln into city center carnac plage.You have nice calm water, big spaces for sports playing, kids activities centers, lifeguard, and restos just across the street as well as hotels.You need to come here first and see Carnac, especially if...

  • The beaches and bunker of Carnac plage

    Now we go to the beach of St Colomban, this is the best for surfing and kite paddle etc. But it has a wonderful white sandy beach, and lots of families. Even a kids playground on site with a learning pool for the kiddiesIt,also, has an old WWII bunker still visible and in good condition overlooking the beach and bay. You can walk all around it and...

  • the beaches of Carnac ,part III

    more on beaches its a way of life here from family, surfers,and visitors, its a full time activity, just 20 kms or 10 miles from my house.There is the Grand Plage, here its just a big semi circle of wooded secluded beaches great for surfing and families. Open from first weekend in July to last weekend of August included. Every day from 13h- 19h...

  • the beach for children

    great children's beach, with many activities all certified instructors by govt courses, all faciities including covered inflatable pool to teach little ones how to swim. Games and contests galore. Designated areas where you can leave your kids in good care.A great way to have a day at the beach, in a beautiful area , highly recommended for...

  • The beaches of Carnac ,part II

    the beaches are wonderful from pebbles and sand, to white sandy beaches, from family calm to surfers paradise. the main event and wonderful, I live about 20 kms or 10 miles from Carnac ! You should find out the beaches, with the best seafood in Brittany,and friendly folks all around.There is the Grand Plage, here its just a big semi circle of...

  • The beaches of Carnac

    wonderful beaches in summer, they are Saint Colomban, Beaumer, Men Du, Ty BIhan, Grande plage,légenèse, with my favorites been Ty Bihan the central beach and the Grande Plage to the right of city center.Great place for the family and all, great place to have fun games, the pack sand area is big for even a mini football match, plenty of soft sand...

  • Le Musée de Préhistoire à Carnac

    One thing make me smile when see this information of Human species... The last is Homo Stress... can be true.... LOL

  • Dolmens

    Besides the menhirs, another well-known monument is the 'Dolmen'. The term means "stone table" (from the Breton 'dol' (table) and 'men' (stone). In practice this is a series of menhirs on top of which large stones are placed, forming a sort of room or tunnel.


Carnac Hotels

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Carnac Restaurants

  • great seafood and pizzas combi

    very nice popping place with great fresh seafood ,lobster on demand, large menu of the day with seafood goodies, from brandade de morue to homard, lobsters. The ambiance is very well handle by young team,and the looks over the port du po is magnificent.You have the resto kreiz an avel and the pizza baia on same building by same staff.I just found...

  • galettes crepes in bourg of Carnac

    First time came,and the service was very friendly, great inner court indeed cozy ambiance, away from city noises, and the food was good, a find. Need to try it by the bourg city center Carnac just past the church St Cornely turn right on next street (rue saint cornély) and go in first corridor to your right.Great always and good prices. I have...

  • pizzas by the beach

    well this is great pizza, the name is the Pisa tower in French. just 50 meters from the grande plage and great made pizzas makes it my stop for pizzas in Carnac. the ambiance is very lively and friendly.You have in house eating and take out. Very popular in town.Here since 1970. chorizo base pizzas or st jacques or salmon are good and big pizzas

  • ice cream igloo

    These folks have one in my town and so here is no difference very good ice creams with a multiude of flavors all reasonable price. The service is friendly and fast, and the choice inmense. Very family oriented nice and goodits our family stop as we all love ice creams lol!!! We many times dont eat dessert in the restaurants just to come here for...

  • light nice and friendly sandwicherie

    a nice bakery at ave des druides about 200 meters from the grande plage beach. Here you have family service very friendly,and fast service. I came in after a morning in the beach, and really wanted more a light meal than a full lunch; so decided for this spot and it was a nice find.if you are looking for a quick economical family meal come here,you...

  • fresh seafood and great looks

    Our homes in this town just about 15 kms from home. The beach of Ty Bihan is just across the street,and the side street leads to city center of Carnac plage/beach . The friendly is fast and friendly with good stuff ,and the views of people watching is legendary lol!!! great ambiance until the night hours moules curry and garlic ,with grimbergen...


Carnac Nightlife

  • gwened's Profile Photo
    casino de Carnac

    by gwened Updated Jun 9, 2013

    for info for those into the games, its in the bourg or city of carnac, needs transport to the beach at carnac plage.
    Has all the games and events, concerts , lively it seems but not my cup of tea, here for info purposes only another option to see

    Well went inside, it has a wonderful restaurant La Route du Sel, and a nice bar Les Voiles with good food at reasonable prices.
    it has machine games like roulette with interactive videos, and video pokers. there are machines from one centimes to five euros. you have the magic casino jackpot where for 1,50€ you can become a millionnaire !!! You have table games like stud poker, blackjack(from 3€), and boule.

    Many activities planning on the site for updates of events
    Open Sunday to thursdays from 10h to 02h00 and fridays and saturdays from 10h until 03h00
    reservations at +33 (0) 2 97 52 64 64. You need identification to go in with proof of age;

    There is a restaurant La Route du Sel with menus from 20,50€ per person. open evenings from 19h to 23h. Saturdays and Mondays open from 12h to 14h. And the bar Les Voiles with plenty of cocktails every day from 11h to 01h.

    Dress Code: casual daytime saw folks, night I imagine more elegant, its a casino you know.

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Carnac Transportation

  • How to get in and out

    the bus is limited here even in summer, the rest even worse, the car is king . However, TIM (Transports Interurbain du Morbihan) has bus lines 1 and 18. Carnavette, from center to beaches in summer july and august 7 days a week, free main stop at mayor’s office or Mairie, Place de la...

  • petit train

    your typical petit train or little train to ride you around and see the main sights, you can then come back inmore details for those of major interests. This is if little time or tired; the town can be can catch it by the megalithes stones house or the beach at ty bihan

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Carnac Shopping

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  • best bakery Chevillard

    ok here you can have a slight lunch, nice tea or soft drinks so can be a meal, as well as take home sandwiches etc, but the main reason I stop here when in town is for the wonderful patisseries and breads.the shop is right behind the church Saint Cornély in the bourg or town of Carnac. It is traditionally done and decorated Since 1979, the quality...

  • we do seafood and fish at Jego

    This is seafood and fish country and I love it, its like going back to the roots. We try them all as we walk the streets of wonderful Morbihan. At Carnac, there is no difference we saw a fish shop and we stop by ,got some and now can tell you is freshFrom the Brothers Jego of Etel, a town nearby that do their own fishing and then sell it at the...

  • antiques objects of arts, carnac

    my wife always search for these things, and sometimes you find a jewel. I am not much into it but will post it as she likes it.the place is loaded with antiques, brocantes (flea market) items, objects of arts of bygone era, and many nice things I admit.if you are looking into something unique, different,and love these old times items, this is...


Carnac Local Customs

  • gwened's Profile Photo
    viviers de Saint Colomban entrance 1 more image

    by gwened Updated Jun 9, 2013

    this can be a restaurant, a shopping spree, a great picnic or just what it is really a local custom. There is no way to stay away from the sea here, and the osticulture is big business for years.

    It is still practice by some families , even from their own homes! This one is by saint Colomban beach in Carnac, and it is a inlet with lots of oyster beds, and you can eat on the spot or take home. Of course, seafood is king here,and the oysters the emperators!!!

    Carnac was one of the first sites for the conchyliculture from 1880, and today it has about 2500 hectares of beds commercialise by about 30 producers n the rivieres of Pô and Crac'h. This is one another from the same area as saint colomban

    A great way to eat mother nature's best at any time.Lieu-dit la Pointe du Po, 56340 Carnac

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Carnac Off The Beaten Path

  • Musée de la Prehistoire, the stones of...

    a pre historic museum showing the way it was in the area and a great information and display section on the megaliths stones showing up all over Brittany and especially Carnac.It was created at the place where they discovered the archeological collections found around the local megaliths stones. The museum reference stones dating from the Neolithic...

  • Church of St Cornély

    a nice huge church in the middle of the bourg of Carnac next to tourist office. Its an imposing building as you enter the bourg or old city before hitting the beaches. A nice stop and the plaza has parking and nice shops and restosa bit of historyThe church is dedicated to St Cornély, protector of the horn animals ;his statue is found on top of the...

  • Les cascades and manéges games

    great for yound and old, you have two houses next to each other. One the Le Manége d'Armelle is for kids rides in an old world format like a carrousel. the Les cascades is for older as they are card games, machines games like a casino. 27 Avenue Miln, 56340 Carnac It is a great time to be away from the nearby grande plage or big beach of Carnac....


Carnac Sports & Outdoors

  • Yacht Club de Carnac

    Wonderful club needing fees to be a member but also can rent out activities. It has a school of sailing, sailing for kids, on different boats from RS laser, RS 500, DART 16 etcyou can rent a boat of 16 and 18 foot; you can park your boat you can scuba dive with Beuchat dive center, discovery trips and trainings. you can ride on big sail boats, and...

  • surfkite ,waveboard,and paddle school

    great fun for all and certify school, you can really enjoy the great waves at Ty Bihan beach and others along the coast at Carnac Plageits a great detente while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Carnac Plage or carnac beach. they can provide all you need on site

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Carnac Favorites

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    entrance to the Thalasso Carnac 1 more image

    by gwened Written Jun 8, 2013

    Favorite thing: this is one my wife took once, and it was great for a massage and facial, plus the hot pool spa, the service is very professional ,you are pampered, and she was happy so feel others might do too.
    I don't have an area to put it as it can be a hotel, it has restaurants, and shopping nearby at porte en dro, but it is more for theraupedic and well being that folks comes here,therefore general tip.

    cure sensation bio is the program we know ,as well as the pool area, and both are recommended. The price is 1040 euros but if you get a season special it goes down to 950.
    it includes:
    •1 massage visual drainage
    •1 natural plant reflexology
    •1 black gommage in powder of lava
    •1 infusion en modeling
    •3 complete coverage of body
    •2 showers in balaying infusions
    •3 hydrojets
    •4 bath hydro massaging
    you have free access and unlimited use of the marine spa,and the weight room for the participant and the guest staying in the hotel..

    here is the webpage

    Fondest memory: she wanted to do it, so now its done, a great feeling,and we will be back this time with me included in the program.

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