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Bretagne Favorites

  • Some sights passing of Morbihan and...

    cruising is my mode of life and doing so past by some gorgeous historical places many times off the beaten path as we say here.This is the Morbihan dept 56 of mine and my neighbor dept 29 Finistére. This time was doing some driving in the country roads or D=départementales but by noble degree of our Duchess Anne the roads of Brittany are free of...

  • Drive around the Morbihan

    Driving is king here maybe because public transports is minimum, but the Breton custom tells of going on your own independant and driving does that. I love it.the roads here are free since medieval times and the laws were carry forward once the union with France was consummated in 1532.The main roads here are the N165 Nantes to Brest. N24 Brest to...

  • Walk Le Roc Saint André

    small inland country town in the Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany. This is as rural as you can get here. One resto tabac, one bakery, one Church, a small modernish mayor's anecdote story of the town from WWIIOn the night of 17 to 18 June 1944, the station being lit for the boarding of a regiment of German soldiers, five English aircraft of...

  • History of Bretagne

    The region was probably lived in before 8000 BC, the building of the prehistoric megalithic monuments, known as menhirs and dolmens that still stand were probably constructed between 3500 and 1800 BC. The population evolved with the introduction of the Celts who built the region into a confederation of Cymric Celtic tribes. In 56 BC, Julius Caesar...

  • walk Damgan

    a nice city near beaches and Oyster cultivation and not far from the main city in the dept of Morbihan Vannes. easy on the road N165 to road D140 or D153.the kiosque is a central place for concerts in the ctiy of Damgan.The mairie or city hall is a nice Breton architecture buildinga wonderful monument to the Fallen, always remembered all over...

  • walk the Val de l'Oust

    This is a river of history in Brittany,and there is a valley after it, and then many cities. The beauty of it is that you take a car and go into deep profonde France. Just the way I came here to see.The river Oust rises it 225 meters of altitude northeast of le Haut-Corlay, in the Côtes-d'Armor Department 22, at the foot of the peak of Kerchouan...

  • Walk Redon

    a nice town in dept 35 Ille-et-Vilaine of Brittany, I passed by here often on my runs, and have even stop with the family. A very old town in the fringes of the departement.It is located at the confluent of the rivers Vilaine and Oust on a hill overlooking the valley. Here the breton language gives way to the Gallo, a more Latin base language,...

  • Walk Kermoizan, or Suscinio

    This rainy day we went for a ride and walk around this village and great castle of Suscinio (see tip on it)it is along the n165 exit Presqu'île de Rhuys and Sarzeau, along the D780 to the exit Penvins on road D198 ,and the panel château de Suscinio; a very rudimentary village with an imposing castleIt was already inhabited in 1218 by the duke of...

  • Walk Locronan

    if there is a town to walk, this is it. small only about 800 inhabitants, all done like if time has stop, you can walk every house of it, and they are a marvel of Breton construction. the Church, the businesses ,the restos all are beautiful. You get to know little things like the horse head on the store at pl de l'église, and many subtle more, for...

  • Walk Locminé

    This is a town in the Brocealande area of Merlin fame, and surrounded by the forest of Lanvaux. it is an important town in the fight against the French revolution, and heavily religious. The passing of wars is noted here as many sons participated in the wars of 1870-71,1914-18,1939-45.the town mayor's office...

  • Walk Baud

    Baud is a town near the N24 four lanes road connecting Rennes with Brest and along the D768 connecting St Brieux to Auray and the beaches of Carnac and Quiberon etc.It is a provincial town, but loaded with businesses and restos ,schools, all around the city center squares. It is only 20 mins from my house so stop by often and shop here too. Very...

  • Walk Plouay

    a wonderful little town found, near the expressway N165 on way to Morlaix; the site of the Brittany car rallye that was going on as we arrive there wow!! nice racing cars driving all over the area and into city center !!!all around rue Paul Ihuel,rue de Bécherel, rue du Budo,rue des alliées (tourist office),and rue de maquis.Then the steepy hilly...

  • walk Guémené sur Scorff

    another nice town of the Morbihan Breton to walk and see history all around you. One of my best past times here is to drive to a town and then walk it s streets full of charm, quaintness ,and history.Guémené sur Scorff is famous for its breton sausages and the old chateau of the Rohan family. walk its historical streets.

  • Walk Grand Champ-Landaul

    The tale of two towns, small but nice to walk too. Its my aim to visit every town in the Morbihan at least maybe Brittany lol! and walk it, drive it, both.These are two nice inland towns in the Morbihan my dept 56. Grand Champ is bigger in the middle of pasture lands and dairy farms; Landaul is closer to the expressway N165 but on the other side of...

  • Walk Locminé

    walking is fantastic once in town, the best way to soak up its history and marvels of its architecture. Locminé is no difference sitting at the crossroads of the MOrbihan near N24 and down on D764 to Vannes.I encourage to do that in France wherever you are, walk its towns and see why it should have been call a movable feast to it all. walking...

  • Walk Arradon

    This is near Vannes and quite close to me. Winter is quiet, in the summer all wakes up here. Anyway on any weather a walk into town is always great. city hall government officeIts name of Arradon probably comes from the time of Gaule independance or the celtique Aradunum or hill of Ara. Only 7km from Vannes and anchor on...

  • Walk Saint Cado

    this is an island off the mainland by Belz,and founded by a priest from Wales, very nice place now, and gorgeous to walk on it.the chapel, the calvary, the bridge, and harbor is great especially in summer.Some curiosity photos to follow to see my tip on the chapelle Saint Cado too walk in history by a priest from Wales, just lovely to be here and...

  • walk Etel and the ria

    great place to come in summer as now most is close until Feb 2013. a ride by car as i do is still good but visitors should come in summer.A totally marine ambiance with great restos facing the harbor, nice beaches, and the famous wave ocean barrier the "barre", the pleasure boat marina, and the museum of tuna boat builders Great streets to walk...

  • walk Le Faou

    another wonderful town in Finistére dep 29 about an hour from me. Just love to walk this quaint old towns with lots of character and nice shops.Even driving thru them is gorgeous ,the sights are manythe city sight in French walk by its main plaza.

  • walk Crozon

    nice place to walk, with quaint street on a seaport. another beauty to visit and glad just an hour from me.the monuments and sights of the peninsula of Crozon or presqu'ile de Crozon walking its quaints old streets like been back in another world but nice.

  • walk the Port du Crouesty

    nice area to walk along tree shade roads,nice marinas, sailboats galore, and beaches, with historical churches and quaint towns, a very nice place to do my favorite walk and get close to the people and places I like to goI encourage the readers to do the same here. walk from Port du Crouesty to Port navalo and do it in tandem bike too lol!

  • walk the inner city Malestroit

    another wonderful city center in Malestroit, just along the river is a wonderful trip, and the plaza in front of cityhall coming towards the river is just a wonderful walk.Its inner city in the Morbihan, nice and great architecture relevance. walks along the river and plaza along the hotel de ville or city hall govt building

  • accomm, resto,bike,walk in Le Palais

    well coming to my backyard. Beautiful island you will love it. part of Unesco World Heritage site.Le Palais is wonderful, I need to start putting pictures here .the best way is to walk or rent a bike, then you can take the ride to Sauzon; dont stay in hotels an apartment or B&B is very nice there. try these people

  • The languages of Brittany

    Much discussed in the forums with lots of heart, I just received my first government magazine from the regional council in both French and Breton, Morbihan the Conseil General.According to the INSEE (statiscal office of France) and the Observatoire de la langue Bretonne, in 2007 there were 200 000 folks speaking the language but 70% were age 60...

  • Credit cards for toll booths in...

    If you stay in Brittany you have no need for toll booths, there aren't any!!!!! Due to an ancient law dating back to Queen Anne of Bretagne, it is forbidden to create toll roads so no paying even on the freeways. If you are coming through St Malo, you can go as far down as Nantes south and to Laval on the road to Paris w/out paying, in fact all...

  • Lunchtime

    Lunchtimes are taken very seriously around here. Turn up in any town between about 12 and 2pm, and the streets are likely to be totally deserted. Shops shut for at least an hour, usually two. Basically if you want to enjoy a bustling Breton scene, go early. People will start to reappear later in the afternoon, but most markets are held in the...

  • Sunsets and ocean

    What I remind for first, if I am thinking for that region? For the sunsets. Unique and unforgettable. To sit at beach and look for the colours, hear to the song of wind and waves and dream a while, until it get dark. Only then we went home, slowly...What a mood. In that tip are some beautiful pictures. I am sure you want travel soon.

  • "Enclos paroissiaux"

    An enclos paroissial (above you see the plural form; the English translation is "parish enclosure") is a typical religious architecture in Bretagne.It consists of:1) a church;2) a charnel house (it can also be used as a normal chapel);3) a calvaire, the real symbol of Breton faith. Calvaires are big sculptures representing the Crucifixion and other...


    SPREV stands for "Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Religieux En Vie" ("Protection of the Living Religious Heritage").It is a non-profit organisation of students who lead you to the discovery of the Breton churches and enclos paroissiaux.Most of them are young women and most of them are able to make the explanation very interesting, with anecdotes and...

  • Renting Bicycles on the Island.

    What I discover on the Island is that it is a bit expensive to rent these Bicyles. You pay an average of 10 euros for a period of few hrs. It is more than that in some cases.However, it is better to just walk the Island which is about 8 km by 4km.

  • Tourism Office on Ouessant.

    Usually, this is the first port of call for visitors setting foot on the Island. This is where you make enquiries as to where to rent bicycles or vechicle to tour the Island. You are also given pamflets showing areas of interests.

  • Typical Street in Ouessant.

    There are few concentrations of community on this Island, the most impressive section is this alley aroud the only big Church on the Island. It is very reminiscent of the mid 19th century settings.

  • Compagnie Maritime Penn ar Bed

    In order to visit the three important Islands of Ouessants, Molène, and Sein..It is this company that you need to contact. It is cheaper if you in a group of 3 or 6. It cost about 50 euros for 3 people.


    According to me there are 10 good reasons to visit BRETAGNE (FRANCE).1. Its 1700 km. long coastline along The Channel and the Atlantic Ocean.2. Its 106 large and smaller islands.3. Its numerous fishermen's harbours and yachting harbours.4. Its 2500 km. long-distance-paths.5. Its 650 navigable canals.6. Its 250 watersports centers and 130 sailing...

  • Granite and slate

    The typical Breton house is built of granite with a slate roof. Granite being expensive, modern houses tend to reduce the actual stone to door and window frames but the older ones are completely built of stone. Granite and slate are exacavated locally. The granite can be of a variety of hues, typically light grey, yellow-brown or pink. The latter...

  • Yellow beauties with a sharp twist

    This flower is called genêt in French but I don't know its name in English.Anyway, you will find it all along the Breton coast in summer, sometimes up to such an extent that it turns the moors yellow. Beware though, it is armed with big pointed thorns that will easily embed themselves in unwary fingers.

  • The guys that will get you out of...

    The Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM), i.e., the French sea rescue organisation is a non-profit organisation. They are partly financed by the state and regions but also rely heavilly on donations. They are all volunteers and will get you out of trouble for free. So, when you are in a restaurant or a bar and you see a small money box in...

  • German legacy

    During World War II, the Germans, who had invaded France, fortified the coast of Brittany to fight off a potential allied attack. The remanants of this chapter of history can still be found along the coast in the form of concrete bunkers. They are only shells nowadays but they give you a good idea of what it was like to live in them. Winters in...

  • Seagulls

    Seagulls can be found everywhere in Brittany, especially around towns and harbours. They are very opportunistic birds that feed on any garbage thrown by man. Their cry is very distinctive and is a permanent fixture of the coastal areas. It can be very annoying if you are not used to it. However, the opposite is true. The first time I moved away...

  • Gwen Ha Du

    You cannot miss the black and white Breton flag, called Gwen Ha Du in Breton, which literally means "black and white". The flag is a comparatively recent creation. It first appeared in 1923, created by Morvan Marchal, the founder of the Breiz Atao (Free Brittany) movement. It was originally meant to provide a unifying symbol to all Bretons who...

  • Dramatic coastline

    Cliffs, boulders, rocks, the coastline of Brittany can be very dramatic. Most of the bedrock is granite, which is produces the most amazing perspective and scenery.

  • Beatiful beaches

    Is this Barbados? No, it is Brittany. To be precise, this picture was taken in the Crozon peninsula, not far from the town of Camaret. Beaches in Brittany are usually of the finest and whitest sand, formed from the break up of granite cliffs. Occasionaly, the sand will glitter with mica. It is ideal to drop a beach towel on and for sand castles.

  • Dolmen everywhere

    Everywhere, you find menhirs and dolmen, especially in the region of Vannes. Take the role of Asterix!

  • Des calvaires

    I don't know the english expression for calvaire, sorry. You find them near the churches and they are unique.

  • Sandy beaches - we visited a...

    Sandy beaches - we visited a new one every day, unfortunately some of them were invaded by green algues (no, it's not salad ...) but others were just wonderful!!


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