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  • Off The Beaten Path
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Le Guerno Things to Do

  • The castle

    At the moment -2004 - people are doing archeological research on the domain ofthe zoo. It seems that there are traces of agallo roman villa here.So the presence of humans go back a long time.But the first time the name 'Branf?r?' pops upis in 1427.We have to wait untill 1848 untill the present castle was build. That is rather small.It has always...

  • Lemurs

    Lemurs , they are not that common in zoos. At least not the species seen here.Here they share the large garden with mara's , wallaby's and cranes , ...I just walked in on them when they where taking there afternoon sun-bath. Since lemurs are endemic on madagascar, (that means , madagascar is the only island in the world where u can find them)......

  • the black lemur...

    As they live in semi-freedom it might takesome time to find them... This is a male Black lemur (lemur macaco). How do I know its a male? Well females are reddish brown. They normally live in the forrest in the north of madgascar.I'll let this lemur say goodbey to you.If you want to see some more about the zootake a look at the travellogues below.

  • The two fountains.

    Since I recently have been in Rome I forgot that a fountain also could look like this.There are two fo them. This fountain is called'fantaine saint marie'. This one is the most simple design of thetwo. It is rather unnoted. 1787 is the year this onewas taken in service. and it already gotprotected in 1928.Just to let you know how much distance...

  • A perfect evening...

    Evere wednesday during the touristic season , from 15 june till 15 september there is alittle market behind the church.(yes there is only one church).It starts at 5 in the afternoon and ends at 9.It isn't big but attracts quit some people.There are a few farmers selling products , and some craftman...We bought some saucissons de campagnarde.They...

  • Le Guerno

    Le Guerno is a very little village.By very little I mean it is not larger then a coupleof houses and a church in the middle.Their official website sais the village got 582 habitants. The village center is protected - it owns the title-Bourg du Patrimoine Rural de Bretagne-.Meaning it is a protected location and it has tostay that way as much as...


Le Guerno Restaurants

  • Don't miss the Belgian beers. lol

    Ok , this is not a restaurant...It is a combination of a shop and a café.We found it hilarious to end up here.The name made us curious. Le Bassin Belge'We are flattered a bit.There are not that many people who know that the Belgian beers are among the best in the world. They seem to know here , inthis little Brittany village.So the first room you...

  • Don't Miss The Fresh Seafood!

    One of the nicest evenings of our holiday.Since there is only one restaurant in 'Le Guerno'we went to Muzillac. But the first night thisplace wasn't open. (monday) , but seen itwe knew we had to come back.Once in a few year I need to have the'plat du mer royal'... 56 euros for 2 persons.That is cheap compared to what we wouldpay for that in Antwerp...

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Le Guerno Shopping

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    by belgianchocolate Written Aug 6, 2004

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    There is only one alimentary shop in 'Le Guerno'
    and it reflects the size of the village.

    It has a little bit of everything.
    We went there in the moring to buy our breakfast.
    Perfect crispy bread...the owner seems to
    be in this shop for the last 5 decades and he even got some post cards some drop death
    ugly souvenirs , fresh meat....

    What to buy:
    Most superb is the croissant filled with
    almonds cream.... heavy , but delicious.

    Rare to eat them better then here.

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Le Guerno Tourist Traps

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    by belgianchocolate Updated Aug 1, 2004

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    Is bad weather...rain , storms ,
    the sky is pledging down on you.
    Nothing you can do there then.
    Fun day out away.....

    Unique Suggestions:
    Taking an umbrella is a bad sollution -
    the animals don't like rain and
    you can forget about the good pictures...

    Fun Alternatives: Burning a candle in one or another
    cathedral might just be helpfull... lol

    good weather girl
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Le Guerno Off The Beaten Path

  • The sea

    Unbelievable how close you are to the sea.Jump in the car and 10 minutes and you arenear the wide blue.We chose to drive up to 'trégorval'A very tiny village were we parked the car andmade a long walk up to the sea.The beach is facing a huge natural stone wall.Great to swim and the beach wasen't filledwith 'stranded wales'.

  • Noyal-Muzillac

    There are two villages very close to each otherthat bare the title'Bourg du Pratrimoine Rural de Bretagne'.Noyal-Muzillac is the other one.It also has some great XVIth and XVIIth centurybuildings. And it has a 'maison du patrimone'.A house that preserves some cultural habits.We visited on closing day I'm afraid.I love 'Le guerno' more.It al fits a...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Le Guerno Favorites

  • Jourde-Castori Travels.

    There are two floors in the castle.The upper floor is used as a sort of exhibitof the people who lived here.One can see letters , pictures , and stuff theyused during their lifetime.The ground floor is left as if they still lived there.It shows the paintings of the lady of the house.The furniture they collected from there travelsbut also valueable...

  • H?l?ne Jourde-Castori

    One of the nicest things we did was takingthe guided tour at the castle. There were only 3 of us that were interestedso plenty of attention from the very friendlylady that guided us around.The nice thing about the castle is that it isn'tfilled by a conservator or curator that boughtfurniture and paintings at one or another auction. It is filled...

  • The weather?

    The weather seems to be very importantto everybode. And certainly for this area itis because there is little or few activitiesthat are inside.Muzillac it the town near 'Le guerno' and they areso nice to put up this meteo-page for us. Have a look here! We had excellent weather...Blue skies , happy cows , people in a good mood...lol


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