Bretagne Local Customs

  • natural tree by the chimney
    natural tree by the chimney
    by gwened
  • the natural Christmas tree and the gifts
    the natural Christmas tree and the gifts
    by gwened
  • left side looking from the house
    left side looking from the house
    by gwened

Bretagne Local Customs

  • Kouign-amann – Buttery Cake

    Kouign-amann is a Breton cake that is round crusty and made with bread dough containing layers of salted butter and sugar folded in, the end result is a puff pastry where the sugar has caramelised. The name is from the Breton words for cake "kouign" and butter "amann", and originated around 1860. It is the local custom to serve with fillings of...

  • Canal Nantes à Brest at le Roc Saint...

    this is a great economic boom for the region and it passes thru several towns, I have other tips in some of the main town it passes thru but this for the small towns in the Bretagne section.Nantes-Brest, Saint-Malo at Arzal and Lorient in Pontivy, these are more than 600 km of one lock at the other in the changing moods natural landscapes,...

  • The circus

    a popular event await with great enthusiasm by locals and especially the children,all over Brittany, and France of course. The circus with many troops and companies going back to générations of families.They get on their colorful trucks cars, jeeps and go around the region bringing laughter and cheers to many. Here the circus is no exception. I...

  • weddings,anniversaries are big deal here

    This is one of the properties colleagues here used for their marriages and birthdays and we had seminars wow!! I have done many seminars and even in big locations like Fontainebleau and Versailles but the small quaint, river side ,beautiful setting of this one is neat. Château de Kérisper!the castle offers almost for any festivities. It has a...

  • Anne de Bretagne

    This duchess and later queen is very revered in this region. She is mentioned directly or indirectly in many buildings, schools, homes, monuments. I like to bring you closer into Breton history.In the ducal castle of Nantes (see tip here still visited), on January 25, 1477 a child girl was born at about 5h30 (am) .Daughter of Marguerite de Foix and...

  • Monument to the fallen, Grand Champ

    These are all over France, land of wars and battles from milleniums, some are closer to the memory such as the bloody scandal of WWI. The Memorial, inaugurated in 1926, has the names of the victims of the war 14-18 to which have been added the victims of other 20th century conflicts. 193 men of Grand-Champ, in the prime of life, died on the fields...

  • many chapels I give you one Grand Champ

    The chapel of Notre Dame of Perpétuel Secours is right in city center by rue Saint Yves. not far from main church of Saint Tugdual (see tip)The chapel was built in 1898 on land donated by the family Samuele. The priest Gourron wanted a place of worship for the pious meetings of the Congregation . The first stone was laid on June 10, 1898. The works...

  • école municipale de musique saint avé

    This is music school right in the heart of city center Saint Avé a town of 11K in the agglo of Vannes, capital of the dept of MorbihanIn the school they teach you many instruments but also, Breton ones. Some like Piano, Saxophone, Flûte with beak and traverse style, Violon, Battery, Bombarde, traditional flûte , danse, Harp, Clarinette, and...

  • The celtic tradition of language and...

    every year there is big festival in Bretagne yes it is at Lorient near me. There all the celtic background countries get together to showcase their language, music, food, and tradition. It is a big event and huge crowds come in.I saw on local TV last year,and I am planning to see this year in person with the family. A great way to know the area if...

  • Sailings, boating,that is...

    well Brittany is boat heaven, welcome to my new part of the world ::)Yes Brest is the Fetes Maritime in 2012. july 2012 you should check this site for morewww.festival-bretagne.frhope it helps and happy sails ::)

  • Seafood

    Mostly local people go to the beach when tide down for hunting seafood, many kind of seafood can be easily find it.

  • Where kisses on the cheeks come from

    Did you know that Bretagne is the homeland of the typical French and European gesture of kissing on the cheeks (se faire la bise)? It was introduced in the countryside of this region and then exported to the rest of France. Bretagne is probably also the region where the number of kisses to be exchanged vary the most and the most often. People...

  • What country is this car from?

    It's from the département Finistère (29) in Breizh. As you can see, this numberplate hasn't got the blue strip with the European flag and the letter "F" for France, but the symbol of Bretagne and the letters BZH for Breizh. This proves another confirmation that Bretagne belongs to France only politically.

  • The Calvary

    The Calvary, a form of cross in an outdoor site, is a testimonial to the plethora of granite stonecarvers in Brittany during the 16C-17C. There were at that time thousandsof them (to ward off the plague?). Most are just simple stone crosses set at intersections or sites of reverence, but a few are elaborately figured like this one. The elaborate...

  • The Fight Between St. Michel & Satan...

    The great fight between St. Michel and Satan began at Mount Dol (Dol Mound) a hill outside of Dolde Bretagne (see Tips there). Satan was thrown down compessing the rock; he scratched them heavily as he struggled to get up and away. Michel created a deep cleft with his sword and threw Satan into it. He disappeared there, but reappeared laughing on...

  • Breizh

    Breizh is the name of Bretagne in the Breton language or brezhoneg. Breton is a language belonging to the Celtic group, so it is close to Irish, Welsh and Scottish and has nothing in common with French, apart from the pronunciation.Breton is still very important unlike the other regional languages, since Breizh has been independent from France much...

  • Go to a Fest Noz

    The Festoù Noz was traditionally the feast which took place after a communal chore in Breton villages and towns as a means of relaxation after a hard day’s work. Nowadays it has become a great excuse to listen to traditional music, eat, dance and make merry!The Fest Noz dance, with it’s infectious music played on violins, flutes, guitars and drums,...

  • The peoples

    Peoples in Bretagne are mostly nice and helpful. But do not wait for one who would speak German or English language. You must understand French. Like we noted they WANT not speak English (only our guide in Keriolet did). They understand to celebrate, like we seen in Pont Aven during festival. And they have a pleasantly distance. Not like German...

  • Gwen-ha-Du

    The Breton flag is called Gwen-ha-Du ("White and Black"). It was created in 1925, so it is very recent. The eleven ermines refer to the kings and the dukes who governed independent Breizh. The strips represent the nine ancient bishoprics. The five black strips symbolize the dioceses of gallo (French) language: Dol, Nantes, Rennes, St-Malo and...

  • Songs, dances and religion

    These are the ways Bretons have kept their culture and language alive.During my visit of Côtes d'Armor and Finistère I've seen many folkloric performances, among which the traditional pardons, religious ceremonies organized around the 15th August in honour of Virgin Mary. If you can, you should attend one of these Breton events; there are plenty of...

  • Artichokes

    North Brittany is famous (yes it really is!!) for growing artichokes. Especially around the St Pol De Leon area. The artichokes are huge. I look this photo on out last visit to Bretagne in June, I imagine they are nearly ready for harvesting.A recipe with artichokes ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS WITH TOMATO 4 cooked Breton artichokes 4 tomatos 4 coffee spoons...

  • Seaweed Harvesting

    Waste not want not............................ For centuries the Breton people have collected seaweed for a variety of uses. It is either collected off the beaches at low tide, or as you can see in the photo dredging boats go off shore to bring it up. There was actually a man in the back of this lorry leveling the seaweed out as it was dropped in....

  • Cider

    Brittany is too cold and too wet to grow grapes but perfect to grow apple trees. Consequently, the traditional drink of Brittany is neither wine nor beer but cider. You will typically find three types of cider:Cidre Doux, sweet cider, is deep yellow, clear and fizzy, has 2% alcohol and is ideal for kids who want to have cider like the adults.Cidre...

  • Bretons are not Normands

    Bretons can be very touchy when it comes to mistaking them for who they are not. Never call them Normands. It'd be like calling Scots "English". The two regions share similarities. Both of them together form the North coast of France, Brittany in the West, Normandy in the East. Both of them have connections with England. Both of them produce cider...

  • A country as a dowry

    Until the XV Century, Brittany was an independant realm. At the end of the 1400's, Anne de Bretagne, Duchess of Brittany, born in Nantes in 1477, was to be wed and several kings and princes of Europe saw the opportunity to extend their realms. She was very shortly married to Maximilien of Austria in 1490. She was then married to the King of France,...

  • Sainte Anne

    Saint Ann, for Breton people, is the saint of sailors. If you walk along the coast, you are fairly likely to see small statues of the saint on top of a cliff or at the back of a beach facing the sea. They symbolise the saint watching over the sailors who have gone out to sea and wish them success and safe return.

  • Treffiagat

    It was just a lucky chance that we crossed through Treffiagat when there was a festival! Here a traditional dance!

  • traditional games

    There are some local festival! Look at the announciations in the towns. A lot of traditional games, traditional music, traditional food

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