Bretagne Off The Beaten Path

  • around the St you see the back of the Chapelle
    around the St you see the back of the...
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  • chapelle Notre Dame des trois fontaines
    chapelle Notre Dame des trois fontaines
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  • right side chapel with calvary to the right
    right side chapel with calvary to the...
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Bretagne Off The Beaten Path

  • Church Saint Pierre, Larmor Baden

    another Church by a sea town of Larmor Baden. near the port or harbor.The parish church of Saint Pierre or Saint Peter introduced in the middle wing , exterior buttresses showing its Romanesque origin.Rebuilt in the 19C, wishing a 12C style worked ended November 17, 1861, while the arrow of the Bell Tower, built in 1864, was mounted in 1866. In...

  • Musée des passions et des ailes

    the museum of Baden,is more than a single museum but four in one. It is right by the town's Church at 2 Place Wheilheim, so can 't missed it. admission is only 3,50€ adults and open from July 1 to August 31 every day from 10h- 12h and 15h -18h. Closed Sundays afternoons. from June 15-30 and September 1-7, every mornings from 10h to 12h ,and the...

  • Chapelle Notre Dame des Trois...

    Another marvelous example of chapels that act like churches in the Breton landscape. This one is the Chapelle Notre Dame des Trois Fontaines in the village of Trois Fontaines commune belonging to Gouézec in the Finistére dept 29 of Brittany. You need to drive a car and come along the N165 expressway to direction Pleyben on the D765 Route...

  • Church of Saint Aubin -Brandivy

    This is the town Church, and link to the anti revolution wars of the Chouans against the republican French of Bastille fame.A bit of history of this Church only about 10 kms from my house. The old church was entirely devastated July 4, 1728 by a fatal fire. It was rebuilt four years later, in 1732. During the Revolution, a Bell and a part of the...

  • Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes-Brandivy

    This is a historical chaple deep in the ravine next to the river Loch that joins the Auray before Fallen into the Gulf of Morbihan at Auray. The name comes because in the grottos caves it was found a crucifix and cross that looks like the grotto at Lourdes, the famous shrine.A bit of history tell us that a small square turret (between 1630 and...

  • La Maison de la Cidre

    This is a museum but also, tastings and boutique on the Breton ciders, so could be in shopping too, but since it is ,also, educational and a museum will post hereLa Maison de la Cidre is found off the N165 road Brest-Nantes, off exit Presqu'île de Rhuys/Sarzeau ,you are on the road D780 until the traffic circle in the town of Le Hézo on the road...

  • Church St Pierre and St Paul-Pluneret

    Another of the wonderful churches in my area of the department of the Morbihan, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul (finish in 1885), built on the site of an earlier Church from the 11th century. The ancient Church of Pluneret, which the nave dated back to the early years of the 11th century, and the other parties were the 14C and 15C, was...

  • Church of St Colomban -Locminé

    Locminé takes its name from Loch Menech, or site of monks. Many historians claimed that in the 7C many disciples of Saint Gildas de Rhuys prayed at the extreme corners of the parish of abbey Saint Sauveur de Moriac ou Moréac that eventually became St Colomban. This country church was built n the 15C and modified in the 1970's . the abbey Laudrin,...

  • Church of Saint Sixté-Limerzel

    another Church on my road warrior drives in Bretagne and this one the Morbihan, passing the town of Limerzel, near Rochefort-en-Terre on the road D774, i could not missed the opportunity for a photo and documented it here.the Church Saint-Sixte (1889-1895), rebuilt on the plans of the architect M. Le Diberder. The new Church is of style 15C, large...

  • tumulus of petit mont -Arzon

    this is part of the misterious stones found all over Brittany and especially in the Morbihan whre I live. There seem to be just put there yesterday about 5000 BC, the promontory of Petit Mont dominated like today, the ocean, "Mor Braz" to the South. The huge weight of dry stones arranged in successive tiers which constitutes the Cairn was...

  • Church of Saint Sané -Camors

    This is a nice modern clay white church in city center Camors about 9 kms from me now.Camors parish church is dedicated to saint Sane, an Irish bishop who died March 7 544AD. Dating back to the 17th century, this Latin cross-shaped Church contains the headstone of the comte de Lannion and this also two altarpieces in wood. The sacristy is older...

  • Chapelle Notre Dame du Plasker-Locminé

    A nice chapel right in city center near the church of St Colomban. One of the many chapels that adorn this area of the Morbihan, and even region of Brittany.The Lady of the Plasker chapel or chapel of the Congregation: located in the city centre, a place of prayers would have existed at its location as early as the 11th century. The present Chapel...

  • Church Saint Tugdual

    Lovely church in center of town of Grand Champ, one of my new routes near me.It is built on the site of older churches. The latter was built between 1865 and 1867.The Church was partially destroyed during the French Revolution, when Grand-Champ was an active centre of the Chouannerie. It was first restored finally rebuilt in the 19th century. The...

  • Church of Saint Ouen- Plouay

    you see the nice church of Saint Ouen, the Church was built at the end of the 14th century, it has a plan in the form of a Latin cross, with two aisles.Its limestone and marble choir develops in three parts: a central panel and two concave wings. All connected at the beginning of the 18th century.In the large niches we can see the statues of Saint...

  • chateau de Rohan ruins at Guéméné

    The ruins of the castle of the Rohan , a wonderful historical property,here is the long illustrious story from the source: the castle of Rohan (14th century), modified in the 15th century. The first castle was built in the 11th century by the family Guegant (ou Guégant). He was replaced in the 12th century by a fortress which belongs to the Rohan...

  • Church Notre Dame de la Fosse-Guémené

    The wonderful small church of Notre Dame de la Fosse, the church (19th century), rebuilt around 1820. The Bell Tower dates from the 18th century and stood near the present Church: it houses four bells. The former Bell Tower collapsed in 1757. This church’s square and surmounted by a dome, whose construction was decided by the Guémené(-sur-Scorff)...

  • Church of Sainte Marie...

    A wonderful smallish church with plenty of history,and another small inland town of Morbihan all unique and niceThe Church Saint-Theleau or Sainte-Marie-Madeleine (15th century). St. Madeleine replaces saint thuriau at the beginning of the 19th century and St. Madeleine is replaced by saint Theleau in 1903. The parish church of Landaul having been...

  • Church of Saint Tugdual- Grand Champ

    Another lovely town in inland Morbihan Brittany.The best here is the church of Saint Tugdual, dates from its renovation in August 10 1817 as this was chouans territory ,the local opposition to the French revolution,and visited by the rebels call chouen many times, including General Cadoudal (of Auray!) . The march was ended with the chants of Long...

  • Chapel Notre Dame du Loc-Saint Avé

    The Chapel of Notre Dame du Loc where built from 1475 to 1494 is still an example of the Breton religious art. Amongst the richest inside you will find retables in sand, a chancel cross from 1500, granite retables and an alabaster from England, a formidable collection of polychrome statues from the 15C to 19C where the it has the Virgin and the...

  • Church of St Gervais et St Protais-Saint...

    The church of Saint Gervais et Saint Protais suffered a lot on humidity problems, was destroyed in the 19C and rebuilt between 1830 and 1834 where the building of today is from. The old church dates back to the 15C and those parts dates from 1426 to 1481.Nice imposing building in city center Saint Avé on the place de l'église. in contact the...

  • Chapel of Sainte Anne- St Nolffs

    This is a very nice chapel next to the church of Saint Mayeul (see separate tip), in a nice small town near where I work. It has a rectangular shape and flamboyan decorations built in honor of Sainte Anne in 1493 by Olivier de Gourvineg, Lord of Bézit, as indicated in the sand stone plaque. Sainte Anne is the patron sainte of the Breton, and...

  • Church of Saint Mayeul -St Nolffs

    The church of Saint-Mayeul,is right in the center of this small town near my place of work. The church we see its from the 15C, and went thru several stages of renovation ever since. It was built without lower side walls with a choir with a flat chevet and the cloister has a big window in flamboyan style. It was given croisillons in the 19C and...

  • Church of Saint Melaine - Plumelin

    Plumelin comes from breton « Plu » or « Plou » (meaning parrish) and of saint Merin (cult coming from Wales) or of saint Melaine, bishop of Rennes in the 5C.taking a tour of the churches in my area, i bring you the church of Saint-Melaine (built end of the 15C or early 16C). You will see a round chapel on the south choir rebuilt between 1744 and...

  • Church of Saint Colomban - Locminé

    Locminé takes its name from Loc Menéh meaning a place of monksThe church of Saint-Sauveur ou Saint-Colomban (this one dtes from 1976!!), The church of Saint-Sauveur de Locminé, depended previously from the prieury of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, was linked in modern times to the chapel of Saint-Colomban . Started in 1973, the modern church is dedicated...

  • Church of Saint Thuriau- Plumergat

    Another nice historical church near me is the church of Saint-Thuriau built in the 11 to 13C, it has been renovated several times and as late as 1948. The church was built over antique site of pray and sacrifices druids . A tower covers the roman facade, it has a nave ,transept, and choir traverse by small windows very small. The nave has four...

  • church Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens -Plescop

    Another of my area many churches, this one is close to Vannes and the bus system of it takes you here on bus 4. Plescop means in Breton, the church of tha parrish.The church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens was built in the 15 to 17C. IT really has no architectural character and many times renovated. It has a blessed stone from 1629 and 3 retables in stone...

  • Church of Saint Pierre - Baud

    One up the road into country Morbihan near road N24, the beginning of bus no 5 of TIM ,and you see this very nice churchThe church of Saint-Pierre takes many elements from the the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté. In 1687, the choir is rebuillt. A century later in 1793, the nave is enlarge doubling its length towards the west and a new facade is...

  • Chapelle du Bourg -Arradon

    now exhibits contemporary art, scultures, artists arts, concerts, photo expos, themes and history in an educational manner. It is the previous church of St Pierre from the 15C, and until the 17C it carries weddings and baptismal ceremonies there . It became what it is today from 1889; however, it is still a sacred building!!!

  • church of Saint Marc-Tregunc

    a nice town to be in with a nice church and a good stopping point between the morbihan and FInistére departments of Brittany.The church dates from 1866 with a belltower that is 45 meters high, one of the highest in the region. It has an interior clock with a nave of five crossing pylons and a choir of two pylons. the Sacristy is octagonal over to...

  • Church St Pierre et St Paul -Ruffiac

    This is in the town of Ruffiac in my dept of Morbihan inland going west. The church of St Pierre et Saint Paul done in 1920-1921. There is mentioned of an older church here from 830AD, rebuilt in the 12C and enlarged in the 16C and 20C.From its roman design it remains the main portal door on the south side with ornate columns and a small window by...

  • church of Notre Dame de Grace,Plouhinec

    Another close enough town to me and a ride to checkit out. The church of notre dame de grace done in 1872, belltower high of 50 meters with a nice view of the entire town.Inside this neo gothic building has furniture in the choir with wooden touches, sculptures stalls, and has a pardon or breton religious procession from the cross of Pontoir next...

  • Church of Saint Pierre, Locoal Mendon

    Another nice church near me, and just took a ride there.The church of Saint Pierre was rebuilt in the 18C and again renovated in the 19C, the foundation tell us it has been a church here since the 14CIt suffers greatly d uring the French revolution as the area was against the center of town near the church there is a wonderful monument to the...

  • Church of Saint Martin, Landevant

    The church of Saint Martin at Landevant is near me, and just took a leisure ride there today.The church named after Saint Martin was completely renovated in 1834 and replace a building from the 15C that has preserved some animal sculptures from the 15C.The inscriptions in gothic characters has been replaced without order in a meridional wall...

  • church of Saint Saturnin at Belz

    The church of Saint Saturnin takes its name from the bishop of Toulouse in the 3C ,and this church was replaced by a roman style one in the 15C .It does not have a belltower, and the crossing in the south gives it a vertical look. It is divided in four sections, the nave is super impose on two series of windows. The church was not really finish as...

  • the harbor beach of Larmor Baden plage

    a bit more of this lovely areaThe jewel of the area is the Ile de Berder , by 1750, the island belongs to a Mlle DUBREUIL-JARNO, and her brothers and sisters. In 1850, a woman on the island worked for the 3 brothers RIO that brought the vegetation to the island and moorish style to the tower. The Duchesse of Uzès sold the island to the order of...

  • The natural reserve of Séné

    4,5 kms of marshland like a marais, full of fauna and waterways of great natural beauty. For the outdoor lover in you.a bit of historyBy 1720. the priest of the capitols or du Chapitre of the Cathedral of Vannes (St Pierre) ask and obtain concession for salt marshes, the digues were built between 1725 to 1742. After the French revolution of 1789,...

  • ride a tandem bike lol Abbis

    Wonderful experience to ride a tandem bike with the whole family and see the beaches, coastal areas, residential areas, and open roads of the Port du Crouesty and Port Navalo areas of the Presqu'Ile de RhuysFun for the whole family, 22€ for one hour that is plenty of time to go from port du Crouesty to Port Navalo and back. Get your pedals moving...

  • Museum of arts and traditions Gildas

    The musée des Arts Métiers et Commerces is on the road D780 on the way from the expressway N165 towards the ports du Crouesty ,Navalo at Arzon on your right hand side, on the jurisdiction of St Gildas de Rhuys It tells you about the traditions of the region with over 60 ,artifacts, clothings, facades of old houses and businesses of old, all a great...

  • Thalasso spa at Miramar, Crouesty

    well this a wonderful place plenty of good reviews and something we had done in Carnac, we will definitively will come back here, now its just for the information as they are well known. One of our family activities for the two of us,especially in winter time.information from the tourist office...

  • Walk the coastline

    In 1991 my husband and I decided to strike out on our own and walk the 'Grand Randonnées' or GR's (a network of pathways which cover France).We travelled with Brittany Ferries to Roscoff as foot passengers armed only with the book of the GR routes for Brittany and off we went.We spent ten days on the route from Lannion round to Quimper, stopping...

  • Direction

    on the way to brieuc frol Frehel, we can see many direction like this and i think almost all france like that, so its good for us who traveling by car... ^_^

  • Pte. Grouin is East of St.-Malo

    The Emerald Coast extends east to Cancale. La Pointe de Grouin marks the beginning of the shore of the Bay of Mont St-Michel. There are fine views from here of the pont and its rocky spit of stones plus a distant view of Mont St.-Michel. There is a restaurant and a small hotel here in an otherwise unpopulated area. We stopped fur lunch on our way...

  • Stop at Champeaux

    If you are visiting Vitre and are driving, it is a short drive and a short visit to include the little town of Champeaux (pop. 300). It has a charming central "square" surrounded by stone houses with a very old well in the center and a fine well appointed (inside) old 14-15C church with a ship-keel type roofing. Especially recommended for church...

  • Flowers and animals

    Open your eyes during the tours through South-Finistére. Belong the streets you will find many flowers, fields with interesting plants, or live some wonderful moments when you watch the animals there. The landscape is rich of this, old trees, some other nice views of the life in that region.

  • Churches and cemeteries

    You should not pass the churches in Bretagne. They are full of history and permanently opened, very nice. For lovers of architecture and if you look for peaceful places you also find that in churches there. Also old cemeteries are interesting.


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