Bretagne Off The Beaten Path

  • around the St you see the back of the Chapelle
    around the St you see the back of the...
    by gwened
  • chapelle Notre Dame des trois fontaines
    chapelle Notre Dame des trois fontaines
    by gwened
  • right side chapel with calvary to the right
    right side chapel with calvary to the...
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Bretagne Off The Beaten Path

  • church of Saint Saturnin at Belz

    The church of Saint Saturnin takes its name from the bishop of Toulouse in the 3C ,and this church was replaced by a roman style one in the 15C .It does not have a belltower, and the crossing in the south gives it a vertical look. It is divided in four sections, the nave is super impose on two series of windows. The church was not really finish as...

  • the harbor beach of Larmor plage

    a bit more of this lovely area Larmor-Plage is a beach town very much love by locals and visitors. It has a great panorama view on the islands île de Groix, and the harbor rade of Lorient. The aquatic park of Kerguélen is renown for its fauna and marine flora. On clear days you can see across to Port Louis fortress city.The town has beautiful...

  • Church of Saint Denis, Saint Gravé

    passing church on the d775 in the morbihan dept 56 mine, going home and always nice things to see in the part of the woods::)The church of Saint Denis is on the site of an older church(1600's and call Saint Gravida) destroyed during the winter of 1899-1900. Only one section of the Chapel of Sainte-Anne, dating from 1864, remainds of the old church...

  • Church Saint Martin, St Martin sur Oust

    nice church in real inland Breton country of Saint Martin sur Oust (by the river oust) in the Morbihan dept 56.the church is from the 15C with several renovations to the 19C, the main door façade is from the 15C , the retable is from 1725.the last renovation dates from 1959.The nave and choir were renovated in the 18C. The crossing and bells were...

  • ile aux pies, Bains sur oust

    This a designated natural nature park in Brittany, fun for the whole family in a natural state. It is off the road D873 from Redon to La Gacilly signs will led you to it but need to be very attentive as they are small. A wonderful nature of Brittany site, with the oust river passing and spaces for picnic, horse riding, children playground,...

  • Fort Bloqué ,Ploemeur

    This is a nice fortress off the coast that in low tide you can even walk to it not today thus. Fort Bloqué or Fort de KeraganBuilt between 1747 and 1758 after the English invasion of 1746, it was integrated into the fortification network defending Lorient in a Vauban style. During WWII it was part of the Atlantic wall done by the Nazis.right in...

  • Church St Pierre, Ploemeur

    The church of St Pierre is from the 12C and was ruined in 1668. The reconstruction of the tower and bell was done in 1686, the four bells benediction was done in 1726 and two are newer from 1783. A copy of St Pierre is up at the front door and the original is in the altar.It includes a nave of seven bays with aisles and a flat chevet choir. Between...

  • Church St Jean Baptiste, St Jouan de...

    this is St John the Baptist Church in a colorful town on the roads D766 and N12 of dept 22 Côtes-d'Armor.One of my passing towns for the road warrior gwened, this is going up from my South to the North Brittany area; I will translate what it is in the city page for the Church, they do it better than me.The Church from the 15C, once surrounded by...

  • The lighthouse of Kerbel, Riantec

    This is not far from me and even thus now it is used as a lodging not stayed there and find it quaint and nice to see off the beaten path.The phare or lighthouse de Kerbel is in the town of Riantec on the road D33 going towards Port Louis.You have more in French from the department Morbihan tourist...

  • Church Notre Dame de Joie, Merlevenez

    This is nice roman style and well preserve on my road warrior times near my home passing on the D33 at Merlevenez.. This is Our Lady of Joy.Something to see in my area, love it. I give you a bit of history I like...The oldest part is even before the time of the Knights Templar in the region around 1130. IT is of course Romanesque style and the...

  • Church of St Pierre et St Paul ,Nostang

    This is a nice town's Church that I past on my rounds in my area just a few kms away from my house.a bit of history I likeThe church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul built between 1681-1686. It is a Latin cross-shaped building in the simplest taste of the 17C, which was completed in 1871-1873 by the construction of a stone bell tower to the West. The...

  • Church Saint Pierre aux liens, Arzano

    Another nice Church on my ways in Brittany , this one at Arzano in the Finistére dept 29 about 40 mins from my house. The Church of Saint Pierre at the links, literally translation.Its a smallist Church with the main entrance by a portal with four pillars opening to an old cementery. The nave is covered by a long roof, North and South transepts are...

  • Chapel of Notre Dame de Béléan, Ploeren

    This is on the road D19 which I take to avoid the expressway on way home, passed by it so many time,and today told me enough I stop and snap a picture for VT ::)A chapel here was first built by Jean du Garo to give thanks for allowing him and his squire to return alive from the 7th crusade of Saint Louis in 1248 (king Louis IX) to liberate the...

  • Church of Saint Mériadec at Mériadec

    There was a chapel here dedicated to Saint-Mériadec,bishop of Vannes in 659AD,located at the current parking space and built around 1383AD. It came into ruins and demolished in 1938. The Church we see now at the current place was built in 1913. The village of Mériadec on the road D19 that I take many times, was a commune of Plumergat and had a...

  • Chateau de Loyat

    This is a wonderful property to stop by, and it is not really known, I come here on business and no photos but folks here are ok you need to have the tip even if it is without pictures. Someone will get them eventually. It is of course, rent it out for events, mariages ,and seminars.You can reach this wonderful castle coming from Vannes, road N24...

  • church Saint Peter, St Pierre, Languidic

    In one of the oldest towns in Brittany maybe from 406AD but on record from 1060AD, the parrish of Languidic has the Church of St Pierre. You find it in town at Place du Général de Gaulle, right along the road D102 to my house.IT was done from 1876 to 1879. Latin style construction with a light Arrow witha cross at 54 meters high. The altar has...

  • Chateau de Kéravéon, Erdeven

    This is here because nice to see, it is now a vacatioin property of the Odalys group and you can rent like a hotel.However, I came for the historical value of it. It is a castle from the end of the 18C,protected by a triple moats. It was renovated into a vacation property in 2009. Before it was built on top of an older castle dating from the 16C....

  • Cathédrale Saint Samson, Dol de Bretagne

    imposing cathedral in a crossing town of Brittany dept 35 Ille et Vilaine. Built in a romanesque style in about 548ADIt was the seat of the bishopric of DOL from the year 555AD, one of the nine ancient bishoprics of Brittany. In the French revolution, the Cathedral became successively Temple of reason, stable and warehouse. After the restoration of...

  • Church of Sainte Thumette, Nevez

    a grand Church right in the crossroad of road D77 entering town with a nice chapel next to it in the beach community of Nevez, dept 29 Finistére in Brittany.the town site has a bit on it here in French the tourist office in contact. the office is located across from the Church so the information was taken...

  • Chapelle Sainte Barbe , Nevez

    This was a surprise as stop to look into the Church in town near the beaches of Brittany in departément 29 FInistére and saw this chapel on the side hidden from the road view.the Chapel of Sainte Barbe or Santa Barbara at the town of Nevez.It has a nice organ and great music is played there next show is Sept 20 when Manu Lann Huel sings songs by...

  • Chateau de Kerambar'h, Landaul

    this is a nice property near me, and finally stop by ! its like been back in the middle ages and coming to the renaissance in one sweep. For this year the castle is openApril 19 to July 13 every day from 14h to 18hJuly 14 to August 31 every day from 11h to 18hSeptember all days from 14h to 18h and October all days from 14h to 17h30you can visit the...

  • Chapelle Saint Antoine de Penesclus,...

    We went past the chapelle Saint Antoine de Penesclus just before hitting city center, and the story is that the Chapel along the street of the Penesclus, breton term meaning “the tip of the lock”. It is written its existance since 1580, but it was moved and rebuilt in 1885 to allow the widening of the route de Vannes to Nantes. The 2 statues of...

  • Church of Saint-Cyr-Sainte-Julitte,Ambon

    We past by an old Church still Under renovation, église Saint-Cyr-Sainte-Julitte; it is a very old religious site maybe going back to the 3-4C!, some of the architectural description is to follow; the western façade is typical of Romanesque Breton. On the north side of the church, at the level of the second and third bays of nave, opens a porch...

  • Church Notre Dame, La Chapelle Caro

    Some history of this quaint town in the country of Morbihan my dept 56 of Brittany.We continue on the road D766A towards La Chapelle-Caro, it takes its name from the family of the Chapelle. This is a break-up of the original parish of Ploërmel. She was nicknamed ‘ the lower-Chapel ‘ or ‘ La Chapelle-sous-Ploërmel’. After having belonged to the...

  • Church of Saint Bertin, Guillan

    The town of Guillac is very old and some foundations are there even before the Romans time. It is part of the Gallo language even if Breton had been spoken there then. It was part of the war of Succession of Bretagne, and battle was held here in 1351. A big economic boom when the river Oust was canalise into the Canal Nantes-Brest. The Church of...

  • Church Saint Nicodéme, Quily

    We continue on to Quily on the road D174 , pure country and wonderful ride; big town of 342 inhabitants, where the main item is the Church of Saint Nicodéme. The Church was originally built as the Church of Notre Dame des Neiges (our lady of snow) but since 1802 it is that of Saint Nicodéme. Done in Latin Cross style. As I said very small country...

  • Museum of the souvenir ,Guer

    Near Guer, on the road D773 we stopped by the école militaire de Saint Cyr-Côetquidan, they started out by order of emperor Napoléon 1ér out of the Château de Fontainebleau,and then at Saint-Cyr in my old dept 78 Yvelines. The schools are in order since 1805. Inside the one at Guer there is a museum. It is a museum of memories or musée du Souvenir,...

  • church of the Trinity of the most Holy...

    birthplace of a great religious leader and movement that of Armélie Nicolas or the Bonne Armélie. Her skull head is kept at the town’s Church and the body at the bishops palace in Vannes. You have nearby the tombs of the giants and the abbey of la joie de Notre Dame ....

  • Chapelle Notre Dame des Trois...

    Another marvelous example of chapels that act like churches in the Breton landscape. This one is the Chapelle Notre Dame des Trois Fontaines in the village of Trois Fontaines commune belonging to Gouézec in the Finistére dept 29 of Brittany. You need to drive a car and come along the N165 expressway to direction Pleyben on the D765 Route...

  • Church of Saint Aubin -Brandivy

    This is the town Church, and link to the anti revolution wars of the Chouans against the republican French of Bastille fame.A bit of history of this Church only about 10 kms from my house. The old church was entirely devastated July 4, 1728 by a fatal fire. It was rebuilt four years later, in 1732. During the Revolution, a Bell and a part of the...

  • Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes-Brandivy

    This is a historical chaple deep in the ravine next to the river Loch that joins the Auray before Fallen into the Gulf of Morbihan at Auray. The name comes because in the grottos caves it was found a crucifix and cross that looks like the grotto at Lourdes, the famous shrine.A bit of history tell us that a small square turret (between 1630 and...

  • Church St Pierre and St Paul-Pluneret

    Another of the wonderful churches in my area of the department of the Morbihan, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul (finish in 1885), built on the site of an earlier Church from the 11th century. The ancient Church of Pluneret, which the nave dated back to the early years of the 11th century, and the other parties were the 14C and 15C, was...

  • Church of St Colomban -Locminé

    Locminé takes its name from Loch Menech, or site of monks. Many historians claimed that in the 7C many disciples of Saint Gildas de Rhuys prayed at the extreme corners of the parish of abbey Saint Sauveur de Moriac ou Moréac that eventually became St Colomban. This country church was built n the 15C and modified in the 1970's . the abbey Laudrin,...

  • Church of Saint Sixté-Limerzel

    another Church on my road warrior drives in Bretagne and this one the Morbihan, passing the town of Limerzel, near Rochefort-en-Terre on the road D774, i could not missed the opportunity for a photo and documented it here.the Church Saint-Sixte (1889-1895), rebuilt on the plans of the architect M. Le Diberder. The new Church is of style 15C, large...

  • Church of Saint Sané -Camors

    This is a nice modern clay white church in city center Camors about 9 kms from me now.Camors parish church is dedicated to saint Sane, an Irish bishop who died March 7 544AD. Dating back to the 17th century, this Latin cross-shaped Church contains the headstone of the comte de Lannion and this also two altarpieces in wood. The sacristy is older...

  • Chapelle Notre Dame du Plasker-Locminé

    A nice chapel right in city center near the church of St Colomban. One of the many chapels that adorn this area of the Morbihan, and even region of Brittany.The Lady of the Plasker chapel or chapel of the Congregation: located in the city centre, a place of prayers would have existed at its location as early as the 11th century. The present Chapel...

  • Church of Saint Ouen- Plouay

    you see the nice church of Saint Ouen, the Church was built at the end of the 14th century, it has a plan in the form of a Latin cross, with two aisles.Its limestone and marble choir develops in three parts: a central panel and two concave wings. All connected at the beginning of the 18th century.In the large niches we can see the statues of Saint...

  • chateau de Rohan ruins at Guéméné

    The ruins of the castle of the Rohan , a wonderful historical property,here is the long illustrious story from the source: the castle of Rohan (14th century), modified in the 15th century. The first castle was built in the 11th century by the family Guegant (ou Guégant). He was replaced in the 12th century by a fortress which belongs to the Rohan...

  • Church Notre Dame de la Fosse-Guémené

    The wonderful small church of Notre Dame de la Fosse, the church (19th century), rebuilt around 1820. The Bell Tower dates from the 18th century and stood near the present Church: it houses four bells. The former Bell Tower collapsed in 1757. This church’s square and surmounted by a dome, whose construction was decided by the Guémené(-sur-Scorff)...

  • Church of Sainte Marie...

    A wonderful smallish church with plenty of history,and another small inland town of Morbihan all unique and niceThe Church Saint-Theleau or Sainte-Marie-Madeleine (15th century). St. Madeleine replaces saint thuriau at the beginning of the 19th century and St. Madeleine is replaced by saint Theleau in 1903. The parish church of Landaul having been...

  • Chapel of Sainte Anne- St Nolffs

    This is a very nice chapel next to the church of Saint Mayeul (see separate tip), in a nice small town near where I work. It has a rectangular shape and flamboyan decorations built in honor of Sainte Anne in 1493 by Olivier de Gourvineg, Lord of Bézit, as indicated in the sand stone plaque. Sainte Anne is the patron sainte of the Breton, and...

  • Church of Saint Mayeul -St Nolffs

    The church of Saint-Mayeul,is right in the center of this small town near my place of work. The church we see its from the 15C, and went thru several stages of renovation ever since. It was built without lower side walls with a choir with a flat chevet and the cloister has a big window in flamboyan style. It was given croisillons in the 19C and...

  • Church of Saint Melaine - Plumelin

    Plumelin comes from breton « Plu » or « Plou » (meaning parrish) and of saint Merin (cult coming from Wales) or of saint Melaine, bishop of Rennes in the 5C.taking a tour of the churches in my area, i bring you the church of Saint-Melaine (built end of the 15C or early 16C). You will see a round chapel on the south choir rebuilt between 1744 and...

  • Church of Saint Colomban - Locminé

    Locminé takes its name from Loc Menéh meaning a place of monksThe church of Saint-Sauveur ou Saint-Colomban (this one dtes from 1976!!), The church of Saint-Sauveur de Locminé, depended previously from the prieury of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, was linked in modern times to the chapel of Saint-Colomban . Started in 1973, the modern church is dedicated...

  • Church of Saint Thuriau- Plumergat

    Another nice historical church near me is the church of Saint-Thuriau built in the 11 to 13C, it has been renovated several times and as late as 1948. The church was built over antique site of pray and sacrifices druids . A tower covers the roman facade, it has a nave ,transept, and choir traverse by small windows very small. The nave has four...


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