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  • natural tree by the chimney
    natural tree by the chimney
    by gwened
  • the natural Christmas tree and the gifts
    the natural Christmas tree and the gifts
    by gwened
  • left side looking from the house
    left side looking from the house
    by gwened

Pluvigner Things to Do

  • Fontaine de Saint Guigner

    the fontaine de St Guigner right in town of Pluvigner, our town. The fontaine Saint Guigner dates from 1526 AD. It is located at the crossing of the rue des Fontaines ,and rue du Tanin. You can go by city center or easier go by the road D768 to rue des Fontaines right and the fountain is immediately on your left. The leyend of this fountain is that...

  • Church of Saint Guigner

    Pluvigner is a country town small on road D768 amongst others. It has a nice church or église de Saint Guigner; founder of the town. It is mostly from the 16C as one sable stone on the north side tells you it was in 1545 when built. However, it has been found traces on the building that is even older. The antique tower and bell were done in 1781....

  • Chapel St Guenael

    The area has plenty of chapels and this is one of the main one, Chapelle Saint Guénaêl, and very close to my house;it sits on a hill along the road, surrounded by private homes/properties to keep out, but a nice space with plenty of parking. You need a car to get here. There is a small fountain outside crown with a cross of Jesus.A bit of history...


Pluvigner Hotels

Pluvigner Restaurants

  • real local food and pizzas

    We walk from our house to city center and had lunch at our first meal in town. The deco is Roman antique and rustique, very clean nice, and very friendly service. This resto has been rated by VT member Gwened and left our smiley card. Day or night is very good.And you see in French this little restaurant was a finalist for the pizza competition in...

  • crepes in a castle at Rimaison

    ok so this is a wonderful castle right in town we have gone as sightseeing and on local events, this time we try the creperie restaurant outright with a family reservation. The host was superb originally from Vannes ,and I got her my first VT rating card a plus!!You can walk thru the front but we came by car ho ho ho! and went on the back side on...

  • traditional Breton cuisine

    This is pure tradition breton and more. The food with special roasted open pit pigs twice a week, and local country ambiance. Tucked in a nice quaint street in town, with all locals as from afar too come,and I recommend you do too when passing by here.You ,also,have local beer duck'ale done and serve here and you can take home foods!!Open for lunch...


Pluvigner Transportation

  • Driving in Pluvigner

    Driving here is very easy, small town but wow so many roads you are always near the next town and out into the expressway.The easiest is the road D768 that comes from the expressway N165 going to the beaches of Carnac, Quiberon, La Trinité sur Mer, etc etc. and up to St Brieuc in the north.Sort of like east west you have the D16 that too comes thru...

  • how to get in and out of Pluvigner

    the best way to come by here is by car, but there is a bus TIM no 5 that comes from Baud all the way to Vannes train station and bus station at pl de la liberation. tickets are 2€ or a carnet of 10 for 15€ use on the same line 5the rests are school buses. the bus...

  • Pluvigner Hotels

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Pluvigner Shopping

  • breads traditional breton

    This is a small bakery in our shopping area , it was recommended by the resto we go often and by now friendly, this is a typical country store with traditional breads and sweets but better the breads.You get here bio breads, Breton specialties, sweets and macaronsOpen from September 15 septembre to middle of February: Mondays to Saturdays 6h-13h...

  • shoes for the family

    This is the ultimate town store, long standing tradition, family friendly service, top brands and reasonable prices. all done with care by the owners themselves. Coming in the evening allows for more chat just before closing time.....More info from the city merchants site 9h15...

  • fish market in town

    This is a small fish market right in city center by the place du marché that we buy our fresh fish and seafood.It is nothing major small cozy and family friendly. The man is a fisherman license and the wife tend the store. If you want fresh from the Atlantic or gulf of Morbihan then come here. Some other fish/seafood is offered from elsewhere in...


Pluvigner Local Customs

  • This is my Breton lands

    And its so traditional and friendly , very polite and helpful. I have move here for 15 days and already have neighbors helping putting up curtains, and fixtures, contact on lawnmowing, and TV antenna hook ups. Not to mention the local merchants are very nice and eager to talk to the newbies in town. I finally settled in the region and purchase a...

  • New Year in our house, this one is for...

    Our first new year in our new home, so its special plenty of booze and not much food oh lord !!!nope wife did cook some mignon pork roast and some bar fish and plenty of foie gras, and chips, and peanuts, and chorizos lol!! but the main thing was the drinkswe had Affligem beer for Noêl Christmas beer from neighbor Belgium.muscadet sévre et marne...

  • driving school, AF2R

    Well this is us, the driving school for my boys driving license, so right in city center, and if you need advise on driving in France.very friendly folks that even come to your house. So again, questions about driving in France and you don't want to listen to gwened telling its easy, then come over here and here the license pros ::)They are located...


Pluvigner Off The Beaten Path

  • Church of Saint Bieuzy

    This is a lieu-dit part of the town of Pluvigner, where I live now. there is a wonderful Church of Saint Bieuzy , small typical looking chapel like so many in Brittany. This one is high on a hill overlooking the Loch plateau,and better park at the bottom and walk up as the Streets are very narrow and steep difficult for a turnaround. A bit of...

  • Abbaye de Lanvaux

    the Abbaye de Lanvaux, this is private property, but full of history. When the local rebels ,the Chouans, gathered here with General Cadoudal (of Auray) , waiting for the immigrant breton to arrive from England by Quiberon, this is where they camp out. Unfortunately the landing was discovered , and the link up never happened, instead many...

  • Chapelle ND de la Miséricorde

    the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Miséricorde; it is a chapel from 1600 AD; as there are many around here and I am just beginning to know my new area; slow by the business travels and house work. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Miséricorde is located in the village way rural village of Kerven-Miséricorde on the South-East side of the town of Pluvigner....


Pluvigner Sports & Outdoors

  • fishing, and picnics by the lake of the...

    étang de la forêt is a lake surrounding by nice grassy areas great for picnic in the country, it can be fish and pedal boating kayaks in summer. open every day from 14h30- 19h30. You can rent them all.You can have a leisure rest stop here as I do or the fishing or the walks. There are tables for picnic and in summer ice cream and drinks are sold at...

  • Sport complex Goh Lanno

    This is an entire sports complex, magnificently done, with all amenities and near my house here.There is 2 buildings located on the sports complex of the Goh Lanno which consists of 2 halls of handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, roller skating,and ...They also contain 1 dojo (judo, karate...), 1 dance (Breton classical...) as well as a...

  • See Football, Volleyball,and Rugby

    The town has teams playing in third fourth division and honor categories here in football, volleyball,and rugby. so if passing by feel free to check the schedules and cheer locally my new town's teams. site


Pluvigner Favorites

  • Have a birthday at home with family

    Birthdays here are like anywhere else, better close with the family and best on a Friday night with a gorgeous weather weekend ahead.It was my birthday,,,,, so the family decided first to get me my favorite hobby,wines, red, white and rosé, from my favorite store Nicolas, this time my boys were by Lorient so they got it there for me !!!then , it...

  • Chateau de Kerlois

    I put it here because this is a private property, only open briefly on heritage days in September, otherwise ,its not open to the public. HOwever, its Worth mentioning that in my area we have great castles with lots of history and beautiful properties. are there above, of course...

  • Chateau de Kéronic

    I put it here because this is a private property, only open briefly on heritage days in September, otherwise ,its not open to the public. HOwever, its Worth mentioning that in my area we have great castles with lots of history and beautiful properties. are there above, of course...


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