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  • the Vedettes boat Pont Aven maritime
    the Vedettes boat Pont Aven maritime
    by gwened
  • the museum as of August 30 2014
    the museum as of August 30 2014
    by gwened
  • river aven to bridge around tourist office back
    river aven to bridge around tourist...
    by gwened

Pont-Aven Things to Do

  • Museum of Pont Aven-under renovation

    There is a nice museum or musée de pont aven, with more than 1300 paintings of artist painters of the school of Pont-Aven, but is currently under construction until spring 2015. Contact email for updates museepontaven@concarneaucornouaille.frUPDATEI just went by there see photo it is still way off, I stop by the tourist office and they told me...

  • Viisit the Tourist Office - info and...

    This used to be called the S.I. - the Syndicat d'Initaitive. It is a friendly and helpful office, located in place de l'Hotel de Ville - just up the road from Pension Gloanec. It was formerly part of the Hotel des Ajoncs d'Or - which was previously known as Hotel Gloanec and owned by the same person as the Pension.After picking up your maps , guide...

  • windmills of pont aven

    The windmills or moulins here are very famous and numbered at one time in 1880 ,about 15 here, their names, Haut Bois, du Plessis,Moulin Neuf,Kermentec (painted by Gauguin in 1894), Kerniguez, Petit Poulguin,Pénanros,Scierie Brunou, Petite Tourte, Poulhoas,Rosmadec, Porte Neuve,Ty Meur,Grand Poulguin,and Petit Pénanros.Some are still here even in...

  • The church of Saint Joseph

    The church of Saint Joseph was built in 1872 at Place de l’Eglise, smallist by local standards more like a chapel. Between 1941 and 1943, the rector Tanguy improves the interior with new stained glass, painting of the altar in wood. IN the exterior, a marble plaque commemorates the death of the mobile police killed in Sept 21 1870 at...

  • Need a loo?

    Public loos in France are often - now how shall I put this - let's think - well sometimes as bad as some of those back home in the UK!It's usually a better option to use the facilities in a cafe or restaurant while you are there.I only saw two public loos in Pont Aven - the first towards the end of quai Théodre-Botrel in the little park - OK!THe...

  • Musée de PontAven

    aka le Musée municipal des Beaux-Arts de Pont AvenThis small museum was only established in 1985 and is located on just two floors, of modest size. The available space is shared between the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Do not visit in hope of seeing many of the original works of the painters who put Pont-Aven on the map - you...

  • Art everywhere - in the streets too.

    There are dozens of art galleries in Pont-Aven, mainly paintings but some ceramicists and wood workers. Some are very smart looking establishments with just one painting displayed in the window. Mostly though you will see small ateliers with a gallery attached; some of these remain in residence until the end of September and return in time to...

  • A new thread in the History of modern...

    More than a hundred years after the Pont-Aven School was founded "Pension Gloanec" is still at the vanguard of contemporary art. In 1993 the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art (P.A.S.C.A.) was established and has its headquarters in the restored old pension that once housed so many painters who went on to achieve recognition.The School organises...

  • Take a river cruise on a Vedette

    We have taken this trip several times, in different seasons of the year and find it a most relaxing and informative way to spend an hour and a quarter. The boats leave from quai Théodore-Botrel, the ticket kiosk displays timetables and is a little further down, next to the entrance to the small park and childrens playgrouns. ( There are Public loos...

  • Bridges on the River Aven

    One of the most attractive features of the town is the number of bridges - from the main granite road bridge, to the more slightly constructed foot bridges that take you from quai Théodore Botrel to the other side of the river- across one of which we watched a riding school of about 30 riders and horses cross - at a steady walking pace. The quai is...

  • C19th. developments in art at Pension...

    The natural beauty of the village and its surroundings made it a magnet for aspiring artists in search of inspiration. In this they were also rewarded by the spirit and traditions of the local people, their ancient, and more recent historic roots. Here too they could obtain lodgings and live very cheaply. The landlady of Pension Gloanec welcomed...

  • Take a walk around town

    If you take time to wander around the centre of town - it is very compact but do not be afraid to take odd little turnings - keep a look out - eyes up, and down - for numerous information and historical information boards and plaques. If you have been to Paris and Musee d'Orsay you may have seen one of Gauguin's famous paintings - Les Lavandieres...


Pont-Aven Restaurants

  • great Breton old windmill

    very traditional restaurant in the harbor area of pont aven;very friendly service, fast ,efficient and the food just right we will be back as only live less than an hour away by car.they have live music at nights that is superb, and nice players. a romantic night should be a dandy here. They ,also, have expositions of local artists painters very...

  • Lovely place towatch the boats and...

    This is a delightful little hotel spread over the old thatched cottage, which dates from the 15th century, and the newer building next door with the tea rooms. It does not have a restaurant but tapas snacks and sandwiches are available. We usually stopped for a drink - coffee in the morning or a light beer or cider in the afternoon. The views up...

  • Waters Edge Hotel/Restaiurant

    We stopped for coffee here a couple of times. We liked the location and friendly service so went one day for lunch. We sat outside in warm October sun shine for a simple salad and omelette. The location is perfect, service good, food just right and price right.I looked around the ground floor interior when I went inside to the bathroom and thought...


Pont-Aven Transportation

  • gwened's Profile Photo

    How to get in and out of Pont Aven

    by gwened Updated Aug 30, 2014

    ahh you get here like me by car on the N165 to sortie or exit 48 ,Kerandreo road D4, follow signs for Pont Aven,easy.

    the train stops at Quimperlé or Quimper from Paris in about 4h20 mins. By bus you have regular lines from the train stations of Quimper or Quimperlé to Pont Aven, Pont Aven – Quimper : (1h10mn), Pont Aven - Quimperlé : (25mn) .

    get your bearings here http://www.breizhgo.com/

    you can ,also , take the D783 from Quimperlé or Quimper and avoid the expressway traffic by car.
    parking easy by the harbor le port all the way back.

    parking by le port facing the park place de l'H��tel de Ville city center entering Pont Aven on road D4
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Pont-Aven Shopping

  • candies anyone;;;Niniches

    this is a biscuits and candy store part of La Maison de l'Armorique and stores Under the name of Niniches.They have them in Carnac and Quiberon as well as Belle île sur Mer but here is a quaint small store. The niniches are sugar candies coming in many flavors and were invented in nearby Quiberon.it is a Breton tradition. Open April to...

  • Breton gifts and home deco

    This store we passed by and we browsed last time, we know what we came looking for. It is loaded with Breton motifs goodies.You have a bazaar Inside all the way to the back room, anything you need for the house. The friendly is very friendly and the prices are superb.As the folks now seeing us and talk to us I took some pictures of the Inside ,...

  • Chocolates at Pont Aven

    another first for us in Pont Aven, this store is also by the harbor side le port ,and it is a heaven of chocolates and nougats of different flavors. All deliciously done in house.the store is like a chocolate shop with an opening round tasting area and choco and nougats all around the walls; the service is nice and friendly.we like the big sizes of...


Pont-Aven Off The Beaten Path

  • a cruise on the river Aven, Vedettes

    you can cruise up the river Bélon and down Aven to the ocean on the Vedette de l'Aven Maritime. Anchor at the harbor le port, and ready to go even in september.you have the blue itinerary for 13,50€ from Pont Aven to Port BélonGreen for 10,50€ trip up the river up and down. to do so at riec sur bélon onlyRed for 16,50€ pont aven to port bélon April...

  • Promenade Xavier Grall

    a wonderful walk along the river rapids of Pont Aven. Right in the center of town, it crosses a canal with a windmill of Poulhouars. The walk or promenade was done in 1985, and it suffers flooding in 2000, now all fixed.In summer is a masterpiece of walks, we came in winter, we sure to be back in summer here,just lovely. AFter a heavy rapids...

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Pont-Aven Favorites

  • walk harbor of Pont Aven

    wonderful area to walk and see the nice architecture and marina life in Pont Aven, you have free parking and great picnic park just across the river Aven and the marina. You have a nice all the way the rue du port to the bridge canals of the main street in town to the place Paul Gauguin. walking the rue du port and seeing the houses clinging on...

  • Walk Pont Aven

    again my best past time is to walk these wonderful towns anywhere, and Pont Aven is no exception. History, quaint streets, beautiful parks and gardens, canals with river passing thru ,the aven,and nice architecture.You get to know more the town and its people, take a walk, go ahead dare, you will be alright, We Speak English here. walking in city...

  • Theodore-Botrel and the annual Folk...

    Théodore-Botrel was born in Dinan in 1868. He bacame a very popular singer, deriving his inspiration from Breton culture and writing lyrics and poetry. Unfit for military service in WW1 he wrote many patriotic songs and became known as the Miltary Troubadour. He made his home in Pont-Aven and was active in supporting local folklore traditions.After...


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