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  • the bay of Quiberon entering the peninsula
    the bay of Quiberon entering the...
    by gwened
  • the rear bunker with gun
    the rear bunker with gun
    by gwened
  • entrance to main bunker with guns
    entrance to main bunker with guns
    by gwened

Quiberon Things to Do

  • The wild coast or côte sauvage II

    A wonderful area I keep coming back to it, gorgeous views of the océan from top of the cliffs ,along the Atlantic wall of wWII fame.See the travelogues for more pictures.you will have restaurants here tips too here, and parking areas to walk as close as possible tothe cliffs.It s a lovely ride great for the family and there are areas for picnic and...

  • The wild coast or côte sauvage

    this is heaven on earth, wonderful road that of course a car is a must. You past by small villages and ports harbors, bordering the cliffs of the peninsula of Quiberon, going on the Côte Sauvage I came from auray coming in by portivy ,Beg en Aud, then port blanc, kervihan ,port kerné, port bara, pointe du percho and arrive at the Chateau Turpault...

  • beaches conguel, govino,grande plage

    well Quiberon is full of them from nice sandy good size beaches to small coves with algae and rocky surface, all are visited by locals and tourists alike.the area is a peninsula that is just gorgeous and should be summer hq for me for many years i hope. You are welcome to stop by and let me know. I am 34 kms from hereyou have the rocky section of...

  • The beach at plage de conguel

    this is the most extreme point of the Quiberon peninsula and it is sublime savage but with all commodities for families and nice cove beach as well as one extensive one with picnic tables and camping grounds across the street, horse backriding and nice sandy beach.You can walk from city center here in about 20 minutes as we are use to walk....

  • Kids activities at Grande Plage

    This is definitively a beach for the whole family, there are swim lessons and activities for kids from 2 yrs old, and strategically place at the two extremes of the beach.It always encouraging to see the mix on the beach, and it is great.

  • Gare Maritime, or cruise terminal

    the Gare Maritime is the connection of the peninsula with the outlying islands such as Bell-Ile, all UNESCO world heritage sites in the Gulf of Morbihan.you have all the info in English at the tourist office webpage in contact. My favorite as big and diverse is Belle-Ile, but the sentimental favorite is Houat.YOu have hotels and restos just across...

  • Grande plage or big beach

    the hightlight of the area, the center of it all, great beach, all kinds of activities for young and old, always something going on in summer.The views over the casino, the castle, the fisherman coop, the boardwalk, the shops and restos at dead in by the big blue ocean is fantastic.Music blaring and game from volley to handball,soccer/football, and...

  • Port Haliguen

    a wonderful inner harbor of very nice tall ships and motor boats, with a nice small secluded beach (Portigo)next to it, quiet tranquil, the old Brittany.Very nice if with families or boater aficionados, will be in heaven. The views over the reefs,and lighthouses adorning the coast is very nice.it is just along the grand plage continuing towards...

  • church Notre Dame de Locmaria

    a church originally from the 15C, going thru periods of fire, and destruction, burned by the English ,and after the French revolution serve to care and detained the insurgents chuans who fought the Republic.the now church dates from 1906, right at the entrance to the old section,and the street leading to the grand plage big beach.nice indeed to...

  • Côte Sauvage

    Long sandy beaches and pounding waves backed by towering forests of pine – the Côte Sauvage on the Atlantic coast in the Quiberon is one of the most spectacular parts of the Poitou-Charentes. If you want a feeling of space and untamed beauty, this is definitely where to head to. Surfers should also haul their boards into the waves that are known...

  • Elephant ?

    When we pass by the souvenir shop to buy some postcards, we saw elephant stone shape... so we start to exploring around this port, and we found it!!! Yes it's elephant head!!

  • Port Blanc

    After from Cote Sauvage we continue our exploring to more far, Port Blanc, this coast still same coast with cote sauvage.... and have a great stone shape and also nice beaches.


Quiberon Hotels

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  • Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa

    Pointe de Goulvars, BP 10802 Cedex, Quiberon, Brittany, 56178, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • La Petite Sirene Hotel

    This is a simple beach accommodation 2 stars hotel. It seems to be well maintained for what I saw....

  • Ker Noyal Hotel

    43 chemin des Dunes, Quiberon, 56170, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

Quiberon Restaurants

  • bistrot à vins in pl Hoche

    We come often here even in winter as yesterday, now the place is almost empty only the seasonal resident for winter are here and lots of locals. The trip took many twist coming in the côte sauvage (see tips) and as often the case we needed to eat.walking around in the course of trying them all, we stop by this bistrot à vins in the Place Hoche,...

  • seafood and the wild coast

    This is a nice place, great views right on the wild coast or côte sauvage ocean road leading to Quiberon, and plenty of free parking,toilets, the water in your backyard, and fresh fish.seafood in your plate.Unfortunately when we went by it was closed so we will need to be back,no biggy we only live about 35 mins from the restaurant but so much to...

  • nice galettes with the savage coast at...

    This is a basic beach restaurant, creperie, with great views of the wild coast or côte sauvage of Quiberon. We were cruising early and stop by for an apero of porto, beers etc, great place, quiet, rustic, and nice ocean air.it is open even in winter. You are not far from Quiberon in the beautiful wild coast, just for the views it is Worth having a...

  • burgers, and moules Quai Ouest

    well this is my favorite, not only the service is nice but the food is well made, large portion,great views over the roundabout by the fishing coop ,and the name is historical for meQuai ouest is like saying Key West ::) terraces and views of ocean guarantee ,come with all the family moules in season like now or the big juice burgers,all goodnow...

  • pizzas,galettes,brasserie la Cabana

    Very happening place friendly service and fast, in fast moving place Hoche in city center off ave port Maria just before hitting the grande plage or big beach, great views, ambiance of forest animals and happy folks, the surrounding is glorious, cant say more, you must come here.In walking around my backyard I am tasting the different places and...

  • boulangerie pains d'epices

    This is a traditional bakery with breton tradition of black wheat bread, and pains d'épices to throw a curve to it. Very small but very busy, the best in town, and right off pl hoche in city center on rue pouligner.its a constant visit by all, locals and visitors alike. Not to be missed for the quick sandwich ,pastry or pain d"epices breads from...


Quiberon Nightlife

  • gwened's Profile Photo

    by gwened Written Aug 24, 2012

    wonderful nightclub disco right in by the beach at port Maria, there for 50 yrs and very popular with young old and tourists. Open all year from 23h to 06h.

    I am told many international stars have been here, but cant confirm lol!!! and no webpage

    Dress Code: come chic branché no ties require no sneakers allowed

    front le suroit disco rue de port maria and see disco on left
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Quiberon Transportation

  • How to get in and out

    Its not easy when you are going to a peninsula, presqu'ile de Quiberon. HOwever, here is my five cents (I lived 45 kms from here lol!! ,but I used my car)The train, closest station in my town of Auray TGV service from Paris Montparnasse.www.voyages-sncf.comIn summer, you have the tire bouchon train from Auray to Quiberon, sold at both tourist...

  • ride a bike at cyclomar

    a wonderful way to see the complte area on a bicycle or cyclobike, or family carriage bike to as much as 5 persons on it, we did it...will show the store photo. You can see they rent almost anything on wheels lol!!!It is in city center by place Hoche just out of parking Varquez and behind the small park where the statue of Gen Hoche is located....

  • aerodrome and flying lessons

    Quiberon has an aerodrome, where light planes can land, they are private planes that visits here. However, there are ,also, flying lessons to get your first pilots license and most important for visitors you can have first flight experience or baptism first flight here, with a nice overview of the peninsulaI saw several planes already in the...


Quiberon Shopping

  • gifts, souvenirs ,linen a la Breton

    you can buy gorgeous decoration, mugs, plates, bags, food items and all kinds of trinkets to fill your home with goodies.This is it for home decoration with local taste and design. You will discover unique items breton like the bowls with your name written on it, marine seafaring home decoration, cups and dishes, and more than 400 references with...

  • fish seafood market, Quiberonnais

    Now this one is a bit odd, but I love fish and seafood and never stop eating it. If go with family and have a house or apt rented I do buy these wonders from local market so figure someone here might do tooIf you are staying in an apartment or house then come here to get your fish, sea goodies, its been going on for generations of family right in...

  • gourmand chocolates

    This is a Breton chain that is even in Paris. I had them there and so lucky that I am close to another one here the one in Quiberon.absolotely mouthful of flavor and quality in chocolates and caramel,the Breton way. A must in town.The store is very nicely setup and chic ambiance, very friendly service chocolates and caramels, love the coffrets of...


Quiberon Local Customs

  • gwened's Profile Photo

    by gwened Written Jan 31, 2014

    A unique mémorial because it is done to honor the mothers of American soldiers who fought and died in the Quiberon Atlantic Wall campaign as well as in all of Brittany.

    i left you the webpge in French where the story comes out, and I have translated in English here, see the photo too

    At the American memorial on the site of the village of Guernic in Portivy in the commune of Saint-Pierre Quiberon, takes place every year in the month of August the garb of the fallen ceremony.

    What is it?

    90 years ago, Gaston Deblaize ( died n Haute-Marne) in the memory of his comrades who felled at tunnel from Tavannes to Verdun, took a parcel of this scarred land, "there where bayonets sprout from Earth as wheat out of the furrows", and had the idea to enclose it in an urn to keep. The sacred earth terminal idea, which will be often repeated. The filing of a sheaf of wheat is in relation to the mentioned image.

    The saint-pierroise stone is dedicated to American mothers in memory of their son from the war of 14-18. It was inaugurated on August 23, 1931 on the reef of the Guernic, opposite fort de Penthièvre. American mothers have come to gather near the village Guernic August 23, 1934 and then the stone fall into oblivion and will be destroyed in 1942.
    It will be renovated by the garrison of the fort Penthièvre. But access to the islet of the Guernic being too dangerous, a replica of the stone was built in 1997 at its current location

    stone memorial to American mothers for their sons
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Quiberon Off The Beaten Path

  • Musée de la Chouannerie, wars of the...

    Its probably one of two muséums on the Chouans, the farming folks who rebels against the French revolution. There is another in the Vendée region, this one is right in Plouharnel. I am in the middle of this historic region. Plouharnel is a town on the road D768 going towards the Presqu’île de Quiberon or peninsula of Quiberon.The musée de la...

  • the market day

    market day or marchés every saturdays from 8am to 15h or 3pm all the things you need in one long street, around place Varquez and on down to pl Hoche.Every day you can find fish and seafood here in the mornings.the place is pack with food and clothing stands and those in between, very lively specially in summer. Big re alignment of the street as...

  • the private castle Turpault

    cant go but sitting at the point of the reef overlooking the ocean current, it s a nice walk, and beautiful beach architecture.The story says, it is at the pointe de la Lande, the château Turpault (Beg-er-Lann) marks the entrance to the wild coast or Côte Sauvage. It is done in the anglo-medieval style and built in 1904. It was rebaptise as Chateau...


Quiberon Favorites

  • Walk Quiberon

    Its a pastime and wonderful way to feel the city you are visiting, I do it all the time. Come in by car, park it, and let the air take me all over the city. underground use to the minimum, as above ground is where all the action and beauty is.Quiberon is no different, great beach front, wonderul quaint streets, its there for the taking for free and...

  • passing thrue

    if you're going to quiberon, please do not forget to go to one of the islands next to it, which are really beautiful. you can easily take a boat to go there. spend two days in "belle ile", or one day hiking on "houat" or "hoedic", mpre tipical.see the link to see the prices and the timetables. it's the unic company to deserve...

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