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  • garden and statue of Ste Anne
    garden and statue of Ste Anne
    by gwened
  • entering the house of  Yves Nicolazic
    entering the house of Yves Nicolazic
    by gwened
  • coming in on D19 and see the Basilica spiral tower
    coming in on D19 and see the Basilica...
    by gwened

Saint Anne-d'Auray Things to Do

  • Saint Anne

    This is the most important saint of all, the seven bishops who founded Brittany and then there is Sainte AnneThere were seven who founded the religious beliefs of this wonderful region, Saint Brieuc,Saint Tugdual, Saint Paul Aurélien, Saint Patern,Saint Corentin, Saint Samson, and Saint Malo.however, to explain Sainte Anne, i take from the...

  • The Cloisters of Ste Anne d Auray

    Tuck on the side of the grand Basilica, there is an entrance to come in to the cloisters right by the treasury and store of the complex.At the cloisters there is held temporary and permanent exhibition of arts, and paintings from many periods. I pass by here often as live within 10 kms and on my way to work, so finally decided to go in as there was...

  • Look up to St Anne

    St Anne was the mother of the Virgin Mary, so the fact that she's the patron saint of women in various roles (women in labour, housewives, grandmothers and unmarried women) isn't very surprising, although her link to cabinet makers and horser riders would seem a little more baffling.She was adopted as Brittany's patron saint in 1914 and is...

  • Was it really necessary to put lipstick...

    St Anne d'Auray is 'big' on John Paul II, which is not surprising, as he visited here on 20 September 1996. It's not every place of pilgrimage that manages to attract a Pope during his papacy, and there has been a noticeable upswing in pilgrim numbers since his visit - currently about 600,000 per annum, with the largest number visiting on 26 July,...

  • The somewhat baffling Scala Sancta...

    This ornate set of steps stand at the opposite end of a huge lawn from the Basilica and have no visible signage. They have no obvious purpose since they lead from nowhere to nowhere over an unthreatening section of gravel, and had me bamboozled for a good while until I did some background research.It turns out that the Scala Sancta ('Holy Steps' in...

  • The heartrending Breton Wall of...

    The Wall of Remembrance at the Breton war memorial is a place that I'll never forget for a whole host of reasons.Firstly, it's staggeringly beautiful in its pared back simplicity. The pale stone panels listing the war casualties village by village are interspersed by the Stations of the Cross (fourteen events in the trial, crucifixion and burial of...

  • Pause for a moment at the exquisite war...

    One million Bretons answered the call up during World War I, but a horrifying 25% never returned, about double the rate of casualties suffered by other French troops. The 250,000 Bretons died equates to one in fourteen of Brittany's entire population, leading to a whole slew of social problems in postwar society, including a severe gender...

  • The staggeringly massive Basilica of St...

    Before we visited Brittany, I'd not heard anything about Sainte-Anne d'Auray, and it was only a short but intriguing comment in our guidebook that persuaded us to take a detour through the town on the way back from Carnac.As soon as we turned into town, the huge tower of the Basilica reared into view, and it began to dawn on me that this was not...

  • Commemorating the dead in all wars

    The appalling Breton casualties in World War I are commemorated in the exquisitely moving Breton war memorial and the surrounding wall of remembrance.Sadly, humanity displays a depressing inability to learn the lessons of the past, and memorial to commemorate the "The War to End All Wars" was completed less than a decade before the outbreak of the...


Saint Anne-d'Auray Restaurants

  • resto hotel but a golden heaven

    Traditional French with a hotel next to it, serving all. right across from the basilica. It has been here since 1840 doing the right things in the kitchen and with great service.The resto is usually full of pelegrins and visitors ,but today was fairly ok;not crowded. the food is good, seafood and fish par excellence! Traditional French proposing...

  • traditional aubergine

    very nice place open in 2012 by young chefs traditional food and bar à vins a great place to spent while overlooking the great basilique sainte anne.Open for lunch and dinner except wednesdays and sundaysprovides formules of 16€ for entrée/plat/dessert14€ for entrée/plat or plat/dessertand 10€ for the plat du jour the meal of the day with a choice...

  • best creperies of Brittany

    Its on the circuit as one of the best creperies of Brittany, sitting right across the basilica of St Anne, the biggest religious center in Brittany and second in France.The place is rustic, nice historical, serve with care by the family as far as small daughter serving. The food is authentic Breton,with flag and all. Nice family ambiance ,friendly...


Saint Anne-d'Auray Transportation

  • On the go driving by Ste Anne d'Auray

    Ok so this is close to me and come by here many times just for the inspirational basilica of Sainte Anne, but even in rainy days the driving is nice and filling.The D19 road and then the D102 can take you to me ::) and you will love this town.I came by today again with camera ready and took some rainy photos didn't want to waste and thought of...

  • Driving into and around Ste Anne d'Auray

    Well I live about 10 kms from here that is about 6 miles, and as the expressway is sometimes busy especially n summer months I do take this route to avoid traffic on the road D19 that goes into and connects with Auray on the D17 coming on the back.It is all country here, farming area, and lovely ,quiet , real nice folks who always will come and...

  • getting to Sainte Anne d'Auray

    By auto you take the Autoroute Paris/Rennes A11, or expressway N24 Rennes/Vannes,or expressway N165, Nantes/Auray.By trainarriving at Gare d'Auray, my train station to Paris MontparnasseGare d’Auray (TGV)local trains TER Bretagne busbus transport of the dept of...


Saint Anne-d'Auray Shopping

  • souvenirs at Sainte Anne

    For all your gifts ideas from Sainte Anne d'Auray this is the best. I live nearby so stop by almost every day on this area, and the store is always full with great service.Of course, many are of religious background been next to the Basilica and a center of pilgrimage but there are other gifts as well. Its a witness gift to your visit here, sublime...

  • Every conceivable sort of religious...

    As you might expect from a town that's a magnet for pilgrims, there are a number of shops specialising in a bewildering range of religious paraphernalia. Rosaries, crucifixes, devotional books, CDs of religious music - if it's got even the most tenuous link to Catholicism, chances are that it's on sale here.Unsurprisingly the best selling lines of...

  • Saint Anne-d'Auray Hotels

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Saint Anne-d'Auray Local Customs

  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Grand Pardon of Ste Anne

    by gwened Written Dec 14, 2014

    This is a religious event held every July 25-26 the day of Sainte Anne,and follow by a million folks from all over here.

    The religious signification is well explain at the official site here in helpful resources.

    To me its a time to get to know more the community which I lived only 12 kms from. Further I give you the city English version tourism information here

    and the tourist office of the region at Auray

    side looking at mausoleum and Basilica Sainte Anne the monument to the fallen of Brittany on ground passing by parvis of Ste Anne, statue and mausoleu
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Saint Anne-d'Auray Warnings and Dangers

  • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo

    Beware of crowds on St Anne's feast day

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Jul 23, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Compared to other more 'first division' tourist attractions in this region, Sainte-Anne d'Auray is a bit off the beaten track, especially for visitors from outside Brittany. The happy outcome of its relative obscurity for all but non-Bretons and those with a particular devotion to St Anne is that it isn't besieged by hoardes of visitors, except for a couple of notable festivals during the year.

    The majority of the 600,000 pilgrims that visit St Anne d'Auray visit on her feast day, 26 July. There are also major celebrations here on Pentecost, which falls 50 days after Easter (a Sunday some time in May - check the exact date on which this will fall in the year that you're planning to visit).

    I hate crowds, so I would probably go out of my way to avoid visiting on the day of St Anne's 'Grand Pardon'. However, if you'd like to experience a truly Breton religious ceremony honouring their patron saint, then this could be ideal for you: just bear in mind that the village will be packed out, so accommodation and parking will be at an absolute premium and other tourist amenities such as restaurants will likely be packed out.

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Saint Anne-d'Auray Off The Beaten Path

  • Nécropolis cementary of Sainte Anne...

    It a beautiful park on the left side (facing) of the basilica of Sainte Anne d'Auray on the road D102 direction Pluvigner( my town) you see this cementary in the memory of those of WWI and the war of have rows of Fallen soldiers and those who died of conséquences of their wounds during the awful conflict of world war I. Those Fallen for...

  • Maison natale d'Yves Nicolazic

    Yves Nicolazic was born at Pluneret,April 3 1591,and died on May 13 1645Yves Nicolazic , is the farmer breton that told of a vision of Sainte Anne, the mother of Virgen Mary,and grandmother of Jesus. The dreamt of a vision and later found a statue in the fields of the Sainte Anne and this field became the place of pilgrimage we know today and the...

  • Monument to the fallen of WWI

    A wonderful cupola dome monument representing all 7 parrishes of Brittany in memory of those fallen in WWIa moving place to the left facing the basilica de Sainte Anne d'Auray and seldom notice but its there big facing you, a must to see.respect to those who fell brave,and to know a bit more of the history of France and WWI.a bit of historyIt is...


Saint Anne-d'Auray Favorites

  • walk Sainte Anne d Auray

    well walking is always nice, on any town,and we love it. Here we are at 10 kms from home ,and on my way to work. It is a tranquil space to walk the gardens, the cloister gardens, the treasury, the monuments and statues all over and the grand Basilica all gears towards the great Sainte Anne, the mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus Christ,and patron...

  • the basilique

    on the nice city, in a pleasant place, you will visit basiliquemonument for bretains soldiers of the 2nd WWpilgrins placesome shops around; museums

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