Bretagne Things to Do

  • Things to Do
    by ranger49
  • Entrance dating from circa 1450.
    Entrance dating from circa 1450.
    by ranger49
  • Things to Do
    by ranger49

Bretagne Things to Do

  • the beaches of Damgan.Penerf

    a wonderful beach area full of seafood restos, and the center of Oyster cultivation. The beaches are littered with conch shelfs but in summer they are clean. lots of free parking on the road and parking spaces.beautiful walkway along the beaches that forms like a semi circular rotation on the bays.The first bathers are reported in 1860 and first...

  • Church Saint André, le Roc Saint-André

    The Church of Saint André, done in 1901-1903. This church, built under the leadership of Abbot Pirio and following the plans of architect Arthur Regnault, replaces a former treviale of the 16C Church, shaved in 1901, due to aging. The altarpiece is the work of André Le Dréan. The Chair and the high altar are the work of Treguoet and Plédran. The...

  • Cathedral St Etienne, Saint Brieuc ,...

    The city site in French is a huge building, solid rock all around it by place du Martray and there is still some renovation going in the chapels but open to the public for most of it.a bit of history I likeThe current Cathedral, Gothic style, was built from the 13C -18C. Some relics of...

  • Cathedral St Etienne, Saint Brieuc,...

    The city on it in French is a huge building, solid rock all around it by place du Martray and there is still some renovation going in the chapels but open to the public for most of it.a bit of history I likeThe current Cathedral, Gothic style, was built from the 13C -18C. Some relics...

  • Les forges de Paimpoint

    These are forges or foundaries that long ago extrait coal and metal from the pits nearby. The area is now Under renovation and it hosts many events even marriages. its a quaint picturesques area of Paimpont just along the D224 direction Beignon.Les Forges de Paimpont. Open from 14h to 18H cost of 6€ per person, you see a foundary site as it was in...

  • Secrets door of Brocéliande, porte des...

    There are shows every 20 minutes or so and 7,50€ adult for admission. It tells you how the work is done in the forest, forges of metals, cutting the trees, just every day life in the forest of merlin.The show is right Inside the tourist office building to the right upon entering it. From April to October and during the school holidays: daily...

  • abbaye de Paimpont

    the abbey was Under renovation,and it is heavily tourist invaded, not really my cup of tea ,living here. Again seen from the outside, the abbey of Paimpont is an impressive building. There is some treasury visits in the summer months, but not for me. Built in the 13C, on the site of a Priory founded in 645 by Lacy, King of Dumnonia. Benedictine...

  • Tumulus of Kérnours , Le Bono

    the Tumulus de Kérnours, a ceremonial stone burial of Breton heritage that still cause awe amongst many who try to determine where they came from and how here??? This one at Le Bono is great because its in a forest area that once you past by it you descend a steep hill into the bay of the river Bono with spectacular views. You can continue the walk...

  • Notre Dame de la Clarte -Larmor Baden...

    wonderful old church near the port harbor of a lovely coastal town of the Morbihan Bretonbuilt from the 6C by mariners, seaman. It is said to have been built by Gildas Wise Saint who came from the isles of Britain.

  • castle of Suscinio

    one of the hunting residence of the Dukes of Brittany, sitting just by the bay entrance to the gulf at below Sarzeau in the presqu'il de Rhuys. It was begun about 1218AD and continue improvements, until 1798 the French revolution sold it as national property to the viscount of franchevill, who in turn in 1965 gave it the general Council of the...

  • Abbey Church of St Sauveur - Redon

    The abbey of Saint-Sauveur de Redon was founded in 832AD by Conwoïon , and recognise on June 18, 834AD by Nominoë, very old indeed. Richelieu was the commanding abbey here in 1622. The tour or arcade tower is 28 meters high. The history is huge going back to the duchy of Brittany,and its one that needs more time, the information is inmense as well...

  • museum of traditions at le Faouêt

    Nice museum of traditions and folklore of the region,or Musée du Faouêt. The mid-19th century, the richness of the heritage and traditions of le Faouët attract many French and foreign artists in inland Brittany. Inaugurated in 1987 in a former convent of Ursulines of the 17th century, the Museum of le Faouët strives to revive this effervescence...

  • Church of Notre Dame -Kernascléden

    THe church of Notre-Dame ,its a building, of flamboyant Gothic architecture, with all the riches of this time. Inside, it is blown away by the magnificence of the frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. We face the Angel musicians dreaming perhaps of a visitor ; the painter Maurice Denis. Is more worried about hell and...

  • Cartopole - Baud

    a wonderful little museum on old post cards. up th road from me on the D768 to the picturesque town of Baud just before reaching the N24 (Brest to Rennes road).open from June 15 to September 15, Tuesdays and Sundays from 14h-18h and wednesdays, thursdays ,fridays and saturdays from 10h-12h30 and 14h -18hopen from September 16 to JUne 14, on...

  • church of Saint Pierre - Arradon

    it is of gothic style begun in 1885 and finished in 1888. It has inside a painting representing the holy cross or ”Sacré-Coeur de Jésus entouré d’angelots” from the 18C in the south transept, another the deploration of Christ dead or “La Déploration du Christ mort”,dating from 1847 and located in the ambulatory, yet another the virgin taking care...

  • Cairn de Gavrinis

    This is for the summer, but done that and now went by again and finally took a couple of pictures. It is about 25 mins from my house by car. And the reason you got to be here in summe is because the stone or cairn is an island !!! a boat takes you there,and you need reservation. Now is a ghost town. email for reservation and info at...

  • church of Notre Dame- Larmor Baden

    this is the town not to be confuse with larmor plage, and this church even if small was created by a townpeople wish and the order of Napoleon IIIIn 1858 while the emperor Napoleon III and emperatrice Eugénie visited Brittany, the people of Larmor ask them to have a parrish church here. On January 11 1860, the imperial decree is signed by emperor...

  • Church of Stella Maris-Le Bono

    This is a wonderful church near the limits of Auray and Le Bono, where my kids go to school. It is in a nice area, greens quiet and residential. The church is wonderful.The church was begun in 1956 and finish n 1966!!!! yes about that is new, not the typical one in this area but nice.It is romanesque style, all in stone with altar in bricks and...

  • Church of St Gurval at Guer

    the wonderful church of St Gurval, there was a church here since the 9C when it was mentioned of the arrival of St Gurval as ermite in the 7C give its name. The actual church is built from 1807 to 1847,in the form of a Latin cross, with new renovations done in 1870. It is a wonderful church, and when we came in, there were practicing on the organ...

  • Chapelle de Saint Cado

    this is a must to see. Its an island just link to the mainland by a small bridge, very picturesques;very near me in my auray country info in French aboveA priest who came from Wales and settled in the area spreading the gospel, well it stuck, with British tourists and all today. The calvary was nice as...

  • museum of tuna boats at Etel

    This was a huge tuna fishing port and it has gone down , but the history of fishing is still big here with sardines as well, now they have a museum of tuna boats or thoniers that is wonderfulhours are February 12 to March 11, tuesdays to sundays 14h to 18hClosed MondaysApril 8 to September 30 Tuesdays to Fridays to 10h - 12 h and 14h - 18h ,...

  • Church of Saint Thomas, Landerneau

    The church of Saint Thomas, of Cantorbery was done in the 16C replacing a primitive church from the 13C. The tower was done in 1607, it was pose and raise in 1849. It was the site of many confreries of the old regime or ancien régime, ^keeping inside many statues including one of the Virgen mother sitting and of sainte Anne with the virgen and the...

  • Church of Saint Houardon, Landerneau

    The church of Saint Hourdon, built in Kersanton stones, the porch serve as model for others done nearby. It conserves it cupola tower from the renaissance. The porch on the right dates from 1604. The church was originally built along the river Elorn on what is now the supermarket Shopi, and was done between 1858 and 1860. It was change and enlarge...

  • abbey of Daoulas

    Old monastery done by the 12C, at the French revolution the canons of the order of Saint Augustin, the abbey still shows great architecture of its old beauty. A cloister from the 12C unique example of it in Brittany , a fountain, an oratory from the 16C and a conventionalhouse from the 18CAn exceptional garden with medical plants inspired by the...

  • church of Saint Yves, la Roche Maurice

    Beautiful church, the actual one is a replacement of a chapel from the 14C dedicated to Saint-Yves . It was built in the 16C , the Rohan gives free land and subsidy to rebuilt over half a century. The stained glass dates from 1589;the south portal from 1550, the bells hight of 60 meters, are from 1589. The stained glass represent 21 scenes from the...

  • chateau de La Roche Maurice

    ruins castle of the old times, still looking over the cliffs below at La Roche Maurice.Finistere dep 29Some events to translate the French sitepreceded by an old mount from the 11C, the name place in Breton is Roch Morvan and was the property of the viscounts of Faou, vassals to the count of Cornouaille,until 1160, from which date it passes tot he...

  • church of Saint Sauveur-le Faou

    The church was founded by the Hospitaliers de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem ,and was rebuilt in 1544 and again in 1680,when a belltower was added renaissance style facing the port. the nave was built with a double transept, the clock was raised in 1629, the porch has the dates of 1593 and 1613 and preserve the wooden statues of 12 apostles. the main...

  • church of St Pierre -Crozon

    another marble of a church in Brittany ,this one in Finistere and at the peninsula or presqu'ile de Crozonbeautiful retable and very high bellttower even seen from the sea to guide seaman into town. wonderful beauty, see it to believe, and come on over.

  • Citadelle and museums of Port Louis

    where the French did a lot of trade with the Americas, from the fort where the ships sailed today inside its a wonderful museum showcasing this period iin history with models of boats of old, and old wrecks brought to life above to it its a nice small beach, and a nice esplanade to walk the town,very niceThe museums of musée de la...

  • Petit Mont at Arzon ,stones

    One of the principal sites of megaliths stones in Brittany is just here at the town of Arzon, near Port du Crouesty, and it is huge.Better known as the Cairns du Petit Mont, to see gorgeous aeriel photos of it, see the port authority of the region Sagemor site here the pictures are gorgeousa bit of...

  • cruise in a unique sailboat at Crouesty

    the Betelgeuse is a tradition sailboat of Breton origins that now is pose at the marina of port du crouesty and gives sailings cruise trips into the islands of the gulf of morbihan. More info on the tourist office site here official site in contact.

  • boatings sailings by Port du Crouesty

    One of the most beautiful ports in the Morbihan dept of Brittany. I have repeat visit this place, the aura of the boats, and the nice restos shops around it are just very quaint and on a nice sunny day wonderful.You can easily spend a day here just marveling of these wonderful boats. A nice retreat from the bustles of the tourist trail to be here....

  • beaches of Port Navalo

    Great beaches in the Port Navalo area and the presqu'ile de Rhuys in general. Its a lovely peninsula with great coastal and beach lovely areas.The beaches are on the ocean side and named Kervert, Kerjouanno, du Fogeo ;and the Grande Plage de Port-Navalo ; which is ,also, the best.Well protected from waves, ideal for swimming and families. top rated...

  • Look to the hedgerows and verges!

    (work in progress)Granted, Bretagne has a couple of 'first division' attractions such as Carnac, but actually its charm lies at the other end of the scale in its sense of national pride, endearing rural character and the smaller, less heralded attractions.We were in Bretagne at the very end of June, and for us, one of the most lasting memories will...

  • cities of art and history in Brittany

    great region I am beginning to share its bounty as live here got the region tourist site already to help you plan, in addition to see the destinations above right in VT by posters like us. I have some destinations already here.Brest and Rennes are the opposite extreme there so much in between, such as Vannes. You can check where I live now...

  • Vitré

    Vitré lays 35km east of Rennes and is located on the slopes of the Vilaine river. The castle is the focal point of the town with its powerful grey walls built into an unusual triangular plan, the castle is on the original 11th century site although it was extensively rebuilt and fortified in the 13th and 15th centuries. Surrounding the castle are...

  • Josselin

    Josselin is 34 km from Pontivy, located in the Morbihan department of central Brittany, betwen Rennes (to the east) and Vannes (to the south-west). It is a very pleasant town to visit in a lovely setting on the Oust river and Nantes-Brest canal overlooked by a castle. the town is listed as a 'small city of character'. more info can visit my ...

  • Rennes

    Rennes is a city in the east of Brittany in northwestern France. Rennes is the capital of the region of Brittany, as well as the Ille-et-Vilaine department. There is not too much can be seen in this big city, that because the fire of 1720 that burned for six days destroyed most of this town, but there are left some part picturesque half-timbered...

  • Quiberon

    This peninsula is 14km long, and connected to mainland France by little more than a bank of sand with a road across it, with the entrance to the peninsula being overlooked by the 19th century Fort de Penthièvre. More info can see my Quiberon page.

  • Saint-Malo

    Saint-Malo is positioned on a granite rock in the Channel and was once a haunt of privateers and corsairs; it is attached to the mainland by a causeway. This fortified walled city radiates outward from the town's chateau and its centrepiece, the Cathédrale St-Vincent, both of which lie near the peninsula's tip. Saint-Malo’s ancient streets are full...

  • Rennes

    The capital city of Brittany, Rennes takes its name from the Redones, one of the Celtic tribes of pre-Roman times. Rennes is a modern city with a historic centre as well as being the regional capital of Brittany.Rennes has a large student population due to its two universities and a medical school along with numerous specialised schools. The...

  • Fougères

    The historic Breton town of Fougères, home to the largest medieval castle in Europe that dominates the town with its ring of defensive towers and strong walls. Fougères is also a good place to explore, with its half-timbered houses and the grand old church of Saint-Sulpice, built in the fifteenth century in typical gothic style.July 1990See My...

  • Dinard

    North Brittany’s most sophisticated seaside resort. Dinard is located at the top of the Rance River, opposite St-Malo. Until the mid-19th century Dinard was a small fishing port and dependent on the neighbouring parish of Saint Enogat administratively. Although a small port the fishing was important as most of the fishermen sought their catch far...

  • Dinan

    Dinan is a medieval and one of Brittany's prettiest and best-preserved towns, a jewel in the Breton Crown, noted for houses built on stilts over the sidewalks. The 18th-century granite dwellings provide sharp contrast to the ancient half-timbered houses and cobblestones in this town completely surrounded by ramparts with a once-fortified...

  • harbor, boats ,the sea-Le Bono

    a wonderful small town gorgeous waters, beautiful boats on the bay, and nice coastal friendliness and seafood, just a nice stop on any tripnear my kids school


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