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  • St Malo rail station forecourt.
    St Malo rail station forecourt.
    by alectrevor
  • Entrance to ferry terminal St Malo.
    Entrance to ferry terminal St Malo.
    by alectrevor
  • Ferry for England
    Ferry for England
    by alectrevor

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    How to come in and out, Dol de Bretagne

    by gwened Written Nov 4, 2015

    An strategic town in the crossroads of Brittany for visiting it and nearby Mont Saint Michel, Rennes etc. It is serve by the road N176 on the north axis of Brittany and a wonderful train station with TER service to Rennes in about 30 minutes and TGV to Paris in less than 3 hrs. I have passed by TGV by here but not stop ,however, visited it by car.

    The road network is with the four lanes RN 176,that gives you easy access to Saint Brieuc , Avranches , and link with the A84, the autouroute des Estuaires to Caen etc. route planner is
    for traffic I use also

    The train station is available for travel Mondays to Thursdays from 5h50 to 21h40; Fridays 5h50 to 23h40, Saturdays 5h50 to 22h40; and Sundays/Holidays from 7h50 to 21h45. The frequency of trains are very good for a small town to Rennes, St Malo, Paris etc as well as to Dinan / Lamballe St LÔ / Caen The counter ticket office is open Mondays 6h - 20h20, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6h30 - 20h20, Sundays/Holidays from 8h00 - 21h30. There are two parkings on each side of the train station link underground to it and with free places

    Plenty of bus lines from to Fougéres line 17 of the network illenoo, of the dept 35 Ille et Vilaine. with three trips per day, the stop in Dol is done by the side of the post office at boulevard Deminiac.

    trip by bus to Mont Saint MIchel
    regional line bring the towns together as well as Rennes. The bus schedule is taken in consideration of the arrival of the TGV trains. The line is express direct to MSM. It reaches MSM in about 30 minutes from Dol to the entrance of the mont monastery. Arriving by train you cross the travelers station building and across the street the bus parks.more info here

    You have two airports close with domestic and international flighs such as
    Aeroport de Rennes in the town of Saint Jacques de la Lande, and takes about 45 minutes to get there by car/taxi. More info here
    Aeroport de Dinard,is in the town of Pleurtuit,at about 20 minutes. My friends from Jersey island comes by here, more info

    A public transport site for all of Brittany is here

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    how to come in and out in Bretagne

    by gwened Updated Oct 2, 2015

    You have trains, buses, ferries, taxis, and of course the car is king here still, and the roads are free,no tolls.No autoroutes, just nationales and départementales. and of course don't forget we have C roads which are handy.
    Some story why is free, history tell us not without its opponents of these facts that Anne de Bretagne,when signed the marriage contract with Charles VIII,then Louis XII,had guaranteed tot he Breton people the rights of free circulation that goes back to when they were not part of France. More recently, in 1968, Général de Gaulle had given Brittany, under pressure from the CELIB (Comité d'Etude et de Liaison des Itinéraires Bretons), the free circulation of its roads. Except one, a portion of the autoroute A84,why free when its not a national, well, the circulation laws in France says that when a road is parallel both of them all of them should be free!!! so the A84 is free too from Rennes to Normandie.

    traffic on the roads in Brittany
    you will be ok in the roads of Brittany or France for that matters. Cheers from the road warrior.

    The best site for public transports or transport en commun in Brittany is the site Breizhgo, all is grouped here for your ease. English, Spanish ,and Portuguese, and of course French and Breton is available

    some more specifics for dept 22 côte d'Armor

    and more on dept 29 finistére

    and Ille et Vilaine at dept 35

    of course don't forget mine Morbihan, dept 56

    there is a site for the TER regional trains in Brittany or Bretagne, it has more schedules than the national voyages sncf, so more choices, and you pay at the Sncf site.

    the TER site can take you in the bottom to left column, and look for Gares et arrêts, here you can find info on the particular train station you are looking for
    I have it at Auray, click on the town and give you all about it including a map and picture.

    The regional Council has a page on transports including buses and airports here for the Morbihan
    there is a map with lines available just click on it.

    for the Finistére dept 29

    the transport in dept 22 côte d'Armor

    the transport in dept 35 ille et Vilaine

    There is information on traveling as a mobility impaired person here

    to find a taxi,but especially needed in Bretagne

    ferries you have several you can find them here

    Brittany ferries, condorferries,Idlines, PO ferries are some of the popular ones.
    we ,also,have boat transport companies to the islands adjacent to Brittany such as Izenah, Compagnie océane, compagnie des iles, navix,etc here are many of them

    come to think of it ,the tourist office has loads of info in English on travels in our region that really no further explanations, just read

    and for the bike , or vélo lover, there is plenty to do here, just stay in your lane !

    And now SNCF bus service is taking off even if routed thru Paris

    Rennes-Paris,will have 7 round trips per day. The network will grow to link Brest , Quimper , and Lorient, starting November 16 with two roundtrips per day. Then a line Brest-Saint-Brieuc-Rennes-Paris will have daily round trips from January 4 2016. Tickets will be offer from 15 euros from Rennes and Saint-Brieuc, and 19 euros from Brest, Lorient ,and Quimper.

    going going on the D724 in Brittany on the roads of Brittany D766E road D700 entering Saint Brieuc back roads in Brittany on the D174 going home on the D768 passing Baud
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    public transport in Brittany

    by gwened Updated Jul 12, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    you are in my neck of the woods now, and even thus I use the car or train for business, the main Brittany public transport site is review in my tips here as

    You will have all links to all means of public transportation above, it is set up by the regional government.

    TIM line 5 follow it
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    boating to islands in the Gulf

    by gwened Written Apr 21, 2014

    One of the niceties of living here is that we are just so close to the wonderful Gulf of Morbihan, Unesco heritage site,and just gorgeous islands, especially in the summer.

    coming out of Port Blanc near Baden , île aux Moines or île d'Arz.

    Port Blanc, facing the île aux Moines, with the boat passenger terminal, ready to take you to the islands. a magnificent place to come any time of the year for a drink and boating, and cruising to the islands. One of our niche in the Morbihan, we come often even if not always writing on it. And plenty of free parking for expending the whole day at the islands;and lifeguards and coast guards station.

    for as little as 4,50€ you can take a boat to the island, more on the cityof Baden in French

    then if you like to take a cruise to the island from 16€ and up, you can contact right there in the harbor passenger boat marina , Izenah and at

    the passenger marina and booth on right the boats of izenah for cruises plenty of free parking I am there!!! and lifeguard/coast guard always around
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    What's the obsession with roundabouts?

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Sep 4, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    (work in progress)
    Oh my word, what is it with Bretons and roundabouts?

    As I usually travel by train in France, I can't comment on whether this obsession is regional or national. But there does seem to be a fixation with centrifugal tendencies that is somewhat unnerving for the foreign tourist!

    Five in a row in St Malo (and I'm a poet and I don't know it)???!!! Or do these people just want to dance?

    Postscript: Our local yokel pfsmalo has provided some interesting context on this conundrum. Apparently building (and beautifying) roundabouts used to be a time honoured way of using up unspent municipal funds towards the end of the financial year, which presumably lead to the proliferation of roundabouts across the Bretagne landscape. But apparently the financial austerity measures of the last few years have made this particular ruse a thing of the past.

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  • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo

    Excellent main roads, and, best of all, no tolls!

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Aug 19, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    (work in progress)
    One of the downsides of driving in France are the ubiquitous toll roads and hefty toll tariffs - but in this, as in so much else, separatist Bretagne is the exception!

    The happy news is that there are no toll roads in Bretagne. VT's man on the ground pfsmalo informs me that this fortunate situation dates back to the formidable Queen Anne of Bretagne, who decreed at the beginning of 16th century people should never have to pay to travel on roads in this region. As he's the local yokel, I have no reason to question him, and am just grateful that this redoubtable lady's dictate continues to be respected four centuries after the event!

    One word of warning: the main roads are excellent, well maintained and allow you to make good time - I would say that you could safely plan on covering up to 100km/h. However, once you veer off the main roads, things slow down considerably, and you need to take this into account, particularly if you're intending to cover long distances. In particular, the winding country roads that crosscut the Bretagne interior can be slow going (if scenic), and I wouldn't plan on averaging more than 60km/h in these regions: in many cases, counterinuitely it would make sense to take a significant detour in terms of mileage if this allows you to access a main arterial route.

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  • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo

    The Great Diesel Hunt!

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Aug 14, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    (work in progress)
    Driving a car in France is easy - finding out where to refuel it can be a bit trickier if you don't know where to look!

    We hired a diesel vehicle from Europcar, and things were fine until the fuel gauge started to plummet alarmingly in a deeply rural area on a Sunday afternoon. We are used to driving in countries where there are plenty of service (petrol) stations along highways and main roads, but in France these appear to be much fewer in number and more widely spaced.

    As we discovered, the most reliable place to refuel is at large supermarkets, where they usually have fuel pumps located in a corner of the car park. These are often unmanned, and, if so, you'll need to make sure that you have a credit card to pay.

    Also make sure that you look for the correct terminology: 'gazoil' also means 'diesel'. Which brings me neatly to my last point: to avoid disaster. make sure that before you refuel, you've confirmed whether yours is a diesel or petrol vehicle: we've been there, done that and got the T shirt on a previous trip to Slovenia and I don't recommend it as a recreational activity!

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    How to get here in and out- Etel

    by gwened Written Jun 13, 2012

    again the best here is the car, see estimates on and a good paper map of the area.

    TAke N165 from Nantes for example and continue to exit D16 Beltz and Etel. follow signs

    then for train and bus schedules check this out in Brittany

    you can use line 16 from Auray,and there from Paris Montparnasse onTGV
    Transports A. Ria
    Tél. : +33 (0)2 97 56 96 95
    Fax : +33 (0)2 97 56 93 64

    or the schedules and hours inpdf file

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    how to get here- Larmor plage

    by gwened Written May 15, 2012

    you can come on the TGV from montparnasse Paris to Lorient and then bus to Lamor Plage

    the road N165 Nantes-Brest free toll road exit D465 to centre ville then Lamor Plage
    or take a taxi from Lorient by calling

    There is the airport at Lorient that can bring you here by taxi or bus 51 from the train station at Lorient

    the local bus system webpage

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    camping car parking at Dol

    by gwened Written May 7, 2012

    yes good advise on previous post, here is another one, the area is full of them

    and this is from tourist office with different campings in the area, all suitable for parking

    it comes with comments by users but in French.You will be ok with the size of your camping car. Into Rennes better dont take it, the city centre is narrow,one way streets cut by the river, and very nice old center. You can leave it at Dol-de-Bretagne and take the train into Rennes, the second site I gave you has transport information, but the best is the train on public transport there

    hope it helps

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  • ATLC's Profile Photo

    Bus service Cote d'Armor

    by ATLC Written Apr 3, 2011

    For bus services around the Cote d'Armor (north coast of Bretagne) here's another bus service. Bus services in France are not too well organised. If you arrive by train at St. Brieuc you can take this bus here.
    The English website is below.

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  • alza's Profile Photo

    How to reach Benodet

    by alza Written Apr 10, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Link below is Camping L'Atlantique in Beg Meil. Under "Getting there" it indicates that there are buses from Quimper to Benodet and to Beg Meil.

    Next link is Camping La Pointe St-Gilles in Benodet. The French version, under "Infos utiles" (useful information), says there is a shuttle bus fm Quimper to Benodet. The English version only mentions "bus", but that's already good to know.

    It is a bit complicated going from Lorient to Benodet, especially with Lorient being in one department (Morbihan), and Quimper & Benodet being in another (Finistère.) Local transportation is not necessarily coordinated between the two departments, for one thing.

    The Lorient Airport at Ploemeur is called Lann-Bihoué. It is 9k WEST of Lorient and many taxi companies serve it. It won't cost much to go 9k and there is no alternative apparently. I don't know of any bus between that airport and Lorient centre.
    So Taxi to the Gare SNCF (train station), rue Edouard Beauvais in Lorient.
    Train from Lorient to Quimper, about 10 Euros. Duration about 45 minutes. Many trains daily.

    In Quimper, the bus station is in front of train station. Here's a link indicating BUS SCHEDULE Benodet to Quimper. On the left, week days. On the right, Sundays and holidays.

    At time of writing, 10 April 2010, I think there is or was a train strike and it may be impossible to get results online for train tickets from Lorient to Quimper right now.
    You can consult other services if you need to know train schedules immediately. I got results in RailEurope by looking up Lorient to Quimper.

    I went to Benodet twice for holidays -- we drove all over the place all the time, I needed my car for many out of the way places.
    The way Benodet is located at the mouth of the River Odet already sort of isolates it. One can't just follow a coastal road over there. You must leave the main road each time you wish to go to a town by the ocean, then drive back to that road and keep going until you see directions for another town by the ocean. My father had wanted to accompany me on that trip and wanted us to walk!!! He couldn't make it but he wasn't sorry when I told him about all this back and forth. :)

    If you plan to stay in one place a lot, and if you are with kids, it's not expensive to take taxi, train then bus. And not difficult either, once you know how to go about it.

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  • illumina's Profile Photo


    by illumina Written Mar 24, 2010

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While in Brittany, the company I worked for hired various vehicles, minibuses and cars, from Opelrent. I drove one of the cars for a while, an Opel Meriva (which would be a Vauxhall Meriva in the UK), and found it to be a good little run around (apart from a few issues with the bars at the sides of the windscreen, which make visibility on bends a bit tricky).

    They were hired from - unfortunately I have no idea of the prices.

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  • hquittner's Profile Photo

    Rent or Bring a Car

    by hquittner Written Nov 3, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A trip through Brittany to see its many and variedsites and vistas can only be done by driving a car. The traffic in the largest cities is easily managed and the backroads are well paved. French drivers are careful and polite. Of recent years more superhighways have reduced much interpoint time and the advent of GPS is a godsend, but careful study of town maps still relieves driving tension. Be sure to have lots of one euro coins for parking and a credit card for gasoline. Spending a little more on a roomier car (and trunk) is comfortable and safer, especially a medium station wagon for 4 people as a travel group. If you come to France from far off as we do, you usually start and end in Paris. We take a car at the airport (Orly is preferred) and establish our jet-lag in a nearby city in the Ile or further (Chartres?), keep at it as long as possible sightseeing, sleep, arise for late dinner and sleep the night. Then on we go. We either return at the end to the airport (last night at a nearby site) or end in Paris a few days before departing. Here it is essential to rent a car with a drop-off at the garage under the Esplanade before the Hotel des Invalides. One should stay at a hotel within walking distance of this spot, leaving your luggage before the car return. (We prefer the Hotel La Bourdonnaise on the av. of that name). (See Tip). The traffic from the peripherique to those points is easy to manage.

    Around Brittany
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  • kidfree's Profile Photo

    Arrive Relaxed

    by kidfree Written Sep 1, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are many ways to arrive in France from the UK. It seems that most travellers prefer to take their own cars and have the convenience of getting from A to B ( which can be a long way ) in their own vehicles which makes a lot a lot of sense.
    If on arriving you have a long drive in front of you then you need to arrive refreshed. Choosing the right ferry company and the departure and arrival time are crucial to a safe journey. Most ferry companies realise this and schedule arrivals in France for the early morning. However, for a real rest you need to book a cabin so that you can lie down in a bed for a few hours, cabins need to be booked early before the trip as they are soon taken.
    The next best option is to book a sleeper or reclining seat, preferably a sleeper. Reclining seats are not necessarily the most comfortable but they are at least in an area seperate from the main areas which are a lot quieter.
    It would be as well to see if you can travel outside of the peak weekend days, particularly Fridays and Saturdays. This will not only give you the chance to have a more relaxing crossing but it will also save you a lot of money. We were very happy with our choice of LD lines

    The NormanSpirit On Deck Approaching Portsmouth
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