Bretagne Transportation

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  • Brest train station
    Brest train station
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  • Area train map  Brest at left
    Area train map Brest at left
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Bretagne Transportation

  • How to get in and out of Dinan

    I come here by car but public transport is alive and well.You have parking above ground like Duguesclin, Champ Clos, and Thiers, as well as underground garages that I do like Hotel de ville . The road is easy from Vannes or Rennes(coming from Paris) D137 connects with D794Brest on N24 to Ploërmel than D766 Vannes N165 to N166 to ploermel than...

  • How to get in and out Plouharnel

    very small train station on the line Auray Quiberon, serving the local and visitors in summer times.The train is known as the Tire-Bouchon or cork screw and it belongs to the network of TER Bretagne, and it was created in 1882. is a counter for tickets on the tire...

  • Brest to Roscoff, public transport in...

    Roscoff is closer to Brest than Rennes and bus transport is localise here by department or region. So if Roscoff is your preferred destination you are better off with Brest.dept 29if you use the airport at Brest, you take the navette for 4,60€ to city center Brest drop off at train station,gare where there is the bus terminal...

  • public transport in Brittany

    you are in my neck of the woods now, and even thus I use the car or train for business, the main Brittany public transport site is review in my tips here as You will have all links to all means of public transportation above, it is set up by the regional government.

  • How to get in and out of Saint Brieuc

    well the region of Brittany transport site for all is here come to the town by car, going on the road D768 direction Pontivy,and then Saint Brieuc. There is a good bus transport system as we witness buses coming and going all day, especially around the Les Champs stop. And the train of course. We came by car easy on the...

  • how to come in and out in Bretagne

    You have trains, buses, ferries, taxis, and of course the car is king here still, and the roads are free,no tolls.No autoroutes, just nationales and départementales. and of course don't forget we have C roads which are handy.Some story why is free, history tell us not without its opponents of these facts that Anne de Bretagne,when signed the...

  • boating to islands in the Gulf

    One of the niceties of living here is that we are just so close to the wonderful Gulf of Morbihan, Unesco heritage site,and just gorgeous islands, especially in the summer.coming out of Port Blanc near Baden , île aux Moines or île d'Arz. Port Blanc, facing the île aux Moines, with the boat passenger terminal, ready to take you to the islands. a...

  • How to get in and out of Locronan

    the best way is to come by car, from Vannes take the N165 direction Lorient, past Quimper get on the exit 37 to D770 road Locronan douardenenez, and follow first the D39 then D63, the roads are well signal to Locronan here.route planner www.viamichelin.comthere is a bus system from Quimper the QUBLine 21 : Quimper-Plogonnec-LocronaniconeLine 23 :...

  • bus line 5 TIM Baud-Vannes

    This is the line 5 of TIM transports interurbain du Morbihan that starts in Baud and goes to several towns until Vannes. It also, stop at Auray train station both Auray and Vannes have TGV train connection to Montparnasse Paris.The country is nice here, the drivers are very friendly and the line my boys take for school. It goes thru city centers...

  • Petit train in presqu'ile de Rhuys

    ok ok this is a catch many times, but what I am saying is, if you are first timer or second and had little time to move around and see things, the petit train or little train is a good idea. And it can be a good rest after much walking which is the preferred way in town.anyway here it is in the presqu'ile de Rhuys around the coastal and beach...

  • What's the obsession with roundabouts?

    (work in progress)Oh my word, what is it with Bretons and roundabouts?As I usually travel by train in France, I can't comment on whether this obsession is regional or national. But there does seem to be a fixation with centrifugal tendencies that is somewhat unnerving for the foreign tourist!Five in a row in St Malo (and I'm a poet and I don't know...

  • Excellent main roads, and, best of all,...

    (work in progress)One of the downsides of driving in France are the ubiquitous toll roads and hefty toll tariffs - but in this, as in so much else, separatist Bretagne is the exception!The happy news is that there are no toll roads in Bretagne. VT's man on the ground pfsmalo informs me that this fortunate situation dates back to the formidable...

  • The Great Diesel Hunt!

    (work in progress)Driving a car in France is easy - finding out where to refuel it can be a bit trickier if you don't know where to look!We hired a diesel vehicle from Europcar, and things were fine until the fuel gauge started to plummet alarmingly in a deeply rural area on a Sunday afternoon. We are used to driving in countries where there are...

  • How to get here in and out, Malestroit

    here the best way is from Vannes by bus or the car coming from Rennes you get in at exit road D10 pensent and follow signs to malestroit.the bus is by TIM transport interurbain du Morbihan line 4 Ploërmel - Malestroit - Vannes, you take at Vannes gare or train station or the place de la liberation bus...

  • How to get here in and out- Etel

    again the best here is the car, see estimates on and a good paper map of the area.TAke N165 from Nantes for example and continue to exit D16 Beltz and Etel. follow signsthen for train and bus schedules check this out in Brittany can use line 16 from Auray,and there from Paris Montparnasse...

  • A train link up in Brittany at Redon

    Hook up here by train either from Vannes or Nantes on way to Paris and elsewhere its really nice, althought my actual visit tothe city center was by car some time ago.Complete information in French at the TER Bretagne site here, for payment showing France on e tickets is...

  • travel from roscoff to brittany region

    The breton bus system is a bit empty but there is buses from Roscoff to Morlaix on Saturdays every 2 hrs or so,the earliest is7h take line TER 0 (working with the train station but are buses SNCF) from stop at Port-de-Bloscon (Roscoff) to train station Morlaix ,stop at the train station or gare de Morlaixyou should be able to get info once in the...

  • how to get here- Larmor Baden plage

    you can come on the TGV from montparnasse Paris to Lorient and then bus to Lamor Plagethe road N165 Nantes-Brest free toll road exit D465 to centre ville then Lamor Plageor take a taxi from Lorient by calling is the airport at Lorient that can bring you here by taxi or bus 51 from the train station at...

  • camping car parking at Dol

    yes good advise on previous post, here is another one, the area is full of them this is from tourist office with different campings in the area, all suitable for parking comes with...

  • Bus service Cote d'Armor

    For bus services around the Cote d'Armor (north coast of Bretagne) here's another bus service. Bus services in France are not too well organised. If you arrive by train at St. Brieuc you can take this bus here.The English website is below.

  • How to reach Benodet

    Link below is Camping L'Atlantique in Beg Meil. Under "Getting there" it indicates that there are buses from Quimper to Benodet and to Beg Meil. link is Camping La Pointe St-Gilles in Benodet. The French version, under "Infos utiles" (useful information), says there is a shuttle...

  • Opelrent

    While in Brittany, the company I worked for hired various vehicles, minibuses and cars, from Opelrent. I drove one of the cars for a while, an Opel Meriva (which would be a Vauxhall Meriva in the UK), and found it to be a good little run around (apart from a few issues with the bars at the sides of the windscreen, which make visibility on bends a...

  • Rent or Bring a Car

    A trip through Brittany to see its many and variedsites and vistas can only be done by driving a car. The traffic in the largest cities is easily managed and the backroads are well paved. French drivers are careful and polite. Of recent years more superhighways have reduced much interpoint time and the advent of GPS is a godsend, but careful study...

  • Arrive Relaxed

    There are many ways to arrive in France from the UK. It seems that most travellers prefer to take their own cars and have the convenience of getting from A to B ( which can be a long way ) in their own vehicles which makes a lot a lot of sense.If on arriving you have a long drive in front of you then you need to arrive refreshed. Choosing the right...

  • Buses are better...

    Buses are better for journeys through the region. The only railway connecting the North to the South goes from Brest to Quimper.On the contrary, buses can take you to every village, even the smallest one.

  • TGV to Bretagne

    Bretagne is connected to Paris through TGVs (high-speed trains).The travel time from Paris Montparnasse to Rennes is 2 hours, to Brest 4 hours. TGVs also connect Paris to Quimper (Southern Bretagne). The high-speed line will be extended from Le Mans to Rennes. Works should start in 2009 and, once in service, the new line will connect Paris to Brest...

  • With train to Brittany

    It is true! We took the train to South Finistére. It wa such an interesting tour. Started in Nuremberg to Paris, Paris to Quimper. The last with cab. 16 hours, of course, and with an short stay in Paris.

  • Car rental

    It´s important to have or rent a car in Brittany. We did rent one there, not even at home. It was low prized, best without kilometer limit. But you have to pay at start and to give a bond (same like prize).Do pictures of the car (with date) at start ! So you will not have a bad surprise at the end.

  • Transport on Ile d'Ouessant

    On the Island, you need to pay 2euros to entre this bus, wich takes you to and from the Boat once you are on the Island. However, your money finishes at the tourism office where you either walk or rent a bicycle to contnue the adventure on the Island.


    Compagne Maritime -PENN AR BED provides a tour of three of the Islands..Ouessant, Sein, and Molène. On this occassion, I made my stop at Ile d'Ouessant. It is quite interesting to have a sea cruise in one of this boats. I did enjoyed my cruise to Ouessant.

  • Bus

    Moving around most towns in Bretagne is by bus..Its cheap, and always available. Unlike Paris, metro is not very popular here, and it is just very convinient to go round with the bus.

  • Private Car

    I find it more convinient to travel to this region using a private car. The first time I was in Brest, it was by air, and I didnt see much of Bretagne. Driving from Paris, is more fun, as you get to see a lot of places on the way. You also have the choice of stoping over wherever you so wish.

  • Brittany Ferries

    Brittany ferries is the only ferry operator from Britain to Bretagne.Ferries depart from Plymouth, Portmouth, & also Southern Ireland. French ports of St Malo & Roscoff service the Breton region.It takes between 5 to 7 hours from the English ports. Prices are not cheap & have gone up considerably over the past 5 years or so, But unless you want the...

  • Ferry to Ile de Batz

    Ferrys run from Roscoff harbour to the gorgeous Ile de Batz at least every half hour. A return ticket costs 6 euros & it itales about 10 - 15 minutes to reach the tiny harbour on the Island. The bay at Roscoff is trecherous with rocks & many tiny islands which are underwater at high tide. We went over at low tide & these ferry men really have to...

  • High speed train

    Brittany is served by two main train lines. The North coast one comes from Paris and serves Rennes, st Brieuc, Morlaix before finishing in Brest. The South coast one, still from Paris, serves Nantes, Vannes, Lorient and finishes in Quimper. Both run high-speed trains (TGV) which means that the 600 km from Paris to Brest are done in 4 hours. All...

  • Excellent road network

    Brittany has an excellent road network built around a few dual carriageway roads, where the speed limit is 110 km/h. This is what the French call "voie express". It is faster than a main road but is not quite a motorway. The good news is that Brittany is the only region in France where there is not a single toll paying motorway, while having roads...

  • Boat trip

    We rented a boat and cruised on a river, the Mayenne. There are lots of little locks where you have to go through. It was a lot of fun!

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