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  • the new navet'Océa mini bus for city center free
    the new navet'Océa mini bus for city...
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  • out to Le Port QPark level one
    out to Le Port QPark level one
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Best Rated Transportation in Vannes

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    if you lose your clothes, it helps to speak French

    by alza Written Aug 29, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I went Brussels-Bordeaux by train. My friend picked me up at the station, Bordeaux St-Pierre. Then I realised I'd left my cardigan in the train, that was now on its way to Irun, Spain.
    We called the station, they said they'd deal with it. They wired Irun and told them to put my cardigan on the next train back to France. We picked it up the next morning.
    so I'm wearing it in Vannes.
    I gave it away since, but still, I liked it at the time. My friend said "You're sooo lucky, everything you lose you find!" It's true, if I forget something somewhere, I go back and people have kept it for me.
    But I only go back when the place is worth it.

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    Ride the new bus system KICEO

    by gwened Updated Apr 5, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    for a small city really the bus system is very good. Its a nice way to see the city as can be taken cheap for sightseeing around as well . I took when showing the ropes to my boys in town .

    Its the TPV or Transports Public Vannetais, which from September 3rd, 2012 has a new name and webpage as KICEO or kicéo. UPDATED

    There are 24 lines and one in april to june to the parc du Golfe from the hotel de ville,navette
    there is also CreaBus for on demand transportation. and night time buses D lines

    the pdf file on all the network is here

    You can see the urban lines here

    and the inter city lines or interurbains here

    The system works from Monday to Saturday from 7h to 20h, and Sundays and holidays from 11h to 20h.
    Info telephone at +33 (0) 97 01 22 23 8h to 18h30 as well as on site at pl de la republique at inFOBUS .
    single ticket is 1,50€ and then there is passes for four trips of 4,60€ and ten trips for 11€. and monthly passes. You ,also, get a correspondance ticket for 50 cents to use the Vannes bus system Kicéo with the departmental bus system of TIM=transports interurbain du Morbihan. There are many sales kiosks in tabacs in town ,at Infobus pl de la republique and on many adjacents towns tabacs stores.Such as these

    At pl de la Republique main bus depot you have Quai A bus lines 10,7,5,2,1
    Quai B bus lines afterbuse night service, D, 11,8,6,4,3
    Quai C bus lines 1;2,5,7,10,11,D,afterbus
    Quai D bus lines 3,4,6,8

    CréaBus is a on demand bus service from 9h to 16h it stops at the train station Gare de Vannes. Also, Mobi Bus for Sunday services as well as on holidays from 11h to 20h. reservation Mobi Bus +33 (0) 2 97 01 22 66.There is a new bus depot terminal at Place Jacques le Brix right in front of the store Monoprix

    another innovation is the Navet'Ocea city mini buses, all travel in city center is free!!!Dec 2012
    The schedule adapts to businesses opening and closing hours so will be from Monday to Saturdays from 10h to 19h . The mini bus Navet’Océa has an itinerary that has 15 stops in the city with 7 in city center such as : port ; place de la République ; rue Thiers ; rue Joseph-Le-Brix ; rue du Mené ; porte Poterne ; porte Saint-Vincent.

    you can check the webpage for updates on pricing and schedules. contact info is here

    bus terminal at Pl de la R��publique local buses by hotel de ville stop or arr��t the new navet'Oc��a mini bus for city center free buses by le Port area of Vannes bus 11 at terminus in Parc du Golfe
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    train from Paris and local buses

    by gwened Updated Sep 13, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    direct transport on TGV from Paris Montparnasse several per day, and one or two from Roissy CDG airport. The gare in Vannes is walking distance to center of city or take a local bus or taxi on your left going out of terminal there is the taxi stand,AVIS rental car just across the terminal.

    You can, also, purchase your ticket, refunds, exchanges etc in the SNCF office at 5,pl du Poids Public in old city center Vannes.And at the central commercial Carrefour at Fourchene Inside.

    for trains
    for all regional and TGV schedules. for purchase SNCF agency in terminal or

    for local buses
    in brief from train terminal you take line 1 to stop Republique,and then line 4 to Le Port or pleasure boat marina where the porte Saint Vincent and the old city are. The main bus terminals are at Pl de la Liberation and Pl de la Republique

    Gare de Vannes typical bus stop this one at Pl de la LIberation bus terminal pl de la Republique front entrance of Vannes train station boutique at 5 place du Poids Public
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    facilities at the train station Vannes

    by gwened Written Jun 8, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Its a small long building but it has everything you need to move in and out quick and easy even for anon train man like me.

    The connection to the rest of Brittany is ample,and you have several trips per day TGV service to Paris Montparnasse ,some direct.

    Then you have car rental just across the street on Avis and Hertz. THe bus system of Vannes runs by it several routes. And plenty of taxi on a stand to the left when you leave the train station.

    inside plenty of automatic ticketing machines, and information desk, restos with terrace and cafes. all very clean and nice. I now use it a lot.

    the bus system

    TER Bretagne with info on the train station

    and official SNCF site as well on Vannes

    taxi service at station

    station outside terrace the taxi stand the car parking i use EFFIA the bus terminal office across street car parking pickup front of train station
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    passenger boat terminal to islands

    by gwened Updated Jun 7, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a great passenger terminal right near the LE PORT and city center, the boats here takes you to the islands inthe Gulf of Morbihan which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Like these Arz, Houat, Hoëdic, Belle-île.

    The Gare maritime is at , 7 Allée Loïc Caradec, Parc du Golfe.You get here by car following the panels Le Port, then parc des expositions/Parc du Golfe until the allée loîc caradec.

    You have the NAVix company doing the run and Compagnie du Golfe.sites here

    The city of Vannes tell these and other boat companies to sail into the islands of the golfe du morbihan.

    this is the tourist office for Vannes on cruises

    this is the tourist office for the department 56 Morbihan where I am

    service to the island of Arz or Ile d'Arz
    telephone +33 (0) 2 97 44 44 40.
    This is also call the bateau bus or bus boat.And the boat reaches the terminal there at Cale de Béluré. you have free parking in Vannes at the parking parc du golfe.

    to get you to the passenger boat terminal the city of Vannes has public transportation as such:
    Kicéo is the name of the network; especially heavy in the summers jUly and August; the rest is less frequent. The lines are
    from the train station of Vannes take bus line 4, 6, or 7 to place de la République then change to bus line 11 stop/arrêt Parc du Golfe, 50 meters from the boat terminal.
    To go the port at the peninsula of Conleau nearby, you take bus line 3 stop/arrêt Conleau, about 400 meters from the boat boarding platform.
    to get to this terminal of Conleau , you drive a car as well direction Le Port, then parc des expositions, take right at Conleau and the terminal is on the side of the hotel du Roof (best western see tip here).

    anything else ask me.

    counters of gare maritime the main boat passenger terminal at Vannes the boats leaving from terminal counters for Navix company map of ile d'Arz,one destination
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    Petit Train or little train

    by gwened Updated Apr 26, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    well here yes we do have a petit train too, the omnipresent in all great tourist cities,here is very nice, clean, newer, and always full it seems. See it everywhere, if short on time or tired from over walking, or just needed it is here

    it runs all year with limited schedule in the winter months, rides are 6€adults.You take at le Port area by the pleasure boats marina and canal. The circuit is pretty complete

    They are so cute isn't it. Just another shot going by rue Léhéle going to old city Vannes

    petit train at main station Le Port petit train by place des Lices back petit train by porte de poterne the petit train on rue l 'helec off r��publique le petit train behind the cathedral St Pierre
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    Driving in around Vannes

    by gwened Updated Sep 13, 2014

    driving is easy even if at first you see an old town with narrow streets, the trick is to take the big blvd and find yourself an underground garage to park, then walking is easy everywhere. Street parking is plentiful and safe , it just takes a bit more patient to find your spot.

    You come from the freeway N165 Nantes-Brest into Vannes, and you have the exits that can take you to Vannes at Theix (km 103),on the D779BIS, Vannes (km120) this one has three entries, Vannes Centre (city center) ,Vannes N166 (from Rennes), and D779 Le Port/Conleau entry. You would like to head to the Le Port area first so by depending how you are coming but assuming from Paris, you come on the N166 into the N165 direction Lorient, and then get off at Vannes Centre.traffic circle Pompidou into ave Georges Pompidou following panels CENTRE, then traffic circle palais des arts and continue following CENTRE once you get to rue Thiers you in in centre, continue following LE PORT and on the last traffic circle you are it, you see the marina harbor area.

    However, many business give you two hours free parking if use the Q Park parking in Le Port. Just get your ticket and have it exchange for the merchant ticket.

    My favorites are by the Le Port parking Q-park, and the Republique plaza Vinci parc.
    Here is webpage in French for full information of the two

    and Centre parking Vinci here
    La Loi parking here
    and pl de la République here

    Also,by the train station of Vannes
    Parking VANNES Gare SNCF
    Av. Favrel et Lincy 56000 VANNES

    the car rental is best at E Leclerc hypermarket
    Zone commerciale Parc Lann
    Rue Aristide Boucicaut
    Téléphone : +33 (0)2 97 46 60 40
    webpage here

    and Rentacar
    28 Avenue Edouard Herriot
    Téléphone :+33 (0) 2 97 01 05 05
    webpage here

    world known Sixt
    56 b boulevard de la Paix
    Téléphone +33 (0) 2 97 47 33 33
    webpage here

    and AVIS
    Place de la gare
    Téléphone : +33 (0)2 97 47 54 54
    webpage here

    you have taxis
    Taxi 56 Vannes
    7 Allée Charles Gounod
    Téléphone : 02 97 47 40 62
    Mobile : 06 09 70 48 87
    and Taxi Radio Vannetais
    Place de la gare
    Téléphone : +33 (0)2 97 54 34 34
    webpage here

    More transport choices from city of Vannes

    parking r��publique entrance by rue Autissier driving out on palais des arts  traffic circle out to Le Port QPark level one Q-Park parking entrance of Le Port yes we have traffic jams too at D779
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    How about riding a bicycle in Vannes

    by gwened Written Aug 4, 2012

    very nice thing to do , quaint streets allows for a mini tour de France in town, the velocéa system works the same as others in many cities in Europe. You rent the bike for the day,on bornes or bike stations, and just ride, the site is in French only , but if problems let me know.

    A neat idea to see the wonderful city from another point of view. Hope you enjoy it.

    briefly on the circle once on the site, you have first the map of stations and then on second circle saying En temps reel, it let you know how many bikes are available to rent at the different stations in town.

    bikes by Place Gambetta , Le Port area veloc��a station by the harbormaster station bike stand velocea at rue du vincin near carrefour bikes at gare maritime veloceo ready by the Le Port area boat marina
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    Vannes Train Station

    by alectrevor Updated Nov 8, 2014

    Trains go to Nantes , Bordeaux, Paris .Quimper etc Times from SNCF website. If you intend to travel by train in France, use the internet to find train times before you travel, has i found out that French rail stations dont display timetables only little leaflets .cr*

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    Train travel in France

    by Kate-Me Written Aug 6, 2006

    We chose train as our method of transport into and out of Vannes - but a word of warning, there are a lot of greves (strikes) and staff at the train stations are unlikely to suggest an alternative (if there is one) unless you ask them directly.

    We ended up getting to Vannes by taking a combination of bus and train, because of a sudden greve (it didn't seem as though any extra services were scheduled, and we were lucky that there was a bus leaving an hour later anyway).

    Brittany train
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