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  • the courtyard and city hall 2014
    the courtyard and city hall 2014
    by gwened
  • view from tower Saint Laurent to town and parvis
    view from tower Saint Laurent to town...
    by gwened
  • the vilaine running along the lavandiéres
    the vilaine running along the...
    by gwened

Vitré Things to Do

  • Office de Tourisme de Vitré

    The Tourist Information Office is a good source for practical information, cottages, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, ideas for walks, hiking trails, recreation, sports, entertainment and all the other usual things.July to SeptemberMonday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:30 pmSunday: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00...

  • Château de Vitré

    The castle is one of the best in Brittany, the first stone castle on this site dates from the end of the 11th century and replace an earlier one built of wood. The castle was rebuilt during the first half of the 13t h century in to its present triangular form although further alterations and extensions have followed. The castle was bought by the...

  • Chateau de Vitré,interiors

    As much as it is nice outside, Inside is better ,and see the tip on the exteriors. this is Worth enough reason to visit Vitré alone. It is just 4€ adult admission a bargain, and the property is wonderful. Some on the Inside already in the exterior page.The castle is done with huge walls surrounding it, and a huge courtyard, now housing the city...

  • Chateau de Vitré,exteriors

    wonderful property Worth a detour to Vitré along, nice architecture, great shape, and beautiful Inside.,146.htmlIt all began way back in 1010AD, when the first one in wood was done, it was not until Robert I in the 11C that a stone castle was built. However, it was not until the baron André...

  • Church Notre Dame,interiors

    wonderful interiors, clean well kept and nicely positioned, a marvel for the eyes , needs to be seen.see my exteriors tip here too.Church of Notre-Dame de Vitré offers a most unusual plan for a Breton Church. The nave is there deploys over six spans and is located between two collateral serving six chapels to the North, five in the South and a...

  • Church Notre Dame,exteriors

    My favorite in town, richly done in architecture outside much in the historical center of Vitré.It is Inside the old enclosure city of Vitré before the ramparts were open,it was the Church of the rich overseas merchants, done in flamboyant gothic style in the 15C and 16C. Although there was a Church here as far back as 1060 done by Robert I.Great...

  • church of Saint Martin

    This is an imposing Church coming into town by car you are facing it on the D777 bd des Rochers. Catholic site here the old one done by 1470 the new Church was done in the Latin Cross, choir and...

  • Chateau des Rochers Sévigné

    This is a wonderful property of Mme de Sévigné in Brittany, and it is now UNDER RENOVATION AND CLOSE. Just when brought the family to see it. We will be back, its only 2 hrs from us...and better pictures.It is near Vitré about 5 kms so leaving it here, on the road D88 direction Argentré du Plessis ,right next to the golf course part of the park of...

  • Jardin du Parc

    This is a wonderful park garden that for us rang up there with the castle. it is very well kept clean expansive with trees, flowers and animal life roaming the park. It has great sights and a beautiful place for the family.It was near where we park so walk by and found it. It has 7 hectares or about 17 acres in an English style with over 50 species...


    This is the best way to see Vitre. The "old town" is not that huge, and it is easy to walk around. I just went where-ever my nose took me, and I think I covered nearly every street in the old town. I saw wonderful old houses, amazing architecture and old style shops. It was a great experience, and one you should have if you come here. Forget about...


    The multi-gabled, gothic Notre Dame Church was reconstructed between 1440 & 1580 in the style of the 15th & 16th centuries. The church has 7 gables, decorated with pinnacles. The idea of all the gables, is to let more light in, as, unlike many other Churches, it doesn't have any tall windows. Check out the external pulpit and its two doors that are...


    The Vitre Railway station, I thought was a nice looking, different building. It was built in the 1850's in Neo-Gothic style, blending in with the rest of the city. With alternating courses of brick and limestone, the white and red colours stand out, and that is why I noticed the building and took the photo, it is different to the norm!


    Saint-Martin, built in 1883, is a lovely neo-Romanesque church that stands out in town.There was an 'old' St. Martin, but it became too small, and the one I saw today, is the new one. Built in local "schist stone,' it has tall steeples and is very impressive to view. All that is left of the "old" St. Martin, is the 16th century tower.


    Heading into town, this Castle dominated the left hand side of the road. We rounded some bends on a narrow road, coming out into an open area where we could park our car and enter the castle. No luck in visiting the Castle, we were too early!So, I will tell you a little about the Castle..........Baron Robert 1st decided to build the castle on the...


    The rue d'Embas and rue de la Baudrairie have many timber-framed houses dating from the 15th-17th centuries when houses developed in height. If you have a look at them, I notice the base is small, and each layer going upwards, overhangs making these homes look top heavy.In this street, there were Porch houses, although the porches have disappeared...


    Both of these streets have a high number of timber-framed houses dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. These buildings developed not in width but in depth and most frequently around a courtyard. For example...................... A shop on the ground floor, place of production and sale, opening on to the street by a stall,The "noble" first...

  • More Medieval Houses

    The old city is full of twisting streets of half-timbered houses.... and we can enjoy each corner of the street that full of medieval houses like this....

  • Medieval houses

    This the medieval houses that next to Chateau of Vitre, and its a wonderful place to enjoy the houses of middle age. Timber-framed houses of a special type, called porch houses.

  • Mediaval street

    Surrounding the castle are the medieval streets and this rue d'Embas and rue de la Baudrairie have many timber-framed houses dating from the 15th-17th centuries when houses developed in height.

  • Walk the Town

    There are many interesting walks mapped out in Vitre by the tourist office. We decided to explore the walled town and ramparts, but the weather did not allow us. Persistent heavy rain forced us to get no further than the church of Notre Dame, seeing only some old houses before that. The 15 & 16C church had a curious pulpit on the South, outside...

  • Visit the Castle Museums

    The castle museum is mostly in the Tour de l'Argenterie, which retains much of its original decorative structures and various wall hanging including many fine tapestries. Most interesting are doorways and mantelpieces. The origninal circulat stairs take you from one level to another (too dark to photograph) and up to the highest level where the...


Vitré Hotels

See all 2 Hotels in Vitré
  • Le Petit Billot

    5, place du Gal-Leclerc, Vitre, 35500, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Ibis Vitre Centre Ville - Open...

    1 Boulevard De Chateaubriand, Vitre, 35500, FR

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Vitré Restaurants

  • Crêpes to die for

    Before discovering the old walled town, allow yourself a treat in this traditional Crêperie where the food is simple but well done. The restaurant located in one of the oldest buildings in the town.Tuesday to Friday: 12.00 am to 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 9.30 pmSaturday: 12.00 am to 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 10.00 pmSunday: 12.00 am to 3.00 pm

  • nice ambiance and good value by train...

    This is a simple resto brasserie right diagonally across from the train station where we had lunch.The resto has nice porch terrace overlooking the place du Général de Gaulle, across is ,also, the tourist office of Vitré. once Inside you several rooms with nice tables chair combi clean modern and cozy. We arrive early just past mid day and soon it...

  • Vitré Hotels

    2 Hotels in Vitré

Vitré Transportation

  • train station of Vitré

    This is a simple nice train station with all you need sitting in a nicer square having restos, shops and the tourist office next to it.You come into a big parvis with up front parking, and go to one door into the lobby, where the ticket machines, copying, photos,snacks, coffee machine are to your left and the personal counters on SNCF are to your...

  • How to get in and out ,Vitré

    This is Ille et Vilaine dept 35 in Brittany, one of the fortified cities with a nice castle and to get here is easy on the road by N165(N166) or N24 and N157 direction Laval then connect with the D178 to city center Vitré. route planner for and traffic news atwww.v-trafic.comyou have several free parkings such asParking Gare...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Vitré Shopping

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  • wine liquors Gautier

    well we came by it walking into city center from our parking at place du champ de foire, and remember that coming back we need to stop by. We did,and got some nice sale on Fronsac wines ! 24 bottles for 7,90 each but you get 7 free bottles so in essence we pay for 17X7,90= 134.30 but got 24 so the price per bottle came out to 5,60€ good deal for...

  • chocolats and pastries Le Derf

    This is up several notches, sublime French gourmandship and all is good. WE love it.The pâtisserie is in an elegant modern building and couple houses later there is the chocolat shop.same street. The good is that we know it already having a store in Vannes, and Vitré is only 2 hrs from us!Mr Le Derf is a maître chocolatier de France and just...

  • pastries and chocos tiny but good

    This was our going home treat. We past by it , saw the goods, preserve for the killer end. Just wonderful, there are many this was one of two we dig in with Vitréopen from 7h to 20h mondays to saturdaysits a very narrow shop, you walk in ovens in back and counter to your left. very friendly service and very good sweets, to melt you mouth on,...


Vitré Local Customs

  • gwened's Profile Photo

    horse racing, the Hippodrome de Vitré

    by gwened Written Nov 9, 2014

    one of the highlights of this horse country is horse racing of course, and the breton horses are left for work in the farm.
    This is the hippodrome de Vitré-Saint Etienne. It sits in 20 hectares or about 49 acres.Category trotters 2nd and obstacle 2A ,has a course of 1 250 meters with 3 areas of departure for 2 200m, 2 700m and 3 225m, straight line of 307m, width of 15m,depart elastic on cord to the right, with 6 obtacles in grass of 1 150m

    Has a capacity for 800 seated spectators, parking for 1 000 cars and restauration with ready made meals

    running is done in may, June and october for trotters 14 courses, and obstacles 9 courses.

    It was created in 1852 and improved ever since. To get here we came by car from Vitré on the D88 direction Argentré du Plessis. From train station the racecourse is by taxi in 5 mins
    Lucas Huchet :
    Allo Juguet :

    a pleasure surrounded by beautiful horse country you see the stable farms as you approach the racecourse.

    the course to main stands of Hippodrome de Vitr�� hippodrome de Vitr�� arriving the main tower the course
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Vitré Off The Beaten Path

  • Musée Saint Nicolas

    this is an interesting small museum showing the area artifacts found near and lots of silver works as well as religious items. Whatever is not in the castle they put it here, sort of like an annex but not told this way ...The museum is easily done from the castle at 15 Rue Pasteur, go out left from castle to rue du val left there and right on rue...

  • Le Prés de Lavandiéres

    this is a nice circuit along the river Vilaine, that is mark by old laundries and now form part of a nice promenade.It may look like private property but its not, behind the castle and you go by a small passage in the street of rue du Val, very quaint for a walk. The wide open on the Vilaine skilfull between bamboos of exotic space through which it...

  • Champeaux: See the Church Interior

    The church has two mausolea of the Espinay family from the late 16C. Both show capable stone carving. There is wood carving of high quality in the choir stalls which extends to the Sacristy doorway and the choir canopies (about 1530).The Tomb of Claude d'Espinay shows an early use of a pyramid decorative form. The stained glass is mostly of the...


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