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  • medals of honor of France
    medals of honor of France
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    side of cathedral
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  • the stained glass along the sides of cathedral
    the stained glass along the sides of...
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Bourges Things to Do

  • Musée des arts décoratifs Bourges

    another wonderful mansion that a museum was created in Bourges. Hotel LallemantOn entering the courtyard, notice the magnificent façade adorned with medallions in terracotta depicting Roman emperors; It shows the keen interest that caused the antiquity and the Italy at the time of its realization. The whole building brings also a whole decorative...

  • Musée du Berry

    In the capital city of old Berry region, Bourges lies of course its museum. The collection for the origin of the museum was founded in 1834 by Claude-Denis Mater. It was housed first on a part of the Palais Jacques-Cœur ,then on the today call Hôtel d'Angleterre, rue Jacques Cœur,and later transfer from 1891 to the mansion hôtel Cujas. It is in...

  • Visit the Cathedral, a UNESCO World...

    St. Etienne is one of the outstanding cathedrals in Europe. One of the interesting things to me was that the cathedral does not dominate the Bourges skyline the way Chartres does. We drove into town and were trying to navigate the narrow streets when I looked down one tiny street and realized there was an immense cathedral at the end of the street,...

  • Palais Jacques Coeur-Bourges

    wonderful hotel particulier of a native son going rich, born here Jacques Coeur in 1400, name treasurer of the king, Charles VII in 1439, and given a nobility title he starts the construction of this beautiful mansion.The wonderful western facade, raise over a gallo roman circle opposing by a great rich ornamentation that facade given to the...

  • Cathedral Saint Etienne de Bourges

    One of the great Cathedrals of France and a must to see, big ,wonderful ,and full of great museums all around it.a bit of history, tell us that is it was around 1195AD, that Henri de Sully, archebishop of Bourges, and brother of Eudes de Sully, bishop of Paris made a donation to the chapter of the cathédrale de Bourges. This donation is the...

  • Meet a Gargoyle

    Gargoyles are cute and they get great press but they are there for a purpose. We were visiting St. Etienne in Bourges one dark gloomy day and suddenly it sounded as though a river was running past the church. There is no river beside the church so all of us headed to the door to see what was happening.The heavens had opened and water was descending...

  • Eglise St. Pierre is worth a visit too.

    We were following P signs to find public parking and ended up parked beside Eglise St. Pierre. One goes to Bourges to visit St. Etienne but St. Pierre is also worth a visit. It is on the Route de Compostela and well cared for. There are lovely stained glass windows and some quite well preserved frescoes.It is an easy walk to Old Town and to the...

  • Study the West Facade Central Portal

    The tympanum of the central door of the West front is a 13C masterpiece, featuring the Last Judgement. The lowest level (the lintel) depicts the dead rising from their coffins. Above them St. Michael is weighing the souls and dividing them as saved or damned to his right and left. Above this scene sits Christ as Judge surrounded on each side by a...

  • The Cathedral Chapels Have Old Stained...

    There are 5 apsidial chapels (the central one is the Lady Chapel). All have stained glass of the 1215-25 period with blue and red colors predominating. Unfortunately we no longer can identify the religious scenes portrayed. Each window (as at Chartres) is embedded in a different geometric array. At the edge of the Lady Chapel are kneeling statues...

  • Walk the Town

    In walking the town , there are many old buildings. We walked past the 15 C church of St.-Pierre -le-Guillard and the timbered Tithe Barn next to the cathedral. In that area there was an Archbishop’s Palace (17C) with a garden behind it said to be laid out by Le Notre.

  • Enter the Private Chapel

    The private chapel is approached through a gallery with an inverted ship-keel wooden ceiling. The chapel doorways are accoladed and the vaulted ceiling is painted with Angels carrying swirling scrolls. The ceiling ribs descend to finely sculpted corbels.

  • Home Comforts of Jacques Coeur

    Many of the rooms have finely worked mantelpieces. Instead of coats of arms or allegorical subjects, the decorations contain windows or houses with the occupants looking out (as on the palace entry). Over one doorway is an exquisite bas-relief of a large galley, the sort of ship that Coeur used in bringing stuffs from the Levant. Instead of...


Bourges Hotels

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  • Le Christina

    very central hotel near the halles covered market, near the Cathedral at about 10 mins walking and...

  • Best Western Hotel D'angleterre

    1 Place Des 4 Pilliers, Bourges 18000

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • All Seasons Bourges

    Zac de l'Echangeur Rue Aristide Auxenfans, Bourges, 18000, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Bourges Restaurants

  • La Scala -tenors while you eat

    wonderful place very rustic quaint ,friendly place where even the waiters sing a capella while you dine. The food is Italian inspired and the decoration well is like the theater la scala of Milan, gorgeous inside.I stop here on my runs thru France, and then came back with the family, lovely all the way.The Italy is here: delicious pizza, seasoned...

  • Very much a local restaurant

    Last Fall we got caught in a terrible rainstorm in Bourges, trapped inside the cathedral. As lunch time approached and started to pass, we decided that if we wanted lunch, we would have to brave the lessening rain and find a restaurant so we set off in a very heavy drizzle . . . that was a great improvement in the weather! We finally found Comptoir...

  • Fine Food (and a Place to Stay?)

    Le Grand Argentier has long been considered by locals as one of the finest restaurants in Bourges and we agree. Long ago we dined there on two consecutive evenings. In those days, it also had nice bedrooms in this 15C house, to rent upstairs for the night, but I cannot find that this is still possible. The name of the establishment derives from the...

  • One of the best restaurants in town

    The restaurant is located inside an older "bourgeois" home.The menu for 30Euros is superb. There is a cheaper menu but this one is the best value for your money.The presentation is beautiful. Each plate looks like a piece of artwork. Check out the website for a list of dishes offered on this menu. I loved the desserts but every single dish we...

  • Specialty Tea

    This place is unique and the tea really great, and also don't miss the cake too....Open: tuesday-saturday 12-2pm, 3-7pm Sunday 3-7pm

  • Bar Brasserie

    This was about the only restaurant opened in Bourges, or at least the only one we saw opened?!?! We were starving so bad, we just had to come in and I'm glad we did cos we had a great time in here! It's easy to visualise how the locals reacted when they first saw us, two oriental lads and a black girl, stepping in. Everyone was practically staring...


Bourges Nightlife

  • Summer Evening Concerts

    During the summer tourist season, there is a continuous series of musical events in the evenings at Bourges. Most of these are presented outdoors in venues that have other uses during the day. The tourist office web site lists these and they can be discovered in Bourges at the office. One of the places used is the courtyard of the jacques Coeur...

  • Ehem...

    Ask me but in this little town, theres hardly any life after 6pm! Lol! Once the shops are shut, and the sky gets dark, the people disappear too. Hahaha!Having a stroll after dinner through the medieval streets of Bourges is just about one of the best things you can do. This place is so clean, and so tiny, you can hardly loose your way around. The...

  • Bourges Hotels

    27 Hotels in Bourges

Bourges Transportation

  • How to get here in and out_Bourges

    you see the area agglo buses here station at place du Général Leclerc, TER , you come into city center on buses lines 1,2, 8,and 11 or walking is about 5-10 mins to city center cathedral have navettes or buses to take you to and from Paris Orly and Roissy...

  • Trains

    There are trains departing almost every hour from Paris Austerlitz to Bourges. The train station in Paris is very user friendly, you can either get your tickets from the automachines or from the counters. Tickets are usually 35euros return on the very comfortable SNCF trains. The journey takes about 2 1/2hours normally and you might have to change...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bourges Shopping

  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Marché de la Halle au Blé: market days at Bourges

    by gwened Written Dec 12, 2013

    Bourges have several markets and at diff locations.
    You have the St Bonnet, for food and non food items open on Sundays, and only food from tuesday to Sundays mornings and afternoons.

    the Marronniers , on Thursdays at pl des Marronniers for food items
    Chancellerie, on Tuesdays by ave Gustave Eiffel, food and non food items

    The one we like is at the covered market of wheat Halles au blé, and surrounding it. This is at the junction of Place de la Nation and Blvd Juranville.Saturdays morning for food and non food items. Tourist office info and photo

    What to buy: fresh food, nice prices on clothing for work and just the ambiance is terrific

    What to pay: best prices in town

    march�� de la halle au bl��
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Bourges Local Customs

  • Bazaar

    Before christmas in Bourges always have bazaar, they sell manything kind stuff for christmas or for decoration... and mostly is handmade....

  • Life in Bourges

    The pace of life here in Bourges is really slow and people seem to take it really easy. The people here are so nice they treat you like part of their family. I hardly saw any tourists here, I thought we were the only ones who ever came here cos everyone was giving us a weird stare! Lol!

  • If you go to a nice...

    If you go to a nice restaurant, they will bring you the 'plateau de fromages' (cheese tray) and you will be asked to select what cheese you want. The general rule of thumb is to select no more than 3 small pieces(the waiter will cut them for you) just point or ask for a mild, strong cheese, or name the cheese if you are familiar with what is...


Bourges Off The Beaten Path

  • Church of St Pierre-le-Guillard -Bourges

    Local tradition attributes its foundation to a miracle of saint Anthony of Padua, whose passage is attested in Bourges around 1225-1230. On one of the walls of the Church. There, under the title Miracle of the mule, an animal on his knees (on its front legs, a performance), facing St. Anthony of Padua. The Foundation of Saint-Pierre-le-Guillard,...

  • Museum of Best craftmans of France

    This is a wonderful educational museum. The Musée des meilleurs ouvriers de France in Bourges is in the old episcopal palace dating from 12C ,in the process of the separation of State and Church in France in 1905, by 1909 the episcopal palace became part of the city of Bourges.The museum was installed there since 1995.The museum is presented in two...

  • Menetou Salon

    Menetou-Salon is 18 km from Bourges and 180 km from Paris. It's famous with the chateau de menetou salon. Too bad when our coming, the chateau closed, so we just around in this small city.


Bourges Favorites

  • Jean Duc du Berry

    Very little remains to celebrate Bourges most famous ruler. Jean, Duc du Berry, was the brother of King Charles V and was the richest and most cultured member of his family. His father Jean II (le Bon) was of similar nature. The son was exchanged as a hostage to the English who had captured the father. When this was resolved in the 1340’s he...

  • Jacques Coeur

    The statue brings up memories of the history of Jacques Coeur. He was born in Bourges (1394-1456), and was a financier and merchant who became master of the mint (Grand Argentier) under Charles V, where he unified the coinage of the country. He prospered by his development of French trade with the Levant and had many associates carefully located...

  • The Cathedral St Etienne in...

    The Cathedral St Etienne in Bourges was built in the 13th century and is one of the top rated cathedrals in France. This is where I had my first communion.For more information check with the Bourges Tourism Office We attended a wedding in this Cathedral last year and the organ music was absolutely wonderful.


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