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    Chagal windows
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    Vineyard near Reims
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Reims Highlights

  • Pro
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     historical, great if you like champagne :) 

  • Con
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     Lots of tourists around the main sites 

  • In a nutshell
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     Must-stop if you're going from Paris to Strasbourg 

Reims Things to Do

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  • Champagne Tasting and Tours

    Not a random result, I choose the Hotel Porte Mars for more than one reason, it is located beside Charles De Cazanove Cellar, just the "next door guys". Thank you Google Earth!! This cellar is more humble and small than Mumm House, of course, it is a local champagne producers, a house founded in 1811 by Charles Gabriel de Cazanove, with an...

  • Cathédrale Notre Dame

    The first French king to be crowned in the Reims Cathedral was Louis VIII in 1223. The twenty-fifth and last was Charles X in 1825. Charles’s predecessor Louis XVIII and his successor Louis Philippe both decided not to have elaborate coronation ceremonies so as not to stir up even more animosity between royalist and anti-royalist segments of French...

  • Mumm Champagne House

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, after checking into a new hotel in a new neighborhood (or a new city) I like to take a walk around the block and see what there is in the immediate vicinity. I did this on the morning of my second day in Reims, and discovered that just down the street from my hotel was the headquarters of the G.H. Mumm company, one...

  • Basilique Saint Rémi

    Maybe my favourite church in Reims. While less impressive than the cathedral, the basilique Saint Rémi is a superb example of gothic over roman style. The outside, too many times renovated (sometimes clumsily) is far from perfect but the result inside is incredibly serene. Saint Remi, the Reims' Bishop (from 460 to 532) who baptized Clovis, died...

  • Palais du Tau

    Right beside the Cathedral downtown, the Palace du Tau is a museum that still contains remnants of its 13th century origins. It was redesigned in the 17th century by Mansart and Cotte. The Tau Room has marvelous tapestries that bring to mind the famed "Lady and the Unicorn" series in the Cluny Museum in Paris. If you are visiting the Cathedral, it...

  • Salle de Reddition

    The date usually given for the end of World War II is either May 8 or May 9, 1945, shortly before or shortly after midnight, which is when the German High Command signed the surrender papers in Berlin. A day before, on May 7, lower ranking German officers had already signed the unconditional surrender agreement in a school building in Reims, which...


Reims Hotels

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Reims Restaurants


    Located at the main boulevard where things happen, this restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with a hectic activity during lunch/dinner times, so, take care of it and make a reservation or get there early.With a french style kitchen the variety of meals is large and interesting, the cast is very communicative and kind, fast multilingual service. Clean,...


    This remarkable place is a beer brewers house, Les 3 Brasseurs means The Three Brewers, with the french countryside style, you can enjoy a lot of different beers (interesting variety) I recommend to ask them for the characteristics of your preference. My favorite is the lager, creamy, foamy, and strong, great with pork meals.The main room is...


    This interesting pub is located in the main touristic street of Reims, Place Drouet d'Erlon, a pedestrian boulevard that begins almost in front of the railway station. Just on the right side of the first block of this charming boulevard you will find out The Sherlock's Pub.Themed more or less as I suppose a scottish pub must be (I should visit this...

  • Good pizza

    This is a busy little pizza place on the Place d’Erlon which is virtually filled with restaurants of all kinds. We enjoyed a pizza with white asparagus, cheese, mushrooms and ham accompanied by mixed salads and a split of Cote du Rhone, all of which were pretty tastey . For dessert, I had the amadine poire tarte and my wife had profiteroles. I have...

  • Welcome to Champagne!

    On the recommendation of our hotel host, we went to Flo and my wife and I agreed that our lunch here was the best meal of our two plus weeks in France and Germany. It was also among the most expensive, but well worth it. Flo is set in an old mansion across from the rail station and is housed in a lovely and elegant old mansion which has evidently...


    This is a very nice INDIAN RESTAURANT, which is located in Reims for already over 12 years!In a very atmospheric ambiance you can enjoy different specialities like:gambas tandooribiryanis aux saveurs subtiles currys parfumésdelicieuz nans au fromagebières et vins indienWhen, as I am, you are a fan of Basmati rice....then do enjoy this...


Reims Transportation

  • TGV station south of Reims

    This is the new TGV station on the outskirts of Reims, for high-speed trains that stop here only briefly or not at all. This station is called “Bezannes Champagne TGV” on local maps, but “Gare de Champagne Ardenne TGV” on the railway websites. When I left Reims I took the shuttle train which gets from the main station to here in eight minutes. The...

  • To Reims by train

    The characters in Rossini’s opera Il viaggio a Reims never did get to Reims, and for a few minutes I thought I wasn’t going to get there either, because my TGV (train de grand vitesse = train of great speed) came to an unscheduled halt shortly after leaving the Paris East station. Before long there was an announcement saying that because of an...

  • Look Ma, no wires!

    An unusual feature of the new Reims tram line is that when the tram approaches the center of the city it suddenly loses its overhead wires and gets its electricity from an electric rail in the middle of the track.At first sight I found this rather alarming, since I was reminded of the ‘third rail’ that I used to see on the Chicago elevated system...


Reims Shopping

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  • Best Chocolates in the World!!

    I have been on a quest to find the most delicious chocolates in the world. One year, I told my wife "This year, instead of giving you chocolates for Valentine's Day, I'm going to take you where they make them!" We went to Belgium. We toured a chocolate museum, and ate many brands of chocolate. All the usual, Godiva, Nuehaus, and etc., then there...


    This CHOCOLATIER really is an artisan......You won't believe your eyes and immediately you're there your mouth will start watering...Since 1874 they are working here in REIMS and everything will surprise you: the shop, the proud owners, the assortment......Let me tell you a bit about what they (VINCENT & FRANCESCA) have on offer:CHAMPAGNE:...

  • SHOPPING TIPS.......

    REIMS city centre is home to over 400 shops and is the largest shopping centre in the region (there also is a LAFAYETTE, like e.g. in PARIS !)Major national and international chains, convenience stores, luxury boutiques, regional specialities.......shoppers have plenty to choose from: there are shops for all tastes: let me not forget to mentions...


Reims Local Customs

  • Collectif Interculturel d’Associations...

    On my way to and from my hotel I often walked past the office of the Collectif Interculturel d'Associations de Migrants (C.I.A.M), an organization dedicated to combating discrimination in hiring and ensuring equal treatment for migrants and people with an immigrant background.Address: 80 Boulevard Lundy, 51100 ReimsDirections: Location on Google...

  • Reims à toutes jambes

    Each year in October, the city of Reims has an event called Reims à toutes jambes (Reims at full speed), with a marathon, a half-marathon and various other activities to get lots of people up on their feet and moving around. In 2013 this event was held for the 30th time.Website: Next: Look Ma, no wires!

  • Champagne

    Champagne ! The best known local product even if Reims fights with Epernay for the title of wine capital.The area has always been a wine producer but those wines were difficult to preserve because they had a tendency to become foaming (like many wines produced relatively north).This used to be considered a problem - until Dom Perignon, abbey of...


Reims Warnings and Dangers

  • A Belgian Granddad in France

    It is completely dangerous and nonsense to visit Reims, go to a local pub/bar and ask for a "Leffe" - the most famous Belgian beer.The waiter will shoot you down, but the drink will be for free.

  • don't bother

    using the restrooms in Mc Donald's, they are still the typically french and rather complicated to use ones, where you can just stand there and....they are not very clean either

  • I can't think of any danger in...

    I can't think of any danger in this city. It is really calm and safe. The only danger is that you do just come with time enough and leave after visiting the cathedral. You would miss then a lot of interesting things.


Reims Tourist Traps

  • Here you can see ..... Nothing !

    A gallo-roman semi-underground gallery (a former storage unit from the 3th century), the cryptoportique may seem an interesting place to visit, especially when an exhibition inside is advertised, but's so dark inside that you can't see anything (you can barely see your feet and progress following the walls, no guided visit available).Address...

  • Beware of Cheap Champagne

    Be aware of buying Champagne in one of the wineries. They take advantage of your excitement from their tour and overcharge you for the Champagne. I carried two heavy bottles, in the rain on the train, all the way back to Paris, only to find out I could have bought the same bottles at half the price in the little wine shop across the street from my...

  • This is the real trap one you...

    This is the real trap one you are hooked to the taste it is difficult to come off. We had a great time in the champagne house


Reims What to Pack

  • summer gear

    we visited reims in was very hot,most people were in t-shirts and not sure if hot weather is the norm during summer time or if we were just lucky.loose comfy clothing recommended during hot weather and water.

  • Pack an Umbrella

    Remember to bring an Umbrella !!! We were there in March. It was cool and then starting raining. (We had forgotten to pack umbrellas) We should know better than anyone from living in Belgium that it can rain suddenly when you least expect it. We dashed inside a cafe to escape the downpour. So, dress warmly and stay dry. You must bring a digital...

  • Take enough films

    It should be better to leave your suitcase in the car or hotel .... It can be rather chilly in May and June (late frosts)! So take a jacket and a pullover with you when getting to Reims. Take enough films with you! If you like photography as I do, you will find a lot photograph there. Believe me! And at least, "pack" some time when going to...


Reims Off The Beaten Path

  • Cinéma Opéra

    On rue Thillois, about four and a half blocks from the Opéra de Reims, is an abandoned building which is clearly identified as “Opera”.But it is not an opera house and never was. It was a cinema which was built in the 1920s to replace an earlier cinema called Aéro-Palace that was destroyed in World War I. Originally the Cinéma Opéra had 1450 seats...

  • Aux Bons Amis

    Continuing my walk around the block, I turned left onto the rue du Docteur Lemoine and at the next corner, rue Gosset, I came across this typical little pub and restaurant, Aux Bons Amis (‘To the Good Friends’), which where the workers from the nearby Champagne cellars come to eat their lunch. (The best article I have found about Aux Bons Amis is...

  • Musee Saint Remi - a city's history

    Situated in a former (and beautifull) benedictine abbaye (it was also used as an hospital for a while), the musee saint-Remi (just beside the basilique Saint Rémi) features the rich town's history, from the neolithic to the XXth century (scultures, artefacts, weapons, tapestries, ...).The building itself is worth the visit with some parts fom the...


Reims Favorites

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  • All about Reims

    Here you can find information about the town and its ressources.Audioguides for all the main local attractions and maps are available as tours bookings, postcards, souvenirs....There is even a bureau de change inside (and free toilets just across the street)The tourism office is situated just beside the cathedral in a seemingly half destroyed...

  • champagne hmmmmmmmmmmm

    the champagne and the food, sorry no pics.its a really pittoresque city with some great restaurants and offcourse champagne.stayed here only for 2 days, you really should visit the area of Reims with all its wineyard, just awesome next to the cathedralrue Guillaume de Machault 51100 Reims Tél: 03 26 77 45 00

  • Winery Tour

    There are miles tunnels under the city and most of them are filled with champagne... Make sure to take winery tour where you can see these tunnels in person.


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