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  • Bastia Railway Station
    Bastia Railway Station
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  • carte zoom - 49 euro, weekly pass
    carte zoom - 49 euro, weekly pass
    by piosku67

Bastia Things to Do

  • From Bastia by train

    If you on budget and stay in Bastia, you can do some rides by train to Calvi, Ajaccio or Vizzanova and many other places. Buy a weekly ticket for 49 euros and be prepared for long trips through the island. There are two kinds of train: an old one, without air-condition and with closed WC in the direction of Calvi. In addition you have to change...

  • A little train trip into the...

    One afternoon i took a train trip to Casamozza an half hour ride into the countryside, just because i like trains. The fare was 3 euro 60 each way. Casamozza is on the main road, theres not much there, but i had time to enjoy a pot of tea at one cafe and a beer at the other. The second photo shows that the train driver is in with the passengers....

  • Place St Nicolas

    Place St Nicolas is where the markets are held and special events. The area has loads of bars and restaurants and looks the place for a night out. The Tourist Office is at one end of the Place.

  • Citadella Bastia.

    The Citadella is high above the vieux port and gives a good view. It has many narrow streets of houses, shops and food places.


    On Sunday morning, Place St Nicolas, in the centre of Bastia, under the palmtress, browse in the flea market to find old postcards of the island, stamps or antics.

  • Visit Terra Vecchia landmarks!

    Explore the wonderful streets of this neighbourhood. Start walking from rue Napoleon, with its cute shops, as you pass the Oratoire St-Roch (1609) with a rich Baroque interior and a rather fantastic/ecccentric organ. Just a bit further you'll find Oratoire de l'Immaculee Conception (1611), watch your step (!!), you will be walking over a Ligurian...

  • Gay Beaches by Bastia

    Gay in Bastia? There are absolutely no bars, but if you want to get to know the locals rather intimately, head for the beaches. The nearest places to Bastia are two beaches in La Marana. The first, you need to drive to the Furiani roundabout, take a left, bear left, cross the bridge over the river, than take the second unpaved road to your left,...

  • Beaches by Bastia worth exploring

    North: The beaches immediately to the north of Bastia are rocky and beautiful, with little coves. Follow the sign to the “cap corse” and the D80. The nicest beaches are Miomo (by a lovely Genoese tower), Lavasina, and Erbalunga (with another ruined tower). South: La Marana beaches are, in fact, a long stretch of single beach sandwiched between the...

  • Visit Terra Nova's landmarks!

    Terra Nova is one of the most colourful (literally!) parts of town, just take time to wonder around its restored houses and mansions, it used to be poor, but now its very "in".Place not to miss; St. Marie, which was Corsica's main cathedral between 1570 (Bishop moved here from Vescovatu) -1801 (diocese moved to Ajaccio). It has the silver of the...


Bastia Hotels

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  • Ostella Hotel

    Av Sampiero Corso, sortie sud de Bastia - rn 193, Bastia, Corsica, 20600, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Sud Hotel

    Avenue de la Liberation, Bastia, 20600, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel l'Alivi

    Route du Cap, Bastia, 20200, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Bastia Restaurants

  • Pasta and Wine

    Unique interior, very corsican. Crowded many people (i bellieve this is a fave restaurant also for Corsican People) Try the Pizza, so deliciousTry the Pasta (Bolognaise), amazingly niceTry the wine, We love corsican wine!The the desset, yummie Italian Ice Cream

  • Best baker in town!

    This is the best baker in Bastia. Its a very small little place, with limited selection, and, a big queue! Dont let this put you off!!!! Its traiditional Corsican cakes are AMAZING!!!!! Trust me. Try the chesnut cakes! mmmmmmmm!!

  • Yummy Middle Eastern and Corsican Food!

    The humble facade hides a culinary marvel, a middle eastern cuisine that blends in some corsican dishes. There is a wonderful rich mezze of Lebanese/Israeli salads/starters and then several main dishes that change daily, all freshly cooked and irresistable. Karima and her dad run the place in a very loving and homely way. Karima is a world...

  • A restaurant with a view too!

    This is one of the most expensive and finest restaurants on the Island, but is worth every penny. If you like seafood you will love this place. Housed in an ancient house overlooking the pretty and small fishing port of Erbalunga, it has food to match its excellent views. The menu changes but is imaginative and full of wonderful seafood dishes....

  • "The in place" in Bastia

    This is one of the "in" places to eat (and be seen) in Bastia. La Citadelle's menu is more French than Corsican, but some dishes are infused with local influences.The menu changes often, but there are excellent seafood options (oysters, fish lobsters, langustines), meat, duck, and in winter/spring time, you can find even wild mushrooms.I find the...

  • If you're in town, this place is a must!

    Le Petite Marie is a small homey restaurant run by Jeannot and Marie. The menu is rather limited but dont let that deter you! The seafood is fresh from the nearby Vieux Port, something that is suprisingly (for tourists) is rare in Corsica (seafood, except in the Cap Corse, is a very late addition to the local diet). The dishes are plentiful and...


Bastia Nightlife

  • Film Festival

    Bastia's Mideterranean cultures film festival (whew, what a mouthfull!) is an excellent film festival that takes place in november (date changes from year to year) and, as its name suggests, has films from all the countries on the Mideterranean sea. Its great!

  • Night clubs

    If you want to go out at night in Corsica head to these clubs.BASTIA (NORTH EAST)APOCALYPSE 10 KM au sud de bastia04. STELLA - discotheque Corse a Bastia - route de l'Arinella 20200 Bastia (haute-Corse, Corse) - info line : 0495 58 06 94 - - ouvert tous les vendredis et samedis de 0H ?...

  • Bastia's music festival

    You're not serious, are you looking for nightlife in a town of 50,000 people? Well, Bastia does have, in fact, a very vibrant music/theatre/art scene for its size! In the middle of October, Bastia holds its "Musicales de Bastia" which starts at 18:30 and lasts until the early hours. There are many musicians from all around the world, as well as a...


Bastia Transportation

  • Taxis to and from Bastia Airport.

    Having now returned from a wonderful sunny fortnight in Corsica, I can offer the following Useful Tips about Taxi Transportation to and from Bastia Airport.(1) If you contact the official Taxi Company based at the airport, to reserve a taxi, do not expect them to take any action whatsoever!! I reserved a taxi by means of...

  • Narrow Gauge railway

    Corsican railways are being upgraded, and new modern trains due, but in away the romance of Corsican railways may disappear when you see the old fashioned carriages parked up in the rail yard.

  • SNCM ferry .

    I travelled on SNCM ferry from Bastia to Marseille in march 2008 , the timetable was 18.30 hrs to 06,30 hrs, it took 2 hours more because of bad weather,but the ship is very stable. There a cafe, restaurant , and bars. My cabin had facilities and tv, i watched the euro football match. Corsica Ferries also go to Toulon, Nice , Savone, and Livourne.


Bastia Shopping

  • piosku67's Profile Photo

    different places: Prices of food on Corsica

    by piosku67 Written Jul 19, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am a low budget tourist from Eastern Europe, where prices are generally lower compared to the West. I am trying to live in a humble way while travelling. Corsica was my huge disappointment, although I knew that it is expensive, but I wasn’t prepared for so poor quality services and small range of goods in shops. Of course, you can live cheaply on Corsica and have fun from visiting it. So I did it. I enjoyed delicious sheep or goat cheese or Corsican wine, which can you buy in a small bottles- that’s practical. A modest lunch or dinner cost between 16 to 25 Euros.

    What to buy: I recommend to try goat or sheep cheese.

    What to pay: Lunch or dinner is about - at least - 20 - 25 Euros per person in a restaurant.

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Bastia Local Customs

  • qqnatalia's Profile Photo

    Bastia People must take a nap

    by qqnatalia Written Mar 22, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yes, Bastia people must take a nap. It is from 12-14pm. So, all shops, offices, car rental, foodmarket, almost all all all are closed. Some restaurants do open, some do not.

    The city is quite around this time, you could almost hear nothing of those annoying horn. I love it. But, it is a quite difficult for us as tourist when everything were closed. (the bar/foodmarket), Especially that we didn't know about this tradition before. Just stunned and confused why suddenly everything is closed. So, make sure you do book a car rental, or go buy something to eat, go to offices, museums, etc before noon or after 14pm.

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Bastia Tourist Traps

  • piosku67's Profile Photo

    Poor airport services

    by piosku67 Updated Jul 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I must say that I was slightly disappointed with the quality of services on Corsica. The peak of my disappointment was the airport. You must remember that everything here is at least 40 % more expensive. Let’s compare the price of a ride to and from the airport. By the way, in February this year in Madeira I paid 5 euro, in July on Corsica I paid 9 euros.
    The departure and arrival halls of the Bastia – Poretta are joined and you face many inconveniences. First, when you come you are looking for a trolley, but all trolleys are locked deep in the hall and you must insert a one-Euro coin to get it. Then you want to be insured about the time of your plane and one can’t find an info board. The huge wall is empty. After a while you can see two old-fashioned ( 80s) screens far behind the office workers’ backs with tiny unclear info on flights. Then you want to use WC, which is below the ground floor, but you have to face a fierce cleaning woman who demands money. Many people where astounded. By the way, each passenger pays in the price of ticket a special airport fee. In addition I travelled via the excellent Munich airport, which offers free drinks and papers for thousands of passengers. What a contrast! Bastia and Munich are in EU. You can hardly believe it’s true.
    To be checked out there was only one counter. By the way information on small screen above counters were misleading. The guy told me that I couldn’t be checked out directly to Danzig. That I have to check out again in Munich. But both my flights were operated by Lufthansa.

    Unique Suggestions: Be prepared with coins for a trolley and the toilet.

    Airport bus tickets - 9 Euro per ride Empty space - a modern info board is needed Trolley with a coin People astounded by noisy cleaning lady As a consolation-spectacular vistas from the plane
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Bastia Off The Beaten Path

  • intl_dan's Profile Photo

    Drive above Bastia

    by intl_dan Updated Nov 26, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bastia is a city between sea and mountains, and offers some amazing scenery. From the little roundabout at the top of Boulevard Pascal Paoli take a sharp right to the direction of St. Florent (D81). As you ascend above the city watch for the Monserato sign. This little oratory has a very good panoramic view of Bastia and an interesting story to tell.

    In 1803 Napoleon restored the Catholic church official status to France, but like any totalitarian control freak, he wanted everything his own way, and those who disagreed (424 of them) were sent on a one way vacation ticket to Bastia's keep. Les Bastiais were angered and shocked, demanded their release, this was forthcoming on the condition that they house the priests in their own home, to which the city folk willingly dedicated. Pope Pius VII was touched by their kindess and granted a copy of the Lateran's Scala Santa (the stairs trodden on by Christ at Pontius Pilate's palace) to lead up to this oratory. Hence its name "Chapelle Notre Dame de Monserato" or, as the Bastians economically call it: "Chapelle de la SCALA SANTA".

    If you've had fun in Corsica and you, for whatever reason feel guilty, stuff your therapist and climb up the stairs on your knees (well, maybe you do need a therapist after all...), like the Scala in Rome, you are promised to be absolved of all your sins! Merry masochism! G'd bless!

    You can take from here the D64 towards Cardo (and then to the Cap Corse via Ville de Pietrabugno & San Martino di Lota), a lovely village perched above Bastia, which was founded by the Romans in Porto Cardo fleeing from destruction. It has a Genoese tower and a fountain. Otherwise you can continue on the D81 to St. Florent.

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Bastia Sports & Outdoors

  • sdoca's Profile Photo

    Biking / Bicycle in Corsica

    by sdoca Written Jan 10, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Happy New Year 2005!

    If you take the boat in Nice you are probably heading for Bastia. My advice is
    definitely to rent a car. Usually Europecar is the cheapest for a 3 doors
    economic car.

    The island is small but still 182km long on 83km large. Corsica is a mountain in
    the sea. you are very couragous to bike there!! The roads are quite narrow and
    it goes high in the mountain. The most straight road is on the East Coast from
    Bastia going South. The rest of the island is full of roads in the mountain,
    quite steep and you should be a trained biker.

    This person did a trip of 8 days, maybe it would give you ideas:

    and this other traveller biked it as well:

    pictures of italian travellers corsica.htm

    french bikers pics:

    All informaiton in english about Corsica on this web site:
    the author is AMerican and live there!

    Equipment: Regarding the weather, summers are long - from May till October. By June the
    ambient temperature is in the mid-20s°C (mid 70s°F). The average for the year is
    12° and the average (about 54°F) and quarterly temperatures average:
    Quarter °C °F
    high 50s

    about 70

    about 80

    mid 60s

    Obviously, in high summer these averages mask much higher coastal temperatures,
    though of course the reverse is true, the higher you go. If you are mountain
    walker, bear in mind that the famous GR20 path is generally open only between
    mid-July to the end of October. It is not to be undertaken lightly at any season
    and even in the six weeks from June, ice axes, ropes and the other
    mountaineering paraphernalia are needed. In 2002 I had breakfast outside in

    I have swam in Corsica in June, from the 15th of June it starts being quite
    warm, most of the islander already swim in May!

    I hope this email helps you a little. Again the website in English gives most answers.

    I would also advice that you look int an itinerary and start thiking of booking
    soon. Also it is a small island all Corsican who live elsewhere come back in the
    summer and the island is then full again! But June is definitely the best month
    to go as is September just before and just after the July-AUgust rush,
    host-rstaurant, shop owner and loclas are all devoted to you the first tourists
    (in June) and last tourists (in Spetember).

    Best wishes

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