Corsica Things to Do

  • View across to Bonifacio.
    View across to Bonifacio.
    by pfsmalo
  • Along the cliff edge.
    Along the cliff edge.
    by pfsmalo
  • The cliff and semaphore at Pertusato.
    The cliff and semaphore at Pertusato.
    by pfsmalo

Corsica Things to Do

  • Calvi (Corsica) in one day

    Calvi is not that big that it will be problematic to see it in one day. The "must see" is most probably the "citadelle" (fort) perched up the rock and that overlooks the city. Inside the citadelle multiple walks are signposted to make sure you do not miss the good sights, it's pretty well organised. IF you like old buildings, narrow streets, this...

  • How to travel and top sights in Corsica

    Hello Fran and PierreAs I am writing a little late, you might have already set your plans. Firstly, I am Corsican, I live on the island and I cannot recommend you enough to RENT A CAR or a motorbike as many days as you can. Seriously, it won't be a waste of money, especially as you are going during a non peak period and transport are even more...

  • Chestnut trees

    In Corsica, a whole region, located between Corte and the Eastern Coast is named Castagniccia, meaning the chestnut tree country; the area is covered of wild and cultivated chestnut woods and orchards. In the area of Corte, and further west, the chestnut trees are more isolated, but they are very impressive with their big trunks (picture 2). The...

  • Antonius

    Elsewhere in this page, I wrote about St Antonius not Antonius of Padua, the great one; here he is! I was not really surprised to “meet” him here, and I liked a lot to see him, not in the classical representation of resisting against an irresistible temptation, but as a simple pig shepherd! It is known he loved all animals, and the “dirty” pig was...

  • Nativity Church of Casamaccioli

    I was not there when the Santa du Niolu is taken out for the yearly procession at Casamaccioli, on 8th of September, every year, for the local fair. I only met her in the church (picture 1), with other saints displayed in niches or on pedestals.Casamaccioli is a nice little quiet village where a stop at the church, during a walk around the lake of...

  • A nice cemetery

    When you walk between the villages, you can pass by nice romantic cemeteries which look like they are abandoned since centuries.One kilometre east of Casamaccioli, near the sealed road I stepped across one of these niceplaces; a small wall circling a field where the graves are just marked by tombstones and crosses (picture 1), still snow on the...

  • The Mouflon is shy

    The Cinto area belongs to the Parc National de Haute Corse, and as you are in a National Park, you can expect to see some wildlife; we were lucky, besides the birds, to spot a mouflon (equivalent to the American Mountain sheep), who took his time crossing the trail (picture 2); despite its hunting has been banned in 1953, this animal is rather shy,...

  • Scenes of rural life!

    There are lots of pigs in the Corsican mountains, there is cattle, there are also sheep and goats running freely on the rocks (picture 4) or the slopes of the mountains. Corsican cheeses are famous and I think that the quality of milk is related to the way of breeding these animals, that means leaving them as free as possible. The sheep you see on...

  • More about pigs

    The pigs of Corsica deserve (at least) a second tip, for many reasons, in my opinion!First, they look quite cute, almost wild (picture 1), and that makes them more than just future food. I must say, I liked to look at these animals, a bit shy (you never know if the butcher is coming!) (picture 2), running freely between the shrubs, sometimes...

  • You will be amazed by the pigs

    Corsican are very proud of their ham, sausages, coppa and other delicatessen, and besides the know how to elaborate them, the “raw material” of top quality is a fundamental ingredient which gives them their unsurpassable delicate taste. Yes, the swine which roam wild in the hills and countryside around the villages have a different taste from their...

  • Sanctus Franciscus Niolensis monastery

    No, this monastery is not an architectural marvel, but history has passed by, and it was here that the freedom fighters of June 1774 have been hung on chestnut trees! A plaque recalls this when you arrive at the monastery. A big white building, with the church on the right side and the “quarters” on the left (picture 5), a nice yard with grass and...

  • Albertacce

    Albertacce, a small village above the Calacuccia lake counts 250 inhabitants; there are a bit more things to see here than in Calacuccia, and, if not really picturesque, you can look at the churches and their bell towers (picture 1), walk in the quiet main street and look at the coloured window shutters of the dry stone houses (picture 2), and...

  • Villages: Calacuccia

    At the end of winter, the villages are probably not at their best, in the touristy or picturesque way, and they may be more charming during warmer days (or in the middle of winter, under snow), but when you are there, it is worth to walk in the small streets, try to feel a bit of the atmosphere.Calacuccia is the biggest village of High Niolu, there...

  • Enjoy the streams!

    Something wonderful for the nature loving hiker is to walk along roaring streams in the high valleys. In spring, when the snow is melting on the summits, they can be quite powerful. The higher Golo (picture 1) is one of them. I like how the water carves the granite, like here, the Viru (picture 2).I admit I could sit hours, looking at the movements...

  • St Antonius

    Elsewhere are a few lines about St Antonius, the Great one and the one from Padua. It is a bit confusing of who you meet sometimes in Corsica. With all those pigs around, you may think of Antonius the Great, but many shrines or churches display Antonius of Padua; at least it is Antonius.On the Mare a Mare trail, near Muricciolu bridge, is a shrine...

  • Genovese bridges

    Genovese bridges inherited their name from the time Genoa ruled over Corsica (although some date back to Pisan times), and decided to develop local infrastructure between the villages and improve commercial routes and enhance communications. These are tiny bridges, in general, no vehicles could use them, only walkers and animals; the donkey and...

  • Niolu region

    Niolu is the name of upper Golo valley region, East and South of Monte Cinto where small villages spot the slopes of the hills on the sides of the valleys.Niolu is a special place in the heart of Corsican, where resistance against the “foreign” power (Genoa, then France) has always been (and in some way still is) alive and strong; people here love...

  • “Capella A’ Sa’ Lisei”

    At a turn of the Erco trail, when getting over a pass, when having a new landscape in front of us, we like to see an old barn, a solitary tree, to surprise some animal. . . . . . Here, on the way to Erco, I was expecting to discover a small ruined chapel (as my map indicated), and when I walked over a ridge I had to look for some time before...

  • Enjoy wide open views

    One of the reasons which makes us walking in the mountains is the scenery, the wide open view when we reach the divides or summits. Corsica is a beautiful mountain, and the scenery is beautiful from everywhere, on the passes, from lower hills, from the ridges, the summits are never far and in spring, the summits still covered with snow make so...

  • Cinto!

    The GR 20 trail passes not far from the Cinto (Monte Cinto, to write it correctly), the highest point of Corsica (2706m); as there was a lot of snow on the GR 20 trail, we visited him, coming from the East, walking up the trail to the Erco hut, starting from Calacuccia. At the hut, you are still 900 m below the summit, but without snow, the walk up...

  • Walk the Ercu trail

    The Ercu trail which takes you to the Ercu hut at the feet of the Monte Cinto starts in the small village of Lozzi, next to the camping grounds located North of the village. There are no signs on the trail, but it is very obvious on the stone fields and meadows. It mostly follows a ridge you reach after a not so steep walk, and there, the beautiful...

  • Some kings of the mountains!

    Mountains have always been places of freedom, places where people have a hard, but rewarding life, where they never are “tamed” totally by whatever authority! May be they take example from the early inhabitants who glide so easily from peak to valley and back to the peaks, I mean the big birds which, with the clouds and the summit lines make the...

  • Crocus covered meadows

    No flowers on the meadows? Not exactly, there are places covered with the tiny beautiful Crocus! From far, like a light coloured veil (picture 2), they cover the winter grass, telling spring will soon be there!The pollen falling from the blood red anthers spots nicely the light blue petals, and from near the flowers are beautiful (other pictures),...

  • Christroses, Asphodeles, Cyclamen. . . .

    It was just a bit early, end April to see the meadows covered with the spring flowers; not only the meadows, the woods also offer flowers, and here (picture 1) the wild cyclamen spot the underbrush with their colours.If you are an adept of “Natural medicine”, you will be happy to find Christroses (Hellebores) which have no bright colours, but they...

  • Well combed cattle

    The EEC tax payers may not be aware, but they contribute a lot to the subsidies to the Corsican cattle farmers. . . specially the milk farmers. . . . The cows of Corsica do not give a lot of milk (there are however wonderful cheeses), they mostly roam on the mountains, and if they are declared as “milk cattle” it is only to get EEC subsidies. ....

  • Bocca a l’Arinella

    When you leave the Sega hut, heading for Calacuccia, on the “Mare a Mare” trail, you will cross the Pascio Ridge at Bocca a l’Arinella, the Fine Sand Pass, after a 400 m easy climb, walking first under the shade of a pine forest and then on open grass slopes. From the pass, you will have your first view on the Golo Valley and to the highest peak of...

  • Crossing rivers

    In May, the snow is still melting in the mountains, and walking up a valley is not always easy when you have to cross side rivers or brooks. In summer there is certainly no problem crossing any small to medium sized river, but in spring you must be careful, or ready to get your feet wet, or make some sporty exercise, with your back pack.There are...

  • The Pine forests

    Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii var. Corsicana is the endemic pine tree of Corsica, but if you are not a botanist, you will, like me, only notice it is a pine tree, not very different of the ones you see in the forests of the mainland. The trails under the trees are very picturesque with the stems covered by the big bark plates (picture 1).This tree,...

  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the clouds

    Corsica is well known for its beaches, the sunny weather on the coast, but I enjoy much more the mountains, the thin air of the summits and the changing skies there. When you walk the trails in early spring you may enjoy the changing shapes and colours of the sky, the clouds forming in the valleys or capping the summits; there is a serene...

  • Small shrines along the way

    People of Corsica are very pious, specially those who live and work in the mountains; you certainly will not miss the many shrines along the trails, dedicated to local or universal saints; some of these shrines are “anonymous” , very modest almost hidden in the Asphodels (picture 1), others have names and ex-votos (picture 2) for the protection...

  • Tavignano Gorges

    Going to the high valleys and summits of the Corsica mountains, you have to walk up first the lower valleys (you also could go by car on one of the few roads crossing Corsica, but it is not the subject of this page), follow the paths generations of shepherds, woodmen, guerrillas, mules, . . . have followed.The Tavignano River cuts deep gorges, and...

  • Corsica wilderness

    Drive from Ile Rousse to Saint Florent on D81. You can enjoy a magnificent wild view of Corsican mountains and landscape. You will be surrounded by the wild nature of Corsica and realize that this small island has such rocky and beautiful mountain roads.


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  • Seeking Napoleon`s traces in Ajaccio :)

    Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica`s most famous son, was born in Ajaccio on August 15th 1769. Actually Napoleon had been living permanently in Ajaccio only till he was 9 years old, then his family received a bursery, so that they could send Napoleon and his brother to mainland France to be educated there. The house in which Napoleon was born, and which...

  • Sartène

    Sartène, located on the west coast, between Propriano and Bonifacio, is simply lovely! It is perched up on a hill, and consists of numerous old stone houses. It has about 3000 inhabitants. An interesting fact is, that in the 19th century Sartène was also very (in)famous for vendetta :). There is the church Église Sainte Marie on Place Porta to...

  • Bonifacio

    Bonifacio is in the south of Corsica - you can see the italian island of Sardegna from there. It is a very picturesque town, perched on the cliffs. Bonifacio is divided into the "haute-ville" where you find the old town, and the marina. There is a nice church - Église Sainte Marie Majeur in the city centre. Right in front of it you find the italian...

  • Porto Pollo - pleasant beach village

    Porto Pollo is located at the Golfe du Valinco, close to Propriano. There is a lovely landscape around it. It is tiny, there are just a few houses, small hotels and bed and breakfasts and hardly any shops. The beach is not especially long, but nice and clean. The sea is pretty calm there and it is not as windy as elsewhere in Corsica, so it is also...

  • A magical place - Iles Sanguinaires

    Iles Sanuinaires are located very close to Ajaccio. Sanguinaire means bloody, because in sunlight you can see the rocks shining in red colour. You can reach them by boat. For example the company "Nave Va" offers those boat trips. They have a stand in Ajaccio city centre where you can get information on that and buy tickets. When I was in Ajaccio...

  • Travel Corsica the old-fashioned way!

    "U trinighellu" (lit.: the trembler) is it called, the little train connecting Bastia and Ajaccio (via Corte) and Calvi. It has only 110 seats. I went on a scenic railway from Bastia to Ajaccio, which lasted four hours. Mostly standing, as I wanted to enjoy the views! You come through lovely landscape, the mountains, and remote villages. Sometimes...

  • Corsica

    The boat trip to the scandola nature reserve is a must do.The company is called Colombo line.Secondly let the train take the strain, the ride from Calvi to Ajaccio is great fun.Bonifacio MUST be viewed from a boat.

  • Walking the GR20 in Corsica

    The GR20 or Grand Route is a strenuous 10 day walk, running from North to South along most of the Island. We took the (relatively) easy option of walking the final stage in 8 hours on a single day. Make sure you've adequate clothing, water and food. The maquis is particularly beautiful.

  • Napoleon's Ajaccio

    Ajaccio is the main town of Corsica and the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is a relaxed rather than lively town and visitors come here to enjoy its wealth of caf?s, restaurants and shops.The buildings in the main town square are typically Mediterranean with white, yellow and pink facades and rectangular windows. An equestrian statue of...

  • L'?le Rousse

    L'?le Rousse is a major port, but as a tourist attraction somewhat overshadowed by the spectacular beauty of nearby Calvi. What the town does have, though, is flair. It's the most French-looking of all Corsican towns and its shady, plane-lined main square is a nice place for a caf? au lait in the midday heat.

  • Calvi

    Calvi on the wild north-west coast is one of the island's most popular tourist destinations. The structure and location of the town resembles Bonifacio's, but the two places are entirely different. In Calvi the action takes place in the lower part of town and along the harbour promenade where most of the gastronomical and tourist-oriented...

  • La Balagne de Piana

    The 'Calanche' between Piana and Porto offers Corsica's most spectacular coastal scenery with rugged red rock formations, a kind of Bryce Canyon right above the dark-blue Mediterranean Sea. The narrow, winding road which links the two villages runs right through this beautiful area, however, there are few places to stop when you're driving a car,...


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