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  • Étretat
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  • Moules à la Normande
    Moules à la Normande
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  • A steep and winding path to the top
    A steep and winding path to the top
    by ranger49

Étretat Things to Do

  • Climb the Cliffs

    The cliffs, or falaises in French, are what attracts most visitors to Etretat. Made famous by numerous paintings by Claude Monet and other impressionists, they still look every bit as spectacular as at the end of the 19th century. It's particularly La Porte d'Aval which looks stunning: a natural arch of bright white chalk, complemented by a...

  • Les Impressionnistes à Etretat.

    Les tables de lecture sur la promenade de mer avec des reproductions de tableaux réalisés à cet endroit par des maîtres de l'Impressionisme comme Claude Monet sont là pour rappeler aux visiteurs que la Côte Normande de Dieppe à Honfleur a été un des berceaux de l'impressionnisme et un rendez vous des peintres de cette école.Le précurseur fût Eugène...

  • La géologie des falaises - geology of...

    Les falaises d'Etretat attirent des amateurs de géologie et de minéralogie. Si c'est votre hobby et si vous comprenez le français il y a un exposé scientifique très détaillé sur Google:"À la découverte géologique des falaises d’Étretat" par Bernard Hoyez de l'Université du Havre. C'est la description d'une excursion le long des falaises.J'en ai...


Étretat Hotels

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Étretat Restaurants

  • Best Moules à la Normande

    I've been in this restaurant many times, when I'm here I visit this place. And I always have taken Normandy mussels, why? They always have been delicious and maybe because we here in Latvia can't get so fresh seafood. Of course, this restaurant offers more of sea stuff not just mussels. So I suggest when taking mussels also to take a cider. Not to...

  • Normandy's Best Sausages

    One of the great things of travelling is to discover the local cuisine, particularly in places like Normandy which are renowned as culinary hotspots. My guidebook mentions that the people in Normandy love to add one of (or all of) the following ingredients to their food: cream, butter, cider, calvados, apples... It couldn't sound more tasty, could...

  • Seafood and fish.

    This restaurant was recommended by the owner of our hotel-restaurant in Sassetot and it was a very good choice both for its excellent location on the seafront promenade of Etretat and the quality of what we tasted. In addition the prices are reasonable. The restaurant has the advantage of being located next to the parking (for approximately 150...


Étretat Nightlife

  • Casino

    Well, it's not Las Vegas but there is a Casino in Etretat. I didn't actually visit but on my way back home on the bus there were some cute little old ladies talking about how they were going to have to eat potatoes for the whole rest of the week.I think its mostly slot machines but if that's your thing go for it and I just called the "salle des...

  • Pore Night Life

    The only thing that crosses my mind is that there is a Casino at the beach. Beside a dozen restaurants there aren’t any real pubs nether, so you might get stuck in your restaurant or hotel after all. I didn’t entered the Casino but that’s are there was.All I can say about this Casino is that long time ago, In the night of 10 September 1903 a storm...

  • The cliffs at night

    It was after dark when I arrived in Etretat so this was my first view of the beach. They light the cliffs up at night and it's really worth it to stay over a night in Etretat to see this. I just wish I could share the sound of the waves rolling in and out on the galet beach... Sorry my picture is not great but I didn't have a tripod. Beach wear


Étretat Transportation

  • Parking at Etretat.

    Getting at Etretat is not difficult; from the north-east it is by the D940 coming from Fécamp, or by the same D940 when coming from Le Havre in the south.For us begin May on a week day parking at the nearest parking of the beach was easy at 11 h but at 14 h this pay parking place du Général De Gaulle at a few meters from the promenade was full....

  • Driving in France

    In June/July 2006 we had a 9 day driving holiday in France. We caught a car ferry from Dover to Calais, drove down through Normandy, popped into Brittany and then caught the ferry back to Dover from Boulogne-sur-Mer.We chose to take our own car over, as the cost of the ferry and petrol was significantly cheaper than flying from London and hiring a...

  • Bus from Le Havre to Etretat

    I haven't actually travelled to Etretat yet, but I'm planning to take trip there from Paris. aemilys' useful advice about getting to Etretat encouraged me to investigate the Autocars Gris. I managed to come across this useful Etretat tourist office website: www.etretat.net. Click on the 'Bus' logo along the top right hand side and you'll find more...


Étretat Shopping

  • Cheeses

    Normandy is popular for cheeses. For example, Camembert comes from the nearby city Camembert. But what I want to suggest to try are Pont l'Eveque and Livarot. They are like grandpa and grandma to Camambert cheese. If your not familiar with cheeses - Pont l'Eveque is more square shape and Livarot differs with its dark yellow colour. Another one...

  • Calvados and souvenirs

    This is a really friendly little shop in the covered market. The guy behind the counter was helpful and gave me some good suggestions on what to buy.He also shared several interesting cocktail recipes and explained how to use the Pommeau in cooking. I didn't take notes so I'll have to ask him again when I go back. All sorts of regional...

  • Goat cheese and more

    Well perhaps here is the proof that just one weekend in Etretat is not enough. I had planned to visit this farm where they raise goats and make cheese and other goat milk products; they even do chocolates. Unfortunately I didn't have the time and so I've put it first on my list for things to visit when I go back in May 2006. They offer tours of the...


Étretat Local Customs

  • Eat cheese

    The local cheese from Normandy is called "Neufchâtel"I'm not that great cheese freak, but I must tell I liked this one. It has a very sharp noise and taste. As strong it is in the mouth as smooth the aftertaste asks for more :-)

  • Americans and British welcome here

    I remember the first time I visited Normandy, I was so surprised to see so many American flags all over the place.Etretat is the same, you will feel happy here. They like us (and they are much friendlier than the Parisiens...)

  • Painting

    for the artists among usplease email me a digital version of your painting in case you paint one of the cliffs...


Étretat Warnings and Dangers

  • Dangers at the cliffs.

    Danger of falling stones. Do not walk under the cliffs.At the end of the seafront promenade "du perrey" the warning panels are fixed on a bunker from the WW II "Atlantic Wall" defending the beach from a landing by sea by the Allied forces. There is also a very useful panel with the tides as the walks along the cliffs and the "trou à l'homme" can...

  • Don't feed the seagulls.

    Gulls can be rather annoying once they become too familiar with humans, especially tourists eating fish and chips near the beach. In Etretat as nobody eats fish and chips on the promenade they behave in a quiet way and seem not to be a nuisance.Giving them anything to eat is forbidden.In French we call "mouettes" the smaller gulls and "goélands"...

  • Don't remove pebbles.

    Blocks fallen from the cliff are rolled by the waves, losing their matrix of chalk and are transformed into pebbles. Knapped the flint can be white or black and decorate house fronts. Until the begin of the 20th c. thousand tons of pebbles were collected by hand on the beaches of Normandy and transported on the back of man, woman or horse to feed...


Étretat Tourist Traps

  • the discripion "Bar"

    Well, I do have to tell you I’ve got a bad after taste in finding a nice drinking place. In the first “Restaurant – Bar” place they direct us to a … large table for 15 people in the middle of the room when there were dozens of cosy spots at the window free, so I refused to sit down and left. (was a bit shocked from myself, but it was almost if they...

  • July and August

    If you come in July and August you may be trapped with lots of other tourists. Do your hiking and exploring early in the morning. Lots of people just come in for the day or for dinner so if you stay over the early hours should be less crowded. Go off season if at all possible. You will have a much nicer time (unless you really like crowds).

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Étretat What to Pack

  • aemilys's Profile Photo

    Rain gear, good shoes and a walking...

    by aemilys Updated Nov 14, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: It rains a lot especially in the off season so make sure you are prepared.

    Good shoes are essential not only for cliff hiking but also for walking out on the beach in low tide (those big galets and stones can be painful for sensitive feet). Some of the paths are really muddy and slippery so a walking stick might also be useful. And then of course do not forget a windbreaker with a hood.

    Photo Equipment: Bring all you photography stuff! Etretat is a paradise for artists and you will get some great photos here.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Fishing pole, surfboard, wetsuit, swimsuit depending on the season....

    Miscellaneous: Bring your paints, pastels or whatever you create with.

    Also a piece of plastic or other waterproof material is a good thing to have if you want to sit on the beach or the benches. Sometimes it just rains a little and then the sun comes out but everything is still wet so...where to sit?

    Appropriate dress (if only I had any sense...) Rain gear It's all uphill in the slippery mud
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Étretat Off The Beaten Path

  • Circle the golf terrain

    Once you reached to end of the golf terrain you can enter a small path on the left (which eventually is the border of that golf terrain). Go all the way until a T crossing. If you go left you have to keep on “left-ing” whenever you can and you will end up Etretat village again. But if you that the right way, you should pass and cheese farm, where...

  • Find the stairway to walk down the cliff

    Once you passed the Chapel at the East of Etretat, you will find a sign telling you to watch out for falling rocks! There is a stairway that takes you all the way down to the sea ... and gives you the opportunity to carve the name of your loved one in the rocks...

  • Adventure walking (part 1)

    As I told before, you can walk on the beach on low tide for at least 1hour straight. To know how, ask the old man in the corner of the street … and you will find “the path” :-) .. or you can find more details in my "things to do" tips


Étretat Sports & Outdoors

  • Surfing

    Etretat is a good place where to rent a small boat and to make a tour of the cliffs. And why not to pass over the Port d'Aval?

  • A beautiful course

    I don't play golf but if I did I would want to play here. The website says it is the finest golfcourse in France and the view from the greens is magnficent. The website is in English too.There is also a clubhouse restaurant, tel. 33 (0)2 35 27 04 56 Your golf clubs.

  • Feeling like Tiger?

    Next to the walking route you'll find the golf course stretched over the entire coastline of Etretat.The lovely lil' town of Etretat and the view on the beach and cliffs might distract you. Just focus on the white ball !


Étretat Favorites

  • Chapel La Notre Dame-de-la-Garde

    The Chapel was build in 1854. During the second world war this chapel was dynamited in august 1942 but was rebuild in that same month 8 years later. I personally find the new one much prettier that the old one (see photo’s)

  • Etretat information

    The official website of the town of Etretat is www.etretat.net. There are versions in several languages including English. The site is full of interesting information and should help you to plan your trip.However, I much prefer the unofficial site www.etretat.com. Unfortunately it has not been translated but if you can read French check it out....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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