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  • View from the other side of the lake
    View from the other side of the lake
    by Chickytrick
  • Park and lake of Fontainebleau
    Park and lake of Fontainebleau
    by Chickytrick
  • In the street of Barbizon
    In the street of Barbizon
    by Chickytrick

Fontainebleau Highlights

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     a well organised campground near to the various climbing area's. Facilities are well maintained. A swimming pool is available depending on the weather. In the morning a bakery van visits the... 

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     It requires more preparation than we gave it. 

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     Don't pass up the opportunity to visit ! 

Fontainebleau Things to Do

  • Chateau de Fontainebleau-interiors 2

    A jewel cannot be describe in five photos or even 8 , so will do another tip sequence to post more photos of the first castle I ever visited in France,and my sentimental favorite as it is my wife's have the wonderful shots of the chapel St Saturnin upper chamber and the domefollow by the inner entrance to the grands appartements or...

  • Museum Napoléon

    inside the castle you have the musée Napoléon 1er or the Napoleon I museum. This is dedicated to the Emperor and his family, occupying 15 rooms on the first floor(2 FL) and ground floor (1 FL) at the wing Louis XV. The museum has souvenirs, objects d’arts,furniture,, ceramics, arms etc etc of the family. Contact tel +33 01 60 71 50 60. guided visit...

  • Chinese Museum or musée Chinois

    Another wonderful space in the magnificent Chateau de Fontainebleau. This is the Chinese museum and its just one of the four museums in the Chateau/Museum of Fontainebleau.The Museum Chinese on order of Eugenie in 1863 have East Asian collections collected by the Empress. They are both from the imperial garde-MEUBLE (wardrobe) , acquisitions by...

  • gardens of Chateau de Fontainebleau

    Wonderful gardens one of my best since younger days coming over from my girlfriend now wife who is from the area.The garden of Diane, North of the Castle, was raised by Catherine de Medici on a space already built by François Ier and was at the time known as Garden of the Queen. Traced to the French, the garden was redesigned by Henri IV and...

  • Chateau de Fontainebleau-interiors

    Back in 1990 married a French woman from the region, and it was the first monument/castle I saw in France with her. So it has remained special/ we are friends of the castle and visit often. Some of the history the Chateau de Fontainebleau. It was king François Ier who seduce by the beauty of the area ordered to demolished the feodal castle done by...

  • Palace

    The castle appeared in Fontainebleau near 1100, and served as a residence to kings of Capeting dynasty. It got a present view of a palace in style of Renessanse after 1527 at Francisk the First. Italian architects were invited for this purpose. Fontainebleau was used only in autumn for hunting after construction of Versailles.You can watch my 2 min...

  • Chateau de Fontainebleau

    While Napoleon I is the most closely associated with the Chateau de Fontainebleau, you can see evidence throughout the palace of the other rulers who used the chateau as a refuge from Paris. Although the first chateau was built here in the 1100s, Francois I was the king that converted the hunting lodge here into a palace in the 1500s, you can see...

  • The gardens of Fontainebleau

    The gardens at Fontainebleau are free to visit even if you decide not to visit the interior of the chateau.The largest part of the gardens is the Grand Parterre, the largest formal garden in Europe which was created during the reign of Louis XIV by André Le Nôtre and Louis Le Vau. We heard Le Nôtre's name several times on this trip, the gardens at...

  • Palace of Fontainebleau

    Starting from the 6th century this place was a hunting lodge for the king. Six centuries later the place was turned into a permanent castle.This was one of the places we visited in 1950. The way I can tell which of the palaces (Fontainebleau or Versailles) in my dad's pictures is the double stairway on the front of Fontainebleau and from the...

  • Caleche rides - try the olde horse and...

    As advertised these horse and carriage rides will take adults for 5 euro and children for 4 euro - makes an interesting and relaxing way to see the grounds of Fontainebleu - which are quite extensive - and imagine back to the days of when this was the transport of the day.

  • Boating on the carp pond

    This looks a bit like a tourist trap but I am sure for the romantic inclined or those with children this might be rather nice especially on a nice day.The views looking to the dramatic big buildings around Fontainebleu would probably look rather good from across the pond in a boat too I imagine.A little expensive though at 10 euro for half an hour.

  • Fontainebleau Palace

    The majestic Palace of Fontainebleau, is a stunning site. A Royal Palace from the 15th Century onwards, its architecture and its rooms present a potporri of styles, ranging from the Rennaissance to the 19th Century. A visit here is highly recommended.The most famous feature of the front of the palace is the grand horseshoe stairs, first built...


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Fontainebleau Restaurants

  • Royal Dinner

    The restaurant has Michelin stars and serves high cuisine. You can choose a la carte or take the dinner set, which is cheaper and actually optimal.It was a very elegant, tasty and memorable dinner.

  • Great lunch after Palace visit

    The restaurant is very nice. Close to the palace. Not too expensive, but it always depends on what you order. It's a bistro with rather casual, family atmoshere. The place got full by 20.30, this is a good sign meaning that bad places are never overcrowded. It is better to make a reservation beforehand. We had oysters. We just loved...

  • Great french cooking

    This restaurant is on the main road in the village. Food is wonderful.Not to far from being opposite the town hallI had the plat de jour which was as usual fantastic


Fontainebleau Transportation

  • How to get here in and out

    well again I come here often by car, but train is available .the most use site folks use is with the car ,but I would advice to compare with a paper map of the region easy from Paris is to take the A6 A or B from the peripherique road at Porte de gentilly ; it then becomes the autoroute de soleil as the A6 get off exit St...

  • Daytrip from Paris

    We didn't try this as a daytrip but according to the Chateau's website you can reach Fontainebleau via public transportby taking a train and a bus."From the Gare de Lyon (main line), take the train for either Montargis Sens or Montereau, alighting at Fontainebleau-Avon station, then take the ‘Ligne A’ bus destined for Les Lilas, alighting at the...

  • Parking

    Presumably you've driven to Fontainebleau to see the marvelous chateau, like Versailles the chateau is no longer located in the country but rather smack dab in the middle of a city with no free parking in sight. We did see some "payant" spots near where the tour buses sit and the best we could understand there was a day rate of 5€ but as we weren't...


Fontainebleau Shopping

  • lovely French antiques

    This shop was just near the entrance to the Fontainebleu chateau complex and the pieces in it that could be seen from the door and front window looked rather impressive - they certainly look very French and fit into the location very well!Cant tell you what the prices were as I knew at the time they didnt fit into my budget travellers budget and I...

  • Buy Souvenirs!

    Postcards, books on the Kings of France... T-shirts, mugs, CDs, photo prints... the works! Aw.... what the heck. Let your friends laugh at ya and call you a typical tourist... because you are! ;-)

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Fontainebleau Local Customs

  • gwened's Profile Photo
    the mass before the hunt 4 more images

    by gwened Written Oct 4, 2013

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    This is Fontainebleau and we feast the day of Saint Hubert, saint of the hunters, that remind you that here even before there was a castle it was a hunters residence.
    The feast is done every November 4th, at the castle ground and many mounted hunters with their dogs come to the castle to celebrate and a huge Mass is held on the ground. I have participated as I volunteer many times here the region of my wife.

    Also, I must add, on june every year there is the event "Nature et Vénerie en Fête", or nature and hunting in feast close... done in the Grand Parquet àt Fontainebleau, Here there is ,also, a mass to St Hubert. In FRench, but all about this part of the horse hunters tradition at the Grand Parquet,

    This year coming up will have once again plenty of activities for the lucky ones in the area
    Sunday, October 27- from 10h to 17h . Saint Hubert, patron of hunters, With a few days in advance, the Château de Fontainebleau celebrates the patron saint of the hunting and offers a discovery between tradition and modernity.The program of this day
    10 h 15 / 10 h 45 / 11 h 15 / 11 h 4513 h 30 / 14 h / 14 h 30 / 15 h / 15 h 30 / 16 h:

    discovery of the first floor of the apartment of the hunts with a speaker. Duration: 15 minutes. Free for all; withdrawal tickets the same day, in the oval courtyard. Limited number of spaces.
    10: 00: tour in town of a hitch with Pipers of fallopian tubes
    10 h 30: mass and blessing of the nature - Court ova
    l2: 00 pm: conference the wolves through the ages - 1 200th anniversary by Pierre - Francois Prioux, boatswain of the storm rally and lieutenant of wolves-Fontainebleau Hall of columns
    2 pm - 4 pm: presentation of falconry by l'Association La Pierre aux lièvres (subject to weather) - Gallery of flowers
    2 pm - 5 pm: ride ponies - Grand Parterre, bell ringers fallopian hitches - gardens
    15 h 45: return of hunting - allée Maintenon and Court oval
    16 h 30: cold Skylark - Court oval.Free for all. Ponies tour: €1.

    fun for the whole family, don't missed it.

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Fontainebleau What to Pack

  • Krystynn's Profile Photo

    by Krystynn Written Dec 21, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: Fontainebleau is not too far away from Paris and is easily accessible by train, coach and car. Other than the impressive castle, there is really nothing much to do here in this sleepy town.

    The only advice I can give you to bring along an open mind and lots of FILM for your camera. If you're a technophile, bring along your video cam or digital camera! ;-))

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Fontainebleau Off The Beaten Path

  • théatre Municipal

    A wonderful historical theater in Fontainebleau, 9 Rue Dénecourt, 77300 Fontainebleau ;just to the right of chateau coming out of it, and on left side of the street.It was finished in 1905, opened in 1912, and recently renovated its salle des fêtes or celebration room.Outside of Paris,it is considered a rare example of theater à l’italienne, and...

  • Cruising? Pleasure Boat Port :...

    Port du pays de Fontainebleau on the Seine River just 4,8 kms from the chateau.More info in Travelogue on Avon page.Link to intro page:

  • Channel

    There is a beautiful park with the channel, English gardens and the Grotto of a pine grove in vicinities of the palace.You can watch my 3 min 12 sec Video Fontainebleau Park out of my Youtube channel.


Fontainebleau Sports & Outdoors

  • Rock climbing

    Fontainebleau is known worlwide among the rock climbers for its extensive facilities when it comes to rock climbing.The sandstone boulders offer a vast range of difficulty, from very easy (for beginners or mountainering training) to nearly impossible (even for world level competitors).On the same site, you generally see - side by side - sunday...

  • Beautiful bouldering

    As I stated in my intro this region is a climbers' paradise. Numerous boulders await anyone who's ready to rest his/her abilities. Difficulties range from children's routes to extremely dificult passages for the "happy few". This added to the accessibility and the nature of the area where these boulders are located make it a perfect family holiday...

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Fontainebleau Favorites

  • Fontainebleau and me

    well this like i said elsewhere was the first castle I visited in France because its near the birthplace what later became my wife, and she took me here to show off, lol!its a sentimental favorite of course, and we are very much close to it, in many ways than just visiting it. Fontainebleau has its charmsChâteau de Fontainebleau can be proud to...

  • Fontainebleau is awesome!

    This is a memorable castle for us. It was the first castle I visited ever in France as my wife is from the region. We are friends of the castle and participate in many volunteer events over the year. It is like home.the salle de la belle cheminée is private the photo was taken in one of my functions in the castle, the room is not open to the...

  • Fontainebleau is special

    When I came to know my girlfriend's parents, she took me here, so it was the first castle and place outside her town and Paris that I saw of France in 1990. Ever since, the castle has been associated with us, we support it, and volunteer plus participate in activities links to its upkeep.the town is royal and imperial at the same time, with much of...


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