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  • A crêpe from a vendor by the Eiffel Tower
    A crêpe from a vendor by the Eiffel...
    by iamjacksgoat
  • Near the Tuileries
    Near the Tuileries
    by CALSF
  • Walking
    by ludogatto

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    Walk Monfort l'Amaury

    by gwened Written Dec 23, 2013

    Favorite thing: always good to walk and in France you learn so much by doing so, highly recommended;

    Montfort l'Amaury is a town in the South of department 78 Yvelines where I lived for nearly 10 years with great memories.

    Fondest memory: walking the big hill from the bottom of the Church to the Maurice ravel museum; great sites and nice effort,with lovely views;

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    Jose Maria de Heredia

    by gwened Written Dec 23, 2013

    Favorite thing: A Cuban born poet, teacher and great thinker, help in the intellectual push of the Cuban independance from Spain. He was French by his mother. The site is in French

    I will translate the above site here, best possible
    Heredia, José Maria (1842-1905), French poet, born in La Fortuna, near Santiago de Cuba, Cuban father and French mother, and died October 2, 1905 in France at the Château de Bourdonne (near Houdan). He was buried on October 7, 1905 in the cementary of Bonsecours (near Rouen)

    On the tomb is written: my soul wanders through the foliage, space.19 division 1 of the cemetery, are also buried in this tomb, Tomb No. 26, rank:
    -his mother
    -his son-in-law Maurice Maindron, first husband of his daughter Helena,
    -his wife
    -his daughter Helena.

    Château de Bourdonné F - 78113 place of death of JM de Heredia in 1905
    Seduced by the Basilica of Bonsecours, the Joan of Arc monument which he often visited with Flaubert, J.M. de Heredia bought a concession in the cemetery of Notre Dame de Bonsecours, where he had bury his mother.

    He studied in Havana and in France... As early as 1861, at the age of 18 1/2 years, he settled permanently in France, was educated at Senlis and is received at the École des Chartes. He began composing poems influenced by the latest Parnassian school taking exact realism and the absolute perfection of form. He published his first works in various journals and Leconte de Lisle enabled him to collaborate on the contemporary Parnassus (1866).

    José María de Heredia was recognized quickly as a poet of talent, despite the scarcity of its publications. In 1893, he grouped in the some hundred trophies eighteen sonnets. The first four parts of this book deal with world history since the time hellniques up to the Renaissance, and the last, the nature and dreams. Faithful to the Parnassian doctrine, Heredia had chiseled perfection the shape of these sonnets (He spent more than thirty years in Polishing it), and the theme requires history, legends and nature is conducive descriptions which are exercises in style. In all his poems, Heredia also presents the dramatic events accurately, avoiding any personal comment and any philosophical implication. Undisputed master of the french sonnet, his power of suggestion is intense (after Cannes,Antony and Cleopatra,and Les conquerants or The conquerors...).

    In prose, he wrote a translation of the true history of the conquest of the new Spain Díaz de Castillo (1877-1887, 4 vol.) and the nun Alferez (1894). Officer of the Légion d'honneur, he was elected to the French Academy on February 22, 1894, the Chair 4 to replace Charles de Mazade and received on May 30, 1885 by François Coppe. As April he succeeded his master Leconte de Lisle, but produced more important work. José María de Heredia was also a member of the Commission of the dictionary, curator of the Bibliothèque de L'arsenal and Secretary of Embassy.

    Cousin by marriage to the family of the painter Auguste Toulmouche (21 September 1829 Nantes - 1890), José María de Heredia, as well as numerous Parnassian poets and painters, was received very often to the l'Abbaye de Blanche-Couronne. Toulmouche said of him: this is the flirt of my wife .

    This Abbey inspired these poets as well as the eldest daughter of José María de Heredia, Marie Louise (known in literature under the pseudonym of Gerard of D'houville) who married in 1896 the poet novelist Henri de Régnier. The Heredia prize is currently awarded by the French authors of sonnets or a collection of classical Prosody. This is an annual award established in 1994, by consolidation of the foundations of Heredia, Pascal Forthuny, Emile Hinzelin, Kastner-Boursault, and Le Fèvre-Desmond.

    and here he was at the French academie

    Fondest memory: walking by the house where he lived near me in Montfort l'Amaury (see photo) knowing him from way before my childhood in Cuba, and then been able to come so close,match literary life with real life was an honor.

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    Autos by the Seine

    by gwened Updated Nov 24, 2013

    Favorite thing: This is an idea of the local auto dealers in Yvelines my old dept tohold a car sale presentation of new models right in the m iddle of a town; so they chose Les Mureaux. A hotbed area but with only 33K inhabitants it has 7 banks !!!

    This event is call Autos en Seine in the town of Les Mureaux, dept Yvelines no 78 west of Paris on your way to Normandy on the A13 autoroute de Normandie exit/sortie 8. Its a town about 39 kms (24 miles) from Paris. You can easily get here by train from Paris gare Saint Lazare direction Mantes la Jolie.

    So passing by took these photos, for the car aficionado in me , it will be permanently remain in VT lol!

    Fondest memory: walking and seeing all those wonderful cars and not buying time for me!!!

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    Monument to the fallen at Neuilly

    by gwened Written Sep 20, 2013

    Favorite thing: Neuilly sur Seine is a upscale chic community just outside the city limits of Paris (dept 75) the city is in Hautes des Seine ,dept 92 .

    The monument to the fallen of the WWI is done in stone of Artiges du Breuil; durable and beautiful.
    Always something special to remember

    the area is full of business especially coming back to the avenue du roule or achilles peretti, in Neuilly, and nice walk over to the porte de maillot in Paris.

    Fondest memory: walking around history and wonderful architecture.

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    Walk the city,Maisons Laffitte

    by gwened Written Jun 3, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: the best way to know a city is to walk its streets,and no more evident in France. Here at Maisons Laffite there is leafy roads, wide blvd, and old cobble stone all mixed in, and surrounded by classic upscale chic architecture in an old wordly town.

    you will love your walks here as I did,and do when n town one of my favorites in my soon to be old area;

    Fondest memory: walking from castle to epi de longueil for shopping and having lunch at l'avenue resto nearby

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    Kings of France

    by Elisabcn Written Dec 21, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Warning!
    This is a tip written for me!! Just put this information here online not to loose it (as usual)

    desde Clodoveo I (481-511) hasta Childerico III (743-751)

    desde Pipino el Breve (751-768) hasta Luis V (986-987) aaargghhh!

    desde Hugo Capeto (987-996) hasta Carlos IV (1322-1328)

    desde Felipe VI (1328-1350) hasta Enrique III (1574-1589)

    desde Enrique IV (1589-1610) hasta Luis Felipe I (1830-1848)


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    Travel Guide: Be Your Own -- with some help !

    by Wavemantoo Updated Jul 18, 2008

    Favorite thing: If it's your first trip to Paris, get a copy of "Rick Steves Paris" and read it BEFORE you get on the plane ! He has suggested "walks" and even schedules for 3, 5 & 7 day visits. You can use one of his plans or create one yourself -- but plan your days BEFORE you get there so you don't waste a minute while there ! BUT, also be ready (and willing !) to make changes on-the-fly ! Remember, it's only a plan -- just to make sure you think of everything you WANTED to see. But as time passes, your "wants" may change -- go with it !

    Fondest memory: The WHOLE experience !

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    Sunny situation over Paris

    by Maillekeukeul Written Nov 13, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I went to La Defense to get some pics for my VT friend Juschka. I woke up on the early morning of a Saturday, as there is almost nobody in La Defense during the weekend. Indeed, La Defense is more a working place than an entertaining buildings-made-of-glass museum... Consequently, if you go to La Defense during the weekend, you will only meet other tourists takings pictures, rowdys doing nothing but erring in the Mall called 'Les Quatre Temps' and some fugitive ghosts usually called 'over the weekend workers', lost souls walking quickly from the exit of the metro towards the entrance of a building from which you won't see them getting out (unless you stay until late at night ... !)...

    Fondest memory: What you must know about La Defense is that, as it is a flat, quite open and large area, the wind blows really hard, especially in fall and winter, and, when you have decided to wake up early to take some pics for a VT friend of yours, that you have forgotten this specific fact and, in the meantime, your two extra sweaters, as you haven't been to La Defense for years (as you guess, it was my case, this said morning), it gets f*cking freezing and you'd better enjoy the silence and the relative calmness of the place, take the best pics you have ever taken and run as fast as you can from one end to another of the area in order not to catch a cold !!!!

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    Courbevoie : a photograph I like

    by Maillekeukeul Updated Nov 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The weirdo building, a more typical one and a designed street lamp... I like this association...

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