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  • walking towards field of glory American Monument
    walking towards field of glory American...
    by gwened
  • entrance to the museum of the Great War
    entrance to the museum of the Great War
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  • uniforms of different nations of WWI
    uniforms of different nations of WWI
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Meaux Things to Do

  • musée de la Grande Guerre

    a wonderful new museum in my wife's native town, i know pictures but hey I come here so much ..weellthis is a museum re enacting the events of WWI and especially the Battle of the Marne.It is very easy accessable from Paris gare de l'est to the gare de Meaux then bus or taxi to can come as said above and take bus M6 for 10 minutes to the...

  • Musée Bossuet

    In what it was the palais episcopal of the bishops of Meaux, now there is since 1927 the museum of Bossuet, the Eagle of Meaux, adviser, guide, and sage of king Louis XIV ,who came back to be the bishop here and it is enterred in the Cathedral.see tip. contact you have the story of the palais...

  • Cathedral St Etienne of Meaux

    the advisor and teacher in religious matters of king Louis XIV was bishop Bossuet, the eagle of Meaux ,where he serve as bishop for many many years, he is buried in the cathedral.This is the native town of my wife, obviously been here so much...The cathedral is considered as in the top 50 of all Cathedrals in France, and the complex around it...

  • Strolling in the streets

    The cathedral and ramparts will certainly not deceive the visitor, but the streets of Meaux do not have a big medieval character, many old houses have been demolished and if it is enjoyable to walk in the streets, they are not really “medieval”; rue St Remy has a few half timbered houses, and offers a nice perspective to the cathedral (picture 1)....

  • Get documentation at the tourist office

    When you finish (or begin, depends which way you prefer) the ramparts tour, you find the tourist office of Meaux, where a lot of information about meaux and surroundings can be found.At the tourist office, the young employees will inform you about guided tours in the city, guided visits of the cathedral, and here you will find maps which help to...

  • Walk along the ramparts

    The old city of Meaux is partly surrounded by ramparts some of which date from Roman times, and some remains of that time are still there; they have been rebuilt or renovated during history and today they look a bit like bits and pieces, but I like a lot these ramparts with dark green lawn and multicoloured iris flowers (picture 1). It is very...

  • In the yard of the archidiocese.

    You can enter the big yard, or place, located between the cathedral and the bishop’s palace (museum) from the East side, or the west side; it is a closed yard, surrounded by buildings and, if the cathedral dominates the place, there are a few other buildings which are very interesting to look at.When you enter the yard from the East side, you pass...

  • A walk in the archidiocese garden

    A visit to the diocese garden is a nice break during a visit in Meaux, between museum and Cathedral. It is not a very big “Jardin à la Française”, but with its surroundings it has some character and the bishop’s palace and the cathedral offer nice backgrounds to the rose gardens and small hedges. Even under grey sky of winter (picture 1) it looks...

  • Visit the Bossuet museum

    The day I visited the museum, there was a temporary exhibition about WWI, as the Meaux municipality was promoting a future museum dedicated only to WWI; so all the items of this temporary exhibition would soon go to the museum which is under construction. I did not take time to visit the permanent collections (which were not accessible when I...

  • The Cathedral door tympanums tell...

    The doors of the cathedrals tell a lot of stories, and to learn what these stories tell, it is better to visit the cathedrals with a guide; I did not visit with a guide, but you can enquire for a guide at the tourist office or at the bishops office.I noticed that the low reliefs of the tympanums, the statues were in very bad shape, many statues...

  • Beautiful stained glass windows

    As was written at the beginning of this page, Meaux suffered from three wars in recent times, and a big part of the fragile windows has been lost; A few of them have miraculously survived and with recent renovation, they look again beautiful; a few medieval stained glass windows are preserved in the choir of the cathedral of Meaux.The most famous...

  • A bit of gargoyology?

    Gargoyology? Even if it existed as a science, I could not write a lot about, but I wanted to show a few of the hundreds of gargoyles of St Etienne cathedral. Walk around and look high. . . “des diables en pierre qui décrochent les nuages. . . “ I quote Jacques Brel who song about the cathedrals in his “Plat Pays”, lots of these devils can be seen...

  • Rarely gothic looks so sober. . .

    When you enter the cathedral St Etienne, what you remark at first is its austerity; it is unusual in a catholic church, and this austerity underlines very well the shapes, lines and perspectives of the cathedral; very high pillars and arches surmounted by another flight of arches and windows give the nave (picture 1) a real high and narrow...

  • Cathedral: A very special sculpture. . ....

    I do not think it is William of Baskerville on the first picture, but when I discovered this statue, I immediately thought of him! Haha! William of Baskerville is a character of the famous novel “The name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco, a middle age thriller taking place in the library of a monastery; William of Baskerville was using glasses to read...

  • Walk around St Etienne cathedral

    The Cathedral St Etienne of Meaux is by far not as famous as Reims, Chartres, Paris, Strasbourg, and I can guarantee you, once you have visited it you do not understand why! You, I don’t know, but me, I do not understand why it is not as famous as Sens, Beauvais, Soissons, . . . . Well, you understand I find this cathedral just beautiful, but may...

  • Look at the city hall

    The city hall of Meaux is a very classical building of the French Third Republic; this city hall has been built in the end of the 19th century on an older city hall building and a former castle of the counts of Champagne; campanile, columns with ionic capitals, big clock surrounded by baroque sculptures. . . . . there are plenty of buildings of...

  • Brie de Meaux, the King of Cheeses!

    Aaah! What a wonderful cheese! On the first picture, you see the essentials you have to know: shape, colour, texture, and from the tags you see it is of certified origin (appellation d’origine controlee, like for wines and other products in France) and also the tag mentioning it is made with raw cow milk.Real food is not plastic food: on picture 2,...

  • A tour in the market hall

    The market hall is located in the middle of the area comprised in the meander of the Marne river; this hall has been erected in 1879, and is made of steel and glass.In this hall is where the locals come to buy fresh food for their week ends; only the general view already is mouth watering. . . . You find of course the famous cheese on the market...


Meaux Hotels

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  • Kyriad - Meaux

    32, Avenue Victoire, Meaux, 77100, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Campanile - Meaux

    This is a nice simple cozy hotel chain in France , and the property here was one we have stayed when...

  • Hotel Akena Meaux-Mareuil

    88 Rue Jean Serva, Parc d'activite La Haute Borne, Mareuil Les Meaux, Ile-de-France, 77100, France

    Hotel Class 1 out of 5 stars

Meaux Restaurants

  • Many small restaurants near the...

    In rue St Remy, with view on the cathedral are a number of small restaurants. I tried a Turkish restaurant and was quite happy with the glass of beer and platter of kebab with boulgour and salad; it was fast and not too fat. . . :) Tables are installed on the sidewalk, and on sunny days it is quite nice. Other restaurants in the area are certainly...

  • Good restaurant

    We went into a restaurant in Meaux. But I could not remember the name nor the adress due to the fact that I was very tired after driving nearly 1200 km from Austria til France. When dining in Meaux, don´t forget to try Brie de Meaux, which is a delicious cheese. Meaux is famous for it.

  • Meaux Hotels

    8 Hotels in Meaux

Meaux Nightlife

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  • go out to the movies

    One of the first movie houses I went in France was here the native town of my wife. Majestic is still there kicking in city center.The movies of the week went walking as the house was not far, this is back in 1990, and have come a couple more times after that. Just passing by here again as the family lives in...

  • Nightlife in Meaux? Maybe ....

    Sorry folks, but after driving more than 1200 kilometres from Göttlesbrunn til Meaux I was toooo tired to look out for nightlife in Meaux. I was glad to see the bed after the dinner ..... ... and we stayed there LESS than 24 hours ...But next time, I will check it up. I promise!!:-))

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Meaux Transportation

  • how to get to Meaux

    First by car, the city is at the crossroads of many, A4 Paris/Metz-Nancy has direct link to A1 Paris/Lille A5 Paris/Dijon A104 (call the Francilienne a road encircling Paris) A86 (the beltway around Paris)taking a que from the city of Meaux ,you can have an interactive map of the city to find things and parkings...

  • Canal de l'Ourcq

    This is one of the classic canals of France. You can take a boat at the Villette in Paris, at Claire-Souilly, at Lazy-sur-Ourcq or at Meaux, the last 3 in Seine-et-Marne dept 77 east of Paris.Meaux has a wide canal coming into the river Marne, of the Champagne fame and the two rivers that gives name to the department. You can have a great ride from...

  • Bike to Meaux along the Canal de l'Ourq

    A very enjoyable way top go to Meaux is to go there biking; it is a bit long, but as the road and tracks follow a canal, there is no hill to climb up, all is flat!The trip is 45 km long, so if you want to bike you need to be fit and prepared for a ride of 2 to 3 hours (or longer, but you want to visit Meaux?).I biked to Meaux several times and came...


Meaux Shopping

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  • cheeses at Meaux

    There was a thread on cheese in the forum and realise, well cheese I love and my wife comes from Meaux, where the famous Brie de Meaux came out, cheese of king, the king of cheese at the Vienna congress of 1815.the fromagerie or cheese shop here is fantastic ,still one of the few really places you can still get the real brie de meaux, the other is...

  • market days at Meaux

    This is an all inclusive market selling just about everything you can imagine. we come here for the food especially the real brie de meaux cheese. It is open year round, every day from 8h to 13hThere are several realising this market town on the banks of the Marne river (flowing into Champagne country)There are in city center or Centre ville, at...

  • Buy sexy lingerie in a catholic church!

    I do not often write shopping tips, and shopping in general is not a “touristy activity” I praise, but I thought the shop I found here could be of interest, for you ladies. . . . or for you guys, if you want to offer a nice souvenir to your partner, if she does not like cheese, or you live in a country where you may not be allowed to import cheese....


Meaux Off The Beaten Path

  • Monument Americaine

    This is a monument mémorial to the combattants in the battle of the Marne, where many Americans fought. I passed by here many times as it is my wife native town, and always in awe to see local folks doing this monument.more in French from the neighboring town of Varennes the Route de Varreddes, the American...

  • The portrait photo

    As wrote in the "Accomodation" tip, the hotel was located inside a very greeny area and so my sister wanted to make a picture of me ..... and here it is. Although our stay was less than 24 hours, I really enjoyed it very much and maybe I will go back one day.

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Meaux Favorites

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  • walk Meaux

    another town and the center is wonderful around the Cathedral and down to the Marne river that passes thru the city on its way to Champagne country. Famous for the Brie cheese and mustards of Meaux.A wonderful inner old city by rue st remi, glorious. walk its street with my now wife

  • A Franco-American cooperation

    This is the beginning of a Franco-American cooperation;;;another one ::)The town I first came to meet what today is my wife of 22 years!!! She is a native of Meaux,and her street is on my front page here.These are some of the personal photos I have on hard disk now. a town that allows me to really...

  • Not far from Paris

    Meaux is a charming little town and not far from Paris. So I guess it is also a good place for trips to Paris. The photo shows the old town centre of Meaux. It was in morning just before we started our trip to Bordeaux.


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