Paris Local Customs

  • Cafes at Pl. de la Sorbonne
    Cafes at Pl. de la Sorbonne
    by Beausoleil
  • French chic, Paris
    French chic, Paris
    by kris-t
  • TheObelisk at Pl. de la Concorde (sort of)
    TheObelisk at Pl. de la Concorde (sort...
    by Beausoleil

Most Viewed Local Customs in Paris

  • 1. Parlez vous francais?

    The fact that there is for Paris, most popular destination in EU, a tip group "Parlez-vous français? on local customs with about 100 reviews mostly by Anglophones, shows that many visitors in Paris...

  • 2. Dining & Drinking

    This is all over France, and it is something we follow religiously. Tradition has it that it is the opportunity to 'shoot the Kings' to the epiphany: a bean is hidden in the cake and the person who...

  • 3. Stereotypes

    I can't help but laugh at the French sense of humor expressed in the film Amelie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain) during (Jamel Debbouze) Lucien's recitation of the merits and character of the...

  • 4. Bastille Day

    Bastille day as it is called here on VT is called "Fête Nationale Française" or "Quatorze Juillet" by the French referring to the 14 juillet 1789 "prise de la Bastille" but also the "Fête de la...

  • 5. Toilets

    This odd-looking pod is a Sanisette or, what I affectionately call, a RoboLoo. They scare the hell out of me here in the states and they scared the hell out of me in Paris but they're awfully nice...

  • 6. Fashion

    If you want to look like a local, make sure you are wearing a nice scarf, matched with your coat, artfully knotted around your neck. Even on a rather warm September day when we were sweating, people...

  • 7. Tipping

    Service charges are included on all restaurant bills at a cost of between 10 and 15 percent. Extra tips are accepted of course if you have received above good service. s fair to add a little more if...

  • 8. Street Artists

    We have always encountered musicians of various kinds in the Metro stations, but this trip we saw more than usual on the trains themselves and several were accordion players. I know they are there for...

  • 9. Nudity

    It's not every day that you get to write a tip on VT which allows you (quite legitmately) to talk about fishnet tights, topless women, black twangy suspender belts,and not to mention tight basques and...

  • 10. Religion

    Be careful when giving your opinion about religions in Paris or France! These last years the subject became very delicate. It is not yet the Saint Barthélémy, when under King Charles IX the...

  • 11. Eiffel Tower

    There is a pleasant little ritual the French engage in when you walk into their store. You are always greeted (Bonjour) and you are expected to greet in return. If you ignore their greeting you are...

  • 12. Louvre

    Did you ever wonder how they keep the Pei Pyramid at the Louvre clean? We were taking a coffee break in Café Richelieu one afternoon recently and my husband, who was facing the courtyard, noticed a...

  • 13. Dogs

    Before we went to Paris, we were told "watch out for all the Dog poo, you know they don't pick it up like we do here!" I think that must have been a while back, as we found the streets to be fairly...

  • 14. Architecture

    For whatever reason, presumably to lock two peoples love once and for all, the Pont des Arts has accumulated thousands of locks. My understanding is that these are cut off several times a year. While...

  • 15. Smoking

    I shall go to Paris and hope the fear of cigarette smoke is less than in the west. There is no reason why both nonsmokers and smokers can't have a place to go. Unless of course the nonsmokers have a...

  • 16. Etiquette

    Anyone who spends money on a trip to Paris wants to have a great time. Here are some tips on how to have a great time by respecting the French view of different classes of eating establishments....

  • 17. Romance

    Here's the cheapest way to declare your eternal love for that special person in your life, the one you met this afternoon and are trying to maneuver into bed. Instead of spending forty Euros on...

  • 18. Holidays

    its a local custom to celebrate Christmas, with the best decoration,and ambiance in Europe. The cityof Paris becomes even bigger, and the excitement of been part of it its inmense. I was there just...

  • 19. Shopping

    France is firmly in Euroland, the new currency accepted right across Europe (except for the UK and Switzerland). Some French however hanker back for the days when the French Franc was the only...

  • 20. Driving

    if you like to drive a car, and come from a place where driving a car is a normal way of life, then driving in Paris will be heaven. I have a driving tip on Paris here, so will be brief. I started...

  • 21. Les Bouquinistes

    I always find time to visit the book stalls lining the Left Bank of the Seine River. There always seems to be items if interest, from funny names on books, to historical maps. They have been there a...

  • 22. La Musique

    Whether to have a rest on one of the reclining chairs or wandering along the old-fashioned stores of its arcades, the gardens of the Palais-Royal (see the Palais-Royal gardens article) is one of the...

  • 23. Money

    I used to use Nationwide debit card. I loaded the account with money, safe in the knowledge that I withdraw cash around the world without charges. The robbingtheivingbastids started to charge not only...

  • 24. Maps

    Paris is full of hidden gardens and rooftop terraces that give the residents a lovely place to relax and to peacefully enjoy the views below in this grand metropolitian city. Several times I had the...

  • 25. People Watching

    I read in the National Geographic that the City of Paris and its citizens really believe that green patches/areas are essential for the emotional well-being of the people. I totally agree and this...

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Paris Local Customs

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One key to a wonderful visit to Paris is to recognize that that the French formality is cultural, rather than a coolness towards outsiders. "La Politesse" is an important ingredient in keeping...

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