Paris What to Pack

  • Galeries are fancy historic shopping malls
    Galeries are fancy historic shopping...
    by Beausoleil
  • Supermarkets even in Paris (rue de Buci)
    Supermarkets even in Paris (rue de Buci)
    by Beausoleil
  • Casa Editrice Bonechi - Paris
    Casa Editrice Bonechi - Paris
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey

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  • 1. Packing List

    While I try to take as little as possible these are some items that I must take along with me on most of my travels. I travel during any season and adjust my packing list according to the weather,...

  • 2. Footwear

    I always take an extra foldable bag. You always come back with more than you left with. No matter what they say about not wearing tennis shoes....take them anyway. You absolutely need the MOST...

  • 3. Rainwear

    Ladies, bring a purse that can be worn across your torso. Theives are common, and a bag slung only over one shoulder can be easily slipped off and taken in a crowd. Pack an umbrella! Weather in Europe...

  • 4. Electronics

    nowadays, a carry on with wheels, but i like my basic Jansport some elegant simple classic clothes, thermal, washable, Keens for everyday plus a light formal shoe at this stage still a Canon...

  • 5. Packing for Winter

    i agree with everyone. cold is pretty relative depending on where you live. i am from santa barbara county, california. i went to paris in jan. '08 and although it wasn't snowing, it was freezing and...

  • 6. Backpack

    If you go into the museums or art galleries and you are wearing a small rucksack they ask you to wear it front ways, instead of on your back. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, paris is very dusty...

  • 7. Rolling Luggage

    Look at the photo below. Would you want to haul all that stuff up a Parisian stairway? Those stairways can be mighty small and steep. Bring some essential clothes in your carry on bag in case the...

  • 8. Style

    We all have expectations of what to see and do in Paris, but we shouldn't forget ourselves. Fashion and Style are more than mere words in Paris, they are a way of life. Even the most casual outfit...

  • 9. Toiletries

    To protect your feet from blisters, you'll want to use some Moleskin. This adhesive cotton padding is soft & puffy yet thin. You cut it out with a hole in the middle where your blister is. You don't...

  • 10. Packing for Summer

    * Map and guidebook; * Crackers; * 2 Liter of water; * Fruit / power bars. * Hiking boots; * 1 extra t-shirt; * Shorts with many pockets; * Sunglasses; * Fleece type jacket; * Hat / cap; * Raincoat. *...

  • 11. Guidebooks

    Here are my guide books that provided me details about a geographic location, tourist attractions, or most interesting itineraries in Paris. Casa Editrice Bonechi – Italy. “The Golden Book”. Paris....

  • 12. Internet Access

    Easyeverything ( boulevard Sébastopol ) The biggest cyber café in Paris !! Address: 31/37 Boulevard de Sébastopol (1st district) Number of PCs: 375 Opening hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

  • 13. Maps

    If you plan to rent a car to visit the area sourrounding Paris, do not forget to bring a very good route map. Signals in this area are not so good (I compare them to the ones you find in Italy) and it...

  • 14. Packing for Spring

    Bring luggage tags. French trains require that all baggage are tagged. Bring additional bags, you will shop. Pack for light weather (long-sleeve tees/tops, dresses, jeans etc) BUT bring a...

  • 15. Money

    I used different credit cards during a trip to Paris in May and here is the scoop: There are three types of credit cards: 1)signature (U.S.A. style without a chip) 2)chip and signature (e.g....

  • 16. What if I forget something?

    This is kind of a "don't worry about it" tip. On our first trip (before there were terrific travel web sites like Virtual Tourist), I really worried about...

  • 17. Bring a Champagne Stopper!

    One thing i did not take with me to Paris was a Champagne Stopper! Champagne was cheap and plentiful in the super marche. A stopper would of come in handy in...

  • 18. Some of Paris Basic Necessities

    "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose....And nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free "( © Kris Kristofferson)So better bring some of...

  • 19. Rennies, s'il vous plait?

    I never like to be caught without my regular types of medication when abroad - you may not be able to get the particular brand you use and as medicines are...

  • 20. For those traveling on to Brittany...

    There is La Maison de Bretagne at 203 Boulevard St. Germain. This is a good place to check out tourist info if you are heading to Brittany from Paris as they...

  • 21. You will be so happy you have this!!

    If you plan on buying some of the amazing cheeses of France home with you, you much bring some sort of airtight container of really good quality ziplock...

  • 22. The Love Chocolate Ink Please

    Oh you know how to add fantasies and love, and more craziness, every time of our meeting, I am crazy about you baby, crazy about your love, crazy about your...

  • 23. French produce

    Don't pass up the opportunity in bringing back a few bottles of really good wine whilst in France. I would especially recommend the rather fine bottle of 2001...

  • 24. List of HOSPITALS for medical urgencies in PARIS

    I give here the official list of public HOSPITALS that have an office for medical URGENCIES open all day and 24/24. And I also give the URL where you can find...

  • 25. Good Old-fashioned Film

    Yes, I know, how many of us actually carry the traditional old-fashioned camera nowadays? Well, there are some of us who still wish to use these types of...

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Paris What to Pack

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Packing is very personal. Some  carry their whole closet with them, while others just bring a few items that they will wash enroute. Paris is a fashion-conscious city, so those of us who...

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