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  • Air France HQ
    Air France HQ
    by gwened
  • orly ouest hall 2
    orly ouest hall 2
    by gwened
  • departures at orly ouest
    departures at orly ouest
    by gwened
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    Almost back to England !

    by sourbugger Updated Mar 23, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The work of gregory Beauvais - i get bored of airp

    Paris Beauvais may have a rich cultural avionic heritage, but in the modern era it is a little airport servicing four or five low-cost airlines, including Ryanair (of course).

    At least this means that the time you spend in the airport is minimal, and delays are unusual. On the downside the transfers to the centre of Paris are Longer - it is some 80Kms, and if you are delayed at the airport there is precious little to do.

    Airport buses are some 15 Euro One-way and leave 20 mins after each flight arrives - tickets can be booked online.

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    How about Orly, that other airport of Paris

    by gwened Updated Jan 26, 2014

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    orly ouest hall 2
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    Well Orly again is not Paris, even if call Aeroport de Paris. Orly is in dept 94 Val de Marne in the region of Ile de France ,another jurisdiction from Paris.

    You need to get to Orly and then Paris ;no problem/ There is a great metamorphosis going on at Orly. The idea of renovations from now to 2018 is to eventually make just one terminal (now there are two with four hallways). The two terminals call Sud(south) and Ouest(west), will have a welcome hall increase to 80 000 m2, or the equivalent of 160 football fields ! From now to 2015, when the new international terminal at Sud or south terminal will be done, you will have a new departure gate hall of 20 000 m2 that will be built east of the airport terminals today bringing to a total of 100 000 m2 the space for passengers. I just went by there and its awesome airy more space ,nicer stores and restos quicker service, grand ,its Paris.

    There are two terminasl or west and sud or south
    At Ouest, you have information desks at niveau 01 or level 01 departure porte or gate A ,and niveau O or level 0, at porte or gate B,and tourist information at level O arrivals gate A
    Children areas by Hall 1, salle 10 , Gulli; video games at salles 10,20,31,and 40 (Sony PS3)
    Internet kiosks at entrance to halls 2, 3-4 and hall 1 departure lounge 10

    You can connect between terminals for free every 4-8 minutes at Orly Ouest porte A niveau level departure and Orly Sud porte or gate K free airport of paris buses from Terminal Ouest Gate D arrival levels, and Orly Sud gate G.

    At Orly Sud you have video games near Bert's and on halls A and B, informatioin points at porte D niveau O, and tourist office by ground level or rez de chaussée near porte or gate L.
    Internet access with wifi spots on public access and departure areas n halls A and B
    You have train SNCF offices at central counter ground floor near Porte G, and RATP paris transports office by counters at doors or portes J and K.

    Coming and going to Orly is by
    RER B plus Orlyval, correspondance at Antony for both terminals, to come into Paris take it at sortie K exit K at Orly Sud, and sortie A at departures from Orly Ouest. going to Chatelet Paris.

    REC C + train
    correspondance at Pont de Rungis than navette bus to terminals. To Paris you take the bus navette at porte G to take the RER C platform 1 at orly sud and arrivals platform B exit H at orly ouest. arrival Opéra Garnier 75009.
    going back from Gare d'Austerlitz, correspondance at pont de rungis then bus to terminals

    Bus, orlybus
    from place Denfert-Rochereau outside the RER station to terminals and to Paris from buses leave from exit G platform 4 orly sud and arrival level exit D platform B to orly ouest.6h to 23h30

    Alpha taxi, Taxis bleus, taxis G7,and Taxis 7000.estimates is about 35€ but check before getting in the car.

    Cars Air France buses
    Line 1: destination Montparnasse, Invalides, place de l'Etoile
    leave from
    Orly Sud, entrance J
    Orly Ouest, arrival hall, entrance D, quai A

    by car take the autoroute A6 by porte d'Orléans A6a or porte de Gentilly A6b then A106 to orly about 15 kms. To leave Orly autoroute A106/A6 direction Paris, porte d'Orléans A6a or porte d'Italie A6b.

    To link up with airport CDG, take the RER B to Antony then Orlyval to Orly.
    check it out at

    special services conciergerie a la carte

    banks ATM are at Terminal Ouest arrival hall mondays to Fridays from 8h45 to 17h
    post offices at both terminal Sud and Ouest

    tourist information points at
    Orly Sud, Arrivals 1, gate/ porte L (7h15 – 21h45).
    Orly Ouest,arrivals , porte H.

    terminal west or ouest
    terminal South or sud

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    Get vaccinated before leaving

    by gwened Written Dec 11, 2013
    AF vaccination center in Paris
    1 more image

    Many questions in the forum as to what vaccines to take when going to forests, exotics places or underdeveloped countries. Have in transportation closest I could think of.

    I leave all that to the folks at Air France vaccination center in Paris. 148 Rue de l'Université, 75007

    You tell them where you are going and they fix you up for good. I always go here on my business trips but also personal depending where I am going, and never had a problem in country coming or going.

    here is a map tells you what is needed

    its in French but easily translated with any online tool, and on site they speak English amongst other languages.

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    by Orkaena Written Aug 10, 2013
    Boeing 777, Air France

    For us, argentinian people, the most convenient airline to fly to Paris is Air France, of course, it is a direct flight from/to Buenos Aires-Paris, the ticket price is average among other lines depending on the season, but the main advantage is that you have not any stop, a fact that become important because the long last flight.

    Air France is renowned by his on board service, and it is true, Boeing 777 comfortable seats and cabins, a good meals services and entertainments, a fact that one appreciate too much for a 12 hours flight, a bit tired, or worst, if you are flying in an uncomfy seat with a bad service.
    So recommended for all those pals who are thinking to visit Argentina.

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    planes,trains,and automobiles

    by gwened Updated Sep 7, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    arriving no gates at T2E
    4 more images

    Great trip done it many times, and why not by car??? if you go from Paris to Madrid and back to Paris you wont pay drop off charges.Trip is about 17 hrs straight stopping for gas only or if want to sightsee then two days to do it, but heck you see the two countries up close and personal. sound crazy but I am the road warrior here ::) will help you planned the route but its easy under the Somport tunnel and under the Pyrenées as opposed to the other routes its my favorite way.

    now to answer your points/questions
    1) CDG is the RER B to Gare du Nord, then change to metro line 5 to Austerlitz, very easy for 9,10 euros one way per person.
    2) Euro Rails never taken it but its own by SNCF and for tourists is always more expensive, better buy the ticket when you get here if decided to go by train, as told before its not advisable.
    3) you got it,the car
    car brokers deal with many carriers.

    Once back in Paris 2-3 days hit the main sights, see destination above right windows for Paris tips by posters like us,there are zillions in there for ideas.

    Hope it helps and have a great trip on a great run lol!

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    by iaint Written Jul 30, 2009

    This is a food & drink outlet - cafe style - at CdG Airport. I had the misfortune to use the one at terminal 2G (no choice) but I noticed one at terminal 2E as well.

    I paid an incredible €9.90 for a 50cl bottle of San Pellegrino water and a smoked salmon sandwich. Now I know the £ is low against the €, and I know inflation in food prices in France has been very high in the last 12 months, but "rip-off" is the only way to describe this.

    Had the sandwich been good I might have accepted the price a bit better. However, the bread was dry and they used a minute piece of salmon, carefully arranged and packaged so that it looked the opposite.

    If you have a choice, avoid this place.

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  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    Air France

    by cjg1 Updated Mar 31, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Air France was not the worst flight I have experienced but I didn't appreciate the 2 hour delay in take off with no explanation. Once we took off the flight was relatively smooth and the service was good. We arrivd in Paris a litle before 11am, tired but ready to go explore.

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    Ryan Air

    by Rupanworld Written Sep 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had got a cheap deal to Paris from Marseille by Ryan Air. My both ways ticket (To Paris and back) cost me a total of Euros 17.99 including taxes. Shamefully cheap. Although I have taken many flights of Ryan Air before at very cheap prices, none were so cheap. The service was also good.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Ah Air France once again

    by cochinjew Written Sep 19, 2008
    4 more images

    I truly enjoyed the friendliness and hospitality on board AF 031. after a delicious dinner, of course champers to begin, i was able to sleep all the way over the atlantic. The flight was notably less crowded last night, perhaps reflecting the economic crisis in America.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Loyalty to Continental Airlines pays off

    by cochinjew Written Jul 27, 2008
    un repas hindou

    I had left Paris just one week ago, but wanted to get back here for personal reasons, and the even the economy air fares were astronomical. Called the Premium Desk at Continental and sure enough they were able to issue me a ticket from USA to Paris for one week, extremely reasonably
    moreover, when i got on the plane, two seats next to me were vacant and i could stretch out well and have a good nights sleep before reaching Paris.
    if you are flying a lot loyalty to one airline pays off.
    Next year, Continental may leave the SkyTeam alliance which includes Air France so I may have to now cultivate flying Air France each time I go from paris to the American continent.. Air France you can get reasonable tickets only as long as you book well in advance, some thing a little difficult for me to do. Continental airlines will join Star Alliance, but it would sad for me that Air France will part company with Air France.

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  • iamjacksgoat's Profile Photo

    Air France to and from America

    by iamjacksgoat Written Jul 7, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dinner on Air France
    2 more images

    When flying on a plane for 6-8 hours, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable and happy. Air France ended up helping me accomplish those goals. There was about average leg space, but travelers are provided with a little kit containing a mask, headphones, etc. That made sleeping easier for me. Also, the food was good, for airline food. For me, food is the most important aspect of a long flight.

    On the way back to America, each seat had a touch screen TV to control. I have never seen one of these before on a plane. It was amazing. It provided free movies, games, music, etc. I loved being able to control what movie I was watching. On the 8 hour flight back, I didn't sleep, yet was not bored at all.

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    Long Flight to Paris

    by GracesTrips Written May 6, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Some things to consider on a long flight, take a sweater in case it gets cold and don't dress to warm in case it gets hot. I take my shoes off and put on booties (socks). Your feet will swell up. Periodic massaging of the feet might help keep the swelling down. Most planes provide a pillow and blanket. I would double up the blanket and use it for extra cushion on the seat. I always pack some extra snacks for the trip such as beef jerky, nuts and chocolate chip cookies in my carry on. Remember not to bring the open food packages back - especially the beef jerky. Customs has a real problem with that. Anyway, just some suggestions for the long flight.

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  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    Airport bus

    by Gili_S Written Dec 22, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The easiest to get out from the airport is by train, unless you need to go to certain location where its closer by the bus, so you can do this as well, there are many bus lines into and from the airport.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo


    by cochinjew Written Oct 22, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    duck liver pate with herb chutney
    3 more images

    There is a distinct disadvantage to flying Business Class on Air France. The food is good on the Miami to Paris portion that you tend to overeat.
    soon as the plane takes off Champagne: Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve is handed out. Other wines tasted on this trip: Cotes du Rhone Villages Vinsobres Les Cornuds 2005 Perrin et Fils
    Bloc de Foie gras de canard, chutney aux fuits secs
    poulet Braise a la provencale
    la selection du maitre fromager
    sorbet et petits fours secs

    the breakfast was:
    crepe aux oeufs brouilles au herbes, pomme paillasson et tomate cerise

    A very pleasant meal, seat 1 D, no one sitting on the seat besides you, listening to the best collection of world music on AF and friendly and attentive service but not intrusive or servile.

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  • Airport Shuttle Warning

    by dmcgarry Written Apr 10, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Please be really careful when booking shuttle transfers from and to Roissy on the internet. I booked and paid through Paypal for a transfer for my 80 year old Mother in law and the shuttle company let us down. Given I had an earlier flight than my Mother in law, she was left stranded at the hotel and the company, Airport Associate Shuttle, will not respond to my emails, nor to those of Paypals. Money lost.

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