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  • This was a hens night
    This was a hens night
    by Manwell
  • Taxis
    by Manwell
  • Multipassenger taxis towards Paris on the A1
    Multipassenger taxis towards Paris on...
    by gwened
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    Best Taxi in Paris

    by Jami_Finland Written Sep 27, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    G7- taxis must be best taxis in Paris. You can order it advance and it REALLY IS there just in time.

    About 50EUR from Paris to CG Airport, but it may be more if there are lot of traffic.

    Also, very nice drivers and they can talk english too (they really asked if we like to have english-spoken driver)

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    Paris Taxi Fare Calculator Tool

    by davequ Updated Jul 24, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I get a kick out of this online taxi fare calculator for Paris:

    When I put in CDG to your destination I get this: -(assuming you arrive in am):

    Estimated Fare using meter at 08:43

    Distance: 29.58 km. | Duration: 29 min.
    jump in the taxi 2.10 € (this is probably wrong - should be 5,60 ?)
    29.58 km. x 1.10 € per km 32.55 € (should be 30km x 0,83 euro?)
    waiting in traffic (~11 min.) 5.55 € (thought this was clever)
    Total 40.20 €

    Sounds close but who knows? Anke-Thea
    is probably more accurate.

    Either way, it's a fun tool to play with for estimating Paris fares & my hat's off to whoever put this little taxi fare site together. Supposedly works in Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Boston Chicago Dublin London Los Angeles Madrid New York Paris Prague Rome San Francisco Toronto. It would be fun to know if you think it's accurate in your city. Best regards!

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  • Go to the North subburbs of Paris

    by Cyril_from_Paris Written May 8, 2008


    to go to Gennevilliers, you can take RER + metro, it would take you around 1H30 and 13 Euros for the both tickets

    Genneviliers is in the North, I would suggest you to consider to take a Shuttle company for 35 Euros (net)
    for example

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    Taxi rates vary per time of day

    by ATLC Updated Apr 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi rates in Paris vary by time of day.
    Here is a link with information:
    Or see the link below in the Website field where you will find phone numbers to call a taxi.

    The fares differ per which part of the day you travel.
    Now the fares itself are set by the Paris government (police department): in French and dates from January 2007). Or click here

    As of January 2007:
    the starting fee is 5,60 euro
    Tarif A: From 10-17 hrs: km. price = 0,83 euro.
    Tarif B: From 17-22 hrs: km. price = 1,10 euro.
    Tarif C: From midnight - 7 hrs: price = 1,33 euro.
    For Sunday rates only Tarif B and C apply and for public holidays, Tarif B applies.

    Tip originally written in January 2008.

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  • Rip-off taxi driver

    by Aragona Updated Nov 18, 2007

    We arrived at the Gare du Nord by Eurostar on the first day of a strike of all public transport in Paris. It was cold and dark and there was a massive queue waiting for taxis at the official taxi-rank. When we spotted 'taxis' waiting at another place we went over to them. One of the drivers told us that we would not get to our hotel in Montemartre for less than the 70 Euros he wanted to charge. He became quite agressive when we tried to get the price down so we left him and went back to the queue. We didn't have to wait too long for an 'official' metered taxi which took us to our hotel for €10!

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    Taxi to CDG

    by 22scootergal Updated Jul 9, 2007

    In the interest of speed my cousin and I decided to take a taxi from
    our hotel on the Left Bank to CGD Airport. It took about 45 minutes
    with moderate traffic and cost about 50 Euros + tip. It was faster
    than the Blue Shuttle (25E) and much faster than the Metro.

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  • bagediya's Profile Photo

    Parisien Taxis

    by bagediya Written Jun 20, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you will take a taxi in Paris , you have to pay minimum Eur.5,70 even taximeter shows less than Eur.5,70 when you get out of taxi.
    From Orly Airport to Opera area by taxi at 23:00 , I had paid only Eur.35. But from Opera area to Orly I had paid Eur.45 in the afternoon.

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  • crodri1's Profile Photo

    Taxi vs. Airport Shuttle

    by crodri1 Written Apr 5, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We just had family visit us in Paris and they had to pay over 100 euros to take a taxi from the CDG airport to our home in the 15th arrondissement for 3 people and 6 bags.

    For their return trip to the CDG airport, we booked an airport shuttle with Paris Shuttle. The total price for the 3 people and 6 bags was drastically better as they only paid 57 euros. This seemed to be a much better option as the pick-up could be for a private residence and the driver showed up on time. The company uses VW vans, so there was plenty of room for passengers and lots of luggage.

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  • ladyolac's Profile Photo

    The Paris Taxi!

    by ladyolac Written Jan 22, 2007

    Well, the Paris Taxi is useful. It's the only transportation after 1 am but don't count on it during the week ends, you spend hours looking for them and they are rare and all taken. You might have to walk back to the Hotel. But that isn't so bad in the summer and is very romantic if you are not wearing high heels. It has happened to me often, twice on New Year's Eve, walking home after the Party from the other side of Paris! Be careful they don't take you on a trip. From the airport to Paris is around 45 euros. Anywhere inside Paris is around 10, a bit more at night. They often take tourists to their destinations in a very roundabout way which is not fun if you are on a tight budget, but otherwise it's always nice to visit Paris and it's beautiful. But watch them, I am sorry to say I have had some nasty surprises and I live here!

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  • xristinaki's Profile Photo

    From one airport to the other

    by xristinaki Written Oct 12, 2006

    Getting from one airport to another by taxi costs about 50-60 euros! There are shuttles for only 12 euros, but stop running after 9-10 pm. The taxi was our only option. Our taxi driver was very kind and even had a candy jar on the arm chair....but he was very fast and did not obey any signs...i don't think any of the driver do.

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    A few words about taxis in Paris

    by thinking Written Aug 12, 2006

    I call for a taxi. Immediately after the call, I go to the appointed spot for his arrival. I wait for about 15-25 minutes for him to arrive. When he does, I get in and noticed that there was €12 already on the meter. My whole fare to get to the office was only €10, so I enquire about the meter already having a large fare, he tells me that he turned it on while he was waiting for me. I said, "I was here the whole time waiting for you!" He said rather sheepishly, "oh, well, I'll knock some off when we get to the destination." I said, "no thanks", and got out of the taxi.

    A Parisian taxi will charge you an extra €1 if you have bags -- even if you carry them or load them into the trunk yourself.

    If you call a taxi to pick you up, the fare starts from wherever the taxi starts from to get you -- no matter how far away he starts, something you have no control over.

    Sometimes, I need a taxi just because I have a lot of heavy bags even though the distance may be only 2-5 kilometers. Once I asked a taxi in a taxi rank to take me to Porte Maillot from La Défense so that I could catch the Air France Bus to Charles De Gaulle Airport. He seemed excited at first, jumping into action on the words "Charles De Gaulle". When I explained again that I only want to go to Porte Maillot (about 2.5 Kms away) he said, "Take the Métro!"

    Once I was struggling with about 5 bags of groceries in the rain, in a remote part of town. I flagged down an idle taxi off the street and told him where I was going about 5 Km away... he said "no" and took off. A few minutes later, he pulled back up and said "OK". Apparently, his conscience got to him.

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  • cckbp7's Profile Photo

    BMW Taxis

    by cckbp7 Written Aug 3, 2006

    With the accessability of the Paris metro, you don't really need to take a cab anywhere. That being said, on my first trip to Paris, we did end up taking a taxi once we got lost trying to find our hotel. Always get good directions to your hotel. Luckily, it wasn't an old yellow cab, but a brand new BMW that we got to ride in. The way the driver was all suited up, it looked like he was driving a limo. After the stress of being lost, it was nice to arrive at our hotel in luxery. Don't be afraid to call a cab if you get lost, remember you're on vacation.

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  • Varinia's Profile Photo

    Taxis versus Metro

    by Varinia Updated Aug 1, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis are the worst form of transportation in Paris, for a tourist who doesn't speak French.
    Taxis really will rip you off big time. My friends, Paris has a great city planning and the best metro in the world, use the Metro. The French metro is inexpensive, practical and functional.

    I have to say the Swiss public transportation is spotless but expensive, punctual as their watches.

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  • Taxi what taxis

    by assmac123 Written Jun 23, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis a total nightmare in the evenings the drivers just charge whatever they feel like charging it is really poor the attitude of some of the drivers--as you get people trying to get a lift home for free they stop taxi drivers in the street and ask are you on your way home can you drop me of her monsuir please free of charge --the taxi drivers say "NO" and speed off it is crazy later on trying to deal with these guys..but can be good fun as well but i did see the funny side of it $40 euros to get back to my hotel and the driver getting lost and showing me half of the city has he had no idea where the hotel we were staying was at even with gps.....

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    Hep - TAXI !!!

    by mariev Updated May 27, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Paris taxis come in all colors but all have the same white sign on the roof "Taxi parisien".

    You can see if a taxi is available when the white sign on the top is lit. You can't hail a cab in the street if less then 50 meters from a taxi rank: go to the rank and take the 1st cab of the line (but you can chose an other eg if you need a larger one)

    Most taxis work by GPS, generally you get the cab within 10mn after calling. It's a bit more expensive than going to a rank since the meter starts running from the time the taxi is called not from the time it picks you.

    The rates are fixed by the 'prefecture de police' ( the fare card is displayed on the rear left window of the car), controlled (the coloured lights under the roof sign are rate indicators) and shown on the meter and trough the back window.
    Extra charges apply for 4th & 5th passenger, luggage, bulky items (none for wheelchair).
    Taxis accept cash in € (Visa or Mastercard for some equiped ones).

    Some prices - normal traffic,no supplements:
    Between 2 Parisian railway stations less than 15€.
    From Paris downtown to CDG airport :40-45 € by day and 45-50 € by night.
    From Paris downtown to Orly airport : 25-30 € by day and 30-35 € by night

    You have the right to choose your itinerary and, the driver must give you a receipt if you ask for one
    A taxi can refuse a drunk person, refuse you in the last 30 minutes of his shift if your destination is not on his way to his garage or if your destination is out of the parisian taxis area

    Not all taxis are fluent in english (and many tourists mispronounce french names): Have the address you want to go to written down for the driver

    Usefull numbers
    List of taxi ranks
    Taxis G7 - 01 47 39 47 39 (taxis for disabled people available)
    Taxis bleus - 08 25 16 10 10 - 01 49 36 10 10

    Taxi roof top Taxi stand
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