Paris Warnings and Dangers

  • Gare du Nord, Pay Toiletes DANGEROUS
    Gare du Nord, Pay Toiletes DANGEROUS
    by MELOR
  • The back gate at Gambetta
    The back gate at Gambetta
    by Maryimelda
  • The main gate
    The main gate
    by Maryimelda

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Paris

  • 1. Pick Pockets

    The crowds around Eiffel tower are a good opportunity to pickpockets. In one of our late visits, Fernanda noticed a couple of men following us, too close, and with a clear concentration in my...

  • 2. Beggars & Aggressive Vendors

    It's not so common as in other places, but beggars may appear in touristy areas. Sometimes they are pushy, some other they are shy and discreet, and most times they are "professional", taking...

  • 3. Safety

    JE SUIS CHARLIE! POUR LA LIBERTE D'EXPRESSION TOTALE - FOR TOTAL FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! ========================= The recent Islamist terrorist attacks against France result in an increased Plan...

  • 4. Red Light Districts

    I went to Pigalle..It is highly unsafe. Someone took me to one bar to have drink and some dance. I went there. 1 moroccon girl said u sty here , beer only 10 Euro..Within 5 minutes , this girl said...

  • 5. Métro & Trains

    The lady we rented our apartments from informed us that we needed to be careful. So, being American, I took her at her word. It was chilly when we went and before venturing into the city from Mont...

  • 6. Long Lines - Queues

    We had planned on visiting the Catacombs on our last day in Paris. Being an unusual attraction (3 out of 5 only knew about it after it was suggested as a place to visit) we naively thought queues...

  • 7. Toilets

    I was walking around the Opera district on a Sunday morning, I had gotten up early, had a bite to eat and set out. I hadn't thought to make sure i had some change in my pocket,after all it seems I am...

  • 8. The Gold Ring Scam

    Paris is no better or worse than any other large city when it comes to pickpockets and scams, they do exist so don't make yourself a target. Keep an eye on your valuables when riding the metro and if...

  • 9. Driving & Drivers

    Despite all the efforts that have been made in recent years to reduce motor traffic and re-allocate urban space, the sad fact of the matter is that Paris still has a huge car problem. Here we are a...

  • 10. Parlez-Vous Anglais?

    The sterotype of rude Parisians is just not true if you try and use a little French. I only speak a rudimentary amount but I did try to speak French first. In almost all cases I was rewarded with a...

  • 11. Taxis

    Taxi drivers absolutely hate taking you to a hotel at the La Defense complex. There are a number of hotels here, some brands (such as Mercure or Sofitel) having more than one establishment As far as...

  • 12. Pick Pockets on the Metro

    Dear all, Today i have returned from what was supposed to be my dream trip to paris...and it was, except for this last day. As most of you i got pickpoketed....when...have no idea. Me and my fiance...

  • 13. Food

    When traveling in Paris it would be wise to bring your own bottled water if possible. Soft drinks and water are expensive, often costing 5euro per bottle. Having spent a fortune to stay hydrated while...

  • 14. Walking

    Versailles is very big, so, be prepared to a long walk. Either inside or outside, the distances are big, and if you go to the gardens (of course, you will!) the distances are counted in kilometers....

  • 15. Money Matters

    Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go. #1. Don't go where you shouldn't go. #2. Follow the rule of law in the country that you reside. #3. Adhere to the rule of law from your home...

  • 16. Dog Souvenirs

    If you have a dog in Paris, you'd better clean up after it, otherwise they'll fine you 183 Euros (if they catch you). This poster on the garbage truck reads: "Pas de ça chez vous? Paris c'est chez...

  • 17. Unpredictable Weather

    I use to say that the only city in Europe that challenges Lisbon's light is Paris. Tuileries, in summer, is one of the best places for that light to glow, and that's precisely the reason why it...

  • 18. Cameras & Photography

    Visiting churches is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Europe, and provides a fascinating insight into the culture which has shaped European cultures of the past couple of millenia. Unlike...

  • 19. Labor Strikes - Greves

    Mrs Thatcher would be turning in her grave with the power that the public service unions exert in Paris. Barely a month seems to go by without one group or another airing their greivances in...

  • 20. Pharmacies

    The majority of pharmacies in Paris are not open 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day. Its good to know which are open, however, should you run into any emergencies. *Pharmacie des Champs 84, Avenue des...

  • 21. Disneyland Paris

    PARIS can be very reasonable and less expensive than the USA-but it won't be for the 99%. Why? Because most go only to the tourist traps! They are caught under the spell of Madison Avenue...

  • 22. Smoking

    Smoking is banned in public places and that ban is almost universally ignored - except on public transport where only the drivers get away with smoking. Being non smokers we found this annoying and...

  • 23. You can be a danger to Paris.

    We've been going to Paris for years and always loved the views of the Seine from the many bridges. This is no longer the case. Errant young lovers (and some not...

  • 24. Police/Gendarmes/CRS

    These guys are here to protect you. However they are armed, devoid of a sense of humour and when put under pressure, they tend to shoot first & think...

  • 25. several warning tips

    -We didn’t have any serious problem in Paris but as expected there are several pickpockets especially at the crowded touristic corners but also in the metro,...

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Paris Warnings and Dangers

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The presence of so many tourists in one place can be a tempation to thieves and scam-artists. VTers will tell you about the common ways that pickpockets distract you in order to lighten your...

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