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Most Viewed Transportation in Île-de-France

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    Hop on off tourist buses

    by gwened Written Feb 5, 2015

    they are all kinds of tours that does giverny and versailles for example ,such as
    for giverny

    and Paris

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    How to come in and out Taverny

    by gwened Written Dec 15, 2014

    By car you take the A15 direction Rouen from Paris and get off at exit road D106 No 5 past the RER train station to city center where you can park by the train station or rue de Paris or shopping center (centre commercial) at Rue Théroigne de Méricourt

    route planner
    traffic for more info at

    You have the taxis approved by the city such as
    Charles Philippe
    42 Rue Gabriel Péri
    01 39 95 17 19
    Karim Kobad
    46 Avenue de Tournevent
    01 39 60 63 53
    Lie PAO Sebastien Roland
    148 Rue d'Herblay
    09 54 89 86 32
    Sierra Laforge Elsie
    13 Rue Pierre Bérégovoy
    01 34 18 05 68
    Tarabay Simon
    12 Allée du Temps des Cerises
    01 39 98 01 73
    Toméo Jean-Luc
    7 Rue René Echavidre
    01 61 35 10 84
    Touati Jean-Philippe
    27 Avenue Cardinale
    06 07 28 67 69

    You have the train well connected with Paris with 3 options
    Line H stop: gare de Taverny, place de la gare - Taverny
    line H stop/arrêt : gare de Vaucelles, rue de Vaucelles - Taverny
    RER C stop/arrêt : gare de Montigny-Beauchamp - Beauchamp
    Telephone +33 (0) 891 36 20 20

    by bus
    Les Cars Lacroix
    53/55, chaussée Jules César
    95250 Beauchamp
    Tél. : 33 (1) 30 40 56 56
    Fax : 33 (1) 30 40 56 50
    with lines on left column above

    You have the lines 30 10 from train stationi gare de Taverny to train station gare de Montigny Beauchamp
    Line 30 18 from train station or gare de Bessancourt to train station gare de Montigny Beauchamp
    Line 95 03 from train station gare de Montigny-Beauchamp to Cergy (and link to Paris on train or RER A)
    Line 9503 B from Margency to Cergy
    Line 30 23 links the train station or gare de Saint leu la Forêt to the train station Montigny Beauchamp
    Other than buying the bus tickets on the bus ,you can purchase them in town at
    Librairie des Lilas,
    Centre Commercial
    43, rue des Lilas
    Tabac aux Camélias
    204, rue de Paris
    Café de l’Esplanade
    Place du Pressoir
    Tabac Presse Ribon
    107, rue de Beauchamp

    train station at Taverny
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    Driving in ile de France region

    by gwened Updated Dec 14, 2014

    The île de France is the vital heart of the country. It is quite natural that the region with the capital, hence the first node of communication of the national motorway network. The Ile-de-France region has no fewer than 800 km of highways. Paris the capital is the heart of a network of motorways in Star destined to all provincial metropolises: the Autoroute du soleil (A6, Dijon, Lyon and Marseille), the A1 (to Lille), the A13 to Normandy (Rouen, Caen, Le Havre), the A4 to the East (Reims, Metz, Strasbourg), the A10 towards Aquitaine (Nantes, Bordeaux, Rennes) being the main.
    The ring road allows access to all sectors of the capital by one of the many "doors" of Paris. The A86 motorway surrounding suburbs, and the Francilienne will soon allow access to more distant suburbs to a dozen kilometers from Paris. The local network is complemented by concentric highways and national roads to the main cities of the periphery of the island of France.
    The density of the Ile-de-France network to reach a destination by a multitude of routes. The other side of the coin is that some sectors are very often saturated, particularly the joint section of the A4 and A86 in the Val de Marne. Traffic jams are almost routine in peak hours in the areas of Champigny-sur-Marne, Bondy (at the level of the junction between the A86 is and the A3), of Aulnay-sous-Bois (in the direction of Lille just after the interchange with the N2), le Kremlin - Bicêtre (N7), Pont de Saint-Cloud (A13), or the viaduc de Gennevilliers. Plugs and slowdowns occur even at any hour of the day in the areas of Saint Maurice (common section with the A86), Charenton (at the level of Porte de Bercy) and Saint-Ouen - l ' Aumône (184).

    The autoroute A16 from the north will have an extension from L'Isle-Adam to reach the N104 Francilienne around the CDG airport beltway of Paris. It has been approve construction.

    The most convenient method to help you is to read one or more route planner such as

    together with a good paper map of the region by Michelin No 514 or better IGN no R03.

    together with the traffic info above the specialise sites I use are systadin and v-trafic

    and to a lesser extend infotrafic

    the autoroutes have a site and those for this region are

    with a general site

    bon route, happy motoring

    A12 coming up on link to A13 Paris A13 linkup with A14 going to Paris A13 to Paris getting off at No 3 off No 3 on road D7 to Suresnes pl Henri IV in Suresnes
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    How to get in and out ,Poissy

    by gwened Updated Nov 24, 2014

    Poissy is located in the Yvelines dept 78, about 15 km to the west of Paris - La Défense,and 30 km from Paris - Notre-Dame. I used to lived not far and it is an interesting city of Louis IX. The train goest direct to Gare St lazare, and RER A as well as a great bus station next door. It opened in May 9 1843 then rebuilt in the 1870's. The building destroyed in 1987,and a new one done from May 29 1989 as we see today.

    By car you come here on the A14 (toll road) from la Défense direction Poissy ,and by the autoroute A13 from the boulevard périphérique, direction Rouen ,then take exit or sortie 7 Poissy. You can,also, take the road départementale D113 or départementale D190 from Saint-Germain-en-Laye.
    will help with the routing and
    will help with more detail traffic information. The best parking by the train station is here
    parking Forum at Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
    parking Hôtel de Ville at Avenue du Cep
    are ok too. IN addition to street parking when available.
    There are also for free when available at the Clinique Saint-Louis,Rue Basset
    and on the road D153 direction Orgeval at parking de l'annexe facing the park Meissonier.

    The train station or gare de Poissy is also terminus for the RER A. It is located at the 14, place Georges-Pompidou. and you have the main line Paris > Mantes-la-Jolie by Poissy , Poissy / Achères-Grand-Cormier / Houilles-Carrières-Sur-Seine / Paris Saint-Lazare). at regional site
    •RER A is the end line for the RER A5 doing Poissy / Achères-Grand-Cormier / Maisons-Laffitte / Sartrouville / Houilles-Carrières-sur-Seine / Nanterre-Préfecture / La Défense Grande Arche/Charles-de Gaule-Etoile / Auber / Châtelet-les-Halles.
    Boutique Transilien SNCF and RER :
    14, place Georges-Pompidou 78 300 Poissy.
    Agence Transilien SNCF : open Mondays to Fridays from 7h00 to 20h00.
    counters Transilien SNCF :open Mondays to Saturdays from 5h15 to 21h30 , and Sundays /Holidays from 6h55 to 21h30.
    Counters for the big lines or grandes lignes :Tuesdays to Fridays from 7h00 to 19h55 , and the Mondays and Saturdays from 10h00 to 18h30.

    The city has Véolia Transport for its bus lines with 28 lines going to even nearby towns. You have the main one next to the train station at Gare routière Sud, CSO 2, avenue Maurice-Berteaux Tél +33 01 39 79 97 97, and the north station at Gare routière Nord Rue du Pont Ancien

    The airport of course is that of Paris CDG or Orly
    to go to Roissy CDG take the RER A5 until Châtelet-les-Halles,then the RER B3 to Roissy CDG. or to Orly take the RER A5 to Châtelet-les-Halles , then RER B4 to Antony, and here the bus navette Orlyval to Orly.

    Taxis are plentyful in front of the train station. As well as

    main train station main bus station
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    well it is Paris airport???? or what lol!

    by gwened Updated Oct 13, 2014

    usually the tip is in the Paris page and they are. However, for the record the so call Paris airports are not in Paris but in ile de France.
    the so call CDG is in Roissy en France, dept 95 Val d'Oise just northwest of Paris ,and Orly well its in the city of Orly in Val de Marne no 94.
    that is why you need to take a much expensier train or RER ticket to get into PARIS.

    and more from the department Val d'Oise no 95 on their airport

    the transportation site is Paris
    and the
    or the ile de France transport site

    By car you get out on the A1 and enter Paris by Porte de la Chapelle, and from Orly you take the A106 than A6 to Paris. You have the RER B from CDG and the OrlyVal from Orly or the Roissybus from CDG or the Orlybus from Orly.

    Orly is small and very easy to move about, CDG is bigger and sometime confusing to visitors but its easy multilingual and well signages.
    For more see my Paris page on transportation

    T2E terminal at CDG Roissy en France tarmac at CDG Roissy en France
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    How to come in and out Suresnes

    by gwened Written Jul 28, 2014

    One of my favorites spots to come and had the opportunity to know it well working here for almost two years. It has the upscale cachet with proximity to Paris but the country life we all love to have after a long day at work.

    To move about is great having the best of both worlds Dept 92 Hauts-de-Seine and Paris 75.
    You have the train
    Gare : Suresnes-Mont Valérien
    Line Saint-Cloud - Paris Saint-Lazare (M) : a train every 15 min.(my line)
    Line La Verrière - La Défense (M, RER) : a train every 15 to 30 min. its an uphill so be prepare to climb back up ,going down is easier.

    You have great tramway services
    Stations Suresnes Longchamp (my stop) and Belvédère
    Line T2 Porte de Versailles - La Défense (M, RER),goes to La Defense with every 4 mins at rush hours, and goes up to Pont de Bezons.

    You have the RATP buses such as
    Line 93 : Suresnes de Gaulle - Esplanade des Invalides; Line 141 : Lycée de Rueil-Malmaison - Grande Arche de La Défense (M, RER) ;Line 144 : Rueil-Malmaison (RER) - Pont de Neuilly (M);
    Line 157 : Nanterre - Pont de Neuilly (M); Line 160 : Pont de Sèvres - Nanterre Préfecture (RER);
    Line 175 : Porte de Saint-Cloud (M) - Asnières-Gennevilliers - G. Péri (M); Line 244 : Rueil-Malmaison (RER) - Porte Maillot (M, RER); Line 241 : Rueil-Malmaison (RER) - Porte d'Auteuil (M); Line 360 : Hôpital de Garches - Grande Arche de La Défense (M, RER).

    The navette bus 563 links 3 towns in the area of Mont-Valérien : Suresnes, Rueil-Malmaison, and Nanterre. The autobus Suresnes has two special trips around the town with one itinerary call Liberté and the other République. A third one goes on the circuit of the Cité-jardins ,and the Marché Caron.

    The Noctilien bus no 53 will take you at night to the gare Saint lazare in paris.
    Autolib' electric car service has many stations in Suresnes such as
    Espace Autolib’ : 15-17 rue de Verdun ;Station: Facing 3 rue Salomon de Rothschild; Station : 2 Rue Marcel Monge ;Station : Place Stalingrad (by the No 11); Station : rue Charles Péguy (intersection alley with bd Henri Sellier); Station : 33, rue de la Tuilerie;Station : 52, rue Carnot; Station : 50, bd Henri Sellier facing the tourist office of Suresnes; Station : 37, avenue Georges Pompidou; Station : 26, rue Huché;Station : 17-21, avenue Jean Jaurès; Station : Rue de la Fontaine du Tertre.

    You have taxi stands at rue de l'amiral Willaumez, (bd Henri Sellier), Tél. : 01 45 06 00 24, and
    rue Worth (Hôpital Foch), Tél. : 01 42 04 40 04

    How to arrive at Suresnes from the different train stations in Paris:
    GARE DU NORD, take RER E Gare du Nord - Magenta → Hausmann Saint-Lazare
    Transilien SNCF train stop/arrêt Suresnes-Mont-Valérien

    GARE DE L’EST, take Metro 4 → Châtelet-les-Halles, RER A → La Défense
    Tramway 2 stop/arrêt Suresnes-Longchamp or Transilien SNCF train stop/ arrêt Suresnes Mont-Valérien
    GARE MONTPARNASSE, take Métro 12 → Porte de Versailles, then Tramway 2 → La Défense stop/arrêt Suresnes-Longchamp
    GARE DE LYON, take RER A → La Défense, then Tramway 2 arrêt Suresnes-Longchamp or Transilien SNCF train stop/ arrêt Suresnes Mont-Valérien
    GARE D’AUSTERLITZ, take Chemin piéton (pedestrian alley) → Gare de Lyon (10 minutes on foot), then RER A → La Défense, then Tramway 2 stop/arrêt Suresnes-Longchamp or Transilien train stop/arrêt Suresnes Mont-Valérien

    the Vélib stations at Suresnes, one for sure at Pl Henri IV

    And I come mostly by car after been able to get me underground parking on my job. The family visits we park on the Streets by bd Henri Sellier or underground parking pl Henri IV; road D985 from St Cloud and connects with the A13 (by D907 and D182), and the bordering the Seine the road D7 to La Defense. The pont de Suresnes is the N185 over the bois de boulogne to Paris Porte Maillot , and the road D5 linking with la Defense and the D913 and the A14.
    route planner
    traffic prevention

    these are the parkings
    Parking Merlin de Thionville ,39, rue Merlin de Thionville, near hospital hôpital Foch open 7/7 7h to 21h
    Parking Ilot Caron-Jaurès, Rue Albert Caron, open Mondays to Saturdays from 7h -22h and Sundays 6h -15h
    Parking underground Henri IV, Place Henri IV; Open Mondays to Saturdays from 7h to 22h,closed Sundays
    Parking underground Charles Péguy, Rue Charles Péguy, open 7h -22h Mondays to Saturdays closed Sundays and Holidays
    Parking Jules Ferry, Rue Jules Ferry, open 7h-22h mondays to Sundays, closed holidays
    Parking underground Franklin Roosevelt, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, open 6h -22h every day including sundays and holidays
    Parking du Belvédère; Place du Ratrait, Open 7h-22h Mondays to Saturdays closed Sundays and Holidays.

    Parking place Henri IV Suresnes train station Mont Val��rien Suresnes rails high of Mont Val��rien Suresnes parkings of Suresnes local bus AS libert�� or r��publique
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    How to get in and out of V,V, and V!!!

    by gwened Updated Apr 24, 2014

    The main here is the train but it,also,has good bus service. I happened to travel on this line a lot by train while living in the area to work. You get on the same line the big 3 V, Vernouillet, Verneuil sur SEine,and Vilennes sur Seine.

    First at Vernouillet,parking is free!!! Verneuil sur Seine has some too and some with metered. They are cross by the road D154 that links with the autoroute A13 to Paris (Porte de Saint-Cloud), and from La Défense and Porte Maillot by the autoroute A14. There is a bridge the pont de Triel,that crosses again the river Seine and gives access to the towns of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Cergy-Pontoise.

    The train have it easy at the gare de Vernouillet-Verneuil,on the line J of the Transilien, via Poissy, linking these towns with Paris in 25 minutes. Correspondances : has buses Véolia Tourneux lines 12, 26, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 39 ; and buses express A14 La Défense – Orgeval – Verneuil-sur-Seine
    the location of the train station is at Place Charles-de-Gaulle,Verneuil sur SEine
    Tél. : 01 39 65 64 19
    the other train station on the same line is at
    Gare des Clairières de Verneuil
    Place de la Résistance
    78480 Verneuil-sur-Seine
    Tél. :

    the gare de villennes sur Seine is also on the same line and uses the same link below.

    the buses are here
    8 lines operated by Véolia Transdev transport Île-de-France criscross Vernouillet.
    Ligne 12 : Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil / Achères / Gare Cergy préfecture
    Ligne 26 : Les Mureaux / Verneuil / Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Poissy (RER A)
    Ligne 30 : Gare SNCF Verneuil Jean-Zay / Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil
    Ligne 31 : Les hauts de Verneuil / Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil
    Ligne 32 : Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil / Marsinval / Brezolles
    Ligne 33 : Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil / Bures Épinettes
    Ligne 37 : Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil / Vernouillet rond-point
    Ligne 39 : Gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil / Chapet centre

    Autocars Tourneux
    ZAE du Rouillard
    Parc des Trois Étangs
    78480 Verneuil-sur-Seine
    Tél. : 01 39 75 98 99
    Fax : 01 39 75 61 83

    same lines do the Saint germain en laye to Villennes sur SEine on the LINE 26 Villennes - St Germain en Laye. as well as lines 31 and 32 above.

    the express bus line A14, (which even my kids took and its easy and nice ride) the cost etc

    late nightime you have coverage by Noctilien bus line N151 goes thru Vernouillet, with a stop at the gare SNCF Vernouillet-Verneuil. It comes from Paris Saint-Lazare ,and link the towns of Mantes-la-Jolie Poissy and Les Mureaux. all and more can be planned in English here

    for the future the line RER E, call "Eole", will come from Paris to Mantes-la-Jolie, and will passed by the gare de Vernouillet-Verneuil by 2020,or maybe before.
    They are in public debate to extend the line LNPN from Paris Gare Saint Lazare that will make the distance in rush hour to le Havre ,Caen in 1h15 ,and Rouen in 45 minutes, that now takes 2 hours. In addition users can then go direclty to la Défense,and then gare Saint-Lazare,and quicker times to the Haute and Basse-Normandie régions.

    Taxis Dias
    Tél. : 06 89 01 11 87 or mobile 06 80 26 05 23 .

    you can stop from the train and have a drink by the kiosk great on a hot summer day at Villennes sur Seine.

    gare de villennes sur Seine from train station to square with a kiosk
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    How to get in and out Dourdan

    by gwened Written Dec 23, 2013

    you have the train on the two RER C stations located on the town: one station called 'Dourdan' in city center (see photo), , and another called 'Dourdan La Forest' lying westerly of the previous and serving a pole of public facilities. These stations provide regular connections to the gare Austerlitz in Paris in a little more than an hour. In addition, the TER Centre managed by the Centre Region joined Paris-Austerlitz in less than 30 minutes non-stop every day at 12h54 and 17h56

    you have a bus service on the regional service STIF covering
    •Massy (line 91.03)
    •Orsay (line 91.02)
    •Etampes (line 91.07)
    •Rambouillet (line 29)
    system albatrans

    by car you take from paris A6A or B porte d'Orléans and Gentilly.towards Chilly mazarin connect with the A10 direction Bordeaux, to the D848 direction Dourdan. parking by the fortress and Church areas.

    Gare de Dourdan RER city center
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    how to come in and out mantes

    by gwened Updated Dec 13, 2013

    nothing beats car travel anywhere but in France its sublime. This is passing by an autoroute stop at vironvay past mantes la jolie on the A13 the autoroute de Normandie exits 11,12,and 13
    see the sanef group that handles the toll roads on this stretch on your way to the D Day sites

    you have two train stations in the royal town of Mantes-la-Jolie.
    the main one is at place du 8 Mai 1945, with telephone +33 01 30 63 79 60 call simply Mantes SNCF.
    Then you have another call Mantes Station, place de l'Europe, with telephone +33 01 30 92 45 16
    the best way to see them schedules is in the ile de France region trains site

    the bus station is at the SNCF train station main bus terminal
    place du 8 mai 1945
    Tél. +33 01 30 94 77 77. the hours at the station for ticketing are from Monday to Fridays 7h to 19h and Saturdays from 8h30 to 12h
    There is the ile de France night bus service (1h to 5h mornings) from the Gare Saint-Lazare to gare de Mantes-la-Jolie et vice versa, on the bus No N151.

    There is a express bus service from Mantes to La Defense, call express A14 because it goes on the autoroute A14, it is very convenience, as there you go up and connect with the metro line 1 to Paris.

    you have airport connection to the city from the régions of Dieppe, Rouen, Evreux, Vernon, Paris..(to the airports and train stations);last navette was 45€ in collective mode to Roissy or Orly for two persons. Tél +33 01 30 42 28 32 / email :

    Taxi services in city are

    Alliance Taxi
    Tél. : 06 74 80 56 21
    La flècheconfort
    126 bis, boulevard du maréchal juin
    Tél. : 06 67 26 48 62
    Borne Taxi (à la gare principale)
    Place du 8 mai 1945
    Tél. : 01 30 94 39 39
    Radio Taxi Mantes
    Tél. : 01 30 94 38 00

    tolls at Bechelay past exit 13 dir Rouen car parking hotel de ville ,city center vironvay rest stop nice break off A13 reaching the Rouen area on the A13 parking pl de normandie in city center
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    rental cars out of Paris airports

    by gwened Updated Nov 7, 2012

    get the best prices from my all time favorites even from abroad
    deals with all majors car brokers best deals.

    at airports you pay the airport tax fee so a bit expensier. Depends which airport you find best airfare Roissy CDG or Orly.
    At CDG you go to Gare du Nord,on RER B train, rent them there, and drive out on blvd magenta towards porte de la chapelle and the peripherique or beltway, direction Rouen will link you up with Normandie.

    From Orly, better take the OrlyVal to Antony,
    rent the car at Antony,get on the A86 expressway direction Versailles ,Creteil etc,and will link up with the N12 direction Rouen St Germain en Laye, then take the A13 direction Rouen to Normandie

    avoid work hours like 7-9am and 5-7pm hours and you will be ok, use for planning estimates and ask for a map at counter from rental car company.

    hope it helps

    Arc de Triomphe great driving in Paris parking by Joffre ecole militaire
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    Massy Palaiseau TGV train station

    by gwened Written Oct 22, 2012

    one of the connecting knots in the TGV track circle just south of Paris dept Essonne or no 91

    The station is service to the RER B and C of the Paris region, and the RER C is a circular line service by the TGV from Normandy to the southeast,and the TGV of provinces stop here too. The station was the backdrop decoration for the album SOS Météores of the adventures of Blake and Mortimer.

    you have these buses stopping by here 119, 196, 199, 319, 399, Albatrans 91.03 91.05 91.06 91.10, CEAT 10.07, Daniel Meyer DM10B, DM11A, DM11B, DM11C, DM11D, DM12, DM153, e-Zybus 51, 111, 114, Les Cars d'Orsay 2, 15, Scientibus 20.07, Sénart Bus 51exp, SAVAC 39-37AB, 39-37A, Gare TGV N63, N122

    This is more information on it

    I come here on the way to Roissy CDG if take the TGV From Brittany. But the RER B and C its a convenience from those coming from the south and staying in central Paris.

    parvis of Massy TGV train station gare routi��re or buses station the trains passing at Massy TGV platform or voie on the TGV trains the TGV coming to station
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    how to get here in and out- Houdan

    by gwened Written Jun 13, 2012

    the best way is the car on route planner can help. Then from Paris you take the A13 direction Rouen, then the A12 direction Lyon to N12 direction Rambouillet and see signs for Houdan.

    by train from gare Montparnasse in Paris to Houdan on ile de France region transport site

    buses locally all the lines are here but not from Paris, there only the train will do or the car

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    Houilles to Paris get there

    by gwened Written Jun 12, 2012

    One of the best connected towns to Paris with train SNCF and train RER A ,here you are in zone 4 of tariffs.

    You have line Maisons-Laffitte › Paris Saint-Lazare that link the cities of Nanterre-Université, La Garenne-Colombes, Les Vallées, Bécon-les-Bruyères, Asnières-sur-Seine, Levallois-Perret, and Pont-Cardinet, in work hours from 9h30 to 16h30.

    In work hours a train every 10 minutes gare St Lazare to Mantes-la-Jolie and all towns in between. A direct train every 20 minutes to Saint Lazare

    RER A from Paris many locations such as Charles-de-Gaulle/Etoile,Châtelet-les-halles, and Gare de Lyon

    bus system with that of Paris at
    best car parking by the train station at 10, place André-Malraux
    in town in use of disque bleu that you can purchase at any supermarket or tabac for about 2€ and can give you free parking for up to four hours.

    train station Houilles-Carri��res sur Seine train station at Houilles passing
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    How to get here in and out-Disneyland

    by gwened Written Jun 7, 2012

    wonderful RER and TGV station at Marne la vallée Chessy, just around the corner from Disney Village. Buses takes you to the parks, there are car rentals avis and hertz,and a VEA bus links the airports de Paris.

    really nice, been there by car and lately by train
    the ile de France region transport site is here

    There is also the VEA bus site to airports

    and the Paris transport site

    by car you get off the A4 and see signs to the parks, easy.

    VEA buses coming to the park local buses doing the inter park run
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    How to get here in and out-Maisons Laffitte

    by gwened Written Jun 3, 2012

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    very easy RER A from CDG etoile in Paris to Maisons Laffitte, and easy on car from Paris on the A13 or A15 autoroutes.
    see the train sites for the region of ile de France

    or route planner

    front entrance to train station and RER A street walking to train station looking at rail tracks at Maisons Laffitte
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