Montpellier Travel Guide

  • Rue Astruc
    Rue Astruc
    by Suet
  • Aqueduct at Montpellier
    Aqueduct at Montpellier
    by deptlads
  • Loius XIV and the shady trees
    Loius XIV and the shady trees
    by Suet

Montpellier Highlights

  • Pro
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    picous says…

     dynamic city close to the seaside, old city 

  • Con
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    gyljohnson says…

     Not many touristic sites (if you consider that a drawback:) 

  • In a nutshell
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    barryg23 says…

     Laid-back, fun, University town 

Montpellier Things to Do

  • Promenade du Peyrou

    Situated at the North of the City it is where the aqueduct brought water into the town. Being French, it doesn't look like a water building at all, more a work of art. It's called teh Chateau d'Eau. The Promenade is a wide open space with some trees and benches where you can stroll and people watch as much as you like. There were a couple of stray...

  • Place de la Comedie

    At the center of the Place is the Three Graces Fountain. To the north of it, the Place continues as the Esplanade and eventually becomes the Champs de Mars garden which leads to the 17C Citadel. Also in this direction but more to the east is the Polygone district. Near the center the streets to the west contain many fine mansions with the closest...

  • Antigone

    Antigone is an area built from scratch during the 80s, in neoclassical style. What I like the most is entering the Polygone shopping mall from Place de la Comédie et going out from the Antigone exit. The impression is to be in a different city. Buildings are all built with the same youllowish stones and all look the same. The main pedestrian...

  • Arc de Triumph

    This triumphal arch was built in honour of Louis XIV in 1691 by Daviler upon the site of Western city side medieval gate. Medalions depict important events during the king's reign. On the city side, you see the Canal du Midi connecting the Ocean and the Mediterranean and the revocation of the Edict of Nantes which outlawed Protestantism.

  • Estivales : local wine-tasting and night...

    Every friday evening during summer on the Esplanade ( next to the Comedie Square, in the very centre)At les Estivales, you will taste local wine, enjoy a night market ( mostly handicraft... ), lot of local or exotics food stands, and music and concerts.For the wine, easy principle, fo' 5 euros you get a glass ( a real one) and 3 tickets for the "...

  • Go to a concert at Le Corum

    If you like classical music, you should go to a concert at Le Corum, opera house and home of National Orchestre in Montpellier.


Montpellier Hotels

Montpellier Restaurants

  • Around Place de la Comedie

    This pub is right on the edge of the Place de la Comedie. Perfect for people watching and even more perfect, from Hubby's point of view, they serve Chimay Bleu. Nectar for the Gods he says. The slight snag is that they put the tram tracks right outside the door so your view is interrupted every few minutes by the huge blue tram that trundles and...

  • Its a good restaurant

    Its an informal local restaurant. Lunch menu is not expensive. Good lively atmosphere. salad, meat dishes

  • Cerdan

    A delightful and resonably priced restaurant. We were cutting cost at this point 11 may 2010 as we had been in Montpellier for over a week. They did a really good formule at 13.50 each. We didn't have wine that night, resting the jolly old liver you know, so we paid 27 Euros.


Montpellier Nightlife

  • Street Nightlife

    Montpellier is a Mediterranean city, which means that you can spend your evening (from aperitif till the morning comes) in the streets. Every bar, pub and restaurant has some tables just outside the door, and in the end you don't even know in which bar you're having a drink!Just walk around and look for the place that suits you the best!

  • The best bar in the world

    This is by far my favorite bar in the entire world!There is a huge area in front of the bar full of chairs and tables and tents where you can sit at day or night and watch people and have a drink. In the colder months there are heaters and in the warmer months there are fans. The bar is unique because it was built in old wine cellars. The owner of...

  • Afterhours club

    It's a student after hours club. So there'll only be young people... except for the random drunk old guy scamming on young chicks. This is the only other afterhours club/bar to go to in downtown Montpellier. Usually college students. It's a jungle theme downstairs so when you walk in, you feel like you're in a rainforest.... with loud music and...


Montpellier Transportation

  • Cycling aournd Montpellier

    This is a scheme allowing you to hire a bike to get around Montpellier, get some excercise and keep the pollution down. The picture gives you all the details you need to know as well as the prices by the hour or daily.As you know, cycling is extremely popular in France generally, so give it a go!

  • Go by train

    There are fast (TGV) direct train services to Montpellier from all over France and beyond (including Belgium, Switzerland and Italy). It takes just 7 hours from London with one change at Lille, which is how we did it (about GBP 100 one-way, first class).Trains from Lille take about 5 hours, from Paris about 3 and a half hours.There are also Talgo...

  • The most beautiful trams

    Moving around Montpellier is easy. The city is well served by two lines of tram.The trams are very pleasant, clean, comfortable (air conditioning in summertime and heating in winter), and offer an excellent view of the city. Trams arrive every three to five minutes at peak hours but less frequently at night.Ticket prices are the same as for the...


Montpellier Shopping

  • Small shops in the city center

    If you like shopping, you cannot miss the small tiny shops in the streets of old Montpellier. Big chains have still not opened here and there are a lot of small stores selling wonderful gifts and second-hand clothing. You cannot miss them!

  • Shopping in the city centre

    Le Polygone is the only shopping mall in old Montpellier. It's a good place to have lunch and to relax while touring around the city center, Le Polygone also includes Galérie Lafayette, a large department store very popular in France.Other shopping malls can be found outside Montpellier.

  • Art in Pezenas

    Modern paintings with an original style.The boss is often out (bloody artists !). So make an appointment by phone before coming. The artist is not yet known. So you can have a fair price. Go there quickly before he was at the Louvre Museum.


Montpellier Local Customs

  • If you want to learn French

    If you want to learn French or to improve your knowledge of our language, spend a week in 'immersion' at DOMITIA FRANCE 25 Clos Domitia 34140- Loupian- Phone-fax: 334 67 46 12 05+ 336 09 35 28 72. . Alain, the French teacher speaks English and Dutch. The morning is devoted to the study and the afternoon...

  • Wine

    Jeannette (a VT member) says I speak too much about wine. Never mind, I give you the address to visit if you want to taste and to buy some wines of the area : Chateau la Peyrade. They are less known than the Bordeaux or the Bourgogne. So, they are cheaper but good also.My preferite : Faugere (red), Muscat de Frontignan (sweet white).

  • Pezenas : homeland of Molière

    Everywhere in Pezenas, you will find the memory of French comedies writter : Jean-Baptiste POQUELIN, known as MOLIERE.He was not born here but he stayed some years there acting with his colleagues for the Prince de Conti.The sign on the picture reminds his stay in the inn located in that building.


Montpellier Tourist Traps

  • Warning #2!

    Watch out for pickpockets!I got my wallet stolen out of my purse in the middle of Monoprix while I was shopping for groceries. Make sure that you always have copies of all your important documents in another location. Always know exactly what's in your purse and wallet. Report all theft to the police station located in the comedie opposite the...

  • Warning!

    Don't give the homeless people money! There are a ton of teenagers and young adults who sit on the street with their dogs and harass you for money. Don't feel obligated or harassed into giving them any. If someone starts harassing you just keep walking and ignore them, they'll give up eventually. There's an old woman by the Polygone who you can...

  • This city is so big. There is...

    This city is so big. There is so much to see. Bring along a map and choose what you want to see before you go.


Montpellier What to Pack

  • Packing List

    The weather is generally nice and very sunny in Spring and Summer. Do not forget a cap to protect your head. In Winter, beginning of Spring and Fall, it can rain. Bring a rain clothe.The weather is a bit more windy than on the Riviera. Think to the sun cream (can be bought locally). Do not forget your UV lens.

  • Packing List

    Bring a suitcase, backpack or sportsbag. When you are in town bring along some suncream and a bottle of water in a very small backpack. Dress lightly, especially in summer. Suncream! Good film for your camera is aivable here. Getting your film developped and printed is an option too. Bring your tent or caravan at a camping nearby. See...

  • Packing List

    Compliments of GRANNYSMITH :)


Montpellier Off The Beaten Path

  • Rebuffy Pub

    This was a real find! The kind of pub I would have adored to have been part of back in the 60's. I will quote directly from the brochure if I may:The Rebuffy pub is your international meeting place for cultural exchanges, always within a festive and relaxed atmosphere, Rebuffy offers you many great delas and attractions which will keep you coming...

  • Sete

    The town of Sete, near Montpellier, is well worth a visit. We spent most of an afternoon here wandering round and getting lost looking for the beach. The beach was about 10-15 minutes walk outside the town and by the time we got back we were too tired to do any more exploring in Sete. It's a nice, quiet town and didn't have too many tourists.

  • Via Domitia Roman road and settlement...

    The city of Nîmes was situated on the Via Domitia, a Roman road constructed in 118 BC, connecting Italy to Spain.Just a few kms from the village of St Christol, (about 20 kms from Montpellier) our hosts took us to see an archaeological site of the Via Domitia (site of the Ambrussum). Part of the area is still fenced off and under excavation, but a...


Montpellier Sports & Outdoors

  • Beaching at La Grande Motte

    A continuous beach from Palavas to La Grande Motte via Carnon. Notice that locals adore going to the beach, so you will not be alone...Directions:Bus 106 from Montpellier

  • Course Camarguaise at Lunel Arena

    Corse Carmarguaise is a bull event, but one where the bull isn't harmed or killed at the end - rather, it's loose in the arena and there is a team of about 10 men all dressed in white, who must take turns running at the bull, trying to get close enough to cut through several layers of string which is tied around the base of the bull's horns - bit...

  • Stade de la Mosson

    Montpellier were at the time a promising young team in "La Championat" but times have changed and they now languish in the lower regions of the second divison


Montpellier Favorites

  • Walking the streets of Montpellier

    I would reccommend that you just walk around the city taking photographs. It does not have to be an expensive city (although it can be) and there is plenty to see and do for free. Parks to sit and trees over the benches to keep you cool, dogs to talk to, people to watch and lots to explore. I would take you to the Place de la Comedie where there is...

  • Current info in English

    Montpellier has 80,000 students and is the location of many conferences.It is worthwhile checking the conference sites, as they give good info in English. The International European Conference on Computing and Philosophy (ECAP) 2008 takes place in June. No idea whazt it is about, but their website has loads of travel info :...

  • Place de la Comedie

    Life in Montpellier is centred around Place La Comedie, a large open-spaced square in the town centre. It is mostly pedestrianized, though the tram does pass through it. Most of Montpellier's shopping areas, restaurants and cafes are found on the square or on the many streets branching out from it.


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