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  • Iris and Cyrille having fun at Pont du Gard.
    Iris and Cyrille having fun at Pont du...
    by Jerelis
  • Pont du Gard.
    Pont du Gard.
    by Jerelis
  • At the overview of the entire park.
    At the overview of the entire park.
    by Jerelis

Remoulins Things to Do

  • Our Last Visit To The Pont

    We last came to the river in 2001 before the season began, in April and as yet there were no guards or guides. None of the new exhibits , souvenir or food services were open. We could not go up to the third level to see the aqueduct channel. We could still walk across the river above the first level on the roadway. A few canoes were on the river....

  • Coming To the Pont du Gard

    As one approaches the bridge and looks up at the lower arches, one realizes the massiveness of the structure and how it is unlike anything else except the Pyramids or the similar Aqueduct in Segovia. But the surroundings are quite different.

  • Mystery aqueduct ?

    The Euro bankotes show a digest of typical European monuments but as it would have been a sensitive issue to choose which monuments to represent, they have made imaginary drawings. Each drawing is inspired by several European monuments. The result looks familiar to everybody but nobody can claim it is a particular monument.However, the 5 euros note...

  • Mystery photo!

    The mystery photo from the introduction of this page is actually a photo taken in a part of the duct where some of the cover stones had been removed, which gave a series of dark and of sunny parts of the inner part. Sorry, this cannot be visited anymore!

  • Inside the duct

    In 1990, that was not forbidden to visit the duct, then, we walked from one end to the other.Photo 1. If you look closely at this photo, you will notice that the duct is narrower at the bottom than on top. It was not built like that but was due to lime stone deposit that built itself along the years. Year after year, these deposits reduced the...

  • Upper level

    Until 2000, the site was not wardened and it was possible to walk freely around, including the highest level, where runs the proper aqueduct. The duct is 1.80 m high and 1.20 m wide.Photo 1. On the northern end, the duct was not covered.Photo 2. After about 100 m , it is covered with large slates of stone.

  • 1990 photos

    All three photos were taken in 1990, from upstream.Photo 1. On this photo, the road running on the lowest level was still in use. In the background (hardly readable), the parking lot.Photo 2. On the far left, half hidden, a bus is driving towards the road on the aqueduct. Shame!

  • Carvings

    Along the centuries, there has been an awful lot of carvings on the stones that could be easily reached. At some places there are even technical information, used by the builders. I have not found any of them. Most carvings date back from the Middle Ages or later. Those on the photo seem to be several century old, given the style of writing.

  • Waking under/over the aqueduct

    On top of the lowest level, a road had been built in the XVIIIth. Though the site was inscribed in 1840 on the French list of the “Monuments historiques” and in 1985 on the Unesco World Heritage list, it was used as a road until 2000, when the site was “cleaned” from every thing that spoiled the Roman edifice. It is now pedestrian only and allows...

  • Getting closer to the aqueduct

    As much you walk towards the aqueduct, as much you have a more detailed view of its structure. Please, look at each of the four photos, one after the other!What is named the roman aqueduct of Pont-du-Gard is actually the monumental part of a 50 km aqueduct that was built around the first century AD and that lead water from near Uzès to Nîmes...

  • Bathing in the Gard?

    Bathing is possible in the Gard river except when there are high waters. However, you must be advised that most of the time, the water level is very low and you should not expect to do much swimming! However, most visitors do not come to Pont-du-Gard for bathing! But when it is very hot, it might be pleasant to refresh and play in the shallow...

  • North shore from the south

    On the north shore a good looking 5 levels traditional house, built in local stones has been kept and works as a bar. We have not been on this side since the location has been arranged but they for sure have also a fabulous landscape on the aqueduct.

  • Access to Pont-du-Gard aqueduct

    Until 2000, a small road lead to the aqueduct and ran on its basement. Cars and busses parked in the close neighborhood of the aqueduct, spoiled the landscape and were even a threat for its keeping. Since 200, the road access has been closed. Two huge parking lots have been arranged, one on the south side of the Gard river (access directly from...

  • See the Aquaeduct

    This most famous "bridge" of France is nothing more - or nothing less - than a great piece of engineering, 2000 years old and still in excellent state. It forms the most spectacular part of the 50 km long construction to bring water to Nimes. A little technical detail: The difference in level is over the whole length only 34 cm on each km and it is...

  • Pont du Gard

    The Pont du Gard is an aqueduct in the south of France which was constructed by the Romans and located near RemoulinsThe Roman engineers who built this bridge created a technical and artistic masterpiece in the 1st century AD. The Pont du Gard is a three level bridge which stands almost 50m high 275m long.


Remoulins Transportation

  • Travelling with (young) kids.

    Are you nervous about taking your baby or child on a plane trip? You aren't alone, most parents are nervous about it. We have moved with the kids to Alkmaar by car this holiday and drove some distances by car on when we were there and we learned a few things that hopefully will help you. General: Bring books, old favourite toys and new surprise...

  • How to get to Pont-du-Gard aqueduct

    The access to Pont-du-Gard aqueduct is easy if you drive your car. Drive the A9/E15 autoroute La Languedocienne from Orange to Nîmes and Montpellier. Leave the autoroute after Avignon and before Nîmes, at Remoulins. Remoulins is only 3 km out of the autoroute. Pont-du-Gard aqueduct is 5 km further Remoulins and is well signposted.

  • Remoulins Hotels

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Remoulins Local Customs

  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    by Jerelis Written Feb 11, 2013

    Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but as an experience traveler I know that you every now and then need this kind of information in advance: electricity in France is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to France with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

    There are three main types of voltage converter. Resistor-network converters will usually be advertised as supporting something like 50-1600 Watts. They are light-weight and support high-wattage electrical appliances like hair dryers and irons. However, they can only be used for short periods of time and are not ideal for digital devices. Some companies sell combination converters that include both a resistor network and a transformer in the same package. This kind of converter will usually come with a switch that switches between the two modes. If you absolutely need both types of converter, then this is the type to buy.

    Outlets in France generally accept 1 type of plug: Two round pins (see the picture). If your appliances plug has a different shape, you may need a plug adapter. Depending on how much you plan to travel in the future, it may be worthwhile to get a combination voltage converter and plug adapter.

    Two round pins system.
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Remoulins Warnings and Dangers

  • Do drink enough!!!

    For years, we have all been told of the importance of water. The general guideline has been to drink 2 liter of water each day. For a person who is not living an active lifestyle this may be enough, but if you are physically active, you need more water than that. That is especially true if you are hiking in the Alkmaar area due to the fact the...

  • Reading a map!

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the catchy title of the 1992 bestseller by John Gray, succinctly expresses an ancient dilemma. What--if anything--do men's and women's brains do differently?The general statement that men and women respond and behave differently under the same circumstances is true; For example, from the crib, male babies...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Remoulins What to Pack

  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    by Jerelis Written Feb 11, 2013

    Luggage and bags: * Map and guidebook;
    * Crackers;
    * 2 Liter of water;
    * Fruit / power bars.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: * Hiking boots;
    * 1 extra t-shirt;
    * Shorts with many pockets;
    * Sunglasses;
    * Fleece type jacket;
    * Hat / cap;
    * Raincoat.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: * Lip balm;
    * (Neck) sunblock;
    * Band-aids.

    Photo Equipment: * Camera and lots of SD cards!
    * Filter;
    * Extra batteries;
    * Lens 210 mm.

    Miscellaneous: * Binocular;
    * Compass.

    Here we go ...
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Remoulins Off The Beaten Path

  • Pont du Gard – UNESCO World Heritage...

    Built in the 1st century AD, the Pont du Gard is the highest of all Roman aqueduct bridges and is the best preserved. It was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1985 because of its historical importance. From the 18th century onwards, particularly after the construction of the new road bridge, it became a famous staging-post for...

  • Pont du Gard – How about the entrance...

    While we were walking towards the Pont du Gard we heared a lot of complaints about the entrance fee that needed to be paid. We paid €18,- for vehicle to have it parked at the parking lot. We were unpleasantly surprised by this huge parking fee. I asked someone of the administration why it was this high. He answered very politely that it is €18,-...

  • Pont du Gard – Bridge of the Gard.

    In the summer of 2011 we visited the southern part of France. We had stayed in Lyon for a night and were on our way to Narbonne, close to the French border with Spain. Driving over the highway A9 we decided it was time for a rest and a lunch. By that time we were close to Nimes and the exit Remoulins. Right in time to leave the highway and get on...


Remoulins Favorites

  • The bridge of the 5 Euro bill

    It was the aim of the EURO banknotes to show bridges and doors from different historical periods. They should stand as symbols for the open doors and bridges closing the gaps in Europe (but for most non-Europeans Europe appears as having closed doors and the bridges being open drawbridges). It was not the aim of the designer of the EURO bills to...

  • A little something to eat

    We had a sandwich, sitting outside with a nice view on the bridge and the Gardon. Tables and chairs are at your disposal. A sandwich costs +/- 3,30 euros and a bottle of 1,5l of water 2 euros. You have to pay for the parking place (5 euros).You can also have guided tours or visit a museum.

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