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    Place Gambetta
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    Inside the cathedral
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Condom Highlights

  • Pro
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    mke1963 says…

     The architecture, the sitting-and-doing-nothing and the swimming pool 

  • Con
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    lotharlerch says…

     Not always available when you urgently need it (the brandy) 

  • In a nutshell
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     Stop by just so you can say, "I've been to Condom" 

Condom Things to Do

  • Walking Tours

    The Syndicat d''Initiative has mapped out three different tours of Condom: the Circuit de Bossuet, covering the cathedral, abbey and older buildings; the Circuit d'Armagnac passing the great hotels (usually funded by the great Armagnac estates); and the Circuit d''Artagnan, which takes you over to the west bank of the Baise river, and sites...

  • Small city with marvellous Armagnac...

    This city with the strange name (in English and many other languages, but not in French) is rather small. The exact number of inhabitants is - according to Wikipedia - 7251 (in 1999) and the German version of Wikipedia says that this number has remained almost exactly the same under the last 120 years. Are you wondering?? ;-))So at least the name...

  • Museum of the Armagnac Brandy

    The full official name of the city is Condom en Armagnac So you may expect to find not only a Condom Museum but also Le musée de l'Armagnac. This museum shows you much about the history of this great brandy and how it was and in principle still is produced. You find all actual data about opening times,entrance fees etc. at the official Condom...

  • MAN - Musée d'Art Naïf, marginal et...

    This is a very interesting museum that showcases primative art from around the world. It was a relatively large and very impressive collection of this type of art. I'm not sure quite how far it is from Condom as we were driven there by friends, but it was not more than a half hour away. Plus the drive there is through some beautiful countryside....

  • Rue Gambetta

    If the place de Saint-Pierre and the cathedral are at the very centre of Condom, the rue Gambetta is the heart of Condom.There are other shopping streets (west of the cathedral in the place Lion d'Or and the rue des Armuriers), but Rue Gambetta is the real shopping street.Don't expect much, but it is a very friendly street with many surprising...

  • The old ramparts

    Condom was required to remove its walls very early on, and much of the stone work was then used to pave the streets (see the base of the fountain/pool in the place Saint-Pierre). However, a small part of the ramparts can be seen in the small Jardin des Remparts, near the hotel du Polignac (access from several points off rue Jules Ferry). The...

  • Musée du Préservatif

    The enterprising mayor of Condom decided to capitalise on Condom's legendary name, and opened the Musée du Preservatif in June 2005 (as a temporary exhibition until September only), after it had been in the planning for several years. Many in the town are said to be unhappy about it. Ah, la politique communale!

  • Musée de l'Armagnac

    Housed in the old stables of the bishop's palace, the museum of the local eau-de-vie is worth a visit. I must admit that we have never been there in all the time we have lived in the area. One of the reasons is that many farms locally have equipment as old as can be seen in the museum, and they are free!A listing of just a few of the estates can be...

  • The Cloisters

    The 16th Century cloisters are a reminder that long ago the cathedral was a part of an abbey. This is always a quiet spot, although music recitals and events are often staged here. Since 1861, the town hall has been on the upper floor, and the staff are happy to let visitors see the inside of the building.

  • The former bishop's palace

    Now the offices of the sous-prefecture, the former bishop's palace is an impressive building, but is difficult to appreciate from any angle because of the surrounding structures. It was constructed by the very last Bishop of Condom, Monsignor d''Anterroches. He, however, preferred to live in his residence at Cassaigne, 7km south-west of Condom. He...

  • L'hotel du Polignac

    Many visitors believe that like many French towns, the very centre of the town contains all that there is to see, yet some of Condom's charms are found outside the very centre.The hotel du Polignac is worth wandering seeking out. From the place Bossuet, immediately west of the cathedral, walk ahead then turn right into the narrow rue Balabie and on...

  • Rue des Armuriers

    Leading down from the place Lion d'Or, itself just west off the place Saint-Pierre, is the Rue des Armuriers, which runs steeply down to the banks of the river. Along both sides, particularly at the bottom on both sides, are some particularly nice houses with lush gardens. The council has also brightened up the lower part of the street with some...

  • La Tour d'Andiran

    This 'rather beautiful 13th Century tower is rarely seen because visitors almost inevitably pass on the narrow pavement alongside it, stop in at the tourist office on the grund floor and leave armed with pamphlets - without ever stopping to look up. Yet it is (I think), the oldest complete building in Condom. Cross the place Bossuet, past the...

  • Cathedral of Saint-Pierre

    The cathedral of Saint-Pierre is, of course, far too grand for a town of a mere seven thousand inhabitants, and its presence gives an indication of the importance of the place through history as a major stopping point on the Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the great medieval pilgrimage route from central France to north-eastern Spain.There...

  • Condom cathedral

    As you can see from the aerial view there is also an interesting Gothic cathedral in Condom. It might sound strange but it is like these Russian puppets: There is Armagnac. In the Armagnac there is Condom and in the Condom is the cathedral.

  • Museum of the Condom

    This museum - Musée du préservatif in French - was founded by the former mayor of Condom in an abandoned clinic. Unfortunately it did not exist when I was there but this is already 18 years ago.

  • Best Armagnac in SW France!!!

    I was taken to this very special place that is neatly hidden away in the Gascogne region of SW France.Not many people (except locals and Armagnac connoisseurs) know of this place. It is one of the topmost Armagnac distillers in France.Those who expect only the very best come here to buy their Armagnac and Floc De Gascogne. I was given a tour by the...

  • Musée de l'Armagnac

    Anyone who is an avid Armagnac lover as much as I am (my favourite liquor of them all !!) ... will find this museum very interesting!Open daily(except Tuesday);In Feb., March, Nov. and Dec. from 2-5 p.m.From April to Oct. from 10-noon; 2-6:30 p.m.Admission was 13 FF at the time...about $3.50 Cdn.


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Condom Restaurants

  • Origan

    Origan has developed a reputation that pulls in diners from far and wide; not bad given that it is up a narrow alleyway, out of sight and out of mind of the day-trippers.It is simply essential to have a reservation here (and they don't open Sundays). If you turn up on spec, you should get a table inside after maybe 30 minutes wait, but remember...

  • Cafe des Sports

    It is always difficult to use VT's restaurant categorisation, given that they are firmly aimed at Americans. The Cafe des Sports is a French restaurant, but that hardly creates a useful category in France, quite frankly.The Cafe des Sports is the most obvious restaurant in Condom, as it spreads across the pavement opposite the cathedral. Quite...

  • Affordable!!!

    Any of the salads!!Known for its pizza!Try the 'Plat du Jour' which averages about $22 to $25 Cdn.


Condom Shopping

  • by mke1963 Written Aug 13, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The whole of this part of France is littered with dovecotes, as pigeons and doves have long been a staple food. Pigeon hunting is still a very, very serious sport here, especially on the eastern edges of the Landes forest in neighbouring Lot-et-Garonne.

    Almost every farm, in days gone by, had its own dovecote, and most were built in brick or stone and beautifully embellished.

    One of the nicest is on the road between Mezin and Sos-en-Albret (both in Lot-et-Garonne), about 30 minutes drive west of Condom. It's on the left, just after the sharp left hand bend outside Mezin.

    What to buy: Well, now you can take your favourite dovecote home with you. Many shops now sell little decorated terracotta models of these dovecotes.


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Condom Local Customs

  • Palet Gascon

    Across France every evening - and most afternoons - people of all ages and sizes come out to enjoy a game of boules on any scruffy piece of ground. Yet in Gascony, you may also see the game of Palet Gascon being played on the same pieces of gravel.Palet gascon risked disappearing forever in the 1970s and 1980s but the resurgence of interest in all...

  • The brandy - what else did you think?

    One important local custom is the distilling of the Armagnac - the other one the tasting. Unfortunately I had - despite of my charming travel company - to limit myself in this respect - because I was the driver.

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Condom Off The Beaten Path

  • Internet Cafe

    Jeux M'Inform33 Bvd St JacquesGood friendly little place.0900 to 1200 and 1400 to 1900 Monday to Saturday.Closed Monday and Saturday mornings as well.Outside these hours there is a public access internet PC at the bar at the Bastillon in Lectoure.

  • A walk around the left bank of the Baise...

    Cross over the bridge and pass the roundabout, forking to the left. On the left is now a huge dyke that obscures the view of the river from the road. The Hotel Continental on the right is one of the longest established hotels in Condom, but many older people apparently will not eat there (despite having an excellent restaurant) for the Continental...

  • A walk around the left bank of the Baise...

    Most visitors wander around the cathedral and a few make it around the three routes prepared by the Tourism Bureau. Hardly any make it across to the newer part of the town on the left (west) bank of the Baise, which is a pity as this is an interesting part of the town that gives a better feel for the real Gers life, with some remarkably pretty...


Condom Favorites

  • You like to visit places with strange...

    I must admit that my visit to condom was mainly because of a leakage problem of the brakes of my car (see my travelogue) but I found that it was not only remarkable because of its funny name. It is indeed a nice and interesting place which always would merit a little detour.This is not only valid for Condom. I found much later that other places...

  • Condom KML Map for Gogle Earth - READ...

    It isn't working yet.Other than the obvious pain.....the text file if 6800 characters so has to be split into three sections!The text is losing some formatting.The intention is that you cu and paste into Notepad, save its as Condom.kml and then open it in Google Earth.However, you will really want to see the area in order to go through the hassle...

  • Condom KML File for Google Earth - Part...

    0.3720941388037891 43.95908027277596 2678.08647459796 -2.101078209389253e-011 -1.594872581689865 #khStyle1282 c900ffff 0.3712054389315825,43.95651746229673,0 Rue des Armuriers 0.3733382803166478 43.95713836303136 2628.277027638582 -5.286351054151527e-011 0.0005290776423749095 root://styleMaps#default+nicon=0x307+hicon=0x317 ffffffaa ...


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