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    How to get in and out Boulogne sur Mer

    by gwened Updated Nov 27, 2014

    You can come come to Boulogne sur Mer by the autoroute from LIlle on the A25 Dunkerque-Calais, from Brussels by the A16, from Reims by the A26, from Rouen by the A28 then the A16, from Paris the A1 then A16 or go straight on the A15 to A16
    The parking once in town are many and better, there are free parking by Ancien rivage, Esplanade Mariette, Château (facing pl de la liberation), Enclos de l'évêche, République, Bd Saint Beuve. Then you have the paying parkings I like such as Bd Clocheville, place Navarin,CC de la Liane,NAusicaà (underground), Quai Gambetta, Saint Louis (underground my favorite), Place Dalton, Place Frédéric Sauvage, Place Godefroy de Bouillon, Quai de la Poste, Place d'Angleterre, parking Lumiére.
    route planner
    traffic at

    You have two traint station,
    Gare de Boulogne ville at Bd Voltaire
    more from the city in FRench here
    Gare de Boulogne Tintelleries at Rue de Belterre, and place Zaménoff

    You ,also, have eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais then direction A16 sortie or exit Boulogne, exits 29, 31, and 32.

    the buses are at the Espace bus in Place de France
    tel +33 (0) 3 21 83 51 51
    network Marineo
    the lines are here with schedules in pdf files

    Medium distances buses network Colvert
    leaves from Place de France
    tel +33 (0) 3 21 36 91 23
    and route planning for 40 lines with Oscar

    The route Calais by Marquise / Le Touquet - Berck
    with the general Council of the area with Oscar network as well

    To Dévres, from place de France as well with Voyages Moleux
    33 (0)3 21 10 34 34

    Vélos Berquez
    5 place des capucins
    tel +33 (0) 3 21 31 34 41
    per hour 6€ half day 11€ and whole day 15€

    also, CycléContact, Forum Jean Noêl, and Quai de la Poste,
    tel +33 (0) 3 91 18 34 48
    from kids bikes from 1 euro, electric bike, half day 3€, whole day 5€ with security deposit of 150€

    You a long distance bike ride call the LF1 or Route des Mers du Nord or routes of the North sea. This is coming from the Netherlands with views of the areas of HOudtland, Artois, and Boulonnais. It is 470 kms long! going thru Belgium. Linking the town of Den Helder in the Netherlands to Watten and then to Boulogne sur Mer.

    the taxis are
    Allo Boulogne GIE Taxis
    8 Place Dalton and train station
    tel +33 (0) 3 21 91 25 00

    you have car rentals in city from
    Euroto, tel +33 (0) 3 21 30 32 23
    and Ada Location
    +33 (0) 3 21 80 80 82

    There is a free navette bus mondays to Saturdays from old town to center, regular Schedule,line N Schedule in pdf file here

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    How to come in and out of Tourcoing

    by gwened Written Jul 31, 2014

    A town in the metropolitan area of LIlle very much frequented with family not far. You are in about 1h30 from Paris, 40 minutes from Bruxelles, and 15 minutes from Lille by train. 30 min in metro to city center LIlle which has 9 metro stations. A tramway service that takes on avg 35 minutes to city center Lille with four stops in Tourcoing and of course the airplane at Lille Lesquin airport in about 30 minutes from Tourcoing.

    I come by car,and do have come by train to lille and then tramway to Tourcoing.Parkings are by Auchan CC Espace St Christophe, Rue de la Bienfaisance by the Hotel de Ville (mine), Boulevard Salvador Allende by Miss Cavell, rue Fidèle le Houcq by Saint Christophe, Rue des Anges by Chanzy. Then you have the Streets, a bit of patient and can be found too. use the planner
    traffic at

    The train station is at Place Pierre Semard , and it is open Mondays to Saturdays from 6h to 22h25 and Sundays from 8h to 22h30; the counters are open Mondays to Sundays from 8h to 19h
    this is the connections to do at each train station with the rest of the offering such as metro tramway etc
    TER info on schedules and station location in French
    more info in English here

    buses line 28 and 33 passes by Tourcoing, that are very touristic to see the main sites. Then you have one metro line, one tramway line and 13 bus lines in town, the site is here good for all metro Lille area
    There is a bus from the lille airport to the Eurolille shopping center and train station for 8€ to make connections to Tourcoing

    metro lines here in French
    the tramway lines in French

    the metro is free if you have an SNCF ticket using the trains.

    free service vélos or bikes the stations are here
    available 7/7 24/24 ,cost is from 1,4€ for the day to 3€ per month (and hourly costs thereafter).
    free for the first 30 minutes then 1€ each half hour afterward

    taxis are always available
    in city center by rue de la Résistance, and Place Pierre Semard, facing the train station

    Gare de Tourcoing/train station
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    How to come in and out of Calais

    by gwened Written Jul 17, 2014

    This is a rebuilt city masterfully done. The connection to the rest of France often comes from the UK across the Manche. Great hub indeed.

    To get here on the road you take the expressway or Autoroute A16, that connect to all roads for the north, northwest of France, and the Paris region like Paris-Calais in about 3h. the Autoroute A26, connects to the roads east of France and Paris region as well such as Reims-Calais 3H, and Paris-Calais 3H.
    you can have your route planner and for traffic

    Trains are from the stations Calais Ville and Calais Frethun International such as TGV Nord (Paris-Calais 1H30, Lille-Calais 0H30) and the Eurostar (Londres-Calais 1H00, Bruxelles-Calais 1H00).
    and the eurostar

    For city center more info in English from SNCF for Gare Calais centre

    and TGV Fréthun

    You have sea connection at the terminal car-Ferry de Calais (3 per hour 7/7 24/24h). In 90 minutes, 3 companies do the crossing to Dover (England).
    And my only photo tant pis, à la prochaine.
    You have the wonderful Eurotunnel my favorite with 2 departs per hour to cross in 35 minutes to Folkestone, England

    International cars or bus companies doing the run are to London -Calais such as Eurolines and Idbus (SNCF) ,

    Aeroport de Calais-Dunkerque, à Marck (7 km à l’est du centre de Calais)
    It has an airport at Calais
    for small crafts at the town of Marck, and now call from 2008 Aéroport International de Calais-Dunkerque.

    in town, there is a free navette, call the Ballad’in minibus of 22 seats runs along the rue de la Mer from the stop at the CCI(chambre of commerce and industry) to Boulevard Lafayette, via rue Royale, gare (train station), l’Alhambra ,and the 4B, Mondays to Saturdays from 9h to19h. you can leave your car in the bassin ouest, or other and come to city center for free to do sights or shopping or work! the frequency is every 8 to 12 minutes Mondays to Saturdays and the stops are C.C.I (Bd des Alliés) , Rue de la Mer, Place d’Armes, Royale (Rue Royale), Richelieu (Place Foch), Gare SNCF, Alhambra (Bd Jacquard) , 4B (Bd Jacquard) , Lafayette (Bd Lafayete), and Jardin des Plantes (Rue du Jardin des Plantes).

    The local water canal system is the Majest'in handle by opale with all info needed in English
    it has direction, George V → Pont de Coulogne,and vice versa

    The local bus Sitac is on the same site above , ticket costs from 1€ and 10 for 8€. it covers the towns of the Communauté d’Agglomération de CAP Calaisis Terre d’Opale ,such as Calais, Coquelles, Coulogne, Marck ,and Blériot/Sangatte as well as the town of Guînes.

    if coming by train and with an SNCF train ticket you can take the bus connection from train station to Fréthun for 2,30€ between the train stations.

    There is over 50 000 parking places in town the vast majority for free. You only pay some euros 3-5 ; the parking you pay between 9h -12h and 14h- 18h on the boulevard Gambetta (between the Théâtre and the road on rue du 11 novembre and rue 29 Juillet), also blvd La Fayette, blvd Jacquard, blvd Pasteur, and the western road on place d’Armes ,andd the rue Royale,and rue de la Mer, a portion of the rue des Fontinettes,rue du Commandant Mengin,rue Antoine Bénard, and a portion of rue Darnel around the Théâtre, as well as the parking in front of the train station or gare SNCF
    Plenty of nice parking along blvd du Général de Gaulle on the beach.

    You have the vélostation for bike riding on 52 vélos stands around the town.You can borrow a bike to ride around town link to the SITAC bus system but has its own link as well here
    one day is 1€ and a week is 3€ for occassional use.

    the port, the ferry and the beach at Calais
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    How to come in and out of Cambrai

    by gwened Written Jul 15, 2014

    Amazing have not told you how to come here, family is here, lol and is a bro so we need to come often::) this is at the fringes of the Flemish France or Ch'tis and the architecture and way of living is more link with Belgium than France really althought don't tell the locals I told you so...ho ho ho!

    Well enough of my rants, we come by car bien sûr but you can come on public transport sacré bleu!
    The trains beautiful station there is manned help Mondays to Fridays from 6h to 20h. you see it here at the regional train site TER Nord pas de Calais,
    for schedules and hours you hit here and will take you out if you need to reserve like the TGV at voyages-sncf , however for local trains like the TER do not need to.

    an official site SNCF in English with description of the train station is here

    There is a navette bus take you for free to all city center points from city hall to market etc it is on Mondays to Saturdays except holidays, every 30 mins , in the morning and afternoons; mobility impaired accessable.

    there is a run in the morning leaving from Espace Gare (train station), Porte Notre Dame Faidherbe, Clinique du Cambrésis, Palais de Justice, CPAM, Caserne Mortier, Jules Ferry, Centre Nautique, Porte de Paris, Bastion, Saint Druon, Clinique Sainte Marie, Palais des Grottes, Citadelle, CAF, arrival again at the Espace Gare.
    and there is a run in the afternoons leaving from Espace Gare, Porte Notre Dame Faidherbe, Clinique du Cambrésis, Palais de Justice, CPAM, Caserne Mortier, Jules Ferry, Centre Nautique, Porte de Paris, Belfort, Centre Hospitalier, Hôpital, Bastion, Saint Druon, Clinique Sainte Marie, Palais des Grottes, Citadelle, CAF, Arriving again at the Espace Gare.

    and of course there is the bus Cambrésien;Vectalia; 4 rue du Cambrésis with Tél. 03 27 70 57 00
    email Contact :

    and the parking secure in the city are the followling
    Jardin public ,Parking de la madeleine,Parking de la piscine liberté ,Parking de la sous préfecture,
    Parking Jean-Jacques Rousseau ,Place Aristide Briand ,Place de la Gare,Place de la poste,Place de la République,Place Marcelin Berthelot,Route de Solesmes ,and Rue des poissonniers?
    For those visiting the most central are the parking de la sous-préfecture, place aristide briand, place de la gare, and place de la république.

    It is about 1h50 from Paris taking the A1 and then the A2. or the A26/A2 from Calais in about 55 minutes; something of you can see here, I know need more photos, well get there eventually ::)

    gare de cambrai done in 1907
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    Petit train de le Touquet-Paris-Plage

    by gwened Written May 23, 2014

    nice ride on a nice sunny day can't be wrong, the petit train or little train of Le Touquet is wonderful and nice sunny sights in town, especially if coming with family.

    Adults: €6,50
    -Children (under 12 years): €4
    -Groups (from 20/25 people-throughout the year on booking): €6 per person per half hour

    Guided tour along the seafront, part of downtown, monuments, the forest and its sumptuous villas as well as the Equestrian Park.
    For a period of 30 minutes.
    Possibility to have a guide to the office of tourism for an architectural tour of one hour.

    Every day of the school holidays from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00.

    petit train by Rue Saint-Jean
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    How to and from le Touquet-Paris-Plage

    by gwened Written May 23, 2014

    This is a very popular beach even if it is way up north in pas de calais dept 62.
    By road: the easiest connection are taken from the A16 which link up with the A13 as one to Paris or Normandy,Brittany, to Le Touquet on the A16 you come out at sortie or exit No 26 Etaples-Le Touquet.
    there is a system of navettes that takes you to city center once leave your car on the outskirts, here is the pdf file you can print and bring with you,in French of course

    the best route planner here is
    In street parking ,it is free during the week and paying on weekends and holidays. You have free parking between the Aqualud and the base nautique sud, and the market days from 9h to 14h30

    By train:
    Etaples-Le Touquet train station, regular connections to Paris Nord, Lille and Calais.
    High-speed train links to Calais Fréthun (connection to London St Pancras), Lille Europe and Paris Nord. Taxis and bus service to Etaples train station (10 minutes)
    the train station is on across the river Canche ,Etaples here

    By sea:
    Regular connections by ferry between Dover and Calais. Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is located 45 minutes from Calais on the A16 autoroute. Regular connections from Dover-Calais route by the Tunnel. Four shuttle departures an hour, 365 days a year, 35-minute crossing.

    By air:
    Le Touquet-Paris-Plage International Airport (1.5 km from the town center). Regular connections to Lydd Airport (Kent) in Great Britain: 20-minute flight, 1 lane open to public air traffic.

    the taxis available are, Taxi Créton Tél :
    Taxis Fusion, Tél :
    Taxi Jean-Pierre, Tél :
    Taxi Malfoy, Tél :

    in this pdf file you can find a map with cyclable routes in le Touquet

    you have two navettes in town for free,
    Navette Mer & Forêt
    all weekends, holidays, school vacation and Thursdays market day from 10h to 12h30
    De 9h -12h45 ,and 14h -18h30 goes by every hour.
    Navette Coeur de Ville
    every day, every 30 minutes
    From 9h30-12h30 and 14h -18h
    This pdf file tells you the routes of the buses, good to print it and take with you

    inter urban or intercity buses lines can be found here at the regional government site and the bus Colvert

    the navette city center for free
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    How to come in and out Valenciennes

    by gwened Written May 22, 2014

    This is a big university town, and where our nephews and nièces graduated. So very youngist and lively place for the nord.
    It has a good train station at place de la Gare, very easy walking into city center across the river l'Escaut.

    The airport closest is Lille Lesquin

    you have buses, trams etc for 1,60€ billets. the Transvilles

    I come by car always so plenty to do here, but the family youngs have taken all
    the main parking is on the shopping center, centre commercial place d’armes at Place d'Armes, unlimited parking on three levels and security, open 7h30 to 22h Mondays to Saturdays Contact +33
    and there are others, in this interactive map

    the tourist office for the city is here

    Gare de Valenciennes, train station TGV leaving Valenciennes
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    Do NOT Speed OR Drink and Drive in France

    by nitrofan Written Jul 26, 2012

    I was done for speeding four years ago and was escorted to the nearest town to collect cash from the ATM to pay my €80 on the spot fine!
    I have just returned from my first driving holiday in France since then and its seems the French crackdown on speeding is beginning to have some effect.
    I have been driving in France since 1978 and have been used to seeing traffic on the Autoroute barrelling along at lord alone knows what kind of speed, and having cars trying to overtake me whilst I am already passing other vehicles at well over 130kmh!
    But this year I was astonished to find that for the first time I can remember that whilst I was ensuring I kept to either 130kmh or 110kmh I was NOT being left behind by the cars around me! Another unusual sight (for me at least!) was seeing Police patrol cars actually pulling cars over on the Autoroute (presumably for speeding or Alcohol control) in all my years driving in France I can honestly say I had never seen that before, another development I had not seen before were portable speed cameras set up on the hard shoulder of the Autoroute!

    The French are getting tough on motorists my Advice DO NOT SPEED IN FRANCE!

    I was also advised by a French friend that despite the French Govt making carrying a minimum of two breath test kits in the car mandatory from 1stJuly…… you cannot buy them in France! TAKE THEM WITH YOU and make doubly sure they are marked NF the UK ones are not calibrated correctly for the much lower French DD limit wich equates to one glass of wine! The best rule of thumb in France as in the UK if you’re driving don’t drink at all.

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  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    Almost a private flight...

    by sourbugger Updated Jan 24, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although the millions of rabble pass through Calais after travelling under the channel in the Eurotunnel, or over it in a ferry...there is a third way.

    A tiny little airline called Lyddair run a daily service from Lydd in Kent to le Touquet (Paris on sea) near to Calais. With only 16 seats (one-class) in the little Trislander aircraft, it is almost like having a private aircraft. With fares from 150 pounds return, it isn't Ryanair, but it is far from extorniate.

    A lydd air Tislander

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    Bus and train between Calais and Wimereux

    by cubsur Written Mar 4, 2009

    There are buses and trains between Calais and Wimereux but neither are particularly frequent especially at weekends.

    Train times here - French needed to properly understand!

    Bus times here - LIGNE 44 - Again French essential to properly understand

    This is the only bus I know between Calais and Wimereux.

    Trust that helps.

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    Ferry options to/from England

    by sourbugger Updated Feb 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Millions pass through this port every year, and a huge amount of freight traffic as well.

    Although it was predicted that the Eurotunnel (see other tip) would signal the end of ferry services, a working duopoly has effectively continued.

    P & O have sailings throughout the day, as do Sea France. You can usually get a deal for around 100 pounds (similar price to the tunnel, unsurprisngly), if you are taking the car, although special offers and day trips can work out to be alot less.

    Competition is also kept reasonably keen by the advent of two newer companies on the nearby Dover - Bologne (speadferries) and Dover - Dunkerque (norfolkline) routes. There fares on these routes are often a good bit lower.

    Calais' docks
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  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    Cycle to England ? Well almost...(eurotunnel)

    by sourbugger Written Feb 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The big hole in the ground between England and France is one the largest, costliest and most impressive pieces of major engineering completed in the 20th century. Some have called it one of the seven wonders of the modern age.

    The project cost billions, and it is still very deeply in debt.

    You can get you car across to England (or visa versa) for about 100 pounds, depending upon time of travel. There are also special offers from time-to-time.

    You have to drive your car onto a train, before it zooms across in about 35 minutes. It all works very efficiently and smoothly.

    Rather oddly, although foot passengers cannot use the service, those with bicycles can. You put the bike on the train and travel across ina minibus on the train. At 32 pounds return - that is good value.

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