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    How to come in and out -Arras

    by gwened Updated Dec 1, 2013

    A very good train and bus station next to it each other right at city center its a great advantage for most. Arras has it.
    The station or gare is open on the counters from Mondays to Fridays from 7h to 20h, Saturdays from 8h to 20h and Sundays from 8h30 to 19h45. The regional site TER tells of all the schedules, and no need to purchase in advance for local trains, on the TGV yes and it will take you to the site for payment. It is 50 minutes from Paris.Gare d'Arras : Tel +33 (0) 3 21 51 85 67

    Next to the train station at ple Mar Foch you have the bus station, tel +33 ( 0)
    the site is ARTIS at
    and this is the network in pdf file

    You have plenty of car parking all over the city such as
    Parking de la Citadelle 500 places
    Crinchon 220 places
    Rosati 225 places
    Place de l'Ancien Rivage 104 places
    Rue Saint-Michel 110 places
    Place Emile Breton 80 places
    Bergaigne (1) 250 places
    Bergaigne (2) 170 places
    Boulevard Carnot 68 places
    Place de Marseille 168 places
    Boulevard Vauban 105 places
    Place Victor Hugo 119 places
    Boulevard Crespel 296 places
    Avenue des Fusillés 100 places
    Cours de Verdun 332 places
    Place du 33e 50 places
    Place Saint Etienne 12 places
    there all located on this pdf file from the city of Arras

    Taxis are guarantee to be there by the train/bus station ,with 6 cars from 20h to 24h, and 2 cars from Oh to 6h. These one has their own webpage
    and the taxi service Arras has an email for contact easy

    You can enlarge and/or print a map of Arras in pdf file here

    Driving in , the way I go, you have these examples of getting into the city
    From Paris : Autoroute A1 Paris-Lille. exit/Sortie n°15.
    Lille : Autoroute A1 Lille-Paris. Sortie n°15.
    Reims : Autoroute A26 Reims-Calais.
    Belgium : Autoroute E19-A2 Bruxelles-Cambrai.
    UK : Tunnel under the Manche (Calais) or ferries (Calais, Dunkerque) ,and autoroute A26.
    Calais : A16, sortie n°18. Continuer sur l'A26 en direction d'Arras. Sortir et prendre la N17.

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    how to come in and out Lille

    by gwened Written Feb 9, 2013

    Lille is a major city of France and commanding city of the north. I have family nearby so have visited the city several times, just now come to write about its transportation.

    There is Lille Flanders and Lille Europe train stations.
    Lille Flandres is the main French railroad station here coming from Paris Nord, it is at the center of Lille and 21 meters high in altitude. The facade of this station was the one at Paris gare du nord that was transported to Lille by the architect of the paris nord in 1867.

    It is connected to the city by metro lines 1 and 2, tramways R and T, plus bus lines C1, C2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13, 86, 88, L91, and the bus Navette Airport.

    The gare can handle the TGV coming from Gare du Nord Paris but also those coming from Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon . Also ,the TER Nord-Pas-de-Calais coming from Rouen,Amiens, Saint-Quentin, and its region of Arras, Douai, Lens, Valenciennes, Jeumont, Hirson, Béthune, Hazebrouck, Dunkerque, Boulogne, Calais, and Tourcoing . It ,also, receives regional trains from Belgium SNCB, such as Courtrai, Ostende, Anvers, Tournai, Namur , Liège-Guillemins.

    information site from the SNCF,

    Then you have the Lille Europe train station, just about 500 meters away and acts as the second station. Coming in 1994 due to the LGV service. You can reach the city of LIlle on metro lines 1,and 2, tramway R and T, and buses C1, C2, 12, 18, 35, 36, Flibco ( Lille / Brussels airport ).

    Information site for the Lille Europe from the SNCF, is at

    Some of the connections here are even thus is not a terminus station but a passing station only are Brussels, London, and Paris, the TGV links the connections to Boulogne, Calais or Dunkerque to Paris-Nord via Lille, the TERGV, regional TGV serving Arras, Dunkerque, Calais and Boulogne, the TGV avoiding Paris by the south east, west and east with destination or coming from Saint-Malo, Brest, Quimper, Rennes, Nantes, Le Croisic, Tours (St Pierre des Corps), Poitiers, Angoulême, Bordeaux, Hendaye, Irun, Toulouse, Perpignan, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Grenoble, Besançon, Brive la Gaillarde, Strasbourg , and several others.

    The train station schedules can be found here
    with the France overall site at

    It is possible with metro line 2 to connect the train stations of Flandres and Europe. It has the longest track of automated metro in Europe, 45 kms of it. no conductor. You have two metro lines, with Line 1 : Villeneuve d'Ascq 4 districts of it - CHR B Calmette, and Line 2 : Lomme Saint Philibert - Tourcoing CH Dron; also, two lines of tramways linking the nearby cities of Tourcoing and Roubaix with more than 35 stations. all in transpole below.cost metro 1,30€ now

    The wonderful public transport service in the city is handle by Transpole, here in Englishh or in French
    single ticket is 1,40€ and the always economical for long stays of carnet of 10 for 11,40€, on the buses the price is 2€ for single tickets.

    how to arrive by air, train, or road in English is here ,

    For driving, its easy , print this map from the city of Lille on the center area of the city,

    when i go into the city I park at the centre commercial Eurolille shopping center and its easy to walk or take tram to the center sightseeing area. or you can park and with the parking ticket had free access to the citadines bus that goes to all these parking areas and take you to city center. Champ de Mars, Porte de Valenciennes and Norexpo. The navette bus La Citadine. A 3D map showing all the city parking and bus stops etc, is here, from city of Lille,

    The vélo or bike rides, increase each year with a plan to 2014 to open more lanes, right now you have stations for pickup and returns at Port de Lille, Cormontaigne,Marbrerie,Tanneurs,Théâtre Sébastopol,Places des Buisses, Université Catholique, Mairie de Lille, Parvis Lille Métropole, and Roger Salengro. You need credit.debit card for a 200€ security deposit, more info in French here ,

    The airport is Lille-Lesquin, first there is a bus navette to city with 19 R/T per day from 5h to 22h30 ,and from Mondays to Fridays, the weekend depending on the schedule of flights. The trajects are about 20 minutes. more info here

    The airport itself I have done meetings there and flown by it. Very nice medium size airport i would say. Here is the site in english with the travelers guide section,

    Hope it helps your coming to this wonderful Flemish city of the Nord of France

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    Do NOT Speed OR Drink and Drive in France

    by nitrofan Written Jul 26, 2012

    I was done for speeding four years ago and was escorted to the nearest town to collect cash from the ATM to pay my €80 on the spot fine!
    I have just returned from my first driving holiday in France since then and its seems the French crackdown on speeding is beginning to have some effect.
    I have been driving in France since 1978 and have been used to seeing traffic on the Autoroute barrelling along at lord alone knows what kind of speed, and having cars trying to overtake me whilst I am already passing other vehicles at well over 130kmh!
    But this year I was astonished to find that for the first time I can remember that whilst I was ensuring I kept to either 130kmh or 110kmh I was NOT being left behind by the cars around me! Another unusual sight (for me at least!) was seeing Police patrol cars actually pulling cars over on the Autoroute (presumably for speeding or Alcohol control) in all my years driving in France I can honestly say I had never seen that before, another development I had not seen before were portable speed cameras set up on the hard shoulder of the Autoroute!

    The French are getting tough on motorists my Advice DO NOT SPEED IN FRANCE!

    I was also advised by a French friend that despite the French Govt making carrying a minimum of two breath test kits in the car mandatory from 1stJuly…… you cannot buy them in France! TAKE THEM WITH YOU and make doubly sure they are marked NF the UK ones are not calibrated correctly for the much lower French DD limit wich equates to one glass of wine! The best rule of thumb in France as in the UK if you’re driving don’t drink at all.

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    car parking and bus to Nausicaa

    by gwened Written May 20, 2012

    wonderful place I go there on car, do not know public transport personally but the best way is to ask the mairie for local transport information at email

    the buses are from the Boulogne sur Mer system.
    bus 45 leave centre ville Saint Martin Boulogne to Place de France BsM which is verh close to Nausicaa

    you can park on the quais near Nausicaa for free, if space available, better get there early morning. there is free parking along the beach, the many others are here

    hope it helps

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    Almost a private flight...

    by sourbugger Updated Jan 24, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although the millions of rabble pass through Calais after travelling under the channel in the Eurotunnel, or over it in a ferry...there is a third way.

    A tiny little airline called Lyddair run a daily service from Lydd in Kent to le Touquet (Paris on sea) near to Calais. With only 16 seats (one-class) in the little Trislander aircraft, it is almost like having a private aircraft. With fares from 150 pounds return, it isn't Ryanair, but it is far from extorniate.

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    Bus and train between Calais and Wimereux

    by cubsur Written Mar 4, 2009

    There are buses and trains between Calais and Wimereux but neither are particularly frequent especially at weekends.

    Train times here - French needed to properly understand!

    Bus times here - LIGNE 44 - Again French essential to properly understand

    This is the only bus I know between Calais and Wimereux.

    Trust that helps.

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    Ferry options to/from England

    by sourbugger Updated Feb 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Millions pass through this port every year, and a huge amount of freight traffic as well.

    Although it was predicted that the Eurotunnel (see other tip) would signal the end of ferry services, a working duopoly has effectively continued.

    P & O have sailings throughout the day, as do Sea France. You can usually get a deal for around 100 pounds (similar price to the tunnel, unsurprisngly), if you are taking the car, although special offers and day trips can work out to be alot less.

    Competition is also kept reasonably keen by the advent of two newer companies on the nearby Dover - Bologne (speadferries) and Dover - Dunkerque (norfolkline) routes. There fares on these routes are often a good bit lower.

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    Cycle to England ? Well almost...(eurotunnel)

    by sourbugger Written Feb 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The big hole in the ground between England and France is one the largest, costliest and most impressive pieces of major engineering completed in the 20th century. Some have called it one of the seven wonders of the modern age.

    The project cost billions, and it is still very deeply in debt.

    You can get you car across to England (or visa versa) for about 100 pounds, depending upon time of travel. There are also special offers from time-to-time.

    You have to drive your car onto a train, before it zooms across in about 35 minutes. It all works very efficiently and smoothly.

    Rather oddly, although foot passengers cannot use the service, those with bicycles can. You put the bike on the train and travel across ina minibus on the train. At 32 pounds return - that is good value.

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