Getting Around Pays de la Loire

  • on the road N844 periphérique
    on the road N844 periphérique
    by gwened
  • N844 just by airport , the bridge over St Nazaire
    N844 just by airport , the bridge over...
    by gwened
  • over bridge St Nazaire to sea
    over bridge St Nazaire to sea
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Most Viewed Transportation in Pays de la Loire

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    Traveling by train to/from Orléans

    by Jefie Written Jul 5, 2014

    We took the regional train (TER) from Paris to Orléans, and another one from Orléans to Blois. The SNCF train station is Orléans is located right on the outskirts of the old city, so chances are you won't have to walk too far to get to your hotel. Although you might save a few penny by booking your ticket early, you can easily buy tickets when you get there, either by going to the ticket booth or by using one of the vending machines. The trip from Paris (Austerlitz station) took about 1h, and there are trains leaving roughly every hour between 6:00 am and 21:30 pm. As for Blois, it took us about 30 min to get there, and trains leave every half hour or so. It's a very quick, easy and comfortable way to travel around the Loire region!

    SNCF train station in Orl��ans, France TER at the Orl��ans train station
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    how to get in and out -Laval

    by gwened Updated Apr 29, 2014

    nice easy to get off the train and walk the city, a walkers paradise. On the TGV atlantique line from Paris Montparnasse. Now doing it often ::)

    the train station is at 13, place de la gare. see the site in contact for train info

    for buses
    From Laval,there is possibility to reach Angers, Nantes, Châteaubriant, Alençon, and, La Guerche de Bretagne the information is on the network PEGASE part of the regional council contacts
    Tel:02 43 66 53 87
    autocars PEGASE - Hôtel du département – 39, rue Mazagran - 53000 LAVAL
    Tél. 0 800 666 321 -
    public welcome at Galerie Commercial "Le Saint-Louis" - 13 allée du Vieux Saint-Louis - 53000 LAVAL

    Vélitul is a bike service in town with about 100 bikes.with about 10 each at the stations gare des TUL, Préfecture, Boulevard Félix Grat, gare SNCF(train station), bibliothèque Albert Legendre, Avesnières, Hilard, Centre universitaire, and Cité administrative.

    Local bus station here at 13 allée du Vieux Saint-Louis.
    Tel : 02 43 53 00 00
    Fax : 02 43 56 00 31

    for cars, there are two zones paying parking
    a green or zone verte :its the historic center, quartier Préfecture-Théâtre and the train station or gare. there is parking for 20 €/month and 240 €/yr. the hourly rate is de 0,20 € / 30 min à 2 € / 2h
    a red or zone rouge :on the quais, rue de la Paix, rue du Lieutenant,rue A. Paré, rue A. Jarry, rue Echelle-Marteau,rue E. Jamin,rue des 3 Croix, and avenue R. Buron. the hourly rate is 0,20 € / 12 min à 2 € / 2h
    parking with barriers are at parcs de l'hôtel-de-ville, and des remparts, and Général-de-Gaulle, and Boston, and Gambetta. Hourly rates are First hour free, then 1,50 € / 1h30 to 10 € / 24h. the parking de la gare is given as weekly rates of 40 € and 30 € nights, forfait week-end à 20 €
    you can ask for information on rates, hours etc on this email

    for rental cars,they are here
    ADA - 36 place de la Gare - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. :
    AVIS - 26 avenue de Mayenne - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. : 0.820.05.05.05
    AVIS - Place de la Gare - 53000 LAVAL -
    CLOVIS LOCATION - Parc d'Activité Les Morandières - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. :
    EUROPCAR - 266 route de Mayenne - 53810 CHANGE - Tél. :
    FORD RENT - 1 rue Viloiseau - 53960 BONCHAMP - Tél. : 0.826.103.114
    GARAGE HINTZY - 211-216 rue de Bretagne - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. :
    HERTZ - 1 avenue du Maréchal Leclerc - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. :
    LVO - 140 avenue de Chanzy - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. :
    OPEN LOCATION - 58 boulevard des Loges - 53940 SAINT-BERTHEVIN - Tél. :
    RENAULT RENT - Avenue de Paris - 53940 SAINT-BERTHEVIN - Tél. :
    RENT A CAR - Zone Artisanale de la Biochère - 53810 Changé - Tél. :
    SIXT - 85 rue de Paris - 53000 LAVAL - Tél. :

    taxis in Laval are
    Station centrale taxis lavallois (centre ville) :
    A2A Taxi Houillière – 157 rue de Bretagne – –
    Abaca Taxi Madelmont Stéphane – 31 allée des Roses – –
    Abbeille Gougeon Taxi – 15bis rue de Beauvais – –
    ABT Taxi – 41 rue Pierre Chayriguès – –
    Aero Taxi – 33 rue des Géraniums –
    Artaxi Laval – Croix des Landes –
    ASD – 7 place Guillaume Le Doyen – –
    ATL – 39 allée JP Bouvet – –
    Au Trot Taxi – 16 rue St-Nicolas –
    Boullier Laurence – 23 place Hardy de Lévaré –
    Central Ambulances Beaufils – 8 allée des Français Libres –
    Chesnel Taxi – 8 chemin des Edins –
    Hep Taxi – 34 allée Marin Marie –
    Margerie Taxi – 3 rue Salvador Allende –
    Taxi Laval Ambulances Bellanger – 4 av. des Français Libres –
    Taxi Paul Chartier – 13 rue Albert Thiry –
    Trihan Gérard – 10 rue Léon Blum – –

    gare de Laval trains passing Laval train station or gare de Laval Gare de Laval TGV back track side of Laval train station N157 to Laval
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    How to get in and out -Nantes

    by gwened Written Apr 16, 2014

    It is a major hub in the departément and région Centre,this is Nantes. I go from here often by air and sometimes past by in trains.

    Of course, when visiting perso its by car lol!

    The bus is TAN, with 3 lines of tramway, a line of busway, 4 lines of chronobus, and 51 lines of buses. Main office is at 3, rue Bellier with contact tel AlloTan : 02 40 444 444, webpage

    the cost is best for the visitors by the hour so for one hour of travel you pay 1,38 € (instead of 2 € onboard the bus or 1,5 € at the machines. You pay by the trajects you use with validation on the bus/tramway each time. of course if you cannot have the money taken out of your bank then you pay the normal rate of 1,5€ at the machines or 2€ onboard.

    All official at the train is here in English

    the airport is here

    you can see more at my Nantes page.

    Airport of Nantes Atlantique the buses TAN The tramways of TAN
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    How to get in and out Angers

    by gwened Updated Apr 16, 2014

    the chateau of course in Angers, the Cathedral and old city center are nice to have a good rest stop and lunch.
    for parking I do the Halles as always by car drive here, the entrance is on
    Rue Plantagenêt

    here they are all

    further help use for getting to parking from the road

    as for the gare d'Angers all info is here from official sources

    the network for the buses and trams is here
    Réseau Bus-Tram : IRIGO
    5 Place Lorraine 49100 Angers
    Tél. : 02 41 33 64 64

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    Great train station close to city center-Le Mans

    by gwened Updated Mar 3, 2014

    I am not a train guy but the station is nice and close to city center,you will enjoy the convenience from Paris Montparnasse, and connections to Brittany. The station is again well stock ,and really nice, if feels a larger town, probably the interconnection is a bit confusing if you are new passing by.

    you can see the nice info on the TER site here

    for booking use the
    but the TER site for the region show more schedules and actual station info in French

    parvis front of gare de Le Mans Gare TGV Le Mans inside connector gare de Le Mans trains leaving gare de Le Mans passing track side Le Mans
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    How to get in and out Saint Nazaire

    by gwened Written Jun 22, 2013

    Saint Nazaire is one of the entry points to the beaches of the Pays de la Loire, from here La Baule, Pornic,and Pornichet especially are easily accessable.

    It is ,also, a wonderful shopping area with plenty of shopping center in city center and just outside of town. The transportation that I saw (as I come by car) is very nice, buses were running all over the city, even on a weekend.

    First, you have a new nice ferry service by LD from Gijon Asturias Spain to Saint Nazaire,

    From the city of Saint NAzaire and the tourist office an innovating project with several trajects in bicycles as shown here in French, on the metropolitan area jurisdiction,
    see to the right column the different trajects available.

    The local bus is the STRAN, webpage here
    and here are all the lines available in French,

    you have the lines Helyce that goes from the ocean side to the train/bus station at the entrance of town, passing by all the major points

    For the bus transport in the department loire atlantique, you can see the lines of LILA here

    You have over 3200 parking places for cars, all paying, very well enforce, and even for me that does the car very easy to come in and out, you come in and try the Bel Air parking off ave de la République parking meter with coins or banking cards. You can print this pdf file and have all the info in French and a map of the parking places, several in town, and around 12h30 to 14h30 is free ::)

    You have two taxi companies locally, such as
    Coopérative des Taxis
    45 rue de la Matte / Tél. 02 40 66 02 62
    Les Taxis de l’Estuaire
    20 rue Louis Blanqui / Tél. 02 51 76 04 04

    More info at the tourist link , I have on a new service to welcome camping cars, and I saw a bunch of them just before getting into city center,

    You have the Nantes airport at less than an hour from here

    Just entering from my area on the N471 you have the train station and a bus station next door too. Here is the local service TER with a nice map and info on it in French
    and from the SNCF a site to show all about the train station in English!

    You all the transports needs covered here.

    passing bus and train station Saint Nazaire bus stop at ave de la r��publique bus to suburbs trignac at Rue Anjou map of bus network STRAN road coming in D471 to Saint Nazaire
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    bus connection to Jard sur Mer

    by gwened Written Apr 28, 2012

    well heck, sometimes we want to help so quickly we forgot little details. The bottom line is buses inter department are very rare if none n France. You will get by train to les sables d'Olonne and then bus 150 to jard sur mer, however, the schedules they have are for summer of 2011.
    Jard sur mer transport info
    and the bus company info

    you might need to check the lines a bit down the lines for 2012.Hope it helps

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    get to Clisson near NANTES

    by gwened Written Jan 18, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    yes you come by train at montparnasse paris station, many on the day. Its about 30 kms from Nantes, I go there often but by car. For public transport it is best to contact the city tourist office at Clisson at this email

    the map is here|thematique|identifian|CCVC01

    the area is best by car, but maybe if you inquire at the email above they might be able to direct you on public transport. trains here
    hope it helps

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  • Beausoleil's Profile Photo

    The Loire by bicycle - great fun

    by Beausoleil Written Aug 17, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On a bicycle trip you can camp but you might also check the Logis de France web site. They have bicycle-friendly Logis and they are very reasonable in cost. If you haven't used them before, the Logis de France is a chain of small, family-owned hotels in France that nearly all have excellent restaurants. We use them often when traveling between gites. Look for the bicycle logo.

    If you haven't checked The Loire By Bike web site, it is very helpful.

    The web site above is a great help in planning and has links to other information. Enjoy your bicycles in the Loire; it's the perfect spot for them.

    The Loire River near Amboise Bicycle path past Amboise
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  • hquittner's Profile Photo

    This Is Centre Not Pays de Loire

    by hquittner Written May 31, 2009

    If you can drive, the best way to see the chateaux is by car. We have taken such weekends with various grown children. You rent a car (and later return it--leave enough time) at the airport. You book two nights( right away--I hope it is not too late) at the Chateau de Collier (See our Tip under Hotels at Centre) and be sure to also have the table d'hote dinner there each evening). Save the Chambord for Sunday AM. On Saturday go early to Chenonceaux , find a place to drive by for lunch and go to maybe Blois in the afternoon. If you have time stop at Chantilly or Senlis in the afternoon. They are a few miles from the airpot. Get a goood map as you will be returning to the airport (and maybe leaving it) by back roads.

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  • tini58de's Profile Photo

    Camper or others

    by tini58de Updated Jul 24, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We took a camper, but trains, buses or bicycles are just as fine!

    On our way back we were unlucky: on a street under construction a small stone hit our windshield!!!! But we were not injured - just had to spend an extra day to get it fixed!!!!

    end of a honeymoon

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    Better to Have a Car or Take Van Tours

    by Goner Updated Jun 8, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The chateux are all not accessible by train. A car would be is needed unless you want to tour by bicycle.

    We elected to take half-day mini-van tours which can be reserved in Tours at the tourist office across from the train station. The advantages of the van tours is that you can see the lovely scenery of the Loire while someone else is doing the driving and besides that, you don't have to wait in the ticket line as the tours include admission.

    As you can see on the map the chateaux are are not far from each other and in a half-day tour you will see at least two and there is plenty of time to see each chateau and catch the tours inside the castles.

    Map of Loire Valley
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  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    Tour the Loire

    by sue_stone Written Feb 27, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The easiest and most flexible way to see the Loire Valley is by car.

    It is a gorgeous part of France and having a car allows you to easily visit your pick of the numerous Chateaus with ease.

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