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  • Madonna
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    Gothic Christ
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  • The main buildings
    The main buildings
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Royaumont Things to Do

  • Latrines

    On the folder you get at the entrance, the latrines occupy a big space in the descriptions and pictures. . . . yes, latrines, I did not expect to see latrines as works of art and architecture. . . . On picture 1, you see the “monks quarters” on the right, and left is the latrines building. The two persons on the picture are of course not “enjoying”...

  • Other gardens and park

    After having visited a jewel of gothic art, it is also very enjoyable to walk in the gardens surrounding this abbey, watching peaceful swans (sometimes, they are not peaceful, I can tell you!) (picture 1), walk across the canal (picture 2), look at the abbey from the park and its perspectives (picture 3), look at the ruins of the abbatial church...

  • The floor tiles tell stories. . . .

    When you enter the refectory, you will walk on 750 years old floor tiles; well, many of them; others have been added, replacing lost and broken ones during renovation works by the French ministry of Culture in 1998.Honestly I do not know what all these tiles represent, but they are typical medieval: crowns lily flowers, lions. . . (picture 1), in...

  • The great space of the refectory

    We have seen the cloister, the garden, the sacristy, and now leaving the garden on the left we will enter the refectory of the abbey; the refectory was were the monks gathered for having their meals, where they discussed about every day’s matters, where they relaxed, having a bit of social life.One has to imagine long benches and tables in this big...

  • The nine squares medieval garden

    It is well known that in almost all abbeys there was a monk in charge of a garden dedicated to medicinal crops; he was himself a medic, or worked under supervision of a medic with the objective of having all possible remedies known at his time at disposal. Few years ago the garden was dedicated to “magic” plants, but from time to time the gardeners...

  • More treasures in the kitchen

    No it is not food! The kitchen of the abbey has been renovated and re-designed in an exhibition room for some more treasures of medieval art.You find here examples of stone carving, tapestry and glass painting. . . . The kitchen of the abbey is a beautiful room with sober pillars and gothic vaults and arcades; this tapestry (picture 1) cannot be...

  • Medieval treasures

    Most of the treasures of Royaumont disappeared during the revolution and during its “industrial period”, but a few had been saved, and finally, one can ask himself if it is better to have just a few, but well displayed or a big lot badly displayed and emphasised; I don’t know, but here are only a few, and they are really moving, so well displayed,...

  • Enjoy geometry and perspectives in the...

    When you enter the cloister, you immediately notice that, if the lay out is a very classical one (square, arcades, basin in the centre, . . . . ) the gothic arches are unusual, the buttressed pillars not a common view in a cloister (specially a Cistercian one!).But overall the “à la Française” garden, underlined by the boxwood low hedges, with...

  • Enter the cloister

    The lay out of cloisters and their building obey to some strict rules, and they have many things in common, but each has also its personality, depending of epoch, style, and finally (and important), the perception we have of it when we visit; one thing is sure, cloisters are designed for meditation, and this one is no exception to the rule. . . ....


Royaumont Transportation

  • Bike in the Ile de France country side

    The village of Beaumont sur Oise, is an ordinary village of Ile de France, nothing really special, just old ramparts, churches, narrow streets, old houses. . . ordinary, as many villages in the area feature these sorts of remains of past life, just a bit different from one village to the other. . . . On the spur dominating the Oise river you will...

  • Train and bike

    There are many ways to reach Royaumont, and by car with a Michelin map (or GPS) it is quite easy.Short time visitors to Paris or France, without car may rely on public transportation and . . . . their wades. On a sunny day it is a beautiful trip, by train, then by bike you can take with you in the train (picture 1).Departure: Gare du Nord in Paris...

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