Picardie Things to Do

  • The southern rose window.
    The southern rose window.
    by Askla
  • The Holy Valery chapel
    The Holy Valery chapel
    by wandeljp
  • Nevers Gate
    Nevers Gate
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Picardie Things to Do

  • Parc Asterix

    This is a wonderful park for the young,and pleny of rides for all. It is on the theme of the Gauls of France,and it is a much better attraction park to bring in your kids to introduce them to the French way of life than any others in the Paris near region.The park is in dept Oise or 60 at 60128 Plailly as The group CDA Parks now owned it as well...

  • Abbey of Chaalis

    a wonderful building worth coming to see while in the region of Picardie departement Oise no 60.I rather let you see the hours and admission on the site for the latest ones, it can be turn into English as well.Royak Abbey of Chaalis is a former Cistercian Abbey in the centre of the forest of Ermenonville. It was founded in 1136 by the King of...

  • Sable en Mer, cowboys and indians

    This is a unique park, that has attracted even some western films here B type over the years and it is great for kids;like when mine were young visited; i just pull from the vaults a couple clean pictures and ready to give you the tip with something showing.You can buy the tickets ahead of time at any FNAC stores in Paris ,on site is 24€ for the...

  • Amiens

    Amiens, located in northern France is the capital of the Somme department within the region of Picardy. Must see sights/attractions include: the cathedral, the Municipal Circus, the Hortillonnage Gardens and the Madeleine Cemetery to name but a few.June 2014See My Travel Page for more information.

  • Palais Imperial, Compiégne

    a wonderful palace and now wonderful museum to visit is a must. in French on ithttp://www.musee-chateau-compiegne.fr/You can visit from Paris Nord and get here to see this museumopen 0h00-18h00. Closed Tuesdays , and Jan 1, MAy 1, Nov 1,and Dec 25, adult admission 7€ and down.The Palace of Compiegne welcomes both art lovers and history lovers of...

  • Chateau de Pierrefonds

    a magical wonderful castle you need to see. The castle has a long history ,and I try to condense as best i can, not great on text.....There was a castle here from the 12C built by the powerful family line of Nivelon, Lords of Pierrefonds,who were originally from Quierzy. The only remaining part from that is caves located under the logis of the 11C....

  • Basilique Saint Quentin, St Quentin

    a wonderful basilica in the north going to see family always and a great stop on the way, the city of Saint Quentin has a lot history and a great Battle vs Spanish was held here to get the flemish part of the low countries back into the kingdom of France. As well later many conflicts in WWI/II.The bit of history I like and hopefully you will see it...

  • Palais Episcopal, museum, Beauvais

    The old building of the palais episcopal next to the cathedral house a wonderful museum of the dept of the Oise(60). It is free admission.info in French herehttp://www.beauvais-cathedrale.fr/palais-episcopal.htmlMore of it and history of a wonderful building that needs to be visited for the antique collection it has recollected from many sites in...

  • Cathedrale Saint Pierre, Beauvais

    a wonderful cathedral giving you the religious site in contact in French and the tourist office of the dept of the Oise (60) in Englishhttp://www.oisetourism.co.uk/srit/detail/PCU/PCUPIC1600000057The first cathedral of the 10th century there are only a few bays of the nave: the locals call it «Our Lady of the bass Œuvre», in opposition to the "high...

  • Cathedral Notre Dame of Laon

    one of the emblematic Cathedrals of France and one not to missed in Picardie, dept Aisne no 2. here is the city in French take on ithttp://www.ville-laon.fr/fr/decouvrir/pages/patrimoine/cathedrale.htmla tour in English from the tourist...

  • Cathedral St Gervais et St Protais,...

    one of the wonderful cathedrals of France, and here is the Catholic site of the parrish.http://www.soissons.catholique.fr/accueil-soissons.htmlThere is a Church here since the 5C but the current one ,the third of its history was started in 1176AD,and continues for 3 centuries!. The célébration on the dedication of it was done in April 25, 1479.The...

  • basilique Notre-Dame de Brebières,Albert

    a magnificent Church on top of a bunker of the museum of the Somme in Albert, picardie.Notre-Dame-de-Brebières constituted one of the meccas of Marian pilgrimage in Picardy since the 11th and 12th century. At the end of the 19th century, the pilgrimage was fervor with the whole of the Marian devotion (such as La Salette and Lourdes).Basilica...

  • Historial de la Grande Guerre Peronne

    A wonderful museum Inside a feodal castle of fame. Great for the whole family at Peronne, dept Somme 80 , in Picardie.In 1992, a group of enthusiasts convince the city mayor to transform a project of WWII into an international centre for research. A white concrete building was built to welcome the project within the castle where stood in 1468 the...

  • museum of the Somme 1916,Albert

    a wonderful museum of the events of ww1 in the area of Picardie, in the Somme dept.80 north of paris. admission is 5,50€ adults and all Worth it. The museum is open From the 1st of February through to the 30th of March 2013: 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm. From the 1st of April through to 30th of September 2013: 9am to 6pm non-stop. From the 1st of...

  • Beauvais

    Beauvais is famous for its impressive cathedral but is also a town where there is plenty to do. From visiting one of the many historic monuments or museums, going out for a drink or a meal, looking for entertainment or shopping, Beauvais has it all. It is located south of Amiens and 41 miles north of Paris. It is on both the Autoroute du Nord and...

  • Champagne Pannier at Ch Thierry

    one of the small houses making excellent champagne, a must to see just to see this wonderful property, warm welcome, very well guide it, and great tastings. We were even given a meal in the cellars that has 11 kms of it all wonderfully done, you must see itvisit by appointments so call ahead

  • Peronne Can Be A Quick Visit

    Peronne is a small town that was heavily destroyed and occupied for most of WW I. It has an old (1602) "protective" wall and a museum of every-day life during World War I. (See our Tips)

  • Notre Dame in Amiens Is the Model Gothic...

    The most important site to visit in Picardie is the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Amiens (pop.136K). The church is considered tobe the most ideal expression of the early Gothic style (benefitting from the imperfections arising in cathedrals of Beauvais, Chartres and Reims which preceded it). It is the largest Gothic Cathedral in France (in square and...

  • The Cathedral at Laon Is A Must See

    The Cathedral stands at the top of this French hilltown which is partly walled and has fine views of the countryside. It is part Romanesque and Early Gothic and has one of the most pleasing appearances. The sturdy west towers have large oxen peering out (seen best with binocular). Among the earliest Rose windows grace the Eat and West ends and the...

  • Beauvais Has a Famous Cathedral to See...

    It seems that most tourists these days encounter Beauvais only as they pass through it going to or from its airport at Tille. They are only interested in Paris. Yet it would be easy (and much cheaper) to incorporate Beauvais (and much of Picardie) into such a trip to France. Here is the grandeur of the tallest Gothic Cathedral in the world...

  • See Ourscamp Abbey Ruins & Nearby Noyon...

    On our way west from Laon, we stopped at the ruins of Ourscamp Abbey 6 km south of Noyon and then briefly stopped at Noyon as well walking around the entire structure, noting the excellent chevet, a ruined ancient Bishop’s Chapel and a 16C unusual wooden two storied library.

  • Stop at Coucy-le-Chateau (-Auffrique)

    Picardie has other sites to visit other than intriguing cathedrals, namely chateaux and castle-ruins. They can be incorporated as part day visits, all accessible by car. The ruins of the Chateau de Coucy is the greatest 13C structure, not like the luxury site of Compiegne or the imaginatively reconstructed Pierrefonds. Although le Duc also worked...

  • See the Chateau-Museum and Ruined Abbey...

    The chateau houses the Jacquemart-Andre Museum of Art similar to its relative in Paris (a "residence of a collector"). The Abbey and the grounds present their own revelations. We have written about it all in our pages under Fontaine-Chaalis, the nearest town.

  • Drive around

    What you should definitely do when you're in Picardie is just take the car (or bicycle) and a good map and just drive around. Try to find the small roads and enjoy all the views you will definitely come across. I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of the views we saw, but we also stopped a couple of times to have some 'quality time' with some...

  • Chantilly

    Currently included in the region of Picardy, Chantilly boasts one of the most sumptuous palaces in France. A chateau built on the water with turrets, domes, fantastic gardens and everything a chateau needs to evoque the magnificiency of the French court.The palace, managed by the Institut de France, can be hired on the hour for your most special...

  • Visit the Département de l'Aisne (02)

    The Aisne,also named after a river -a tributtary of the Oise, is one of the 83 Departments created in 1790, including parts of the former Provinces of Île de France (Laonnois, Soissonnais, Noyonnais and Valois) and Picardie (Thiérache, Vermandois).Its capital is the small town of Laon. The capital as well as the rest of the important towns...

  • Tour the Département de l'Oise (60)

    The Oise River, born near Chimay in Belgium, is one of the tributtaries of the Seine. It gives name to the South-Westernmost part of Picardie, the closest to Paris, which is only about 35 kilometres South of the borderline. The Department was also created in 1790 with territories that had mostly made part of the former province of Ile de France.The...

  • Explore the Département de la Somme (80)

    The department of the Somme is named after the main river in Picardy. It has its source in the department of the Aisne and flows into the English Channel after slowly meandering thorugh a picturesque area of canals, swamps and galery forests. The river also gives its name to one of the main battles fought in World War I.The Department of the Somme...

  • Saint-Riquier

    Saint-Riquier is a tiny town which knew a great development under Charles the Great. At the time, the town was known as Centule (the Ville aux Cent Tours- City of One Hundred Towers) and its inhabitants are still called Centulois. During the Middle Ages, the town changed its name to Saint-Riquier in honour of the saint whose relics attracted large...

  • Abbeville

    The capital of the former County of Ponthieu is not but a shadow of what it was before the destructions of wars, but there are still a few monuments worht of a visit, including one of the oldest French belfries and the Collegiate Church of Saint-Vulfran, which has a magnificent Flamboyant Gothic (unifnished) facade. Pictured here is a detail of the...

  • Noyon

    Noyon is today a quiet, little town in the Somme Department, but it achieved a great significance during the Middle Ages as the seat of an independent stated ruled by its bishop. Evidence of this significance is its magnificient cathedral, which substituted a previous Romanesque church, and was one of the first Gothic buildings. This extraordinary...

  • Pierrefonds

    The former feudal castle of Pierrefonds was a total ruin in the beginning of the XIX century. It was overly resotred then after the fashion of that time, turning it into motion picture perfect castle.

  • Saint Quentin

    Saint Quentin is located in an important crossroads, fact which brought prosperity but also made it extremely vulnerable to military attacks. The town has been destroyed several times and, in particular, during World War I, when 80 % of it was ravaged.Subsequent reconstruction works have turned its centre into a pleasant place with several fine...

  • Consider Visiting the Cathedral in...

    If you are visiting other cathedrals in Picardie, consider adding Soissons to your list. It was started contemporaneously with Notre Dame de Paris. It possesses an unusual treatment of its South transept. Also in town is a beautiful partially ruined Abbey (St.-Jean) that should not be missed.

  • Consider Visiting Senlis and Staying...

    Senlis is just out of the Ile-de-France (45 km from Paris). It can be reached by SNCF train to Chantilly and a connectiong bus, total time 1 hr. Alternately it is reached by car up the N17 past the C. de Gaulle Airport. We have written about staying in or near Senlis as a first or last night (or more) as part of trips to other parts of France. This...

  • Visit Chantilly, Have a Creme,See the...

    Chantilly town is reached by the SNCF in less than half an hour. The connecting bus takes you to the Chateau (saving a 20 minute walk). The bus goes on and reaches Senlis within 20 minutes. The town is where sweetened whipped cream began, have a Charlotte aux Chantilly in town on your way home.

  • Visit Pierrefonds and Its Castle

    The Castle of Pierrefonds sits above the small village an it small lake. It was restored by Viollet-le-Duc and if you can get here, it is worth going through. The Parisians find it a terrific place to escape the crowded tenements in which they live and get out in the country here and just hang out. Only some of them seem to bother to visit the...

  • Compiègne

    Compiègne, a town of 70.000, has always been one of the favorite residences for the French royals. This is due to its location next to a huge forest where game abounds and hunting is still practised. Today, only 15.000 hectares remain of this forest that used to reach Belgium in former centuries. The forest is crossed by thousands of kilometres of...

  • Beauvais

    Technical difficulties and lack of funds resulted in the magnificient cathedral of Beauvais remaining unfinished. In spite of that, what has been done is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and indeed its choir, at 68 metres, is the highest ever built.Today, Beauvais is a city of only 60.000 inhabitants, capital of the Oise département.

  • Rambures

    The Rambures castle is a good example of XV century military architecture in France. It played a major role during the 100 Year War, as it was a French enclave in English territory. This military character is well seen in the thickness of its brick walls. Nevertheless, the castle endured an XVIII centry renovation that transformed into a stately...

  • Saint Valery upon Somme

    This charming little town on the Somme estuary combines the atmosphere of a fishing port in its ville basse with the history of the churches and old buildings in its ville haute.Saint Valery is a good base for exploring the Somme Bay and the Marquenterre, one of the birdwatchers' favorite areas in France.

  • Laon

    Laon, with less of 30.000 inhabitants, is a small departemental capital in Eastern Picardy. The old town, perched on a steep rock that dominates the immense surrounding plaine, is totally enclosed by Medieval walls and boasts one of the first Gothic cathedrals in France. This picture shows the Ardon Gate, the most impressive in the city wall.

  • Senlis

    Senlis is a small historical city in the South of the Oise département. Its Gothic cathedral is one of the most important in France and the streets in the old town are lined with grey stone buildings which look particularly attractive with the post-rain glow.

  • Amiens

    The former Roman city of Samarobriva is the present capital of the Somme département and the entire region of Picardy. It was built on a strategic location that crosses the river Somme (the Roman Samara) towards the sea. The present name of the city, however, is due to a Belgian tribe, the Ambiens, who lived in the area during the Gaul time.Amiens...

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