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  • Poitiers from The opposite bluff
    Poitiers from The opposite bluff
    by DSwede
  • The small car we rented from Holiday Autos.
    The small car we rented from Holiday...
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  • Walking home.
    Walking home.
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Poitiers Things to Do

  • Cathedral St. Pierre is lopsided

    When you walk upon Cathedral St. Pierre, you will appreciate its magnitude, its royalty and attention to detail. However if you focus on the details, you may note that sometimes it appears to be a patchwork of various building and styles.For example, the left tower has four short sections while the right tower has three tall sections. And each of...

  • Self Guided Walking Tours

    If you stop in the tourist offices, such as at the train station, or if you get a tourist map at many of the hotels, you may notice they have colored circuits on them.If you don't have a map, there are some on sign boards such as on the east side of the Plaza by the Hotel d Ville (City Hall).Walking these circuits and reading the historical markers...

  • Best Panoramic View

    If you have your walking shoes on, there is a fantastic panoramic viewpoint of the city and encompassing river.You can get there by driving over the Pont Neuf bridge, then up the hill to the Notre Dame de dunes observation point. However, I feel that the walk is both refreshing and more rewarding since you can take your time, see the small streets...

  • The Palace of Justice in Poitiers

    As you walk along Rue Marche Notre Dame just off the Place Charles de Gaul you will see the Palais de Justice. Although it looks (and is largely medieval) the facade is actually 19th century.The palace was originally the seat of the Counts of Poitou (the region around Poitiers) and the Dukes of Aquitaine (who would be united with the English crown...

  • St. Porchaire

    All that remains of the Norman church of the 12th century is the tower that sits somewhat incongruously between modern shop facades on the Rue Saint-Porchaire.The rest of the church that you cannot see from the street was rebuilt in the 16th century.

  • Notre Dame la Grande

    This is one of those places that I'm destined to have bad luck at. When I went for the first time in 1993 the whole building was covered in boarding and scaffolding as a restoration project was under way. When I returned in 2009 a wedding was in progress so I couldn't go in!What I can tell you though is that it is the best church in Poitiers and...

  • The Cathedral of St. Pierre

    Not the most picturesque or spectacular cathedral in France (in fact it is overshadowed by at least 2 better churches in Poitiers) but a worthwhile building to visit nonetheless.It was actually begun in the 12th century by King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitane (House of Angevin).Mainly gothic in style there are Romanesque elements to it...

  • The Statue of Liberty

    Head north from the Place Charles de Gaul in the centre of Poitiers, down Rue des Flageolles and you come to the fairly unremarkable Place de la Liberté. Once the scene of bloody Guillotines during the revolution the Place now contains a quirky tourist attraction in a replica Statue of Liberty cast by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi the designer of the...

  • Baptistère Saint-Jean

    The second oldest church in France (some websites claim it to be the oldest but there is an older one in Metz) dating from the 4th century.The baptistery has had a somewhat chequered history suffering damage at the hands of the Visigoths in the 5th century to being abandoned during the revolution before being siezed from the church and used as a...

  • Futuroscope

    Just 5 or 6 of miles north of Poitiers and well signposted from anywhere in the area is the theme park of Futuroscope. The theme here is the moving image in a variety of different and unusual cinemas. The huge format Imex screens where the resolution is so real you could be there or the virtual reality glasses that allow you to interact with the...

  • St.-Hilaire: Look At Its Romanesque Art...

    There are other objects of interest in the East end of the church. The transept serves as an antealtar with a rare and well designed mosaic floor. The expanse of the church width is best appreciated here. It is sealed off from the periphery by an elaborate 12C ironwork grill. On the left a carved capital on the first north nave column shows the...

  • St.-Hilaire: Look At Its Romanesque Art...

    There are other objects of interest in the East end of the church. The transept serves as an antealtar with a rare and well designed mosaic floor. The expanse of the church width is best appreciated here. It is sealed off from the periphery by an elaborate 12C ironwork grill. On the left a carved capital on the first north nave column shows the...


Poitiers Hotels

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Poitiers Restaurants

  • Good food at local's price

    There is no shortage of restaurants in Poitiers and particularly the city center. Many however do tend to be pricey or more popular to the tourists.One of the local guys that I was spending time with for a few days took me to Bistro de l'Absynthe. It is a relatively small bistro, but has excellent food and cheap prices. There is a menu available,...

  • One of a chain of restaurants

    I was drawn to this restaurant by its cosy and stylish interior. It looked cheerful and well run, the key to a good restuarant. The loos were clean and fresh and the whole place shone with polishing and care. A very good *front presentation* The menu was extensive and the photos of the dishes looked delicious. Cost of the meal: My formule 15.40€,...

  • Small bar/brasserie

    We stopped off for a beer before going on to dinner. Having just arrived in the city, it was evening and the perfect place to stop off and gather our strength for an exploration of the city and somewhere to eat.I like to people watch and this was a good place to do just that. It was a quiet Wednesday evening, not too busy and a good temperature to...


Poitiers Nightlife

  • You can go in 'Le Cluricaum'...

    You can go in 'Le Cluricaum' an Irish Pub place which is quiet nice, but my favorite is 'Le Palais de la biere' ( The beer Palace), it's a bit far from city center by foot, but the beers are really nice!And after, I'd say the best is 'Le Tisonier', a night club very funny, If you like having fun and dance without any fear to be ridiculous, this is...

  • BUCK MULLIGANSWhat a great...

    BUCK MULLIGANSWhat a great pub, just off Rue Des Grandes Ecoles by La serrurrarie, its an irish bar with live music and its so cosy! Really small and gets real busy, mostly with ERASMUS students, wanting some English Speaking Bar Staff.

  • I don't think Poitiers is all...

    I don't think Poitiers is all that great for nightclubs (correct me if im wrong!) But it has some great bars.One of my favourites was La serrurrerie (bit of a mouthful!) It was my local (next door to where i lived- how cool is that!)Chilled out place to gossip, it has a really cosy upper floor, and also does great food at really reasonable places....


Poitiers Transportation

  • General

    The TGV from Paris to Poitiers takes between 1:30 to 1:50 h depending on the amount of stops. In Poitiers you can get around by bus (e.g. line 9 if you want to go to Parc du Futuroscope) or taxi. Numbered buses drive during the week, busses A, B, C and D during the weekend. In the city-center everything can be done by foot.

  • The TGV from paris to bordeaux...

    The TGV from paris to bordeaux passes through Poitiers and it only takes an hour and a half, so is brill! Also the auto-route runs nearbyBuses! Cheap, Frequent, and cover loads of routes!Although generally, Poitiers is so small, you will reach everything you need by foot.

  • Poitiers Hotels

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Poitiers Shopping

  • Handmade quality Umbrellas

    Francois Freres is a quality fabricant de parapluies (maker of umbrellas). Being a handmade craft, passed on from artist to apprentice, this store deals solely on the craft of keeping you dry.They make their own umbrellas and may even make custom if you have the patience. They also specialize in repairing umbrellas too if you happen to have one...

  • Buying groceries in city center

    There are lots of shops in Poitiers where you can buy your bread, wine, cheese, etc. In typical fashion, the majority of these are individual shops. While prices may be reasonable, the chance that they are more expensive is greater.Marche Plus is a reasonable priced general grocery store. You can buy all of your food and drink here much cheaper...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Poitiers Warnings and Dangers

  • Air Pollution Complicates Sightseeing

    Centuries of chimney soot and a century of automobile exhausts has caused blackening from carbon and erosion from sulfates. While cleaning and restoration are admirable and essential, frustration is the effect upon the innocent sightseer., especially when you know you will neverbe by this way again. Many times , if you knew you would not have...

  • Poitiers is quite safe, just...

    Poitiers is quite safe, just on place to avoid in city center is 'Parc Magenta' at night, it's a junkies headquarter! avoid as well the train station alone(at night) and 'Les Couronneries', 'Bel Air' and 'Saint Cyprien' (suburbs), but Beaulieu or St Eloi are very safe

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Poitiers Tourist Traps

  • THE FUTUROSCOPE!! no actually...

    THE FUTUROSCOPE!! no actually it's good but too expensive, and if you want to see everything, you have to spend 2 days here, to sleep in a hotel near the place, and it's realy dear! and it's quiet frustrating when you queue for 4 hours to see a 2 minutes film!!

  • I was very disappointed while...

    I was very disappointed while visiting the Futurosope. Here is why:It is a theme park but what is the theme ? It is too boring to be a leisure park and not interesting enough to be an educational park.It is old. So the Futuroscope is a Past-O-Scope... Except for the very 'modern' buildings, all the I-MAX and 3D technology is 10 years old... Even...

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Poitiers Off The Beaten Path

  • Roman theater of Veiux-Poitiers

    If you are a historical buff, or even if you are not, but fancy a drive through the north country side, Veiux-Poitiers is a scenic point to spend a short time.The Roman Theater there is in a state of ruins, but there are some displays showing the archeological finds of the area and the more specifically the Ancient Poitiers.To get here, you...

  • More of the Best Romanesque Chruches Are...

    If the Romanesque has attracted you in Poitiers and you have a car and a little time, there are two visits you can make in a morning or afternoon and also find a nice place for lunch. They are both east on N151. The farthest, St.-Savin is 21 miles. Chauvigny is half-way there. We will have Tips under each of those places. St.-Savin is one of the...

  • le marais poitevin,on the...

    le marais poitevin,on the border vendée/deux-sèvres;it is a great destination,very popular in france;you can stay there with a boat and get lost in the little rivers


Poitiers Favorites

  • Allez les Bleus

    We watched the final of Euro 2000 between France and Italy in an Irish pub in Poitiers quite close to the centre of town. The mood was subdued for most of the game as France weren't playing particularly well. Italy took the lead early in the second half and it seemed they would just about hold out for a win. Then, near the end of the game,...

  • Follow the lines

    Helps you to get to know the city if you are new to it. Three tours starting near Notre-Dame-la-Grande (Place Charles De Gaulle) are marked on the pavement with blue, red and yellow colour. Each tour takes approximately 1.5 hours and longer should you decide to stop and visit the large number of churches, museums and other sites. You will also pass...

  • Go to Futuroscope

    It's a tamatic parck wich has a lot of different kinds of cinemas, you can see all of them in just one day. There are the biggest screen, the 'magic carpet', and much more! Also, activities for children like nice water bikes.


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