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  • Walking the Ramparts
    Walking the Ramparts
    by LostBoyPN
  • Antibes
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  • Antibes
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Antibes Highlights

  • Pro
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    chbuchie says…

     nature, cote d'azur, boats, sun, sea, ... 

  • Con
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    anexpatsadventure says…

     Not very many cafes along the water to eat in the sun 

  • In a nutshell
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    LostBoyPN says…

     Best city to stay in along the coast from Nice to Cannes 

Antibes Things to Do

  • Visit the Chateau Grimaldi-Picasso...

    Picasso stayed at the Chateau Grimaldi for three months and then donated 23 paintings and 44 drawings he did there to the museum. His family has donated further work so there's a good collection.There are other artists shown too and usually a visiting exhibit but Picasso is the big draw . . . that and the views out the chateau windows. There is a...

  • People-watching in Old Antibes

    Old Antibes is a magnet for everything from the mildly eccentric to the full-blown clinically certifiable. A cafe table at the Place Nationale or Avenue George Clemenceau guarantees you a ringside seat, though the price sometimes includes being busked at by an accordionist with portable Karaoke rhythm section.The chap with Pocohontas as sidekick is...

  • Villa Eilenroc and estate, Cap d'Antibes

    UPDATE: Eilenroc has recently has been closed to visitors. Handwritten sign on the front gates apologises for closure "due to security problems". Due to security problems of Roman Abramovich next door perhaps? Local visitors I spoke to were quite disappointed. Anyway, here is what you could have seen:As was the fashion in the roaring twenties,...

  • Sit back and enjoy the ocassional free...

    As a warm up to the forthcoming Juan le Pins/ Antibes annual Jazz Festival "Jazz a Juan" , which is most certainly not free, the city puts on ocassional free jazz concerts. Set up in various locations around the town, the pleasure of sitting back in the hot Saturday afternoon sun, drinking in cool jazz in the open air. Twisting melodic adventures...

  • Musee Picasso

    In 1946, Picasso has been living several months in Antibes in Chateau Grimaldi and produced many different works, a lot of ceramic work, centaurs and toreador paintigs...etc.The museum in itself is probably not the best you can see about Picasso, but still the scenery from this ancient acropolis is wonderful, and it makes a lot of sense after to...

  • Got to the Picasso museum

    On the ramparts overlooking the sea is the 16th Century Chateau Grimaldi. Picasso was given a studio here after WWII and in gratitude he donated a number of works to Antibes. The Chateau is now the Museum Picasso.

  • Take a stroll in the Old Town

    Like most towns and cities in the South of France, Antibes has an Old Town. An area of small winding streets full of little stores and cafes. Most of the stores are aimed at the tourists, but fun to stroll through and to pick up the "usual" gifts for friends back home.

  • Kick it on La Plage

    If you like beaches, Antibes has a few for you. Most of them are small, but all of them are fun. Some local women like to go topless so if you're mindful of your kids (or your husband) you should make note. Most areas are free and you can plop yourself wherever you like. If there are umbrellas and/or chairs down, it probably comes with a small fee....

  • Strolling the Ramparts to Old Town

    The best things to do in Antibes are FREE. You won't find better views of the town than from on high while walking the Ramparts to and from Old Town. Starting just past the Square Levy, you'll make your way up the slightly winding roads along the ramparts where you'll be able to see the wide open views of the distant cities of Nice and Monaco with...


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Antibes Restaurants

  • Great French cooking without breaking...

    UPDATE 2011 - new owners, new decor (brown), new menu, same locationWhat we have been looking for a long time here in Antibes. French quality, cooking with fresh ingredients bursting with taste and flavour - at reasonable prices. Patronised mainly by French visitors and locals. The tourists are thankfully drawn to the obvious spots around the...

  • Good Fish and Seafood

    The restaurant is big and the ambience is great, even though the age average of customers is over 40. My husband and I have already been here twice, once for lunch and another time for dinner.Fish and seafood are expensive, especially if you come for dinner.Service tends to be a bit slow on Sundays due, so you have to be patient. I think the best...

  • Group-friendly restaurant

    If you know who Fernandel is and like his movies, you may enjoy this place... I can't complain about the place and the service, but the food was a bit deceitful (quality wise)... I had "l'assiete spéciale Don Camillo"...and it was huge, so I couldn't finish my dish (also some vegetables weren't that fresh...). I think next time, I should better...

  • Cozy café

    It's a small charming café that also serves lunch. I've only come here to have some tea/coffee or hot chocolate (cold weather). Tea is around 4 €. Café gourmand (expresso with a mini-dessert) is 3€50.

  • Italian by the Sea

    Lively place next to a big hotel/apartment complex across from the beach, this small bright yellow Italian restaurant offered a nice variety of Italian dishes... and made the best steak and frites I had the whole trip because of the melt-in-your-mouth and kick up your taste buds to make your mouth water gargonzola cheese sauce dripped all over the...

  • Thai Food in France

    Come for the food and get your Thai fix. If you like Thai/Asian food, this is a good one. The owners are Thai and Chinese and are welcoming. We made a special order since we're spoiled in SoCal with great Thai food. Our waitress got it made and it was delicious. Tom Ka Gai (soup) is on the menu. The spicy pork wasn't. I'm sure all their food was...


Antibes Nightlife

  • Boulevard d' Aguillon

    If you are staying here for the night and you are looking for a place to hang out at night and have a couple of beers, then you should be heading to Boulevard d' Aguillon where lies a full row of pubs and also loud, happening music...

  • Jazz à Juan - JAZZ FESTIVAL in Antibes -...

    For over 40 years the legendary "Jazz à Juan" jazz festival has brought the stars to Antibes. From Bechet, Armstrong to Coltrane, or Miles and the sublime Ella...they've all been here. And it still goes on, as the pine trees are still the rendezvous for the headlining Jazz musicians.In 2005:Omara Portuondo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Sharon Jones, Solomon...

  • Enjoy the surf and the lights

    In Antibes after dinner in one of the many good restaurants there is no better night time experience then to walk along the boulevard and hear the surf break on the rocks below, while the walls, buildings and castle are bathing in light.


Antibes Transportation

  • Limited Parking

    We just stayed in Antibes in a small hotel/b&b which was wonderful but like many hotels/b&bs had limited parking so we just parked on the street which was fine. We managed to usually find parking not too far away and we didn't mind a little walking anyways. Make sure you get a small rental car as ours was too big which made parking an even bigger...

  • Antibes train timetable

    Train times for the Cote D'Azur line timetables are in PDF format, so you can download, save them and print as required.NB all information is in French only.

  • SNCF Gare de Antibes

    The main railway station at Antibes, in its terracotta livery, is the main way in and out of the city. It is five to ten minutes walk away from the old town and the harbour, being on the edge of the "modern" commercial centre.Trains run fairly frequently (subject to the vagaries of timetables noted below) east from here to Nice, Monaco and...


Antibes Shopping

  • Souvenirs with reasonable prices

    A friend of mine bought some Provence herbs one time (cheapest place at the time), so I came here to check out their prices.I ended buying a pack of 4 Lavender sachets for 2€50. I've already seen the same product being sold elsewhere for 4€!!!You will find mostly things for the house/kitchen, from soaps to chocolate/candies. Provence souvenirs.

  • Souvenirs with reasonable prices

    A friend of mine bought some Provence herbs one time (cheapest place at the time), so I came here to check out their prices.I ended buying a pack of 4 Lavender sachets for 2€50. I've already seen the same product being sold elsewhere for 4€!!!You will find mostly things for the house/kitchen, from soaps to chocolate/candies. Provence souvenirs.

  • Cheap souvenirs T-shirts/sweatshirts

    The name of the shop tells it all: "Everything at 5 Euros". It's a great place to buy souvenirs for family/friends. You will find kids and adults clothing for 5 Euros each article. However, it will be a bit hard to spot the shop's name, because it's hidden by their sunblind. There's usually a rack of clothing on the sidewalk with everything at 5...


Antibes Local Customs

  • When going to a public swimming pool

    Don't think that you can swim in normal swimtrunks (type boxer), No, you must use tight speedo's like a gay from the 70's. I felt like Borat's brother. That's because hygien reason, they say????? Still they neither wash or use soap before entering the water. Though, they (or some) take a shower afterwards, but with their clothes on?? If one tries...

  • Pastis

    Although the taste of Anis is not likely to be for the common of the mortals, this apero drink is part of the local culture while sitting outside in the sun and the waiter will offer you some olives to go alongcheers !

  • Picasso Museum

    The Château Grimaldi was built in the 12th century and it was a residence of Monaco's ruling family until the 18th century. In 1946 the castle’s curator offered use of the château’s vast chambers to Picasso as a studio. Pablo Picasso came to the French Riviera after his war years in Paris and stayed nearby in a small hotel at Golfe-Juan. Four...


Antibes Warnings and Dangers

  • Never take pictures under a...

    When I was taking pictures of my friends under a window (especially under the one on 19, Rue de Revennes) in Vieux Antibes, someone threw a bucket (or with something else) of water over me. WTF!!!! Not only I was wet from head to toe, but it probably damaged my friend's expensive reflex camera (the zoom won't go back and the camera won't turn off...

  • Dear Tourists (though apparently not the...

    Port Vauban welcomes visitors from all over Europe with this multilingual welcome.Each language is scrupulously translated and begins in French, Italian and German with the welcoming words "Dear Tourists"... except the English version where, conspicuous in their absence, the welcoming words have been dropped. The French just couldn't bring...

  • Dreadful Tourist Office service

    Only in France.You have made the effort to come here. Perhaps its the weekend or a public holiday and you are eager to make the best of your time. This is their business.Where is the Tourist Office? Can I get some maps? Some leaflets and suggestions? Book a room?No. Off to a two hour lunch break, and closed on holidays.Know any restaurants that...


Antibes Off The Beaten Path

  • Antibes Mosque - Masjid

    For those looking for prayer at a local mosque in Antibes, this is the only one I know off. French style villa building converted for congregational prayers. Opposite Avenue Du midi. 17 Avenue Du Chataignier, 06600 , Antibes.

  • Cap d'Antibes

    Unless you prefer to mingle among most tourists on the overcrowded or overpriced private beaches you can enjoy peace and quiet in a beautiful environment just nearbyhave fun ..

  • La Garoupe

    Just South of Antibes is the Cap d’Antibes - the rocky, wooded peninsula stretching into the Mediterranean sea. La Garoupe is the highest point of the peninsula. A trip to the Chapelle de la Garoupe is an unforgettable experience. Starting at the end of the Baie de la Garoupe, this walk is a charming and wild little path going around the Cape. On...


Antibes Favorites

  • Lovely small beaches in Antibes

    I spent two weeks in Antibes and visited several beaches around the area. I loved the beaches here because they are small and they have sand rather than pebbles. In fact, I found the sand here finer than in the razzle-dazzle St Tropez area. The small size of the beaches creates a nice atmosphere. If you are looking for a long stretch of sand beach,...

  • Antibes, a wonderful surprise

    The Old Town, le Vieil Antibes, is a truly authentic unspoilt cobblestoned village far removed from the high tech in the port. I fascinated explored the maze of tiny streets and cobble stoned lanes. It was so romantic lose one's way... every corner was a surprise, till Antibes’ Town Hall and a covered Marchée Provençal. This market was...

  • Huge yachts, sunshine, beaches, great...

    Definitely to Port Vaubain to see and wonder the yachts and the marine life.Also to Old Antibes - and definitely have a lunch in this wonderful place.Go around, sit for a while, watch these wealthy people pass by, their lifestyle. Many seem to have a very small dog as a pet here. What I really miss from Antibes is the sun and blue sky as well as...


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