Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Local Customs

  • one of many faience shops in Moustiers
    one of many faience shops in Moustiers
    by angiebabe
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    personally signed by its crafter
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  • Local Customs
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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Local Customs

  • Local Food

    Nice Local Customs

    If you like pancakes, crêpes, you HAVE TO EAT SOCCA (Note: this is salty). Socca is a sort of pancake made from chick-pea flour and on a large round (50-70 cm diameter) copper "pie tin" (plaque) and cooked in a very hot wood-fired oven for about six minutes, until the top is golden. The copper is important for spreading the heat evenly. Note: You...

  • Festivals

    Avignon Local Customs

    Since the late 1940s, for three weeks in July, Avignon hosts le Festival d'Avignon, during which numerous theatrical plays, both large productions as well as low budget, are shown. The city's numerous theatres show the major plays, while many churches and local palace courtyards are turned into stages for smaller productions. Le Festival d'Avignon...

  • Topless Sunbathing

    Nice Local Customs

    Topless sunbathing is permitted on the beaches of the Cote d'Azur. You'll see a mix of women with their tops on or off as you enjoy the beaches. The lesson to be learned is not to stare like a schoolboy. Enjoy the sun and let others enjoy it too.

  • Money/Tipping

    Avignon Local Customs

    Service charges are included on all restaurant bills at a cost of between 10 and 15 percent. Extra tips are accepted of course if you have received above good service. s fair to add a little more if the meal and service has been exceptional. Taxi drivers expect tips of about 10 percent of the fare. Hairdressers will expect about 10% also. Porters,...

  • Local Music

    Nice Local Customs

    This musician has become part and parcel of Nice and its Massena square, always draped in a cloak, with a Venetian mask covering his face, his guitar filling the night with quiet musique, a good interaction with the classic architcture. I was really worried to hear last year amplified hip-hop, heavy metal / hard rock, and what not instead of the...

  • Siesta

    Nice Local Customs

    The French love protesting. The tradition goes back to the French Revolution - when the monarchy was overthrown and a lot of people had their heads separated from the rest of them. If its American to sue, then its French to protest. "En greve, toujours en greve".Hardly a week goes by without a "greve" "(strike action) or a protest march. Everyone...

  • Pétanque

    Nice Local Customs

    Stroll down the Prom as far as the eye can see - shortly before the airport, and at the furthest end of the bay locals from the poorer end of Nice will be out playing petanque, or "boules". Its a peculiar passion, and the French take it very seriously. Unlike golf or jet-ski racing, it's a very cheap sport. Running costs zero, play anywhere flat,...

  • Markets in the Provence

    The local markets in the Provence belong to the most colourful markets I've ever seen. It is well worth visiting several ones as they are all a little bit different from each other. Some are located on wide open plazas, others along the narrow alleys of the old town. Some specialise in "fruits et légumes", others sell everything from clothes to...

  • The "Villages Perchees" history

    The Cote' dAzur has not always been a safe place. Pirates roamed the waters of this coastline for long long times, terrifying the people that lived along the mediterranean sea. The first towns (Nikaia = Nice, Antipolis = Antibes and Forum Julii = Frejus) provided some defence by making fortresses near the harbour or at strategic places in the...

  • Bon Jour!

    Please don't forget to greet people properly upon arriving and departing. It is definitely the custom, unlike in many big cities, to greet people with a "bon jour" and leave them with an "au revoir". For those who live outside of big cities, this tip might seem like commonsense. However, for those who live in and or travel in larger cities, it is...

  • Learn a few words of the language before...

    When travelling in France, it is always helpful to learn a few words of the French language before you go. This will make your life alot easier and your time there much more enjoyable.even if you only know how to say "Hello", "Goodbye", "Please" and "Thank-you", it will get you a long way. The locals are much more likely to respond to you and be...

  • Tapenade of Black Olives

    .Français:Ingrédients :200 g d'olives noires dénoyautées1 gousse d'ail 50g filets d'anchois 50g de câpres 15cl d'huile d'olive Mixez séparément les olives, les anchois rincés, les câpres et la gousse d'ail pelée. Mélangez le tout dans un bol. Ajoutez l'huile d'olive. Réservez au réfrigérateur jusqu'à utilisation. Vous pouvez la servir sur des...

  • Petanque ... don't say "Jeu de Boules"

    "Jeu de Boules" (the game with balls) is played throughout France, but here at the Cote d'Azur it's called Petanque and some rules are as well different. If you have the chance ... play along (borrow some balls) and enjoy this most traditional regional sport. It's fun and often played in the shade of a special "Petanque" place in town. Every town...

  • Lavender

    Every summer the plateaus and hills of Provence are coloured in blue by fields of lavender.The cultivation of lavender dates from the last century but its properties have been know since antiquity, it has even been used during the middle-ages as a disinfectant.Collected by hand in the past, the harvest is now completely mechanized. Dried for a few...

  • Even if there are too many...

    Even if there are too many tourists the villages 'Gordes' and 'Les Baux' are musts, when you travel to the Provence.. Avignon as well... don't miss, but travel in spring or autumn... in summertime the region is overcrowded...


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