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  • Le port de Marseille
    Le port de Marseille
    by nyperose
  • Marseille
    by vttiste
  • The Marseille coast line
    The Marseille coast line
    by bisous333

Marseille Highlights

  • Pro
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    iaint says…

     Med weather, Med scenery, Med mentality 

  • Con
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    Intrepidduck says…

     Seedy in parts - but the reason why it's not stuffily French 

  • In a nutshell
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    fabrice says…

     marseille needs a time machine to go back to 1950 

Marseille Things to Do

  • Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

    The Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde is on the highest hill in Marseille, 162 meters above sea level, so it can be seen from most places in the city and the harbor. It is a colorful, friendly church nicknamed the “good mother”. Even secular people tend to like it and feel that it casts a protective aura over the city. Unlike the basilicas...

  • Vieux Port

    The Old Port is where Marseille was founded over 2,600 years ago. This was the city’s commercial and military harbor for most of that time, but now it is used mainly for pleasure boats, since the new container ships have their own bigger harbor just a short distance away to the north. My first photo shows the Old Port as seen from the Frioul If...

  • Les Calanques

    Hello, I am the owner of Blue Attractions Marseille, Blue Attractions is the english version of the well known marseille's company "bleu evasion". We offer trips in the Calanques on comfortable boats, with swimming and a lot of possiblities, even a tour by night for an unforgettable sightseeing. Our website is...


Marseille Hotels

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Marseille Restaurants

  • A tasty Turkish Food...

    We met Saray Restaurant by chance when we were walking along the Athenes Boulevard. It is very close to the St. Charles train station. You can eat all kind of Turkish food like döner kebap (4 Euro), iskender kebap (9 Euro), meat balls, dürüm, lentil soup (3 Euro), mixed kebap (12 Euro) and of course the famous Turkish dessert baklava. The kabaps...

  • Tasty, fresh and friendly...

    The restaurant is at the pedestrian square, Cours d'Estienne d'Orves with lots of other restaurants. We were four and two of us had the set menu 16 Euro / per person.The starter of fish soup was tasty. They served it with fried bread, cheese and special sauce with garlic and mayonnaise. The main courses were grilled fish (one of them was daurade)...

  • Some Fast Food Adresses in Marseille

    Here are some famous fast food adresses in Marseille...• McDonalds : 1 Boulevard Dugommier @ Canebiere; Metro Stop: Noailles• KFC : 12 Avenue Olives @ La Croix Rouge; Metro: La Rose• Quick : 19 Quai Belges @ Old Port ; Metro: Vieux Port• Subway : 187 Rue Rome ; Metro: Castellane• Starbucks : 17 Rue Republique @ Grand Rue ; Metro: Colbert/Vieux Port


Marseille Nightlife

  • Those Incredible Sunsets....

    Out of three nights we had three nights with fabulous sunsets! The first night we saw the sun set from Notre Dame de la Garde, the second evening we sat in a nice Bar and enjoyed the colors change at the Old Harbor and the Notre Dame and the third evening we went to the Corniche and saw the sunset over the Ile d'If - absolutely spectacular!!!

  • 1200-capacity concert venue

    Le Moulin has received a lot of interesting bands lately, such as Bloc Party, The Rakes and soon The Arctic Monkeys.A bit of historyIn the 60s, the venue was a local movie theatre. For a short period of time during the 70s, the place turned into a cabaret, thus the name "Le Moulin", an hommage to the well-known and famous Parisian cabaret "Le...

  • Standard Irish Pub - O'Malleys

    This is a standard Irish pub with a large screen for sport and occasional live music.Conveniently located in the old port. Guinness 4.30 Euro a pint


Marseille Transportation

  • The Frioul If Express

    From the Old Port in the center of Marseille there are boats that run several times a day to the Frioul Islands, a group of four small islands just off the coast at a distance of about four kilometers from the harbor. The most famous of these islands is the Île d'If, the site of a prison that figures prominently in the novel The Count of Monte...

  • TGV Frankfurt-Marseille

    In March 2012 the German and French railways inaugurated a direct high-speed train connection between Frankfurt am Main and Marseille via Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Lyon, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence. For the time being there is only one such train per day – but that’s much better than none!Their original intention was to use a new version of...

  • Gare Saint Charles

    This is the main railway station for Marseille. In a typical hour, trains arrive from Avignon, Brussels, Le Havre, Paris, Toulon, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and Hyeres. And once a day there is even a direct train from Frankfurt am Main. As you can see from the first photo, the station is up on a hill or plateau. To get up there you can climb...


Marseille Shopping

  • Partnership of artists in the Panier

    Like the Old Town of Lyon, the Panier district in Marseille is becoming a quite artistic neighborhood. As an example of this, one of the stops on our guided walking tour was at the Atelier Celadon.According to their website, this is an “artistic place of 200 square metres” which includes “two show-rooms and four workshops in which each artist works...

  • Traditional chocolate shop

    One of the stops on our walking tour of the Panier district was at a traditional specialty chocolate shop called La Chocolatière du Panier, which has been run by the same family for three generations.My second photo shows just a few of their three hundred different chocolate variations. They say that 180 of these are based on “ancestral recipes of...

  • Clothes, clothes and and of course...

    Prado street market may be the biggest street market in Marseille. You can buy all kind of clothes, kitchen equipments and of course some cheap fresh food including seafood. It is very enjoyable to take a walk around the benches and sellers who are shouting "come here, the best....." How to reach? By metro, stops Castellane or Perier.


Marseille Local Customs

  • Bouillabaise

    One cannot leave Marseille without trying this famous dish at least once. This is best sampled in one of the small restaurants on the Vieux Port, not the touristy 'school dinners' eating establishments where you sit drinking the house red and you buy your girlfriend a rose and you tell the germans next to you that berlin is a great city and isn't...

  • Rosé wine with ice

    A very popular drink in Marseilles is rosé wine. You'll often see locals putting ice in their rosé, which sounds completely wrong, but trust me, it is delicious, and complements the local climate and cuisine perfectly.

  • Apéritifs- le "pastaga"

    It is de rigeur for the Marseillais to have an apéritif or two before going out for an evening meal, and there is no more typical local apéritif than a glass of pastis, or "pastaga" as it is known locally. Served with ice and an accompanying jug of cold water, you can mix the strength yourself at your table.. but beware.. I would advise you to have...


Marseille Warnings and Dangers

  • Violent Robbery Near Vieux Port in...

    I recently left Marseille after a 2-night stay (Sep 22-24, 2013) with my girlfriend. The people are that of any big city and were overall pleasant. There were beggars who were more aggressive and persistent than the norm, a lot of litter and urine/feces smells along the busiest streets near the port in the middle of the day. It was not unlike other...

  • Bullys on buses in Marseilles

    I, a woman travelling alone, was assaulted by a large gang of teenagers on the night bus, number 519, on Rue des Mousses, Marseilles on 21.6.13, at 21.50pm. They wouldn't let me off the bus, so I missed my stop. Two seated women kindly tried to intervene told the youths that I wanted to get off. The boys starting pulling my hair and poking me, and...

  • Pickpockets

    We disembarked from the MSC Splendida on a Sunday, and took a shuttle bus into the city. We spent all of 15 minutes in the Old Town section before my pocket was picked, apparently by a gang. An old woman with a scarf over her head came up and aggressively begged for money - - grabbing my arm. As I said to her "no" and jerked away, someone on the...


Marseille Tourist Traps

  • Prices!

    It seems that when football fans visit the prices of drinks are inflated. There are 2 Irish Bars on the side of Vieux Port and we heard tales of people being charged in excess of £5 per standard pint. The prices on the display boards had been conveniently wiped. Prices in other bars aound the area were not much better. However if you are going to...

  • Aubagne, 15km from Marseille....

    Aubagne, 15km from Marseille. Avoid unless you need a new identity. The trap lasts at least 5 years, but you get to see the world. You will come across a lot of those Kepi Blanc in Marseille - Legio patria nostra.

  • Do vodicky v pristave sa...

    Do vodicky v pristave sa radsej nevrhajte, mohli by ste sa zamontovat do nejakej lodnej skrutky a kto vas bude potom vytahovat? No ja teda nie.


Marseille What to Pack

  • Sun block and "la turista"

    This may seem obvious but make sure you pack some suntan lotion/block. The sun can be really strong and it won't take long to get burnt, if you don't have protection. Also, "la turista" (diarrhea) is fairly common when you're on holiday anywhere, and Marseilles is no exception, so take precautions and bring something with you to combat the...

  • Packing List

    The AccentNon ! je ne rougis pas de mon si bel accentJe veux qu'il soit sonore et clair, retentissant.S'en aller tout droit, l'humeur toujours pareilleEmportant mon accent sur le coin de l'oreille.Mon accent, il faudrait l'écouter à genoux,Il vous fait emporter la Provence avec vousEt fait chanter sa voix dans tous nos bavardagesComme chante la...

  • Packing List

    There seems to be a shortage of launderettes in Marseille. I would suggest you bring clothes which if they need washing, don't take long to dry and don't crease (silk shirts are perfect). Also a piece of string and some pegs so you can utilise the balcony when you are out.


Marseille Off The Beaten Path

  • Chateau d’If

    Marseilles' bay is enclosed and protected by three offshore islands. The smallest, the Chateau d'If, is the best known.The island was fortified by Frangais I in 1524 to defend the approaches to Marseilles from an attack by sea.At the end of the 16th century, the work was completed by the walls which surround the island, a church and a guard house....

  • watch world football cup games in ...

    If you are in Marseille during World football cup 2010, and want to watch games, I suggest if you really want to have fun to go on Place Notre Dame du Mont. All the cafés and restaurants there put out large TV screens on the terraces. It's like being in a stadium. especially when France is playing.

  • Shopping in Cours Julien area in...

    If you search for different items than standardized highstreet items, Cours Julien area is the place to go. you will find:- Local Fashion Designers- Fair Trade- Vintage clothing- Second hand bookshops- Marketall are listed in the pdf guide book i have wriiten and that you can download for free on my blog


Marseille Sports & Outdoors

  • Olympique de Marseille

    Local footie team had a home game and always fancied a visit to the stade Velodrome so, off I went! Mrs B wisely, it turned out, declining the offer of a night out.A Coupe de France game against Le Havre AC, sparse attendance of around 10,000 making the stadium look almost empty and the football on offer probably an indication why many chose to...

  • Olympique de Marseille

    They have a pretty intimidating set of fans in the ground. It always amazes me how the home fans get so many flares etc into the ground when we away supporters are body searched, put in holding areas, herded about like cattle and then stuck behind bars in a corner of the ground with a lousy view. My husband was almost denied entry as his walking...

  • Boules/Pétanque

    As everywhere in France you will also see people here in Marseille playing boules - it is a national sport in France! Surprisingly enough we did not see many places in Marseille, though, since it requires an unpaved surface - and so many places in Marseille are either under construction or - paved!!!There is also a fabrication of boules pétanques,...


Marseille Favorites

  • Vieux Port

    Quite close to the old Port, I came across this beautiful old fashioned Carousel and Admission Box. I was really impressed that Carousels as beautiful as this one are still around. In Australia, they are a thing of the past, only modern ones operating now, and such a shame. The one at Marseille, was double story, and had many nice paintings inside...

  • Les calanques

    The Calanques are actually pretty bare, but if you look closer you will find the most interesting plants there. The sight of huge bushes of rosemary was awesome, and some of the plants were unknown to me - but thanks to VT member Jean Louis (JLBG) I can give you the exact names. First is the scientific name, second the French names(s) and third an...

  • La Canebière

    I wasn't sure where to put this tip - hotels, warnings or where. My husband's USNavy ship was coming into Marseille, and I was meeting him there. We had met earlier in Valencia Spain, and I had taken a train from there to Grenada where I spent the night. Then I took the train back to Madrid, flew to Barcellona that night and took a train to...


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