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  • Things to Do
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Orange Things to Do

  • Meet Rimbaud, your local Crusader!

    Over the intervening period of 900 years, it's difficult to appreciate why noblemen and peasants alike scampered off with alacrity to be butchered in the Holy Land at the end of the 11th century. The prospect of confronting the Moorish hoards on their home turf in a harsh and hostile climate where field conditions lent themselves to the spread of...

  • Be amazed by the scale of Orange's Roman...

    Orange’s major claim to fame is its stupendous Roman theatre – with a stonking great 9,000 seater capacity, which makes you realise what a populus and important town Orange must have been two thousand years ago.Southern Europe is happily sprinkled with Roman theatres in varying states of repair, but what is so extraordinary about the one in Orange...

  • Pay your respects at the (other) Arc de...

    Orange seems like an odd place to find a triumphal arch, but its quiet small town atmosphere belies the fact that a town that justified a 9,000 seater Roman amphitheatre must have been quite a significant place.The Arc de Triomphe is located a short (10 minute) walk north from the town centre and commemorates the victory of the Roman legions over...

  • Imperior August Statue

    The huge statue of Imperior August in height of 3,5 meters is installed in a niche of a wall. There are concerts and opera representations in summer here.You can watch my 1 min 34 sec Video Orange out of my Youtube channel.

  • Savour that incomparable Southern light!

    Even to the artistically challenged among us, it's not hard to appreciate why artists such as Van Gogh and Gaugin gravitated to Provence to experience the uniquely beautiful light.As ever, try to avoid photographing in the middle of the day when the bright light has a tendency to make things look 'flatter'. What you're after are those glorious...

  • The picturesque Protestant Tower

    Given that everything was closed by the time that we managed to drag ourselves from the Roman amphitheatre, I regret that I can't tell you much about the Protestant Tower in Orange except that it's picturesque!The reference to 'Protestant' does interest me, however, since it is somewhat of an anomaly in a dominantly Catholic part of the world....

  • The audio tour of the Orange theatre is...

    Entrance to the Roman theatre at Orange includes the hire of self-guided audiotour equipment, and, as with the audiotours of the Palais des Papes in Avignon, the quality of the commentary is outstanding.Whilst I think it's a pity that conventional tour guides have inevitably lost out in the wake of this development, from a tourist's point of view,...

  • Marvel at the stage wall of Orange's...

    I had long wondered how the audience kept their attention on the stage when they were gazing past the actors into the middle distance beyond, and to experience a Roman theatre the way it would have been when it was operational was an utterly different – and altogether more atmospheric - experience. The presence of a postscaenium (stage wall) behind...

  • The simple exterior of the Church of St...

    Our only mistake in visiting Orange is that we could only spare half a day and we simply didn't anticipate how much time would be consumed by the spellbinding amphitheatre: this gorgeous town really deserves a full day of your time to appreciate it fully.As a result, the other museums and tourist attractions were closed by the time that we emerged,...

  • Meet a really good looking griffin!

    Those who have read some of my other European pages will know that I have a passion for gargoyles ... the more grotesque, the better!This may not be a gargoyle, but being a griffin, it's almost as good. This quirky fountain is situated on the main road between the old town in Orange and the railway station - look for him on your right hand side.

  • The West Side of the Triumphal Arch

    The west side is essentially a four pillared Corinthian narrow side with three panels each with a groups of three tall warriors. The upper warrior in each section holds above his head two shields and in addition two hold standards which have boars on them. The lower pairs of warriors are somewhat worn. Above this is a frieze of pairs of fighters...

  • The South Side of the Arc de Triomphe

    The upper South central facade of the Arc is very similar to that of the North but iare much more detailed in the lateral lower sections. The trophies of war are numerous in type . In the Southwest trophy group one can see that the Legions carries the boar as a herald. In another group are pieces of oars and everywhere are shields and helmets.

  • A First View of the Arc de Triomphe

    It is now believed that the Arc was started in 26 BC. There is also evidence that Augustus dedicated it in 10-11 BC. Damage was done by Raymond des Baux who built a castle onto and into it. With the restorations it is one of the best examples of a commemorative arch in existence and is the largest in France. The central upper block of the north and...

  • The Other Sections of the Museum

    The rest of the museum contains various materials accumulated over the centuries from military iron ware to kitchen utensils and dinner ware as well as many ancient apothecary jars and some 17C living room sets, ultimatley leading to paintings by Frank Brangwyn. But the most interesting items are a display of the Salle des Wetters. The interesting...

  • Enjoy A Visit to the Municipal Museum

    Near the back of the theater beyond the Place des Freres Maunet is the Municipal Museum (whose entry is added to a visit to the theater). It has three part, the main one being amodest number of Roman pieces recovered from the structures nearby such as pieces of a frieze possibly from a frieze and another that was from a mosaic floor (in the...

  • Study The Other Walls of the Structure

    Although the theater looks simple, it has many aspects that are impressive such as an entrance facade and lateral walls that held statue niches. Be sure to see the fine work of the outer wall and top edges. Incidentally in 2006 the roof was rebuilt with modern materials to provide some covering in bad weather as had been there in ancient times.

  • Adjacent Are Other Roman Remains

    To the west of the entrance to the Theater are pieces of of what is usually called a gymnasium as well as pieces possibly from a Temple. The materials may be from the time of Hadrian. While here it is an excellent time to look at the outer side of the grand back wall of the theater which is 340 feet long and 125 feet high.

  • The Seating Area: The Cavea

    The seating half of the amphitheater is set into the side of a hill (Colline Saint-Eutrope) and has a diameter of 338 feet. In the lower center section some of the original best marble seats remain. One can climb to the top above the top row from which the medieval ruins rise as a fortress of the Prince of Nassau-Orange destroyed in 1672 by Louis...

  • Going To The Theater

    The theater at Orange had repairs at last starting with Prosper Merimee's origination in 1820 and most recently with a new roof in 2006. Amazingly it has stood for 2000 years! Alas it is not on the usual tourist path and its season consists of only two opera performances each summer (a time when we avoid France).

  • The most beautiful wall of my empire!

    This way Louis XIV praised the stage wall of the ancient Roman theatre, the best kept one in the European part of the Roman Empire.

  • Triumphal arch

    The triumphal arch is located in ancient street Via Agrippa. Date of its construction carry to 37 year B.C. It was erected in honour of victories of the Second Roman legion over Gallia and a sea victory over Marseilles. Sculptural reliefs of an arch represent the superiority of the Roman army above gallic barbarians.

  • The Wall

    The most interesting is the kept back wall in length of 103 meters and height of 36 meters. There is nothing similar anywhere in the world. Lui XIV named it "the finest wall of his kingdom". The lines located by a terrace for spectators could contain 11 thousand persons.

  • Roman theatre

    The Roman theatre and the Triumphal arch are well kept. The theatre constructed in days of board of August, represents a grandiose construction. It is the unique Roman theatre in France where it was kept not only lines in auditorium, but also a secret room.

  • Church Saint Florent

    Church Saint Florent stands on one corner of Place des Cordeliers, by the side of the Antique theater.Florent was born in Orange in the 5th century. He became bishop of Orange in 500 AD. In 509, the city was taken by the Ostrogoth and its inhabitants deported with their bishop to Fidenza, near Piacenza, in Italy. Florent came back a few years later...

  • Fountain on Place des Cordeliers

    Place des Cordeliers is a quiet little square in front of the theater and of Church Saint Florent. The fountain in the middle was not flowing as it was December and freezing ! It was built in the 17th century. Water flows (should flow !) through the mouth of four delicately carved faces. Under the second Empire, the city had decided to put it down...

  • Handing the torch of art

    In front of the main entrance into the theater (the Royal entrance, where Louis XIV is supposed to have said "this is the most beautiful wall of my whole kingdom") a group sculpted by the Montpellier born sculptor Injalbert (1845-1933) "l'âme antique remettant le flambeau de l'art au génie moderne" (the antic soul handing the torch of art to modern...

  • The theater of Orange

    The Photos show the arches, outside of the tiers where the Chorégies d'Orange are performed.Program for 2006 of the Chorégies d'Orange :Saturday, july 8th 9:45 pm. In the event of bad weather, rescheduled on the 9th of july 9:45 pmThuesday, july 11th 9:45pm . In the event of bad weather, rescheduled on the 12th of july 9:45 pm Verdi AidaConductor...

  • The theater of Orange

    The theater of Orange is in the UNESCO World Heritage list with the following comment: "The ancient theatre of Orange, with its 103-m-long facade, is one of the best preserved of all the great Roman theatres"Note that this is not an amphitheater or arena, oval shaped, but a theater, half oval shaped, with a front wall.I have here only a few picture...

  • Naval battle trophies

    The Triumphal Arch shows that the strength of the Roman Empire was not limited to inland but extended also on sea. The photos show a panel of Naval battle trophies with enlargements. You can see broken bows of ships, ropes, flags, broken mast and oars and an amazing bird (goose ?)

  • Battle trophies

    Other panels represent trophies : arms or shields and any belongings of the losers, broken by the winners. This is why on the first photo and on the enlargements, you will see strange broken pieces. This is not that the Arch is in bad condition or has been clumsily repaired ! That was carved like that, to show the strength of the Roman Empire. The...


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    We had less than three days in the Avignon region, and so managed to shoehorn a visit to Orange in the mid afternoon after a morning at Pont du Gard. Unfortunately this only allowed us a couple of hours to explore before closing time, but fortunately Orange is so compact that this is manageable.

    Sadly, that mean that we simply didn't have the time to experience this rather elegant cafe arrangement adjacent to the amphitheatre, which overlooks some of the excavations within the amphitheatre complex. However, on a hot day, I am quite sure that this would be the perfect spot to retreat to for an icy glass of something restorative!

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Orange Warnings and Dangers

  • Guidance on photography in churches:...

    Visiting churches is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Europe, and provides a fascinating insight into the most powerful influencethat has shaped European cultures of the past couple of millenia.Unlike some other religions - where access to places of worship may be restricted to members of that religious group or a specific gender - the...

  • Warning school !

    Another photo for my collection of "Warning school" road signs ! This is not the official road sign for "school" but an additional one. Actually, there seems to be a whole series of road signs of the same type but with different figures. I have already seen two different but I feel there are others.

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