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  • More market cheese
    More market cheese
    by Beausoleil
  • Pottery from the market
    Pottery from the market
    by Beausoleil
  • Villa Glanum interior
    Villa Glanum interior
    by Beausoleil

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Things to Do

  • Visit the cloisters of...

    Turn south at St.-Remy-de-Provence on the motor way D5. Visit the Cloitre St.-Paul-de-Mausole, see where Vincent van Gogh spent the last year of his life and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. In 2010, we paid an entrance fee of 4 euro.

  • St. Paul-de-Mausole, Van Gogh exhibition

    At St. Paul-de-Mausole - much to our surprise - we found an exhibition centering around Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) who spent the last year of his life here.

  • The Birthplace of Nostradamos

    This modest home is the birthplace of Michel de Nostredame or Nostradamos (1503), a Jewish physician and astrologer who became famous for his vague predictions about the future. Unlike many creative souls, he became well-known in his lifetime.The second story window to the left is where he was born. Nostradamos lived in a town near his birthplace...

  • Musee Estrine

    Although St. Remy did not appreciate artist Vincent Van Gogh during his lifetime, they remedied the slight by dedicating two rooms of the Musee Estrine in his honor. This museum, housed in a former 18th century mansion, primarily features artists of the 20th century. Inside this elegant building you'll see pieces by Alechinsky, Doucet, Gleizes,...

  • Drive Along the Alpilles

    The Alpilles is a 15 miles spur at the southwest edge of the Luberon Mountains beyond Cavaillon with peaks that are 3-400 meters high and essentially devoid of trees and predominantly made up of limestone. In the west edge of the little chain of peaks are remains of a medieval city, les Baux-de-Provence.

  • Examine the Cloister of St....

    The small cloister is adjacent to the church. It is square with only three bays on each side but the number of columns is not triple in each bay but there are two columnettes.The aisles have tunnel vaults. There is no sculpture. The capitals have floral forms and a few are figurative, such as zodiac signs.

  • Pay Respects To the Bust of van Gogh

    Along the side of the church is a bust of van Gogh by Ossip Zadkine. He was not the only famous resident, but Albert Schweitzer occupied the same room during the First World War (both not yet famous). Further on there are vegetable and fruit gardens behind the asylum where many famous paintings by van Gogh were made. It is possible to enter the...

  • Walk To the Monastery of...

    This priory has been known by this name since the 12C when the church was built. It was at this time that the massive bell tower was built and as well as the cloister. It passed into the hands of the Benedictines and then the Augustinians and finally the Franciscans. Finally at the Revolution it became state property. It became an asylum in 1803....

  • Glanum Covers A Large Area

    Besides the large number o foundations and some ;lower walls, there are couple of roughly decorated floors with a variety of brick and inlaid stone work but not mosaic.A moderate amount of reassembly work has been doe, such as an archway and walls. Many pieces are in the town museum, the Hotel de Sade.

  • Study the Ancient Ruins Of Glanum Across...

    Across the road from the Antiquities is the destroyed city of Glanum. It was eliminated in about 270 and the city was seen to slowly rise again nearby as St.Remy. The original city was started in the 6C BC as a Celto-Ligurian sanctuary and developed into a prominent Roman stop after crossing the Alps. After the 4C the site became covered by an...

  • The Base (Podium) of the Mausoleum

    There are four bas reliefs that decorate the base of the monument. One cvers the entire face of each side. Each one is a battle scene

  • Look At The Mausoleum (The Antiquities)

    The Mausoleum standing next to the Triumphal Arch, south of St.-Remis is a rare example of an ancient monument that is in pristine condition. It was built during the first years of the 1C AD to honor the grandsons of Augustus, namely his heirs Caius and Lucias, both of whom died as young warriors. On the base of the structure is a square podium...


Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Hotels

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Restaurants

  • Good food; good service; great location

    We joined friends in St. Remy for the famous market day. Fortunately our friends had enough sense to make a reservation for lunch. Somehow we never think of these things. The market takes up most of the Old Town and spreads out into the surrounding streets so at noon, everyone wants to eat. Reservations are a great idea.We shopped and tasted our...

  • If you visit Glanum or the St. Paul...

    It was a Sunday and we had been stymied finding a church service since it was Patrimony Days and churches were combining services for major celebrations. We finally ended up at the courtyard of the chateau at St. Andiol for their Harvest Mass with orchestra, 7 participating parishes and a live donkey. It was quite an experience. (We never did find...

  • Bistro food

    We asked at our hotel for some recommendations for places to eat but didn't care for the menus so we stopped by this bistro after chatting with some folks enjoying their meal on the outside patio. We ate here two of our three nights, service was very good and it was lovely to be sitting outside on the patio. The 1st night I had a parmesean risotto...

  • Great Provencal Cuisine

    This restaurant offers great provencal cuisine at a decent price. Located in a yellow house (as the name suggests) not far from the main square, the restaurant offers two dining rooms and a patio on the 2nd floor. The decor is tasteful and the service is impeccable. Most impressive, however, is the food prepared by chef François Perraud. Perraud...

  • Try a Cafe

    We didn't have time to drop in, but St. Remy had some very appealing cafes tucked here and there along the streets (pics 1 &2). Attractive and of intimate size, they offered a spot to while away time, sip a favorite glass of wine or enjoy a cup of espresso. Unfortunately, our free time was squandered looking for something warm to wear and in...

  • So many great choices!

    This is a pretty, cozy family place. It "looks" like Provence, with lacy tablecloths and beamed ceilings. The upstairs dining room wasn't opened yet, as it wasn't "the season," but even then, I think you'll feel this is a very personal place. The desserts were scrumptious! The house wine helps keep your tab down...but with a nice selection of...


Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Transportation

  • by brenns Written May 20, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Buses to St Remy de Provence run from Avignon and Arles. For me, I took a bus to St. Remy de Provence from the dreary Gare Routiere(Bus Station) in Avignon. The bus operator is Rapides du Sud Est. I would say that the services are regular with around five to six trips to St Remy a day, but on Sunday, schedules drop drastically. A single trip ticket from Avignon to St Remy costs 4.20 Euros. There is no return ticket and you pay directly to the driver. Journey time is around 45 minutes. Buses drop off in St Remy at the Place de la Republique in the centre of town. You are able to download the time table online.

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Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Shopping

  • Finding Something Warm to Wear

    Arriving to find a morning chill in the air, we saw that we were not dressed for the weather the day we visited St. Remy. Since it was very early before the shops had opened, we toured the town for some time before seeing doors open and people welcomed inside.I was thrilled to find a shop ready for business and offering something warm to wrap...

  • Bread of Life

    It seemed every passer by carried one or two loaves of french baguettes in their arms. As you see from the picture, that is primarily what you see neatly stacked in the bins.I understand that the bread sells out quickly by morning's end, so partakers generally pick up their day's portion early since it tends to harden before day's end.

  • For the Sweet Toothed

    As the town began waking up and people drifted through the streets, the shops opened their doors for business.St. Remy must have a collective sweet-tooth because we saw many patisseries or pastry shops lining the town's streets. This particular shop offered fresh baguettes of bread and sweet confections. Often you'll find a separate shop for breads...


Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Local Customs

  • La Fete de la Transhumance

    I hadn't read anything about this festival before our arrival, in fact I was a little worried nothing would be open that day because I had read that it was Pentecost Monday and a holiday in France. Fortunately someone mentioned the festival to us and we stuck around for it as it really was quite amazing seeing a flock of several thousand sheep...

  • A Day's Shopping

    In no time at all, St. Remy's population was out shopping for the day's groceries. Note the two different shopping totes in the picture.On the left, you'll see a plaid tote on wheels and on the right a traditional woven straw basket on wheels. The tote/basket solves the problem of hauling groceries back to one's apartment or home. No unwieldy...

  • Bull Racing in St. Remy

    The town was gearing up for its annual bull race when we dropped by one morning. Piles of iron gates lay on their sides, waiting to be set up as villagers did their day's shopping nearby.St. Remy is known as a "town of tradition with a passion for bull racing...". If only we had been able to witness this unique spectacle. You sure wouldn't see that...


Saint-Rémy-de-Provence What to Pack

  • Radiomom's Profile Photo

    by Radiomom Updated Jun 29, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Photo Equipment: Take along a camera with remote capabilities so you can get pictures of YOU in those wonderful locations! (This May there were very few English speaking tourists in France...)

    radiomom & dad
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Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Off The Beaten Path

  • A Roman Mausoleum

    Glanum did not really become a populus city until the age of Augustus, when the wealth of the empire spread out to include it. It was then the city began to thrive.According to archaeological experts, this structure was a Roman mausoleum for two members of the Jules family. This monument dates from 30-20 BC and is said to be in a remarkably good...

  • The Roman Ruins of Glanum

    As we traveled to St. Remy, we noticed these ruins alongside the roadway. They are remnants of the ancient town of Glanum, first settled by the Celts, then taken over by the Romans about 100 BC.Archaeologists believe that soil and runoff from the mountains slowly covered the structures, hiding them from sight until the 19th century when a few...

  • Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Hotels

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Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Favorites

  • An Unappreciated Man--Vincent Van Gogh

    St. Remy didn't exactly welcome the struggling artist during his time there in 1889. Most people thought Vincent Van Gogh was "crazy" and although he executed 150 paintings his strange art wasn't appreciated. Depressed most of his life, Vincent admitted himself into the Asylum of Saint Paul de Mausole. It was at this point he painted Starry Night...

  • A Notable Church

    Situated in the center of town surrounded by interesting little shops and cafes, is eglise Saint-Martin constructed in 1812 (pic#2), replacing an earlier church from 1122 AD.The original Saint-Martin had been enlarged so many times it weaked the structure, causing a collapse. The bell tower from the 14th century is all that remains from the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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