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    parking, driving around Avignon

    by gwened Updated Dec 18, 2014

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    correct, you wont have a problem for parking there, they prepare it well.
    you have a choice of free Parking de l’île Piot (04 32 76 22 69), that has a navette bus to city center every 8 minutes or take the one I use when in the area at Parking de l’Oratoire ,paying but easy in and out and covered. The city map section will help you, as the rest of information is in French

    just in case, the parking information in French, you canuse google translator or Bing translator to do in english quite well

    just in case difficult to read in French here is more
    The parking in the city and near the ramparts are divided in four zones such as
    white or blanche (limited to 4 hours, 0,38 eur/hour),
    blue or bleue (limited to 3 hours, 0,67 eur/hour),
    green or verte (limited to 2 hours, 1 eur/hour),
    orange (limited to 1 heure, 2 eur/hour).

    free Parkings
    Parking de l’île Piot (04 32 76 22 69), 900 places security from 7h -20h mondays to Fridays and Saturdays from 13h30 to 20h30 free bus navette to city center every 8 minutes.
    Parking des Italiens (04 32 76 24 57), 1150 places security from 7h30-à 20h30 mondays to Saturdays
    Parking Limbert, 400 places
    Parking de l’Épi, 45 places
    Parking Saint-Michel, 330 places
    Parking Saint-Roch, 550 places
    Parking de l’Oulle, 765 places

    paying Parkings
    Parking du Rhône, 85 places
    Parking du Palais des Papes (04 90 27 50 36), 825 places
    Parking des Halles (04 90 27 15 15), 580 places
    Parking de la gare routière (04 90 80 74 40), 778 places
    Parking SNCF (04 90 82 94 41), 88 places
    Parking Saint-Charles (04 90 86 87 74), 190 places
    Parking des Remparts, 160 places
    Parking de l’Oratoire (04 90 86 97 09), 675 places
    Parking Jean Jaurès (715 places)

    You can use the park and relais like at tha parking les italiens , where you can park and take the bus cityzen to come into city center for free.

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    How to come in and out ,Aix-en-Provence

    by gwened Written Dec 3, 2014

    Aix en provence is well connected with rail and bus service to the area hub at Marseille.
    I have come by car and bus from Marseille.
    Parking Rotonde or Carnot are the ones I have used. Also, Méjanes, Cardeurs,Mignet,Rambot,Bellegarde,Signoret ,and Pasteur.
    best route planning is
    and for additional traffic info I use

    the train is at place Victor Hugo (RD 9) here the TER regional schedules
    it is open 7h to 19h for ticketing.
    SNCF English site here
    official travel SNCF site

    You have the bus in the city, office at the tourist office/ Office de Tourisme
    300, avenue Giuseppe Verdi
    Mondays to Saturdays from 8h30 / 18h30
    Tél. +33 0970 80 90 13 - Fax +33 04 42 69 72 33
    It covers the historic center, the outlaying districts and the small towns around AIP with 22 regular lines , 700 stops on 3 towns Aix-en-Provence, Le Tholonet ,and Saint-Marc Jaumegarde. it is available from 6h to 22h30 in the week, a bit less frequent on Sundays.

    The inter city bus has many lines, these are
    L100 Pertuis —> Aix
    - L101 Pertuis —> Pôle d’Activités d’Aix
    - L102, L103, L104, L105 —> Réseau Urbain de Pertuis
    - L110 Puyloubier - St Antonin - Beaurecueil - Le Tholonet —> Aix
    - L120 Jouques - Peyrolles - Meyrargues —> Aix
    - L130 Venelles —> Aix
    - L140 Vauvenargues - St Marc de Jaumegarde —> Aix
    - L150 St Paul Lez Durance - Jouques - Peyrolles - Meyrargues —> Aix
    - L151 St Paul Lez Durance - Jouques - Peyrolles - Meyrargues —> Pertuis
    - L160 Trets - Peynier - Rousset - Châteauneuf le Rouge —> Aix
    - L161 Trets - Peynier - Rousset - Fuveau - Meyreuil —> Pôle d’Activités d’Aix
    - L170 Fuveau —> Aix
    - L180 Meyreuil —> Aix
    - L190 Mimet - Simiane Collongue - Bouc-Bel-Air —> Aix
    - L200 Plan de Campagne - Cabriès —> Aix
    - L210 Vitrolles —> Aix
    - L220 Coudoux - Ventabren —> Aix
    - L230 Eguilles —> Aix
    - L240 Lambesc - St Cannat —> Aix
    - L250 La Roque d’Anthéron - Rognes —> Aix
    - L251 La Roque d’Anthéron - St Estève - Le Puy Ste Réparade —> Pertuis
    - L260 St Estève - Le Puy Ste Réparade —> Aix
    - L270 Les Pennes Mirabeau —> Aix
    and the webpage to see schedules is le Pilot in English here
    bus 201 takes you from Marseille airport to AiP. And the network RDT13 covers with lines 50 ,51,and 53 with 50 the ones I have use.webpage

    You have two official taxi services
    Association des taxis radio aixois
    Tel : 04 42 27 71 11
    Taxis radio Mirabeau
    Tel : 04 42 21 61 61

    There is a free city center night service with the carte live card as the Navette Live ;hours are Tuesdays to Fridays from 23h30 to 04h30. the system is handle by
    Association Echo
    40 Rue Gustave Desplaces
    Tél. +33 (0) 4 42 61 45 83

    There is a petit train for rides around town very nice
    train station at Cours Mirabeau -in front of the resto Brasserie Le Festival
    information at mobile +33 (0) 6 11 54 27 73
    and fix at +33 (0)4 42 01 09 98
    price adult is now 7 €
    you have a city center circuit of about 45 minutes going to Cours Mirabeau / Rue d’Italie / Rue Cardinale / Cours Mirabeau / Aux 2 G à gauche vers place d’Albertas / Rue Espariat / Place des Augustins / La Rotonde/ Av Bonaparte / Rue Lisse des Cordeliers / Rue des Cordeliers / Place de l’Hôtel de ville / Passage sous le beffroi / Rue Gaston Saporta / Cathédrale / Intersection Bd Jean Jaurès / Bd Jean Jaurès / Les Thermes / Cours Sextius / Rue des Cordeliers / Rue Lieutaud / Rue de la Couronne / Place des Augustins
    stop at terminus in from of resto Brasserie le Festival.
    Départ : 10h15 - 14h15 - 15h15 - 16h15 - 17h15
    and the circuit Cézanne , go up the atelier of the painter with half tour to the big traffic circle for about 55/60 minutes, and departs 11h15 and 18h15

    There is an ecological bus system in city center, call the Diablines on two circuits departing from the Rotonde ,the pedestrians center of Aix-en-Provence ,and the main parking areas of Pasteur, Mignet, Prêcheurs ,and Bellegarde. They work every day except Sundays and HOlidays from 8h30-13h00 ,and 15h00-19h30. They come every 10 minutes!
    The fare is 0.50 € one ticket or a carnet of 10 for 4€
    La Diabline, main office is at 24 bis rue Irma Moreau
    Tél +33 (0) 4 42 38 07 36

    train station TGV Aix en Provence from roadside
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    How in and out of Nimes

    by gwened Written Nov 20, 2014

    Another wonderful city in PACA and dept 30; the public transport in the city is nice. I do the car and train here.
    parkings Coupole, Les Halles, are in city center as well as the Vinci parkings Arènes, Porte Auguste, Maison carrée and jardins de la Fontaine and Q-Park parking at Jean-Jaurès, and train station or gare. The favorites are in the Les Halles or maison carrée areas.
    These businesses if you purchase will give a ticket for free parking in city center
    of course you can always park on the streets and pay the parking meter but why bother with little time, get a parking garage above.

    There are parking relays for those to park outside town and come in on public transport to city center, there are the A54 and the Parnasse,both serve by the T1 tramway line into town. Open Mondays to Sundays from 5h15 to 1h00.

    by route from Avignon quickest is to get on the A9 expressway (autoroute), and from Arlés on the A54 (linking to park relay as above), from Paris, follow the A6 and A7 direction Route d'Avignon to Nîmes. take exit or sortie 24-Nîmes-Est, and get off the A9/E15. or the A6 to A77 direction Nevers to N7 direction Moulins, N79 direction Mâcon, to A6 Lyon and A7 direction Vienne/Valence to A9 at Orange and direction Nîmes.about 6-7 hrs.

    There is the local Tango bus/tram system in English
    prices are now 1,20€ check the site for updates. You can buy them from the conductor on buses and coaches;from the TANGO Transport Store;at the Parnasse park and ride store;from Nîmes Métropole authorised sellers; and from ticket machines on the T1 line.

    Not done bike or vélo here but the site is well explained in English

    There is the tango tramway Line T1 with 9 stations, From Monday to Wednesday 5:20 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. From Thursday to Saturday : between 5:20 a.m. to 00:40 a.m.On Sunday : between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. This line takes you to all the tourist spots especially the Arénes.

    This Tango system today serves 27 communities in the Nimes area, 11 urban lines,12 suburbian lines , 17 lines the nimes towns in suburbia with 15 Tempo urban lines and 45 suburbian lines, 1 navette express airport, I service Handigo,for handicap persons, 100 bikes on rentals and 142 places to rent bikes.
    The Tango sales office at 13 rue Régale, and open Mondays to Fridays from 7h30 – 18h30 as well as the first and last Saturday of the month from 9h00 – 12h00 and 14h00 – 17h00.

    The train station at bd Sergeant Triare
    and the TER network of the region languedoc-Roussillon

    Taxis Radio Artisans Nîmois (TRAN)
    Tél :
    Station de taxis : train station or Gare
    daytime tariffs 7h00 - 19h00
    night time tariffs19h00 - 7h00

    Car rentals at
    Ada Location
    .2614 Route de Montpellier
    Tél :
    Fax :
    train station or Gare SNCF
    Tél :
    Fax :
    Rent a car MDL
    Chemin de la Traverse (Avenue Maréchal Juin)
    Tél :
    Fax :
    KM Delta cours de Dion Bouton
    Tél :
    Fax :
    train station
    Tél :
    Fax :
    4 allée de la Méditerranée
    Tél :
    Fax :
    Ucar Uwin
    1800 avenue du Maréchal Juin
    Tél :
    Fax :
    35 rue de l’Abrivado
    Tél :
    Fax :
    Wallgreen Wallgren
    1846 avenue Maréchal Juin
    Tél :
    Fax :
    Renault Rent
    1500 avenue Maréchal Juin
    Tél :
    Fax :
    Sixt Nîmes centre ville
    35 rue de l'Abrivado
    Tél :
    Fax :
    .1740 avenue Maréchal Juin
    Tél :
    Fax :
    808 avenue du Maréchal Juin
    Tél :
    Fax :
    405 chemin bas de Montpellier
    Tél :
    Opel Rent
    170 rue Père Brottier Ville Active
    Tél :

    Closest airport nimes arles
    about 15-20 mins from Nimes,
    Tél. : +33(0)4 66 70 49 49
    Fax : +33(0)4 66 70 91 24
    the Shuttle bus to city center is now at 5,50€ passing by airport Gare SNCF (Station taxis) , Carnot , Couronne (Atria), Gambetta , Pt de Vierne (Imperator), Jaurès (stop line D), ville active (hotels zone).

    platform at Nimes waiting for TGV the TGV arrives other direction Nimes
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    How to come in and out of Cannes

    by gwened Updated Nov 20, 2014

    This is one of the towns that I come often and is about time write a tip on how to get in and out of wonderful chic Cannes.

    By the road, the best expressway or autoroute is the A8 ,also, known as the "La Provençale",with two exits or sorties Cannes-La Bocca (41) and Mougins/Cannes (42), from Aix-en-Provence to the east just to the Italian border. The famous Route Napoléon is the national road N85 that link the Golfe Juan to Grenoble,passing by city center Cannes (at rue Bivouac Napoléon), before continuing to Castellane, Digne, and Sisteron . She follows the historic route taken by Napoléon 1er and his army returning from the island of Elba in 1815. You can know more about this road at this link
    The previuosly called N7 now call the route des Vacances, link Paris to Menton in 996 kms, while it passes teh town of Cannes on the west to east passing by the seaside. Today this road has different numbers such as Départementales or D6007 and 6098.
    You can get good estimate of your travels here
    traffic at
    Cannes has 9 200 parking places, of which 7 000 places are underground and 2 200 places above ground paying in both. You add 2 320 places for motocycles.
    and parkings in Cannes at
    best are at Croisette, République and Vauban.
    on the Streets above ground the best is Roubine, here are more

    by the bus in Cannes
    YOu can use the region Lignes d’azur,with 60 regular lines here is their webpage
    Due to recent work at the train station of Cannes the terminus for bus lines 200 - 210 - 600 - 610 - 610bis - 620 - 630 are change to the west side of the station at place de la gare ,and boulevard d'Alsace. See the site for updates on lignes d'azur.
    for the bus in the region 06 you can look at the regional govt Council site here
    the bus terminal is at
    Place Bernard Cornut-Gentille (see photo)

    or the regional transport mode Paca Mobilité

    The train at Cannes has several options;
    Gare SNCF - Cannes
    Place de la gare - Rue Jean Jaurès
    Gare SNCF - Cannes La Bocca
    Rue Louis Armand
    train stop station Halte ferrovière de Ranguin
    Rue Châteaubriand
    train stop station Halte ferrovière Le Bosquet
    Rue Joseph Flory
    You can see the train stations info on TER here

    or by airplane at Cannes or Nice;
    Aéroport Cannes-Mandelieu
    Avenue Francis Tonner
    Fax : 04 93 21 31 47
    E-mail :
    15 mins from city center but mostly small airplanes and not much use for tourist here for info.

    Aéroport international Nice-Côte d'Azur
    27 kms and about 30 mins from Cannes, my favorite arrival point. Some connection from NIce,
    daytime is bus 210 and nightime bus 200 to Cannes, which what I take to get to Cannes on business trips

    for hiring bikes for rides in town see Loca bike agency in Cannes and elsewhere here

    The city has a pedestrian zone where locals need special badge permissions to enter with the cars but tourists are free to wandered about on foot safe, these zones are in the quartier Hoche (rue du 24 août, Rue Hélène Vagliano ,and Rue Hoche) , as well as on the surrounding of the market or marché Forville.

    The cruise port of Cannes

    colorful gare d'autobus Cannes
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    How to get here in and out-Marseille

    by gwened Updated Sep 11, 2014

    Plenty of transportation options here, the transport site
    the park relays to drop off your car and come into the city at
    Rond Point du Prado, Boulevard Michelet, enter by the alley on side
    Bouganville, located by boulevard de Magallon ,and the traverse du Bachas
    Saint Just, located at rue Beauregard, between boulevard Verd and boulevard Barry
    La Fourragére, located at avenue des Caillols
    Louis Armand, located by boulevard Louis Armand
    La Timone, located by rue St Pierre
    La Rose, Frais Vallon, La Rose, located by boulevard du Métro
    Frais Vallon ,located by avenue de la Rose and the impasse de la Farandole

    public parkings in the city webpage

    on public transport, an email for further information ,

    The bus station, or gare routiére,open 7j/7, two ticket offices on the quais 10-11-12 for regular lines and 1 , 2 for international lines, contact tel +33 (0) M-F from 7h30 to 19h ,Saturdays and holidays except May 1 from 8h-13h and 14h-19h (close Sundays) or email

    the navette bus from airport to city center , is info official here

    regional bus service network Cartreize from the bus terminal:

    34 MARTIGUES (par Port Saint Louis du Rhône) TRANSPORTS ROBERT
    50 AIX EN PROVENCE (Navette par autoroute) RDT 13
    51 AIX EN PROVENCE (par RN8) RDT 13
    53 AIX EN PROVENCE (par ZI Les Milles) RDT 13
    64 TRETS (par Gardanne, Rousset, Peynier) SAP
    91 AEROPORT Marseille Provence (par autoroute) TRANSPROVENCE

    the bus service network of LEA from the bus terminal


    and the regional transport site for all modes here at paca mobilité

    international bus lines webpage
    you can go to from bus terminal in Marseille , Germany, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia), Slovakia, Prague, Czech Rep, Belgrade, italy,Holland,Belgium,Morocco, Hungary,Viena, Austria,London,Portugal, Poland (also serve by the lines of the company ALBATROS), and Romania(also serve by the bus line of company ATLASSIB FRANTA)

    you can take a boat taxi from Vieux Port to Pointe Rouge ,see map here
    2,50€ ,and from March 1 to May 14 every hour depart from 7h to 19h. From May 15 to September 15 depart every hour from 7h to 22h

    trace your itineraties for all above here
    and great blog with transport info in the city

    you can find your schedules and line on metro ,tramway or bus here

    you can catch the train at gare St Charles, very nice
    or the train station

    there is also an airport nearby

    the bus from airport to city and nearby
    the train from airport to city and vv

    grab a taxi at airport

    take a cruise ship from Marseille and in

    the boat crisscrossing the bay, for taxi and transportation

    and not to missed the Ferry boat across the bay ,now new and modern.

    The petit train or tourist train in marseille

    The bus touristique or tourist bus upper deck of marseille

    nice webcam of the vieux port of Marseille

    info on taxis of Marseille here

    train bus gare Saint Charles fr Blvd d'Ath��nes back stairs to city Gare St Charles the platforms at St Charles back climbing to St Charles station board at st Charles train station
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    in and around Menton bus

    by gwened Updated Aug 9, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the train and bus station are next to each other at Avenue de Sospel.

    here is the link for the local and suburbs public bus transport

    and more on transport in the city page in French

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    bus from Nice 82 and 100 will do to Eze

    by gwened Updated Jun 8, 2014

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    very easy by bus, nice little village, will love it. Dont know your condition on climbing but its doable.

    The site above will tell you the buses in the village and to from Nice the main hub of transport in the area.

    and more here

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    train and bus info Villefranche-sur-Mer

    by gwened Updated May 29, 2014

    The French railroad site is you can book hotels, car rental the works there. IN French but easy to read use by millions.
    the local train schedule is at TER

    buses from the area are at lignes d'azur No 81 , webpage here in English

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    How to get in and out of Arles

    by gwened Written May 22, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nice town with lots of old history from Roman times. Compact city center, what are the ways to get there and move about.

    The train station is at avenue Paulin Talabot, open Mondays to Fridays from 6h45 to 19h and weekends from 7h4( to 19h. it has connections such as TGV two R:T to Paris. The main lines intercités between Bordeaux and Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand and Marseille ,and Luxembourg or Strasbourg and Nice-Ville) ; the TER PACA network puts it Marseille>Arles>Tarascon>Avignon, Marseille>Avignon>Orange>Valence>Lyon-Part-Dieu, and Marseille>Nîmes>Montpellier>Narbonne).

    The local agglomeration of towns handles the bus system here, name in Frence; Communauté d’agglomération Arles-Crau-Camargue-Montagnette or (ACCM) It has a commercial sales office at , Envia & Vous - halte Clemenceau; open Mondays to Fridays from 7h30 to 18h30, and Saturdays from 7h30 -12h and 14h- 17h30.
    The site can be seen in English at

    you have an inter urban or intercity bus service in the département that is link with the city system ACCM and the dept network CarTreize.
    the ACCM network has three lines name as such
    Agglo 10 Piscine Montmajour >> Gare SNCF Arles >> Salin-de-Giraud
    Agglo 20 Gabriel Péri >> Tarascon
    Agglo 30 Gare SNCF Arles >> Saint-Martin-de-Crau
    And the Cartreize network has regular lines such as
    Line 18 Arles >> Aix-en-Provence par Raphèle, Saint-Martin-de-Crau et Salon-de-Provence
    Line 21 Arles >> Port-Saint-Louis par Mas-Thibert
    Line 29 Arles >> Salon-de-Provence par Fontvieille, Le Paradou, Maussane, Mouriès, Aureille et Eyguières
    Line 54 Arles >> Cavaillon par Tarascon, Saint-Étienne-du-Grès, Mas-Blanc-les-Alpilles, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence , Mollèges et Plan-d’Orgon
    Lines in season from end of May to end of September are
    Line 20 Arles >> Les-Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer par Albaron (free bike on board allow)
    Line 59 Arles >> Saint-Rémy-de-Provence par Les Baux
    you can see these schedules for the ACCM at tout Envia and for the department at Le Pilote

    for driving, the route planner most in use here is
    you have plenty of free parking at these parking spaces : Avenue Sixte-Quenin Avenue du Maréchal-Leclerc ,Boulevard Émile-Combes, Place de la Croisière ,Boulevard Victor-Hugo ,Boulevard Georges-Clémenceau ,Avenue Président Salvador-Allende ,Avenue Stalingrad ,Avenue Jean-Monnet ,Place de la Madeleine, Place de la Redoute, Place de la Major Place ,Albin-Peyron, Place André-Suarez,Place Marius-Jouveau,Quais de la Roquette,Rue Terrin / Petits Puits, Place Voltaire,Place Lamartine ,and Quai du 8 mai.

    you ,also, have parking meters in zone orange and green/vert a few cents more. there is also an underground garage paying at Parc du centre ,8, rue Émile-Fassin, for 24hrs in summer is 15€ and Winter is 12€.with prices by the hour starting at 1,20€ from 7h to 20h in summer to 22h

    taxis available including a vélo taxi or taxi on a bike,
    and a radio controlled taxi

    from the tourist office in English plenty of bike rentals

    and airports of Marseille ,Nîmes, Avignon or Montpellier close by.

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    How to get in and out -Avignon

    by gwened Updated Apr 19, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Avignon is a hub of transport for the area, and you will do well in choosing it at least for a base to visit the beautiful Vauclouse and the valley of the Luberon. The town has two train stations, one for the TGV proposing as of now between 50 and 60 trains per day, an airport with 24 flights per week with Paris. In town you have over 7000 places of parking with 4345 free!. the lover of the bicycle could run over 110 km of cyclacle routes and 1000 places of parking secured. The town counts with 23 lines of regular Schedule buses.

    I have another tip for driving so will skip that here,and concentrate on the public transport.

    There is a train station in city center that still has some tGV arriving but now more concentrated on local lines TER. It is at Boulevard Saint-Roch, here it is for location
    the site for schedules is here in French as well

    The TGV station is located at the zone de Courtine ,about 10 minutes from the historic center of the town. The station put Avignon with Paris in about 2h38 de Paris, and 30 minutes from the center of Marseille. It, also, has connection to Roissy CDG, Nice, Toulon, Montpellier, Lyon, Dijon, Metz, Bruxelles, Lille, Rouen, Rennes, Nantes, and Genèva. It has 1850 places of parking.
    It is name as such Gare TGV Méditerranée - ZI Courtine – place de l’Europe , and here it is the location

    The bus there is done by TCRA ,the main station is at avenue de Lattre de Tassigny for the inter city buses
    and the local bus gare routiére or bus terminal is at GTV 84 , 5,avenue Monclar. The office hours are Mondays to Fridays from 10h15 -13h ,and 14h -18h
    bus ticket are at 1,30€ and you can have a special 10 tickets for 10,50€

    you can use the system cityzen to park your car (parking des Italiens and République) and come into city center for free, as well as the Baladine eco vehicules

    The Vélopop bike system is here handle by TCRA as well;
    basic info, for the occassional user or visitor of one day or one week is ,choose your rental time in front of the machine, if it has a credit/debit card reader put your card in, if not call the number 0810 456 456, give them the telephone number to received your text message with the access code, it is a 8 digits code done.
    the cost is 1€ for access, and 0,50c for each additional hour; The official site for the vélopop is here

    Airport info in English is here

    the cost by taxi is here about 22€ daytime and 30€ nightime to city center, and the company is
    Radio Taxis Avignon
    tel : 04 90 82 20 20
    email :
    open 24 hrs 7/7

    you have Entreprise, Avis and Europcar car rental companies at the airport.The nearest gas/petrol station from to airport is an Elf/total access, at Relais La Durance, Montfavet ,4316, route de Marseille - N7, 84140 Montfavet. You get here direction A7 exit/sortie 24 - On the road N7 direction Avignon → Marseille, facing the "Parcs des expositions".

    the website for the taxis in town ,train stations, and airport is

    in summer or winter you have the auto train, you can bring your car in the train, you ride apart,and meet thet two at Paris or Avignon.
    Auto train Avignon Sud
    Chemin de la Poulasse
    Tel. + 33 (0)4 90 27 81 70
    here is the national official info on them

    Avignon newer TGV station
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    How to get in and out of Nice

    by gwened Written Mar 2, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A nice wonderful transport hub in the PACA provence alpes côte d'azur region of France. Nice in transports has it all.
    the most is the airport
    you have a shopping gallery on each terminal and car rentals avis, budget,firefly, Europcar,hertz, entreprise,interrent, and sixt; you find them in the arrivals hall counters open until 10pm.
    Terminal 1: gates A1/A2, to the right of the information office.
    Terminal 2: between gates A2 and A3. Vehicle collection and return takes place in the dedicated zone at the Car Rental Center, behind car park P5 at Terminal 2.
    After 10pm, To access the Car Rental Centre or hire a vehicle take the free shuttle to Terminal 2 from Gate A0 on the arrivals floor; services run every 6½ minutes between 6am and 11pm and every 10 minutes from 4.30am to 6am and from 11pm until the last flight arrives.
    Alight at the Terminus: Terminal 2, Gate A3.
    Pedestrian access: from any exit, use the sheltered walkway following signs for "Location de voitures /Car Rental Center". Cross car park P5.

    to relax between flights or on arrival the bars Phileas t1 and bar Paul t2 are great.

    There is a free shuttle bus between terminal 1 and 2, parking at airport cost about 16,50€ per day.24hrs periods. There are buses from airport to city ,the 98 stops at Riquier and the 99 at the train station in Nice,ticket cost now at 6€ with correspondance in Nice on the ligneazur network.

    bus 23 can cost 1,50€ on board but has more stops and now only leaves you in central nice at Thiers/Gambetta.from airport.

    the regular bus service in the area of Nice is lignesdAzur
    100 regular lines of 46 municipalities, also, TRAM T1, from 4.25a.m. to 1.35a.m. ,and NocTRAMbus : 5 night services, from 9.10p.m. to 1.10a.m. for a Single price : € 1.50 (except lines subject to special pricing).

    there is a bus ticket info office, main one at place Masséna
    Agence Masséna 3, Place Masséna 06000 Nice
    open Mondays to Fridays from 7h45 to 18h30,Saturdays from 8h30 to 18h00, closed Sundays

    to outside the NIce area there are other bus services all explained here

    and on the bottom of above you have a great service to tell you the itinerary in the PACA region

    taxis are plentiful, outside at Gate A1 (Terminal 1), Gate A3 (Terminal 2, see them here with estimated costs to certains areas

    information on trains are found here,

    more on the Gare de NIce or train station at thiers,official webpage
    more official webpage with map and link to schedules on TER PACA

    there are TER stops at Riquier, Saint Augustin,Saint Roch,and others.

    there is a tramway link with bus from parking places outiside the city so easy to come by car,leave here do public transport Inside the city and go out with your car at end, this is call PARCAZUR roundtrip cost is only 2€
    There are four parcazur link with tramway 1 these are
    • Parcazur " Las Planas " : directly connected to road A8 ,parking for 765 cars
    • Parcazur " Pont-Michel " : directly link to terminus Pont-Michel, allows access to city center by tramway or bus, parking for 260 cars .
    • Parcazur " Saint Jean d’Angély " : located in the new district of Saint Jean d’Angély and link to the station " Vauban ". Its an additional parking area for 150 cars link to terminus Pont- Michel.
    • Parcazur " Palais des Expositions " : located at level or niveau 3 of the public parking Acropolis – Jean Bouin, it is connected directly to tramway station "Palais des Expositions ". parking for 386 cars
    . Parcazur "Saint Augustin" : located along the route de Grenoble, between the pont Saint-Augustin and the MIN, it is dedicated to users of the public transport coming on the west of the city. parking for 184 cars

    tramway cost 1,50 and line 1 stations are in this pdf file
    thermo tram 06 2013 (V2).pdf
    there is a line west east Under construction of the tramway line expected completion is for end 2017

    innovation in car park, with parking meters from 1,30€ first hour 2,60 from second hour all payable in cash or,cc
    PArking one hour for free in 10 parking garages ,these are Promenade des Arts, Palais de la Méditerrannée , Corvésy, Palais Masséna, Palmeira, Les Bosquets, Marshall, Palais de Justice, Saleya,and Saint Roch. with palais de la Méditerranée and Nice Etoile my favorites. here are the rest from the city page

    there are lines of Vélo or bicycles, the circuits are here in pdf files

    this link will help you trace your routing/itinerary in the department 06 alpes maritimes,where Nice is located
    For the nearby communities such as Tourrette-sur-Loup,Gourdon,Biot,Antibes.

    regional bus lines in the dept 06 are found here

    the SNCF bus IDBUS service to Genova and Milan Italy

    possible to do links as far as Marseille with the Var department 83 bus service

    I come here often , usually by airplane but sometimes by train in a couple times by car. Great hub to move out and see the wonders of PACA!

    place Massena tramways gare de Nice Ville Gare de Nice Ville at Thiers gare Saint Augustin Nice
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Provence Vence and St Paul by bus

    by gwened Written Aug 11, 2012

    they are next door so one day should be ok. I use the car there but the 400 bus is ok and bus 233 will do nicely too

    its in French of course,regional government site on bus transport, but you can check all bus lines in the area and see the traject you wish to take here

    hope it helps

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    train bus to Hyéres and al

    by gwened Written May 31, 2012

    the train for the most schedules is the TER PACA, it will revert to for the payment.

    you can take the tgv or intercité local train both in about 2h16 according to the site. You change at Toulon.

    this is one traject by bus on bus Mistral
    you change two buses, just put nice and hyéres on left squares of site above

    or you can fly from airport nice to hyéres, but too expensive. the best is by bus from Nice airport 98 or 99 to nice ville train station then train to Hyéres.

    you can buy ticket upon arrival. However with child and enfant might be best to hire a car its easy if spending a few days in the area.

    hope it helps

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    train/bus/boat to St Tropez

    by gwened Written May 17, 2012

    yes take train to Saint-Raphaêl

    then bus line 7601 to St Tropez

    or can take a boat from St Raphael

    Hope it helps

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    drive in provence

    by gwened Written Apr 11, 2012

    definitively rent a car, the best way to travel, and see the wonderful beauty of that region. big cities like Marseille parked your car and walk, the others are easy in and out cities.

    road estimates
    and parking in Marseille use my favorite parking Hotel de Ville Place Jules Verne, close to quai du port in the Vieux Port area.

    hope it helps

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