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Grenoble Highlights

  • Pro
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     Past and future, mountains, panorama, multi-cultural 

  • Con
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     Too hot and polluted in summer 

  • In a nutshell
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     go here for a get away from it all break with wonderful scenery 

Grenoble Things to Do

  • La Bastille

    Most cities have their focal point, whether it be a main square or famous landmark and Grenoble is no exception. The Bastille is, or was, a military fortress overlooking the city, but it won’t be for the history that people really come up here for. It will almost certainly be for the views which are fantastic, so my first tip here is to try and get...

  • Eglise Saint Andre

    The Clock tower of the Collégiale Saint André was built in Gothic style in the XIVth century and is 56 meters high. It is surrounded by houses and cannot be seen better than on this photo. The basement is made of bricks while the needle is carved in tuff and was the model for many clock towers in the province

  • Halle Sainte-Claire

    The inside of the "Halle Sainte-Claire" is not easy to photograph as the booth built for the various shops have walls that forbid having a general view. You will find every fresh food shop except green grocers who are outside : fish and sea food (the photo), pork, beef, lamb, kid, poultry. There is even one of the last "tripier" (tripe shop) in...


Grenoble Hotels

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Grenoble Restaurants

  • Savoyard

    Altitude 4810 (devinez de quel sommet il s'agit) a vu le jour en Septembre 2002 dans un environnement de prédilection, au pied des montagnes, dont les richesses culinaires ne sont plus à citer : Beaufort, Reblochon, Pommes de Savoie, Noix de Grenoble, etc. Bénéficiant du savoir faire du passé allié à une créativité plus contemporaine, le concept de...

  • Belgian food...

    Well, you go ther for 1 thing: "moules frites" (mussel with French fries). They have all kind of sauce to eat with the mussels. They also have good Belgian beers!Closed on Sundays.

  • Simple, refined and excellent

    last update (July 2008): going back with my wife. She shares the viewI had the opportunity to discover this restaurant in may 2008 and it's excellent:- the food is tasty, a little spicy, with a clear personnal touch from the boss/cooker- the boss is friendly, engaging, share his passions and could some time interrupt the meal for spending some time...


Grenoble Nightlife

  • Live Music Venues?

    hello,i am in an irish electronic rock band who are travelling to Grenoble for a gig at EVE on April 5th. We will be in Grenoble for 5 nights so we are looking to play another gig in another venue if possible between April 6th-9th. does anyone know of any other venues in Grenoble where we could play?if anyone has any ideas or links to any suitable...

  • Source of Guinness

    O'Callaghan is like a piece of Ireland transferred to the French Alps. The pub looks and feels Irish inside, but once you get to the patio, the almost mediterranean sunshine automatically tells that you are far far away from Ireland.All major Irish drinks are available, including Guinness. The place is an excellent stop before visiting some French...

  • Another great little place

    This is a bar specialized in Rhum... There are at least 50 different fruit flavored rhums and of course a variety of other drinks. You almost feel like you're on a pirate ship when you walk in.There is a wide variety of music and the people are friendly. This place is often jam packed as well! Great place to hang out in the evening. Go as you...


Grenoble Transportation

  • Car Rental Online

    At the Aéroport de Grenoble St-Geoirs there are a lot off car rental companies, it is better to book on-line ahead so you will not have the hassle off searching for a good price offers this services so your car will be ready when you arrive at the airport. The airport is accessible by D119 at the roundabout take the D154D to the...

  • Maps, brochures

    Grenoble maps could be downloaded (I recommend the pdf format) from tourism information center web site (english version in the adress)A lot of brochures are also available here, a good way for cooking your visit in advance

  • Airport : Aéroport de Grenoble St-Geoirs

    A 41 km au nord ouest.Navette spéciale au départ de la gare routière de Grenoble.(1h15 avant le départ du vol) et à chaque arrivée à l'aéroport.To 41 km to the west north. Special shuttle to the departure of the road station of Grenoble. (1h15 before the departure of the flight) and to every arrival to the airport.


Grenoble Shopping

  • The best sporting good chain store in...

    Decathlon provides a wide range of sporting goods, from tennis racquets to advanced scuba diving equipment, in large superstores. "Making the pleasure of sport accessible to as many as people as possible": all sport and brands, from beginners to professionals: mountain sport equipment, climbing, skiing, fitness, athletism, bikes, ...Decathlon is...

  • The must for chocolates

    BONNAT family are traditional "chocolatier and confectioner" in Voiron from father to son since 1884. - One of the famous Bonnat specialitiesis the "Voiron Pavés” (Praline Chunks) - Shop in Voiron is just closed from "St Bruno church", in the center. Everyone (locals) know.a place of pilgrimage for unconditional Bonnat lovers where they are greeted...

  • Le grand temple du commerce moderne

    Grand'Place est un immense centre commercial, accollé à un hypermaché (d'une grande enseigne française qui prétends faire baisser les prix...). On y trouve toutes les enseignes du centre ville (de Zara à la FNAC...). C'est un héritage de l'ère Carignon, ce maire de la droite libérale qui a fait plusieur années de prison pour abus de biens et...


Grenoble Local Customs

  • Tourist Office.

    You find the tourist office at Rue de la Rèpublique and they can provide you with maps, information papers and help you with other things too. It is very good to visit this office and get some information.

  • Chartreuse.

    This is a very good apertif after a meal or so. I had some of them when I was in the south of France, when I travelled to Lyon and Grenoble.

  • Friendly local man.

    I met this man on the train to Grenoble. He and I talked about all kind of stuff during our trip on the train. He asked me about Sweden, because he planed to go to my country. He wanted to see the north of Sweden. I gave him so much information I could, and he got my mail address too. It will be interesting if he will contact me again. I have...


Grenoble Warnings and Dangers

  • Hiking in the moutains

    (Even if I'm local, regular hiker, I was trapped in June 2008 (see photos), so, I'll try to apply my recommendations to myself ...)Common and known warnings, but could be reinforced in moutains area's:1- Weather brutal changesWeather and temperatures in mountains could change very quicly (30min, 1hour) and this could be extremely dangerous without...

  • Before his arrive the danger...

    Before his arrive the danger was Ulrich..after he was not more ...a danger..only a second !!In the pic the Ulrich's back (?)

  • Not really a warning as such...

    Not really a warning as such but I would advise people not to go away with people who think it would be fun to walk up the ski slopes instead of skiing down them. We walked up a ski slope just to take a picture overlooking the resort!!


Grenoble Tourist Traps

  • Discount for tourism

    It's not a real trap, but you could have to pay more for visiting Grenoble (museums, tourists hot spots) by taking and cumulating ticket entrance prices. You could have a free-accesses + reduced prices + extra advantages for children- Free accesses: Grenoble museum, Small tourist train, The Bastille cable-car, guided tour or audio-guided tour-...

  • Lazy Sundays

    One thing that always catches me out in France and especially in Grenoble is the "Lazy Sunday"There are no food shops open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There are one or 2 exceptions but these close at midday! One alternative is get yourself to the great food markets on Sunday.The "Marche d"estacade" is fab - with lots of local farmers selling fresh...

  • Office de Tourisme

    Vous arrivez dans une ville, Grenoble, totalement inconnue, vous ne savez pas où loger, et vous ne savez pas ce qui est inetéressant à voir. Vous n'avez aucun plan de la ville (Bref, vous ne vous êtes jamais connecté sur VT !).You arrive in a city, Grenoble, completely unknown, you don't know where to lodge, and you don't know what is interesting...


Grenoble What to Pack

  • Winter in the Alps

    Luggage with wheels! Re-inforced wheels, because the roads are cobbled. Bring as light of things as you can, clothes, sport equipment, etc. You'll usually have to walk a little bit and use the public transport to get around, so hauling a bunch of heavy bags across the tram tracks could be difficult, and dangerous! flat, warm, boots. dressy, warm...

  • Packing List

    If you go in summer and if you must wait for hours over the sun...fill your bag of drinks, many ...more than you can...and after give your bag to your boy friend to carry..!!!

  • Packing List

    Always travel light. The town is small, there are lots of buses and public transportation is fairly good. hiking shoes. Warm clothes in winter (damn cold), light clothes in summer (damn hot!) There are lots of wildfile in moutain, use a zoom to take good pics.


Grenoble Off The Beaten Path

  • Gouffre Berger

    The Gouffre Berger is not open to tourists but to advanced speleologists. Here are the recommendations for descending the Gouffre Berger (June 1st to 31st October) Due to its reknown, depth and beauty the Gouffre Berger attracts many visitors. The cave presents no major difficulties under normal conditions, especially in the upper half, giving it...

  • Parcs & gardens : Parc Bachelard

    Parc des Champs Elysées ou parc BachelardIl est composé de deux parties : un côté (avenue Albert Reynier) est aménagé en parc urbain, l'autre côté (Technisud) offre un aspect plus naturel, l'herbe n'est fauchée que deux fois l'an. Le parc est agrémenté d'un parcours sportif de 1,5 km avec 23 exercices.

  • Parcs & gardens : Parc Jean Verlhac

    L'un des plus grands parcs de la ville : 14 hectares. Au cœur de la Villeneuve, cet espace doté d'un bassin de 4 000 m² avec des cascades et des massifs de fleurs, est un atout pour le quartier.


Grenoble Sports & Outdoors

  • Ski, hang-gliding, climbing

    Grenoble is a good "entry point" for skiing (main of the resorts in the Alps are easy to reach from Grenoble), climbing, hang-gliding ....30 minutes to 1 hour (by car or bus) requested.

  • Ski or snowboard in the French Alps

    Grenoble is an awesome starting point for ski and snowboard. Of the big stations, Alpe d'Huez and Deux Alpes are easily accessible. For Alpe d'Huez, my favourite spot, consider going to Vaujany, Oz, or Villard Reculas for your lift pass, you'll save yourself 20 mins of driving!The three valleys is accessible via Orelle on the motorway, from where...

  • Bruleurs de loups

    Le sport le plus à la mode à Grenoble et dans la région est probablement le hockey. C'est aussi le plus spécifique.Grenoble est dotée d'une superbe patinoire (Pôle Sud), où l'équipe des Bruleurs de loups défends âprement les couleurs de la ville.The most fashionable sport in Grenoble and in the region is probably the hockey. It is also the most...


Grenoble Favorites

  • Weather and forecast

    Grenoble "benefits" from an atypical climate, with an amplitude and variations of the highest in France. While in winter, the temperature can fall very low, in summer the city undergoes one of the strongest hot season of the country. The surrounding mountains form a huge washbasin, in which the heat becomes sometimes heavy, because of the lack of...

  • Olympic Flame

    Grenoble était ville olympique en 1968 pour les jeux d'hivers.En 2006, un hommage appuyé lui a été rendu à l'occasion des jeux de Turins, la métropole italienne voisine. A cette occasion, la vasque le la flamme de 1968 à été rallumée par Marielle Goitchel, championne olympique française de cette époque.Grenoble was Olympic city in 1968 for the...

  • Musée de Grenoble : Monsieur Loyal

    This 8 meters high stabile was created in 1967 for the Olympic games by Calder and was installed in a college, Lycée Argouges where it was soon coveed with graffitis and forgotten among weeds. It was later transferred to the esplanade of the museum. Monsieur Loyal is a main figure in a circus, acting as a clown and this stabile reminds the famous...


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