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Saint-Étienne Things to Do

  • Chateau de la Roche Baron

    Our friends from St Etienne took us see this great was quite a long walk up a large hill to see it (it's on the top of a crystalline dyke which is 653 metres high, but well worth the effort. From the top you look down on a nice view of the valley and the Loire river. The castle is thought to have been built around the 12th century, with...

  • Le Puy Mary

    Le Puy MaryGreat panorama from the top, after a tough climb of 1 1/2 hour from Pas de Peyrol... I have been told.What happened is the morning we planned to get there, it had snowed less than an inch during the night (we were in October!!!) and the road to get there was closed. People are wimps sometime. Gee, less than an inch!!! Better luck next...

  • Le Puy de Sancy

    Le Puy de SancySimilar but smaller than the Puy de Dôme, but getting there and viewing the landscape is almost better than the destination.Classification: Hiking , Photography , Site Seeing

  • Le Puy de Dôme

    Le Puy de DômeThis oooold volcano can be visited just about all year. The entrance is regulated and there is a fee to gain access to the site.You can drive to the bottom and climb to the top and either enjoy the view of the crater or the surrounding area.You will even find gallo-roman ruins dedidated to Mercury.Classification: Hiking , Photography...

  • Seeing the local villages.

    Seeing the local villages.This is a wonderful way of seeing French life, culture and architecture. I had a wonderful time wandering around the streets of some of the little villages, and this photo in particular is a town hall at the end of summer - the colours in the flowers are amazing! What I truly love about these villages is the pride that...

  • A well near the Peat Moss...

    A well near the Peat Moss Processor.Reportedly where someone famous died a very long time ago (some army bloke)... I wasn't paying much attention at the time... hehehe... I will try to find out more so that I can give an educated description... ;)

  • Peat Moss Processing Plant......

    Peat Moss Processing Plant... ... ... ... WOOHOO ... ... ... the excitement... ... ... I can barely contain myself... hehehehe...I was not that excited to see this. I have taken this picture for my dad and my grandfather to see - they will hopefully log onto here on VT and see it... :)

  • Hang-gliding off the...

    Hang-gliding off the mountains.I have not done this - but I saw someone doing it whilst I was up there! :) Apparently it's quite a popular activity, and this person in the picture spent a long time floating up in the clouds with a wonderful view of the world. I wouldn't like to come down! :) I would love to try this some day in the near future....

  • Native flora.

    Native flora.Coming from a Southern Hemisphere country like Australia, where the trees do not shed leaves in Autumn, and our summers are long, hot and dry - it certainly was an experience to see the European summer. I found it interesting to see the way that the native flora deals with weather changes, and it was a great experience for me to go...

  • Picking wild blueberries and...

    Picking wild blueberries and raspberries.I LOVE WILD FRUITS! Wow - when I tasted my first experience of wild blueberries and raspberries, I almost fell onto my hands and knees to scrabble around in the bushes to find some more. I only just managed to restrain myself. These are better than any farm-grown varieties, with the advantage of being...

  • Walking through the mountains.

    Walking through the mountains.Not only are you getting great exercise battling with different terrains, but the scenery is incredible! I love the fresh air and the possibility of seeing a marmot crouching behind a rock.

  • The houses and gardens.

    The houses and gardens.There is some wonderful architecture, and some wonderful gardens. Some French people really enjoy their gardening - it is therefore worthwhile to keep your eyes open for examples of classic French gardens. I love them!


Saint-Étienne Hotels

Saint-Étienne Restaurants

  • Cheese specialized

    This restaurant is famous for cheese specialty. The place is cosy with warm colored light.Fondue is recommended on the long list of the menu. I tried fondue for the first visit and it was great. The second visit I tried La Raclette, I like cheese so it was really good; the portion is too big for me.

  • A French family home

    A French family homeOk ok, so this is not a real restaurant. But it's great to experience real French cooking out in the country! And the beauty of France is the variety in cooking across the whole of the country! When you're talking about food with a French person, you will WITHOUT A DOUBT hear at least one phrase referring to 'that's a specialty...

  • My favorit restaurant is with...

    My favorit restaurant is with the local people in their houses. I love to be just in the common people's house and have a good bottle of french wine and chat about all kind of nice things till late in the evening. But if you like to go to a special restaurant you can go to La Vinzelle. Its a small place, about 20 km from Maurs in the mountains....


Saint-Étienne Nightlife

  • Nice pubs in Lyons & St. Etienne

    A nice little pub with a very good (by USA standards) selection of beer, nice friendly staff, and a nice few tables outside to sit and people watch.... Yes...wear some.

  • Irish Pub

    Very convivial, always packed, this is a very nice bar with a very nice decoration and coktails. If you want to get drunk, you can order a "plateau" of shooters for 10Euros. They are not written on the drink menu but you can order them. Choose what shooter you want, hey set them no fire and come with straws ! Open to everyone. It is also a meeting...

  • Hello there Gerard,...this...

    Hello there Gerard,...this funny man will be your host when you come overthere. He likes to party ....He is a very hard workingman, he rebuild all the things on the caravan, chalet and the house! The nightlife is just the way you like it. You can enjoy the beauty of the nature....but if you dont mind to drive a little then you can have a drink in a...


Saint-Étienne Transportation

  • Train

    Frequent train services from Lyon Part Dieu to Saint Etienne. It cost about 9-12 euro depending on types of train.Usually you can buy a train ticket from the ticket machine but it does not work for the credit card from abroad. it is more convenient to buy it from the ticket counter.

  • STAS Tram

    There are 2 lines of the tram to commute around Saint Etienne, alternative way of transportation from bus. Line 5 can be commuted to the train station with the destination shown at the front of the train; it starts from Bellevue place or from Terrase. From the train station (Gare), line 5 runs to two destinations: Bellevue and Terrase.The ticket is...

  • An other picture of the snow...

    An other picture of the snow on the mountains. I love the sight of it and how about you????


Saint-Étienne Local Customs

  • Best Patisserie. Gaucher

    Near to Bellvue tram station there is one of Patisserie making gorgeous sweet. I saw they were awarded too. You will not be disappointed at all. I guarantee.

  • You really must learn to play...

    You really must learn to play Boules. It is a simple yet wonderful game. I suspect you will find a set in the boot of every other french car. Here is a picture of us playing in the driveway.

  • This fireplace is one of my...

    This fireplace is one of my favorite spots....i love the heat from the firebricks and with a nice glass of wine...hmmmm, This picture is taken in a friends place of the owners of the caravan.


Saint-Étienne Tourist Traps

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    When you have been here, and...

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    When you have been here, and watched the surrounding and the sillance...well i think then you have a trap. Maybe you like this all so much you wanna be here for ever. Houses you can buy for little money, and if you have to right hands you can make it your own little dont tell me i never warned you!

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Saint-Étienne What to Pack

  • Packing List

    When you sitt on the terras of the caravan there is a change this cat come at you and tells you Miauw....She is the cat of the owners of the caravan...and the name is :Cannin.

  • Packing List

    Chappie is the name of this cat ...and you dont have the wrong eyes in your head or where the wrong glasses...this cat is very big and you better not lay in a sunchair...hihihi, you never know what happens!

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Saint-Étienne Favorites

  • Around Saint Etienne

    MuseumsThere are some interesting museums in St Etienne such as Museum of Industry and art. If you are a museum fan then I receommend you to visit the one I mentioned. You will know the city better after visiting.At the moment, from 15-30 of November 2008, there is the 10th international design exhibition taking place near cite du design and the...

  • Head up to the mountains.

    Head up to the mountains. Wherever you are, you will be able to find some road that will take you 'into the hills', and you'll see the most unbelievable views of French countryside... This is not only from the top of the mountain, but the 'getting there' is so much fun too... the winding country roads (make sure that you don't get motion...

  • Go to a nice house to stay...

    Go to a nice house to stay your holiday and make sure you have a wonderful view. When we visite we see my parents again, thats always nice cause we dont see them that often.


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