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  • Saint-Genis-Pouilly
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  • Place de la Fontaine
    Place de la Fontaine
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  • night shot of Place de la Fontaine
    night shot of Place de la Fontaine
    by mindcrime

Saint-Genis-Pouilly Things to Do

  • Centre Culturel Jean Monnet

    The Cultural Center of Jean Monnet houses several meeting rooms, a large conference hall, a café and a large room for temporary exhibitions. The history of the building goes back to late 16th century when it was partially destroyed but it was rebuilt and renovated the following century. It was actually a farm building that was formed into a new...

  • Espace George Sand

    Espace George Sand is a modern building that was built in 1998. Although I took many pictures of it I realized when we left Saint Genis that is actually a cultural centre, a mediateque (part of the municipal library) that is heaven for researching as it houses about 22000 titles (books, magazines, newspapers, documents, audio cd, dvd) that houses...

  • beautiful graffiti

    I didn’t expect so many graffiti in Saint Genis, great large in scale graffiti covering whole walls, they were great as they are not the usual ones that people use to get scared of :)Check pic 1, it’s a beautiful realistic graffiti part of the decoration they created at the back wall of a house (pic 2), isn’t it amazing? No, there’s no door there...

  • Galerie D’art

    It took me a while to understand what and where it was, but the poster on the wall made it clear, the entrance is through the nearby Orchidee Fleurs which seemed me to me like a upscale flower store only to make the confusion worst :) Later I checked their online site and realized my mistake, I missed a normal Art Gallery that houses temporary...

  • Le Lion

    Pays de Gex area is full of small trout streams, one day I visited L’Allondon (can be seen at rue de Lyon) but the most popular one is Le Lion that lies a few meters away from Carrefour supermarket. The main road (rue de Geneve) runs above it so I took some pictures from there before I head down the picturesque path and walk along the park. A lady...

  • Technoparc du Pays de Gex

    Walking towards Thoiry I noticed a large area that is known as Technopoli as I noticed on a sign at the entrance of the large (about 39hectares) area.It was founded in 1984 to accommodate industrial activites, whatever this means as I cant be sure what events and activities take place there but I guess there must be some connection with the near by...

  • stade municipal Lucien Vejux

    Lucien Vejux is the municipality stadium of Saint Genis Pouilly. As expected it’s usually busy in weekends when lots of young players come to practice with lots of dreams to become famous football players one day… I was there because I wanted to take some photos of the circus’ animals that was in town that period (late september 2014), they were...

  • surprised it isn’t the Town Hall

    At rue de Geneve (100m from Place de la Fontaine) I noticed one of the most interesting building in the center of Saint Genis which I thought it was the Town Hall but I got confused when I checked about it on google maps where it’s called Centre de Loisirs de Saint-Genis-Pouilly, a place where parent leave their preschool kids as it hosts several...

  • place de la Fontaine

    Place de la Fontaine is the central square in Saint Genis, a spot where you will usually pass as you come from Geneva on your way to Jura mountains or the near by villages of Sergy, Thoiry etc. It has a small fountain decorated with colorful flowers (pic 2) and its usually full of life with locals passing by as the square house the popular Charly’s...

  • L’Allondon

    On a cloudy Saturday morning I started to walk along rue de Lyon towards Thoiry, there was no other pedestrian around and a only a few cars, it seemed boring but just at the outer limits of Saint Genis-Pouilly is a bridge over a small river flow. It’s Allondon river that runs between France and Switzerland in the Rhone Alps regions. It starts north...

  • architecture

    The population of Saint Genis-Pouilly has grown rapidly after the 1960s because of CERN extensions so the small village turned into a town and hosts now about 9000 people. Of course this influence the architecture because the individual houses weren’t enough to house the ongoing larger and larger number of people. That’s why today there are many...

  • Eglise Evangelique Mennonite

    One morning I started to walk at Rue de Lyon towards Thoiry, didn’t expect to see something on the way but on my left had I saw the Evangelical Church of Saint-Genis. I couldn’t check the interior because the front door was closed but a small poster outside provided me with some basic info about them. It seems the community has its roots in some...


Saint-Genis-Pouilly Hotels

Saint-Genis-Pouilly Restaurants

  • OBrasseur

    This is a new addition to town and it seems the locals got excited because there’s not much going on in this small town when it comes to drinking/eating. It is housed on the ground floor of a new building (it wasn’t there in 2013, just at the corner of Carrefour market) and has lot of space inside, a central bar, an area for eating and another part...

  • Charly’s

    The first time I was in the area (staying in Crozet) we went to Saint Genis Pouilly to meet with some friends (all of them work at Cern like most people in the village) and there was no discuss of where we will head to. Charly’s is a historic pub and the main meeting/hang out spot for them as it is the only pub in this village but also for every...

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Saint-Genis-Pouilly Nightlife

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    Theatre du Bordeau: Theatre du Bordeau

    by mindcrime Written Dec 7, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Opposite the Town Hall is a modern building full of glass that houses Theatre du Bordeau. It hosts many theatrical plays but also classican or contemporary music, dance shows etc It opened in September 2007 and has a capacity of 250 seats

    Unfortunately every time we are at Saint Genis there’s usually a theatrical play that we have to skip because of the language barrier (as the plays are in French) so we still hope we will attend a concert or dance so day. You can always check for their program at the Tourist Office and buy tickets or at the Cultural Service of the Town Hall which is open mon through Thursday 8.30-12 and 14-17.00) firday 8.30-12.00

    Theatre du Bordeau Theatre du Bordeau Theatre du Bordeau
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Saint-Genis-Pouilly Transportation

  • how to go there

    Saint Genis Pouilly is just 2km west of CERN, near the border with Switzerland, 10km away from Geneve.By busBus Y becomes our friend every time we go there, first of all it’s great it pass by Geneve airport so we can take it directly upon our arrival (don’t forget to take your free ticket before you leave the luggage claim hall).The bus continues...

  • how to move around

    I had a lot of free time so I could walk from one side to the other easily as it’s not a big village. We stayed at the very center (a block away from Charly’s Pub) so every morning I was walking down to Carrefour for supplies but we also had some lazy walks to the riverside, up to Sergy (3km north of Saint Genis) or west to Val Thoiry (4km west)...

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Saint-Genis-Pouilly Shopping

  • fresh milk from vending machine

    On the main road (rue de Geneve) I saw this kiosk which is actually a fresh milk vending machine! This is a spot where locals stop to fill bottles with fresh milk! Some drivers pull over fill some to take with them while many cyclists stop to drink a bottle on spot! No matter how many times we’ve been there I always forget to check and buy some to...

  • patisserie Mottier

    On the main road (rue de Geneve) a few meters down from Town Hall we saw Mottier. It is an expensive but lovely patisserie in the city center. One evening some friends in Sergy had dinner for us and the dessert was bought from Mottier, oh great god of tasty heavens, this was an amazing pastry :) From the other side the tarte wasn’t so nice. We’ve...

  • Carrefour

    Staying in a house you need supplies and Carrefour Supermarket seemed a good option considering near by villages like Sergy didn’t have any store at all. I visited almost daily for basic stuff, greens, fruits, cheese, bread etc Of course some days (when we didn’t feel bored) we took the bus Y to Thoiry for the much larger Migros. Prices seem way...


Saint-Genis-Pouilly Local Customs

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    Circus in Town!

    by mindcrime Written Dec 7, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I never liked circus as an entertainment although I respect all the clowns, acrobats, musicians, tightrope walkers and others who participate and bring some smiles on the faces of young and not so young people. The problem begins when they use animals, they are trained animals of course but the training means lot of suffer for the poor animal so to reach a point to do something that will look funny/interesting to the humans. I have to admit that I almost got happy in the past when the wild animal was getting out of control humiliating his master in a dangerous way taking revenge for the cruelty during training (frequent beating, use of whips or hooks, electric sock prods etc)

    I thought circuses are not popular anymore (at least not as they were until late 1970s) but in Saint Genis must be a favorite entertainment because they have a circus in town every few months. They usually park next to the football stadium so on my morning walking on lazy Sunday I saw many of the animals outside the cages eating the grass (pic 2), of course as you can see on pics 3-4-5 they were only some peaceful animals (goat, pony horse, camel) and not a wild one (eg lion) :) I didn’t see any tiger or elephant around, that’s another problem that most of the wild animals spend their time indoors without access to an outdoor enclosure etc

    oh that VTer again! I'm not short dude I will ignore you to the end of time
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