Europe Favorites

  • Alley of platan tree
    Alley of platan tree
    by Odiseya
  • Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    by Odiseya
  • Tower of London
    Tower of London
    by balhannah

Europe Favorites

  • Walking

    Paris Favorites

    coming to the end of 2013 and digging on all boxes, found some old photos I took with older analog camera, the views are not that great as had to scan them, but typically Paris will like to share with all here. these are landmarks of Paris on my walks in the city when I used to worked there. 1) Church of Sacre Cœur 2) back of Notre Dame,and the...

  • Sightseeing

    London Favorites

    2012 update-it appears that for a 7 day travelcard at a rail station that you now have to get a photocard so bring a passport size photo with you, I believe the photocard is free London attractions can be very expensive but with a little help from the Days Out Guide 2 for 1 offers, I've saved a bundle of money over the years on some of the really...

  • Tourist Info

    Rome Favorites

    These three sites should be visited on the same day as they're in the same area and covered by one ticket price. To avoid the frustratingly long lines at the Colosseum, buy your combo ticket at the Palatine Hill ticket office (probably the shortest line) on Via di S. Gregorio 30. You can then choose to visit the sites in any order you wish. As many...

  • Red Light District

    Amsterdam Favorites

    In the Red Light Districts of Amsterdam you will find, on any given day, hundreds of girls offering sex for money. Nowhere else on earth are the women so straightforwardly on display, sitting sparingly attired on stools behind windows. Nowhere else except in the other main Dutch cities, because this conspicuous window prostitution is distinct to...

  • Sagrada Família

    Barcelona Favorites

    There are many places where buying advance tickets to see a place or take part in an event is essential in Spain. My experience with La Sagrada Familia was this was not necessary based on how quick the line moves. We arrived at La Sagrada Familia on a late April Sunday afternoon at just past noon. There was a long line that ran around two blocks....

  • Piazza San Marco & Basilica San Marco

    Venice Favorites

    Venice is a very safe city--one of the safest in Europe. I think it might be awkward to use a tripod to take photos because of the crush of tourists, especially at Piazza San Marco. Every spot is Venice is a great photo opportunity. You just can't go wrong taking pictures in this city.

  • Squares & Statues

    Copenhagen Favorites

    The Isted Lion is a Danish war monument originally intended as a monument of the Danish victory over Schleswig-Holstein in the Battle of Isted (Idstedt) on July 25, 1850 — at its time the largest battle in Scandinavian history. The Danish sculptor Herman Wilhelm Bissen traveled to Paris to study an actual lion in the Jardin des Plantes. He...

  • Budapest churches

    Budapest Favorites

    When you take a break from Budapest history and architecture you would enjoy meeting the international community at on Sunday morning at 10:30. I enjoy the people I meet. Listen to the Bible teaching online and see why this is such a popular fellowship. How does one get there?

  • 1. Bezirk / 1st District

    Vienna Favorites

    Altes Rathaus (The Old City Hall), situated in Wipplingerstrasse 6 - 8, stands opposite to the Bohemian Chancery. It was the first City Hall of Vienna, dating from the year 1316, and was built by the order of Herzog Friedrich dem Shonen. Its present appearance, however, displays the 18th century Baroque motifs on the front facade after the...

  • Tourist Information

    Dublin Favorites

    Location: Europe Local Time: GMT From 25 Oct 09 to 28 Mar 10 GMT From 28 Mar 10 to 31 Oct 10 GMT +1 From 31 Oct 10 to 27 Mar 11 GMT From 27 Mar 11 to 30 Oct 11 GMT +1 Capital City: Dublin Population: 4 million Area: 70,282 square km, 27,136 square miles. Language(s): English, Irish Dialling Code: 353 Emergency: Police, Fire & Ambulance: 999 or...

  • Lisbon neighborhoods and atmosphere

    Lisbon Favorites

    I stayed just off of Avenida da Liberdade (at the Ibis Hotel) and I spent lots of time strolling up and down. This was especially so when I just arrived in Lisbon and my room was not yet ready. I was dead tired and walked up and down this palm lined avenue just trying to keep awake. There are plenty of cafes, pasteurises and restaurants here to...

  • Sightseeing Tours/ City walks/ Boat...

    Berlin Favorites

    Not my favorite thing...but a general tip: If you are thinking about taking a tour, I would recommend doing it by bus. Normally I enjoy walking tours because I feel you get to experience more; however, consider walking around some more by yourself afterwards. The fact is, Berlin is huge with spread out attractions and if you want to really see most...

  • How to avoid waiting in lines

    Florence Favorites

    Would you like to see the David without any crowds? Would you want to visit the David and uffzi in 3 hours? We did it. It was one of the magical and surreal sights. Turning right and viewing the David for the first time. The whole place was empty.(The usual stewards were sitting near the walls and pillars out of sight) It was an amazing sight and...

  • Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

    Stockholm Favorites

    The old town "Gamla Stan" is the oldest part of Stockholm dating back approximately 750 years. This part of the town is dominated by narrow cobbled streets and many churches like the 13th century St. Nicolas Church (Storkyrkan), the German Church (Tyska kyrkan) and the Finnish Church (Finska kyrka). In the north eastern corner of the old town the...

  • Grand' Place & guild houses

    Brussels Favorites

    I use to say that this square is the most beautiful that I know. Great proportions well balanced and harmonized buildings, precious details. The only sad thing was its dark look. You may imagine my pleasure when I saw that the buildings are being cleaned, and the white stone is now shining almost as much as the shining gold in some facades. Well...

  • Athens Acropolis

    Athens Favorites

    It’s on all those annoying lists of ‘places you must see before you die’ but the city’s centrepiece, the Parthenon, and the Acropolis, the rocky hill on which it stands, really do live up to the hype. It’s more impressive than ever now that most of the scaffolding has come down and a massive restoration project launched in 1983 is finally nearing...

  • Charles Bridge

    Prague Favorites

    This sandstone statuary was created in 1708 and donated by the Convent of the Dominican Order. In the center is the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, St. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order, kneeling on the left side of the pedestal, on the right, there is the creator of the scholastic philosophy St. Thomas Aquinas. It is the copy of the statue...

  • Everything about beer

    Munich Favorites

    Let’s make no secret of it. We both like a nice cold glass of beer. Being abroad is always a challenge to find a beer we like, which reflects our taste of having a beer. In Germany it was sometimes rather difficult. We found out that there are quite some local beers, only known in that particular area. But anyway, we did like the Kirner Pils. The...

  • San Siro Stadium

    Milan Favorites

    Even my reply is late for you, i think you might like to know what i'm going to say. Tickets for Inter games can be bought on line one week before the game, on the Internet: You receive a kind of voucher which you have to print and when you go to the stadium, there are special places for Internet tickets, where your voucher will be...

  • Walk or relax around the City

    Brugge Favorites

    Bruges is a very easy and compact city to navigate on foot. From the moment we left the train station we walked and explored Bruges on foot even though it was a bit cold and raining, which of course never stops me from exploring a beautiful city like Bruges.

  • Streets and walking

    Madrid Favorites

    found some more photos as my boxes from moving are beginning to unload. Madrid is my city, where I grew up as a Young teenager, and had the first freedom, so it will always be in my heart. Lucky enough to visit often nowdays. Walking is sublime and a must; mix in the Madrid day with the hussle and buzzle and then taste its terrific nights full of...

  • General impressions

    Moscow Favorites

    Can you believe it - we have beaten both Spain and Greece as budget travelling goes! Here is what the Backpacker Index says, giving us # 14 - between Bratislava and Prague: Certainly one of the world’s most important cities, Moscow continues also to be frustrating for many travelers, with relatively few hostels and traveler-friendly budget...

  • Towns and Villages

    Crete Island Favorites

    Bali is a small, picturesque village between Heraklion and Rethymno. People go there usually when they buy the whole package (flight, hotel, food etc) Bali used to be a fisherman village, but now during the summer it is a family vacation destination. There are few large hotels and many small hotels. Bali has at least 3 beaches with the largest (not...

  • Fira Town

    Santorini Island Favorites

    Santorini is probably best known, by people that have never been there, by the dramatic white buildings with the blue domed roofs. Hiking around the island you'll see all sorts of colors but the hills of Thira are very dramatic with their stark appearance against the volcanic cliffs.

  • Along the river Schelde, right and left...

    Antwerp Favorites

    The river Schelde ... it was the first thing I saw in the mornings and the last thing I saw before I went to bed because I was so lucky to live right at the river Schelde with a terrific view over the river. Waking up in the morning and hearing a boat or a big ship passing by are some of my best memories. I was living right under the roof in the...

  • The Market Square (Rynek Glowny)

    Krakow Favorites

    Krakow is fabulous in any season. I have visited in holiday season, summer, and spring. The Cloth Market is the centerpiece of the historic square...untouched by wars. It's the purest part of Poland as far as architecture is concerned. The Cloth Market is filled with vendors who sell a miriad of merchandise and soulvenirs. The shops and cafes...

  • Travel tips and assistance

    Salzburg Favorites

    As with all these tourist cards, you need to do your homework to see if it's viable to buy or not. I did this, and for us it was, so we bought ours from our Pension, and began using it straight away, as we caught a Bus into the city centre. The Salzburg Card provides free admission to all the sights in the City of Mozart, free use of the public...

  • Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Favorites

    I think that edinburgh's castle is just amazing:his position is great and you can have a great view of all the city.You can walk inside it and return back of centuries thinking at the Bravehearth movie and at medieval period.It's a classical touristic thing but i think you can't asbolutely miss it The panoramic view is amazing..and just that is...

  • Streets

    Warsaw Favorites

    Warsaw has a few big and busy squares. One of the most important ones is definitely the centrally located Rondo Dmowskiego where the busy Al. Jerozolimskie and Marszalkowska meet. Most trams and buses cross this square. Apart from that, the most important Metro station "Centrum" can be found here. Another busy and lively square is Pl. Zawiszy...

  • Tallinn Card

    Tallinn Favorites

    If you will be in Tallinn for 24 hours or longer and wish to see as much as possible while there, consider a Tallinn Card. The card is available at Tourist Information Centers, but also at the airport, hotels, travel agencies, etc. The card can be purchased for periods of 6 hrs. up to 72 hrs for a very reasonable price (check the website for...

  • Seeing Seville by foot

    Sevilla Favorites

    I have no idea why narrow streets so fascinate me, I guess it could be because I grew up in a home that had distance between us and the neighbours, so I try to imagine how it would be living and growing up when you could literally put your arm out the window and touch your neighbour across the street.

  • Granada Studios

    Manchester Favorites

    Manchester is the home of Granada Studios which produces Coronation Street, a long running British soap. It first aired on Dec. 9, 1960 and is still going strong. I am a dedicated Corrie fan and I have met most of my interenet friends through the corrie communities online. Granada used to have set tours open to the public but stopped that in 2000....

  • Personal Memories and Impressions

    Hamburg Favorites

    The best thing about Hamburg? How about when you go to stay with your old college teammates in Hamburg they have also called up the guys playing American football in Braunschweig as well. Two nights of good partying and catching up with people. By the way, catch a Hamburg Blue Devils game while your in Hamburg.

  • Canals and Rivers

    Saint Petersburg Favorites

    Why not have a boat trip along the city canals and rivers, which will allow you to see the buildings from different angles and to enjoy the city sites - the splendid samples of the old Russian architecture. walking along the city canals and living there for a year.


    Granada Favorites

    In Alhambra all the treasures are hidden inside, as well as in other moorish palaces. Outside Alhambra represents modest enough construction. Walls are unattractive, facades are not decorated. The Arabian governors did not like to parade luxury. They preferred to stay in stuffy premises rest in small court yard where fountains are murmuring and...

  • The highlights

    Verona Favorites

    The Scaliger period of Verona is one of great political influence, economic power and territorial expansion, it was the golden age of Verona. During medieval times the fight for dominance of Verona between leading families of the area ended with the della Scala (Scaligeri) family taking control in 1277 and maintaining rule for the next 110 years....

  • City Center

    Palma de Mallorca Favorites

    - no, is not a mature only place, I would say the contrary - yes, is a hardcore party place, many pubs, discos and bars, open until late night - for sure is not a too quiet place - weather will be great, no rains in september - beach is great for swiming, kyte surf or just walking on the seashore Palma city center is near, 10m on public bus. Use...

  • downtown

    Sofia Favorites

    We would recommend meeting local members of Virtual Tourist as they are most friendly and willing to assist a visitor in an instant and show you around. :) The Most Beautiful City of our Eastern Visit was Sofia and well worth the trip. A real nice guy named Peter (peter_dimov) helped us have an especially good trip in Sofia. He was a First Class...

  • Useful Information

    Bucharest Favorites

    To find a post office in central Bucharest is not that easy – you should know where they are, if you intend to send a picture of the Parliament Palace to your friends. The fact that stamps are only for sale at the post office does not make it easy to write postcards. The central post office is located at Matei Millo Street (Number 10), close to...

  • walk/explore

    Glasgow Favorites

    The best way to get to know the city is to just wander around and discover places for yourself. Well in the centre of the city at least, don't want to end up anywhere dodgy by accident! I took most of these photos while on my way to Glasgow Green on my most recent trip to the city

  • Victims

    Pompeii Favorites

    Over the cobbled streets, the buildings, the forum, and even vesuvius itself, the first thing most people think of is the dead bodies. Everywhere in Pompeii there are the plaster casts of the bodies of the victims of the eruption. Created by italian Archeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli, the plaster casts give a horryfying insight into the last seconds of...


    Ibiza Favorites

    You will find that many beaches are nudist, so if you do not like them, just try to avoid them. Normally they go to Beaches where access is not easy Ibiza is a very relaxed island, where no one cares what you do if you respect them

  • Porto is the city of the famous Porto...

    Porto Favorites

    Porto's most famous attractions are its wine and its river (the bridges that cross it, the boats that sail it...). You can experience both of them by taking a river cruise that goes all the way to the Douro Valley, where the grapes that make the wine are grown. These are truly unique vineyards (that's why UNESCO declared them a World Heritage...

  • City Views

    Skopje Favorites

    Just a picture of Main Square in Skopje- Makedonija Square! It has been actually renowated some 3 years ago, so this is quite a new look. It is very wide now, but I prefered the older "version" of city square .

  • Personal Memories and Impressions

    Innsbruck Favorites

    This park was originally founded as a hunting ground. Later it was declared a public garden. There are various plants and a small lake here. At one of the entrances of the park there is a cafe-restaurant. The Hofgarten is open from 9 a. m. to sunset. It is located very near the Imperial Palace.


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