Europe Favorites

  • Alley of platan tree
    Alley of platan tree
    by Odiseya
  • Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    by Odiseya
  • Tower of London
    Tower of London
    by balhannah

Europe Favorites

  • Arrondissements - Sections of Paris

    Paris Favorites

    If you are used to spread-out American cities, Paris is compact. Most tourist sights are in a central area. There are many hotels and restaurants within the center and they come in all price ranges. If you want to avoid spending your sightseeing day on the Metro, find a hotel in the center of town. This would be arrondissement (district) numbers 1,...

  • Sightseeing

    London Favorites

    2012 update-it appears that for a 7 day travelcard at a rail station that you now have to get a photocard so bring a passport size photo with you, I believe the photocard is free London attractions can be very expensive but with a little help from the Days Out Guide 2 for 1 offers, I've saved a bundle of money over the years on some of the really...

  • Tourist Info

    Rome Favorites

    These three sites should be visited on the same day as they're in the same area and covered by one ticket price. To avoid the frustratingly long lines at the Colosseum, buy your combo ticket at the Palatine Hill ticket office (probably the shortest line) on Via di S. Gregorio 30. You can then choose to visit the sites in any order you wish. As many...

  • Las Ramblas

    Barcelona Favorites

    La Rambla was the first street in central Barcelona I began to explore the city. I knew that it was popular with tourists and locals stretches for 1.2 kilometers between Barri Gòtic and El Raval, connecting Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell. If you stroll along the street you will find a...

  • Coffee shops

    Amsterdam Favorites

    its all over the place.dont go inthe first one avoid bulldog as they are for tourits look at the ones with plenty locals in stoned they are the best. i found the greenhouse to be the one, bubblegum is very popular smoke. nice babes behind the bar selling coka cola and coffee and the dealer in the corner expext to pay 8 euros for a good size bag...

  • Piazza San Marco & Basilica San Marco

    Venice Favorites

    The beautiful Clock Tower in St. Mark's square is possibly the second most well known clock in the world; after "Big Ben". It was built in 1499. It was designed by Mauro Codussi, and decorated with an astronomic clock that shows the hour, the moon phases and zodiac signs. At the top of the tower, once an hour the bronze statues of two huge...

  • Squares & Statues

    Copenhagen Favorites

    The Isted Lion is a Danish war monument originally intended as a monument of the Danish victory over Schleswig-Holstein in the Battle of Isted (Idstedt) on July 25, 1850 — at its time the largest battle in Scandinavian history. The Danish sculptor Herman Wilhelm Bissen traveled to Paris to study an actual lion in the Jardin des Plantes. He...

  • Hofburg

    Vienna Favorites

    The Imperial Eagle, the two headed Eagle, I saw all around Vienna. Eagles "Lords of the air" Habsburg Monarchy "Lords of a Kingdom." Eagles are often chosen as they are a symbol of power, but why add the second head? This puzzled me, and now I know the answer. The Byzantine Empire was who added a second head to the originally one-headed Roman...

  • Useful Information

    Berlin Favorites

    The 3-Day-Ticket Museum Pass Berlin is a good buy. For 19 € one has a FREE ADMISSION to 55 museums and exhibitions on three consecutive days. The pass is available at all Berlin Tourist info's or at participating museums. I got mine at the ticket office on the Museumsinsel (between Neues Museum and Alte Nationalgalerie; not the best place because...

  • Budapest streets and views

    Budapest Favorites

    This is one of the many things I liked about Budapest - Plenty of places to rest. Scattered around the city are many big and small parks, then there are places like in my photo, where seats are supplied. These just pop up "out of the blue" as we walked the city. I thought it was really nice to be able to sit and relax or eat your lunch beside the...

  • How to avoid waiting in lines

    Florence Favorites

    Would you like to see the David without any crowds? Would you want to visit the David and uffzi in 3 hours? We did it. It was one of the magical and surreal sights. Turning right and viewing the David for the first time. The whole place was empty.(The usual stewards were sitting near the walls and pillars out of sight) It was an amazing sight and...

  • Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

    Stockholm Favorites

    There were some lovely views over Gamla Stan and the harbour from the Sodermalm area. These pictures were taken from the Katarina hissen elevator. You pay to go up the elevator and can take views from the viewing platform at the top.

  • Lisbon neighborhoods and atmosphere

    Lisbon Favorites

    I stayed just off of Avenida da Liberdade (at the Ibis Hotel) and I spent lots of time strolling up and down. This was especially so when I just arrived in Lisbon and my room was not yet ready. I was dead tired and walked up and down this palm lined avenue just trying to keep awake. There are plenty of cafes, pasteurises and restaurants here to...

  • Old-Town Square

    Prague Favorites

    This large square was founded in the 10th century. It was a marketplace until the beginning of the 20th century. It is surrounded by lots of colourful buildings. The first houses here were built around it in the 12th and 13th century. Tragic events such as executions, political events and demonstrations took place at this square. For instance 27...

  • General Comments

    Dublin Favorites

    Southern Ireland Immigration website tells, If you are living in UK on a long term visa category you do not require a visa to travel. We (Me and my family members) made all arrangements and went to the airport on travel day. We were advised by airlines that in our visa page it is written as Entry rather than Visa and we cannot go. We wrote to the...

  • Useful information

    Munich Favorites

    We probably made a mistake by not giving ourselves enough time. We were trying to cram too much into too little time. Munich is a place to which we plan to return and give ourselves at least three days to soak up what the city has to offer. The fun family from Northern California and the two Canadian boys we met at the Hofbrauhaus. (See photos--if...

  • Streets and walking

    Madrid Favorites

    found some more photos as my boxes from moving are beginning to unload. Madrid is my city, where I grew up as a Young teenager, and had the first freedom, so it will always be in my heart. Lucky enough to visit often nowdays. Walking is sublime and a must; mix in the Madrid day with the hussle and buzzle and then taste its terrific nights full of...

  • Chocolate, Waffles & Fries

    Brussels Favorites

    Genuine Belgians use the word PRALINES for what is called "chocolates" by tourists. If outside the touristic centres you ask for chocolate you will get a bar of chocolate. The production of pralines in Belgium is now in hands of a number of companies who have industrialized the process what does, fortunately, not mean that quality has diminished....

  • City Center

    Palma de Mallorca Favorites

    - no, is not a mature only place, I would say the contrary - yes, is a hardcore party place, many pubs, discos and bars, open until late night - for sure is not a too quiet place - weather will be great, no rains in september - beach is great for swiming, kyte surf or just walking on the seashore Palma city center is near, 10m on public bus. Use...

  • San Siro Stadium

    Milan Favorites

    Even my reply is late for you, i think you might like to know what i'm going to say. Tickets for Inter games can be bought on line one week before the game, on the Internet: You receive a kind of voucher which you have to print and when you go to the stadium, there are special places for Internet tickets, where your voucher will be...

  • Plaka

    Athens Favorites

    Starting at the foot of the Acropolis, the old area of Plaka is a maze of narrow, cobble-stoned, medieval streets that twist through ancient sites, tourist-packed squares and lovely Byzantine courtyards. The best way to explore it is simply to get lost among its enchanting passages. The most beautiful section of Plaka is Anafiotika, a cluster of...

  • City Square/ Grote Markt

    Brugge Favorites

    In the third chapter of Bruges-la-Morte, Hugues Viane spends a week stalking the streets of Brugge, looking in vain for the young woman who resembles his dead wife. After a week, he finally catches sight of her again and follows her through some parts of the city that he normally avoided on his solitary walks, starting with the Grand’Place,...

  • Towns and Villages

    Crete Island Favorites

    Bali is a small, picturesque village between Heraklion and Rethymno. People go there usually when they buy the whole package (flight, hotel, food etc) Bali used to be a fisherman village, but now during the summer it is a family vacation destination. There are few large hotels and many small hotels. Bali has at least 3 beaches with the largest (not...

  • General impressions

    Moscow Favorites

    Can you believe it - we have beaten both Spain and Greece as budget travelling goes! Here is what the Backpacker Index says, giving us # 14 - between Bratislava and Prague: Certainly one of the world’s most important cities, Moscow continues also to be frustrating for many travelers, with relatively few hostels and traveler-friendly budget...


    Ibiza Favorites

    You will find that many beaches are nudist, so if you do not like them, just try to avoid them. Normally they go to Beaches where access is not easy Ibiza is a very relaxed island, where no one cares what you do if you respect them

  • Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Favorites

    I think that edinburgh's castle is just amazing:his position is great and you can have a great view of all the city.You can walk inside it and return back of centuries thinking at the Bravehearth movie and at medieval period.It's a classical touristic thing but i think you can't asbolutely miss it The panoramic view is amazing..and just that is...

  • Fira Town

    Santorini Island Favorites

    Santorini is probably best known, by people that have never been there, by the dramatic white buildings with the blue domed roofs. Hiking around the island you'll see all sorts of colors but the hills of Thira are very dramatic with their stark appearance against the volcanic cliffs.

  • Travel tips and assistance

    Salzburg Favorites

    As with all these tourist cards, you need to do your homework to see if it's viable to buy or not. I did this, and for us it was, so we bought ours from our Pension, and began using it straight away, as we caught a Bus into the city centre. The Salzburg Card provides free admission to all the sights in the City of Mozart, free use of the public...

  • Tallinn Card

    Tallinn Favorites

    If you will be in Tallinn for 24 hours or longer and wish to see as much as possible while there, consider a Tallinn Card. The card is available at Tourist Information Centers, but also at the airport, hotels, travel agencies, etc. The card can be purchased for periods of 6 hrs. up to 72 hrs for a very reasonable price (check the website for...

  • Memories

    Warsaw Favorites

    It had never crossed my mind to visit Poland, even after meeting Ewa, and teaching children who had Polish fathers in Scotland and Sudan. I'd never felt the inclination to visit Eastern Europe at all, but Fate decreed otherwise. My husband had to go to the FiCEE exhibition as he was the only person with a valid Shengan visa, and I was to help him....

  • Grote Markt / Big Market square

    Antwerp Favorites

    Unfortunately, the GUILD HOUSES are not all original. In 1576 a large part of the Grote Markt burned down. Hans Vredeman, the town architect was instrumental in rebuilding these magnificent houses, in Flemish Renaissance style.

  • Hermitage

    Saint Petersburg Favorites

    The most known symbol of the city, which is certainly on the list-to-see of any tourist in St Petersburg, is Winter Palace. The first building was begun to build in 1716 for Peter I The Great, the founder of the Northern Capital of Russia (it was rather comfortable house for the family in winter times, that's why the word "winter" is binded to the...

  • St. Mary's Church (Kosciol Mariacki)

    Krakow Favorites

    Upon entering the BASILICA OF THE HOLY VIRGIN MARY from the Market Square, you come across the Vestibule (1750-53) in the shape of the Tomb of Jesus. Entering from Mariacki Square (enter here to purchase tickets) you will notice the Penitents' Hoop which was placed on the heads of sinners. Of course, a few of us had pictures taken with the hoop...

  • Personal Memories & Imprssions

    Majorca Island Favorites

    Cocas de Valldemossa are typical buns from that village. It is very soft and made with potatoes. Here' s the recipe. 100 gr. lard. 200 gr. mashed potatoes. 200 gr. sugar. 3 big eggs. 50 gr. milk. 30 gr. yeast. 550 gr. flour. 45 gr. sunflower oil. Mix all the ingredients until the dough is smooth and elastic; for about 8 to 10 minutes....

  • Granada Studios

    Manchester Favorites

    Manchester is the home of Granada Studios which produces Coronation Street, a long running British soap. It first aired on Dec. 9, 1960 and is still going strong. I am a dedicated Corrie fan and I have met most of my interenet friends through the corrie communities online. Granada used to have set tours open to the public but stopped that in 2000....

  • Beautiful Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik Favorites

    Somehow I had never wanted to visit Dubrovnik. In the 1980s only old people from Germany went here. Then the war came and big parts of Dubrovik were destroyed. Only then I thought of it as a normal town with people actually living there, not some kind of "Disneyland for Pensioners". They rebuilt everything rather quickly and Dubrovnik came back to...

  • The day trips

    Verona Favorites

    I have just one day, or just few hours... What is a real must see? How many time we visist a city, even deserving more, but we don't have the time to see it at the right (slow) pace. It's a pity, but everyone of us did it, right? So, if you have only a few hours, here is a guide of 4 verona walking tours, made by the Municipality site: 4...

  • The Port

    Hamburg Favorites

    Deep-water Elbe, port cranes, sea vessels, predictably, made an impression of Hamburg, as one of the largest ports of the world. The convenient quay along the river, crowds of tourists and picturesque views at architecture monuments and quarters of buildings framing them made an impression about Hamburg, as about tourist sight.

  • Guadalquivir River and Bridges

    Sevilla Favorites

    Along the Guadalquiver River that runs through and seperates Sevilla into two, you find many small parks where you can take a few minutes to rest from your walks through the town. We also saw this lone kayaker with his trainer. These were the ONLY things moving on the river in contrast to the Seine in Paris where the waterway is crammed with...


    Granada Favorites

    In Alhambra all the treasures are hidden inside, as well as in other moorish palaces. Outside Alhambra represents modest enough construction. Walls are unattractive, facades are not decorated. The Arabian governors did not like to parade luxury. They preferred to stay in stuffy premises rest in small court yard where fountains are murmuring and...

  • walk/explore

    Glasgow Favorites

    The best way to get to know the city is to just wander around and discover places for yourself. Well in the centre of the city at least, don't want to end up anywhere dodgy by accident! I took most of these photos while on my way to Glasgow Green on my most recent trip to the city

  • City - Miscellaneous

    York Favorites

    We were fortunate to visit York in April of 2004 on our way from London to Edinburgh. York is a walled city, situated at the confluence of the Rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire. The city offers a wealth of historic attractions, of which York Minster is the most prominent, and a variety of cultural and sporting activities. We spent there only...

  • Useful Information

    Innsbruck Favorites

    At last we were in a city and I was hopeful that I would find a self-service laundry. Wasn't it great that our accommodation knew what people wanted and in their tourist brochure racks was a brochure for a Laundry! Wow, this was a first for me, usually they are hard to find and the locals don't know where they are. This one was easy to find, as...

  • Zürich views

    Zürich Favorites

    We spent New Year count-down on a S-train but it doesn't matter, we didn't miss Zurich highlight of a night - the fireworks. If you want best views it is good to be early somewhere by the Zurich lake shores because it will be the crowdest spot of the city as the midnight approach, with countless people participating - in their best mood, with...

  • Cardiff Castle

    Cardiff Favorites

    Cardiff is a seaport as it's built on the tidal estuary of the River Taff. Since it's decline in coal mining, Cardiff has restored and revitalized and has done a great job in attracting tourists - such as myself. I did some reading about Cardiff before my adventure to the UK, it was Cardiff Castle that peaked my interest, but upon arriving in...


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