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  • Welcome to Frankfurt
    Welcome to Frankfurt
    by Nemorino
  • Frankfurt
    by Nemorino
  • 1. Marian Grotto near Frankfurt
    1. Marian Grotto near Frankfurt
    by Nemorino

Frankfurt Restaurants

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    Hard Rock Cafe-Frankfurt: An Original Hard Rock Cafe

    by Verdone Updated Apr 4, 2011

    If you are a fan of Hard Rock Cafe then this is a must see location. The story I was told at the restaurant is that this was one of the first two Hard Rock Cafes. When the business decided to franchise, the Frankfurt location did not go along with the idea. Since it already had the name before the franchise, it was allowed to keep it's original name. This is a great place for drinks and to eat American style food.

    Favorite Dish: I went mainly for the drinks and experience, but the hamburger I had was very good.

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Frankfurt Transportation

  • Get a horse!

    There are still a few horses in Frankfurt, but they are used solely for recreation, not for transportation or farming. Second photo: A family on horseback.Third photo: Our ancestors would not have been at all surprised to see horse manure on the road, in fact I’m sure we 21st century folks would be astounded if we could see the huge quantities of...

  • The bus company

    There are several small businesses in Frankfurt, the largest and most obvious being the Fritz Bauer bus company.They have several buses which are kept in this garage in the center of Frankfurt. In addition to renting out buses for group travel, Bauer also has concessions to run several public bus lines in this region. Second photo: Looking in...

  • Roads

    Since the buses run only on school days and the nearest railroad station is ten kilometers away at Markt Bibart, people in Frankfurt are dependent on their cars or motor scooters (or trucks or tractors) for transportation. Second photo: The road to Kornhöfstadt.Third photo: Sign at the edge of town: leaving Frankfurt, 1 km to Kornhöfstadt.


Frankfurt Local Customs

  • Volunteer fire brigade

    As in many other German villages, the volunteer fire brigade is an important institution in Frankfurt. This building at the junction in the center of the village is where they keep their firefighting equipment, and there is also a bell on the roof to summon the volunteer firefighters in case of need. As I have explained in one of my...

  • Seeds from Euralis

    At the corner of a cornfield just up the hill from Frankfurt I came across this sign from the French seed company Euralis, saying that the seeds used in this field were of the type “ES Olimpus S 260 K 240”.According to the company’s German website, this is a “high-performance type” of seed especially suited for storage in silos and for feeding to...

  • Gnome in the garden

    As I mentioned in one of my Tauberrettersheim tips, it's true that lots of Germans like to put up statues of funny little dwarves a.k.a. gnomes in their gardens. And lots of other Germans look down their noses at those who do so.This gnome in Frankfurt is pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers – not sweeping like the one in Tauberrettersheim. GPS...


Frankfurt Warnings and Dangers

  • Flowers by the roadside

    These freshly cut flowers in a vase by the roadside presumably mark the spot where someone was killed by a motor vehicle.The German government has proudly announced that “only” 3,648 people were killed by motor vehicles in the year 2010. This is 12 % fewer than the year before (and less than a fifth of the number killed in 1970), but still: 3,648...

  • Addiction made easy

    Frankfurt doesn’t even have a shop where you can buy basic things like bread or peanut butter, but it does have several vending machines for cigarettes.Traditionally these machines were mounted low to the ground so even the smallest child could get addicted without standing on tiptoes, but in 2007 after a bitter political struggle a new law finally...

  • Frankfurt Hotels

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Frankfurt Off The Beaten Path

  • Downtown Frankfurt

    There are three roads coming in to Frankfurt, one from Lachheim to the southeast, one from Markt Taschendorf to the northeast and one from Kornhöfstadt to northwest. Where they meet, logically enough, is the middle.Second photo: The road to Markt Taschendorf.Third photo: My bicycle in downtown Frankfurt. I rode over from Scheinfeld via Thierberg...

  • House built in 1925

    This is the only house I noticed with a year on it, saying when it was built.Second photo: The year 1925 on the house, with the initials N.J.Third photo: Barn adjoining the house.GPS 49°40'50.02" North; 10°31'31.02" East

  • Roofed-over map of the eleven villages

    At the crossroads in the middle of Frankfurt there is a roofed-over map of the eleven villages of the municipality of Markt Taschendorf, with advertisements of some of the businesses that are located in this area. GPS 49°40'48.64" North; 10°31'32.39" East


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  • Nemorino's Profile Photo
    Apr 25, 2014 at 3:37 AM

    In the past three days, someone from the VT staff has moved twenty-one misplaced pages from the tiny village of Frankfurt (Bavaria) to the city of Frankfurt am Main (Hessen).

    So now the first twenty-one "newest" Frankfurt am Main pages are simply old ones that used to be in the wrong place.

    Many thanks to whoever it was who got this straightened out!

    • Trekki's Profile Photo
      Apr 25, 2014 at 4:53 AM

      Hurray, and since I am editor for Bavaria, I could add a brief information in the box above the map to guide people to the proper Frankfurt am Main :-)
      Plus: so good to see that you once visited Bavarian Frankfurt and took the photo so that it adds to the orientation for the visual people :-)

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