Bavaria Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by brendareed
  • Local Customs
    by brendareed
  • Local Customs
    by brendareed

Bavaria Local Customs

  • Fascinating special crosses: Arma...

    These kinds of crosses are very typical for regions where Catholic religion has a prominent place in hearts and life of the locals. That said, crosses with crucified Christ are very abundant in Bavaria anyhow, but these ones are special. They are being called Arma Christi crosses and show not only Christ but also symbolising incidents and people on...

  • Thanksgiving celebrated in the churches

    When I was in Bavaria's Pfaffenwinkel, the region with the highest density of Rococo and Baroque churches, it was early October (2011) and Thanksgiving celebrations were ongoing. The altar parts of Wies church and Steingaden’s church were fully decorated. Beautiful crowns made of straw were standing there and the full basket of fruit and food was...

  • Bavarian culture

    I love the beautifully painted houses in many little towns in Bavaria. We found some especially nice ones in the town of Oberammergau, which also has a famous Passion Play around Easter time every ten years. The play started in the middle ages when the town was spared from the plague, and as a thanks to God, the town started to put on the play. The...

  • Oktoberfest starts in September

    Oktoberfest will always start in SEPTEMBER !It will always end the 1st sunday in October, and will start 2 weeks before on saturday at 12.00 noon.As October 3rd is the German national holiday, this rule is a bit different, and the fest might be extended, when Oct. 3rd is a monday or tuesday .sounds complicated, but it is not !!The schedule for the...

  • The ECHO of Koenigssee

    When taking a cruise at Koenigssee you will be able to hear the famous "Echo vom Koenigssee", when the ship-guide will take out his trumpet and play a few tunes against the steep rocks that are sourrounding Koenigsee , the echo will return several times, that was really quite impressive.Of course that echo works only because you will not hear any...

  • Butterbrez'n or Pretzels with Obatzda

    ...but whipped cream cheese with horseradish spread on fresh crunchy pretzels is yummy too.Only in Bavaria please, neither Austrian nor Cologne pretzels are baked at the proper temperature and turn out pale as ghosts and very chewy....

  • The Flag of the City of Nuremberg

    N?rnberg became a city in 1219 and became one of the most important cities in present Bavaria. The city uses two different arms; the greater arms with the eagle with a king's head and the lesser arms with the eagle and red bends. Both were adopted in 1936. (...) The lesser arms are known as the real arms since 1240, where they are first mentioned....

  • Elefantentreffen Goers

    At night the Elefantentreffen camp is crowded by many wannabe miners. You can see many light beams scanning the whole area. Here are the miners coming back to social life.They spring up from snow holes, often in a group. This is the time when they search to satisfy their primary needings: beer, warm, beer, bbq food, beer.If you encounter one of...

  • Weltenburger

    Weltenburger is coming from the Kloster in the town of Weltenburg, not far from Regensburg. They have many kinds of beers but this one, the dark bock beer is my favourite with strength and taste. It is actually one of the best beers I ever tasted.

  • Weihenstephan

    This is set to be the oldest brewery in the world. Established in 1040 this brewery is not far from Munich in a town called Freising. They have many kinds of beers but the dark one is the best I tried so far from this brewery.It is possible to visit this brewery and have a tour, but I am not sure if needed to call in advance.

  • Mönchshof

    I was trying two kinds of beers they make and both are excellent.Kulmbacher traditional Mönchshof Premium Schwarzbier is a unique dark beer made in Kulmbacher. The other one I had was the Bockbier which is dark brown colour strong in taste and alcohol.You can buy those beers in selected beer stores around Germany but I am not sure if it is also...

  • Lauterbacher

    I never knew about Lauterbacher beer before this last summer visit, I went to some local beer store and bought few of the unknown beers for me. This one, Lauterbacher Dunkel Weiss was one of the best ones. Its private brewery in, Lauterbach of course.

  • Gutmann

    This is one of the better Weizen beers I tasted in Bavaria. Especially the dark (Dunkel) Gutmann was really EXCELLENT. You cannot find those beers almost anywhere, only in the region where the brewery is and I had in the small city of Neuburg by the river Danube.

  • Schwarze Perle

    I am not sure how common this Schwarze Perle beer, I do not remember seeing it before, but in my last visit I did try it for the first time and found it nice and smooth.

  • Franziskaner

    Yet, another one of my favourite Weizen beers. This one is also world famous and you can find it all over Germany and many other countries as well.

  • Ettaler

    This Ettaler beer is from, Ettal in Bavaria. It is traditional Double Bock and made in traditional way in a monastery by monks of course. This one is the dark one and it was one of the finest beers I tasted lately. It was full of taste and strength of 7%.

  • Bavarian Lederhosen

    Lederhosen are knee-length leather trousers worn especially in Bavaria and Austria. Bavarian Lederhosen are made mainly of deer and chamois leather. The manufacurer of leather pants is called "Säckler". For a single pair of leather shorts, the skin of two red deer is needed.The leather is tanned with oil and train oil. This makes the leather soft...

  • Riedenburger

    This is actually a special finest ecological beer made here in Bavaria. The have the traditional Weiss beer and the Dunkel as well. Very good and tasty.

  • Angermann

    This beer is from the city of Bamberg in Bavaria. I like this Weiss beer, as it is full taste. You can usually find it in other regions in Germany and might be exported as well.

  • Hacker Pschorr

    This is another of the Bavarian beers that you can find usually all over Germany in restaurants or beer stores. It is stronger beer then the average, just to let you know if you plan after beer activities :-)

  • Herrnbrau

    This is not the most common of the Bavarian beers but still very good one and full taste of Weiss beer. Its original is from the city of Ingolstat but actually the last time I had this beer was in restaurant in Olpe in west part of Germany.

  • Maisel

    Maisel is also one of my favourites, it is one of the best and popular ones so its easy to get this one in most places and beer stores.

  • Blue Night

    That is a special night ( around middle of May) when all lights all blue. There is many concerts and shows around and all restaurants are open until late. The only bad thing is that the old city is overcrowded at this time and its really hard to walk around.

  • Andechs Monastery Brewery

    This is over 500 years old Monastery and brewery in Andechs making traditional beers. They have Hell, Weiss, Dunkel and Bock, which ever, they are just excellent beers.My favourite is the Doppelbock Dunkel, in the picture here, strong and tasty beer.

  • Schlenkerla Smokebeer

    This one is a special smokebeer from Bamberg. It has a unique taste not like any other beer. This beer is very famous and global, you can find it in many countries. I can even buy it in Finland, it just cost here x4 the price.

  • Paulaner

    Paulaner is one of my favourite beers. You can get them world wide, usually I drink the Dark Weizen (Dunkel) if they have it in the bar or restaurants. When I go to special beer store I prefer the Paulaner Roggen, which is a wonderful Rye Beer, no doubt one of the top 5 of my favourite beers.

  • Traditions

    Bavarians live their tradition. Lederhosen is one example of this. This traditional trouser is worn by a lot of men at festivals. At the Oktoberfest you see for sure men wearing this. Lederhosen are not the only traditional garment. The Filzhut (felt hat) has also a long history. Each region has its own type of felt hat.Learn more about the...

  • Maibaum (Maypole)

    A May Pole is a unique Bavarian custom. It's history dates back to the 16th century. A maypole is decorated with pictures of the main buildings and the main crafts of the village or even city.It is also a tradition that men set up a small May Pole at the house of the girl he loves.

  • Leonardiritt 3

    And later, when the mess was finished and the parade went back to town, the women and men were sitting on the vehicles and praying.Ooops, I almost forgot to show you a decorated horse. the first pic I took from a horse's back, lol, but I think it was worth.

  • Leonardiritt 2

    have a look at these men: Their hat have a so called Gamsbart. And what do they have in their hands: of course, a bottle of beer. We were so much surprised. During the celebration of the mess, the horses and their owners and the people sitting on the vehicles which the horses draw were waiting on a big big field. It was foggy and a bit cold. So the...

  • Leonardiritt

    On 6th of november, Leonardiritt takes place in Bad Toelz. Lots of decorated horses and people are going to a little church up on a hill, where a mess is celebrated. What a nice noise in the little town caused by the little bells which are ringing on the horse.And what a fun watching the women and men in their traditional clothes.

  • Schneider Weisse

    This is also one of the common Weisse beers, you can get them everywhere around Germany and I never refuse one when having a nice Schnitzel with it.

  • sunbathing in the centre of Munich

    Bavaria is very strict, when it comes to morality......BUT since plenty of years you may see people spending their lunch-break in " Englischer Garten " or at " Flaucher " sunbathing topless or with even less than that.Well, simply like the beauty I show on my picture. I found her in Herrenchiemsee, close to the castle.

  • Horses and carriages at Oktoberfest

    Especially every weekend at Oktoberfest you may see these old traditional beer-carriages, drawn by 6 horses, beautifully decorated in the brewery's colors .This is the one of Hofbräu."HOF" is the german word for "court", so this beer was the favorite beer of the king of Bavaria, and was the only one beeing allowed to have the crown in their code of...

  • Traditional Lederhosen & hat

    Lederhosen may be seen at many events in Bavaria, not only at Oktoberfest.That kind of tradition is very strong, many of these Lederhosn will be given from the father to the son, the older it is the better.While Lederhosn will normally not look different in different regions of Bavaria, the hats normally will be different .

  • Prinzregent Luitpold auf der Wies'n ??...

    This is an advertisment, posted in Munich, close to Theresienwiese & Oktoberfest:The Oktoberfest - mostly called WIES'N by the locals - will allow ONLY breweries, producing their beer INSIDE the town of Munich, to be sold at the Oktoberfest.NO exception to this rule, NOT EVEN for the descendant of the last Bavarian king, who has a brewery, but NOT...

  • Lueftlmalerei makes great fassades

    " Lueftlmalerei " is the expression used for this kind of paintings that you will find at some places in Bavaria, mainly inn the area of Oberammergau.Franz Seraph Zwink ( 1748-1792 ) started with the first of these new kind of fassades. He learned painting in Augsburg and had the idea of the Lueftlmalerei.He made most of the geat fassades, and as...

  • wooden balconies, flowers and more

    Have a look for the many great wooden houses with lovely ornaments and woodcarvings around the roof, mostly also with a trophy of a hunted deer.All the balconies are beautifully decorated with flowers .All windows also have the typical shutters as a protection against strong and windy winters.

  • Clocks from Black Forest, sold in...

    This sculpture that I saw in Schwangau may show you , what the sales-people of Black Forest-clocks looked like, when they carried their goods on the back from one farm to the other, also doing repairs of clocks.During the strong winters they built their clocks in the Black Forest, in summertime they sold them also in Bavaria and other parts of...

  • "mad" King Ludwig still has lots of fans...

    Do not be surprised, to see "fans" of King Ludwig II still today at many places all over Bavaria.This is the entrance to a garage in Rottenbuch, close to the parking for the lovely church.For some people he had been mad and commited suicide in Berg / Starnberger See......for others he was a great king and killed by his enemies !

  • May-poles

    May-poles are customary in Bavaria, but in many villages you may also see these ones, all year long.Mostly it shows signs of all the trades and professions that are available inside this village .Most of them have a trunk, painted in blue and white, the national colors of Bavaria.This one you may see in Schwangau, close to the ticket-office of the...

  • bring your own food is a tradition in...

    Bringing your own food to beer gardens is a tradition though some places no longer allow it. Check ahead to see what the rules are but at any rate, the food is rarely very expensive and it is a great place to meet friends and enjoy the outdoors and a beer all in one go.

  • Erdinger

    Erdinger is the most famous Weizen beer from Bayern.It is exported worldwide and you can probably find it also available in your local beer store. It can comes as white beer, with yeast etc.My favourite is the Erdinger Dark (Dunkel)

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Bavaria Local Customs

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