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  • What is your limit?
    What is your limit?
    by painterdave
  • These are the best pretzels
    These are the best pretzels
    by painterdave
  • The crowd
    The crowd
    by charlietuna22
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    Oktoberfest during the weekends

    by oriettaIT Updated Jan 27, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Oktoberfest is a huge massive fair, the area is really big with wide space between the different brewerys's tent. Still, during the weekend you have to expect a big crowd. We were there during the opening weekend and, around the time of the opening ceremony, the amount of people trying to get in was just too much. It was impossible to walk and we were just pushed in any direction the crowd would go. This happened when the parade reached the fair. It was a little unconfortable and made us realize why when our bus arrived there at 7.30 am there was already a huge line of people waiting in front of each tent. They wanted to get a seat!
    We didnt booked our seat ahead of time, it was way too expensive, so we ended up wondering around several tent with no luck. You have to be aware that they dont serve beer of food unless you have a seat, so we ended up leaving the fair and going to the nearest brewery in town.
    When we went back to the fair in the afternoon the situation was much better.. i guess all the drunk people sleeping on the grass create some room in the tents :DDD
    I still enjoyed my visit, it was a lot of fun just to watch the people around, take a look to my Munich album to see some interesting charachter!! we enjoyed our bavarian food and our beer, you just have to be aware what to expect and, if you are not confortable with crowd stay away during the most busy hour of the day.

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    by mvtouring Written Nov 27, 2010

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    Favorite thing: Happens every year, and 2010 was the 200th anniversary of this event which i was fortunate enough to attend. In 12 massive tents, 6 million guests from around the world gather and consume 6 million litres of beer, eat 500,000 chicken, countless prezels and 100 oxen, then I have not even mentioned the famous schweinehaxen.
    It is in honour of Ludwig von Bayern and his wife Therese's wedding and it takes place on the Thereseinwies. It usually takes place end of September as the weather is better then than around 12 October when the actual wedding took place.

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    Octoberfest Facts

    by painterdave Written Sep 28, 2010

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    What is your limit?
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    Favorite thing: Here is a general list of facts concerning Octoberfest
    • Area: 0.42 km2 (103.78 acres)
    • Seats in the festival halls: approx. 100,000 (you are thinking this is enough?)
    • Visitors: 6.2 million
    • Beer: appr. 6,940,600 litres(126,900 litres non-alcoholic) (100,000 spilled on floor)
    • Wine: 79,624 liters
    • Sparkling wine: 32,047 litres
    • Coffee, tea: 222,725 litres
    • Water, lemonade: 909,765 ½ litres
    • Chicken: 521,872 units
    • Pork sausages: 142,253 pairs
    • Fish: 38,650 kg
    • Pork knuckles: 58,446 units
    • Oxen: 104 units,
    • Expenditure of electricity: 2.8 million kWh (as much as 14% of Munich's daily need or as much as a four person family will need in 560 years)
    • Expenditure of gas: about 205,000 m³ (?)
    • Expenditure of water: about 90,000 m³ (As Much as 27 % of Munich's need )
    • Waste: 678 t (2004) (TRY TO FIND A TRASHCAN)
    • Toilets: about 980 seated, more than 878 meters of urinals and 17 for disabled persons
    • Telephones: 83, also for international credit cards
    • Lost property: about 4000 items, among them 260 pairs of glasses, 200 mobile phones, wedding rings, and even crutches.[12]

    Garbage and toilets
    Nearly 1,000 tons of garbage result annually from the Oktoberfest. The mountains of garbage created are hauled away and the ways cleanly washed down each morning. The cleaning is paid for in part by the city of Munich and in part by the sponsors.
    After 2004 the queues for toilets became so long that the police had to regulate the entrance. To keep traffic moving through the restrooms, men headed for the toilets were directed to the "Pissoir" (giant enclosed grate) if they only needed to urinate. The number of toilets was increased in 2005 by 20%. Now approximately 1,800 toilets and urinals are available.
    Many Oktoberfest guests visit the quiet stalls in order to use their cell phones. For this reason it was planned in the year 2005 to install a Faraday cage around the toilets or to use Mobile phone jammers to prevent telephoning with a mobile telephone. However jamming devices are not certified in Germany, and Faraday cages made of copper would be too expensive, so instead signs were placed warning toilet users not to use cell phones in the stalls

    Fondest memory: Are you beginning to understand just how BIG Octoberfest has become? If not, go back and read the second part which discusses number of toilets, and how people used the toilets as a way to enable them to hear their cell phones through the noise.
    This year, in 2010 I did not see even one trash can. There are tiny boxes on poles about the size of a kitchen wastebasket, but nothing that could handle the amount of trash generated daily.

    There are plenty of security workers, and it is understood that if a person gets in a scuffle by accident they are still handcuffed and hauled off regardless of the story. Don't let this happen to you. Walk away from all altercations.
    We saw people being taken in this manner, and we also saw stretchers that look like mummy bags where drunk people who are unconscious are taken to where ever they can sober up. If you want to see bunches of drunk people at one time, go to the hill of grass located by the big monument.

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  • Great Alternative for the Oktoberfest

    by Edition Updated Feb 3, 2010

    Favorite thing: Who doesn't love the Oktoberfest?
    But who has ever been there knows the hazzle of getting into one of the big tents, not mentioning finding a seat or even an entire table...
    So last year, my friends and I decided to follow the advice of a local friend and tried an alternative: "Das Wiesnzelt am Stiglmaierplatz". Though it is not directly located at the Oktoberfest, it's just a few minutes away. The tent is located in the historic Löwenbräukeller and offers genuine Wiesn-atmosphere without the usual closing time, all other tents are bound to. There was an awesome band playing, literally around the clock (not like in the tents, where they take more breaks than actually play music). And when we were all kind of fed up with the bavarian ratatata music and up to party, we didn't even have to leave the place. In a seperate room upstairs is an After Party with hip DJ music and cool drinks. the best thing was that we could book our table online in advance, conveniently on their website at www.daswiesnzelt.de. I already made my reservation for this year, as I am definetly coming back! Munich be aware:-)

    Fondest memory: Oktoberfest - every year again:-)

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  • Get there early on opening day!

    by charlietuna22 Written Mar 21, 2009
    The crowd

    Favorite thing: Hello!
    I can not remember what percentage of the tables are reserved but myself and 2 friends went to Oktoberfest 2008 opening day. We got there at 7am with the intention of getting into the schottenhammel tent for the keg tapping ceremony but found a very large crowd already waiting in line. We decided to see what the crowds were like at the other tents and found lines at all of the tents we looked at. We decided to go with the Paulaner tent where we were about 15 people back at the door we were waiting at(mostly young people between 18-25 I would guess). The line was also about 15 wide. We waited for two hours until 9 am in a crowd that just got bigger and bigger. All the bodies were touching each other and we could barely move. When the doors opened at 9am there was a huge surge and I could hardley keep my feet on the ground. Had I actually picked them up, I think I would have been carried in by the crowd.
    As soon as the door opened, you could hear the stampede of people RUNNING for a table. It took us 5 to 10 minutes to get in the door and the place was already packed with people. We were lucky enough to get seats at a table that was occupied by only 5 people by asking if we could join them. They looked us over and said OK. As a sort of "Thank You", we bought the first round for the table...and the second...ant the third. In fact, somehow we managed to spend about 500 Euros between the three of us that night.
    They do serve food, soft drinks, and water before the beer starts to flow. We ordered those huge pretzels and the others at the table got the boiled white sausages. There was other stuff but I do not remember what. We were talking about how we were going to switch off between beer and water, but after the wait that seemed like forever we just stayed with the beer. Boy that first one was OUTSTANDING! The other 5 were good too!
    One of the girls at the next table lost her shoe in the opening mad dash and never found it.
    Try to head to the bathroom a little early...maybe 10 or 15 minutes before you really have to go as the lines are quite long. There are long troughs for urinals and you stand side by side so if you have "Stage Fright" and need to use the stalls it will take even longer. When we were there, the womens line was even longer and they were coming in the mens room through the exit and waiting for the stalls also.
    What an experience...and I would do it all again in a second given the opportunity. Great beer, great food, and GREAT PEOPLE we met from Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, England and Iran.
    I think the next time we will try to get there at 5:30 or 6:00 for the first day.
    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance!

    Have a Ball!


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  • draguza's Profile Photo


    by draguza Written Oct 22, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Favorite thing: Every year, Munich hosts the biggest beer fair in the world – the traditional Oktoberfest, which starts in September. It is originally from Munich, but it has already taken to all over the world. Traditional Bavarian dishes are also part of the fair – sauerkraut, bockwurst and pork knee are the most common ones. German cuisine uses a lot of pork, especially for different kinds of sausages and frankfurters.

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    by CandS Updated May 20, 2005

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The entrance to the Oktoberfest

    Favorite thing: Go to the Oktoberfest if you are in Munich at the right time of the year. It is really a great experience and lots of fun!!!

    The Oktoberfest goes for 15 days prior to the first Sunday in October. It is held at the Theresienwiese grounds (about 10 minutes walk from the Hauptbahnhof)...

    Get there early to make sure you get inside a great tent! And HAVE FUN! :) I would say the earlier you get there the better tent you will get. We ended up in the "Aussie/NZ/South African" tent because we got there too late...

    Also, if you intend to go on all the rides then I'd suggest not drinking too much beer beforehand... ;)

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  • stevehallam's Profile Photo

    friendly people

    by stevehallam Updated Feb 22, 2005
    He didn't get a look in!

    Favorite thing: As the picture shows the people are very friendly - My mates wife didn't speak to him for a week after seeing this picture. So if you do happen to be the girl with the pigtails on the left please get in touch and confirm that the guy sat next to you didn't have a chance.

    Fondest memory: Getting my first beer of the day in the hoffbrau tent at 10.30am

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  • stevehallam's Profile Photo

    Friendly People Great Beer

    by stevehallam Written Jan 21, 2005

    Favorite thing: The Beer Festival. We spent the day in the Hofbrauhouse tent - it was magnificent

    Fondest memory: The people in the tents were so freindly. where esle in the world can you get 8,000 people in one tent, drunk, happy and singing.
    even if you accidentaly bumped into someone, they were more likely to smile and give you a beer than to complain!

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    by chancay Updated Oct 10, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    overcrowded ways

    Favorite thing: I think there are to places that are wordwide known about Munich, it is the Hofbräuhaus and the Oktoberfest...well, so...in other words all around B E E R.
    Munich has surely a lot more to offer, but this shouldn´t be forgotten here to mention, of course. Look at the t-logue
    to get some few impressions of this HUGE funfair.

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  • Oktoberfest is coming!

    by wildstrawberries Written Sep 7, 2003

    Favorite thing: This year's Oktoberfest starts from 20 Sep to 5 October. It will be like a huge carnival with many tents erected for beer-drinking crowds and funfairs.

    Come and chill out! Don't be late!


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    If you come here you have to...

    by cjohnson46 Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you come here you have to goto Oktoberfest! It's not the only reason to go but It's the best one I Can think of.(BEER)

    Fondest memory: [please insert your best memory of Munich or what you miss the most when you are away from Munich]

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    I went to Munich for the...

    by TheBigMan Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I went to Munich for the Oktoberfest. It was my only reason to visit and I did haave plenty of fun.
    More Information of the Festival can be found at http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/ (i put the english version of the site because my German sucks at the moment, because i havent used it for a long while)

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    feline01's General Tip

    by feline01 Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: The Oktoberfest. I know my intro says Munich is more than that and it is but come on, how could I not go? I went in 1987 during my first European trip and was in awe. Part agricultural fair-part drunken feast. Music, rides, traditional costume and most importantly, beer. How could anyone not like this? I arrived early in the morning on an overnight train and partied for a few hours then retreated to a grassy area to nap. One vivid memory I have is some man waking me up from my nap to ask me if I wanted a beer. Excuse me!! I was sleeping!!! Anyway, told him to get lost and went back to enjoying the festival. Later on in the evening, I hopped on an overnight train right out of there. No worries about accomodations that way...

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  • SirRichard's Profile Photo

    OKTOBERFESTThis popular...

    by SirRichard Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: OKTOBERFEST
    This popular festival (known also as the Wiesn) is said to be the biggest in the world. It takes place at the end of september-beginning of October. Some 6 million visitors drink about 5 million liters of beer and more than 200.000 pairs of pork sausages. Amazing but true, I was witness...
    For more detailed info take a look at my travelogue

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