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    Allianz Arena

    by antistar Updated Jul 8, 2006

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    Munich has two teams, each with its own great history. Everyone who knows anything about football knows of Bayern Munich, one of the giants of world football, and four times European Champions. Bayern are one of the two big teams in Germany, with a following that is spread througout the country, and not just in Munich. In fact in Munich it is the second team, the less successful 1860 Munich, that is considered to be the team of the people of the city, and you will find their supporters feel they are even more passionate and dedicated than the glory hunting followers of their rivals.

    After leaving the world famous Olympic Stadium, Munich's two football teams moved to the ultra-modern Allianz Arena. You can arrange to see the stadium in a guided tour, but if you want to see it as it was intended, then you are going to have to buy a ticket for a game. Bayern Munich games are sold out months in advance wherever they play in Germany, and in Munich it is even worse, but 1860 Munich have seats for many of their games in Germany's second division. They are also much cheaper!

    The coolest thing about the arena is that it changes colour depending on what team is playing next.

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    Allianz Arena

    by vichatherly Written Apr 10, 2010

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    The Allianz Arena, opened in 2005 and home to both Munich clubs - Bayern Munich and TSV 1860

    This is a spectacular stadium which has to be seen to be believed. I went to their old olympic stadium, which was a great, a couple of times and this is their new home since 2005.

    A 69,000 all seater stadium which you can't fail not to spot due to it's glowing orange lighting. The fans are closer to the pitch on this new stadium as there is no running track as there was in the old one.

    10,400 seats in each of the north and south stands can be converted into standing terrace.

    Getting to the ground is nice and painless. Catch the U6 (in the Garching-Hochbrück direction) and get off ot Fröttmaning.

    It's then a short walk to the ground.

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    by claudia1975 Written Jan 20, 2005

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    Badminton playing is a lot of fun. I am sure there are numerous places in Munich. However, I really like the “Aktivpark” in Gilching (a suburb of Munich). The Aktivpark is a complex with 4 Badminton courts, three tennis courts each inside, as well as outside, a large fitness studio with spinning machines, weight lifting equipment, cross trainers, rowing machines etc etc. The whole atmosphere is very nice – a lot of light wood and warm colours, not too loud music, great fitness hours (ski-gymnastics, yoga, tae bo, hot iron, step arobics etc etc.). Changing cabins are very large and safe, there are lockers, hair driers, very hygenic sanitary facilities… But the best is a supernice sauna. There are small saunas for men and women separated, but there is also a larger mixed sauna landscape including a hot sauna, a steam bath, foot baths, a cold pool, showers of all kinds, two relaxation rooms and an outside area to cool off. Furtermore, in the evening past 8 pm there are so called “Aufguesse”, where a guy heats up the sauna with herbal waters. Afterwards they serve oranges and lemons as well as cold tea for an immune system boost. Prices for weights, the fitness hours and sauna are about 10 Euro (you can stay as long as you want), for Badminton and Tennis prices depend on the time you want to play.

    The center also has anice little restaurant with Apfelschorle, beer, lemonades and good salads and Italian food.

    Equipment: Badminton racket (or you can borrow for 2 €)
    Indoor shoes
    Shorts and shirt
    2 towels (1 for sauna, 1 after showering)
    water bottle

    For directions see description below, but also:
    the URL below and

    Unfortunately the Aktivpark cannot be reached conveniently by public transport. Directions coming from Munich downtown: take highway A-96 for around 10 minutes to the exit “Oberpfaffenhofen”. After the exit at the traffic light turn right into “Muenchner Str.”. Go straight until the second traffic light and turn left. You will then go drive through a small tunnel and go straight. Pass the upcoming traffic light. After the traffic light turn the third street to the left. Then again turn the second street right. There is sufficient parking in front of the studio. From Munich downtown it is half an hour drive.

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    Boating in the Lake

    by volarevolare Updated Nov 10, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Take the train from the Munich station to the end of the line where you'd find the lake.

    I think it's Starnbergersee.

    It's a lovely place with a huge lake and lots of restaurants on one bank and private lakefront homes on the opposite side.

    You can take a ride on the ferry but my personal choice would be to go to one of the boat houses and rent a boat!

    YUP! You don't need a licence for that, all you need is to wear the life-jackets they provide and off you go!

    Don't worry, the boats have only 3 speeds -- slow, slower and very slow! :)

    We had lots of fun on the lake, exploring it up and down and just admiring the peacefulness of the sunny day!

    Definitely a must-try I'd say!

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    ice hockey

    by iaint Written Nov 21, 2011

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    The city’s DEL ice hockey team - EHC München - plays at the Olympiahalle at the Olympiapark. This was the site of the of the 1972 summer Olympics, so it is worth the visit for that reason alone.

    Yes indeed, ice hockey is not a summer sport. The Olympiahalle was used for boxing at the Games.

    It’s a 1960s building and in some ways it is quite dated. However it is well maintained.

    Like most German rinks, the areas behind the goals are for standing spectators and the seats (relatively expensive) are along the sides. You’ll find plenty of food and drink inside - Löwenbräu & Glühwein, plus Bratwurst and Brezels (the size of a dinner plate) to soak it up.

    We saw the home team play Ingolstadt - the result went the visitors’ way (which suited us!). A great atmosphere (local derby, so plenty visiting fans) and a really enjoyable Friday evening.

    Equipment: Beer tokens.

    Normally you'd need warm clothing for watching ice hockey, but actually this rink is very warm. I had to take my jacket off...

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    Biking in Munich and Surroundings

    by chris.hh Written Apr 16, 2009

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    I created this tip by a forum posting. I am not a Munich expert but maybe this info might help someone planning a biking tour in or aroung Munich...

    Some of the Links are not in English but some of them have maps and the train connection. So it should help for getting a first survey...

    Here you also find routs outside of Munich

    Here is a tour planner for the city:

    Here is an online map where you can enter addresses:

    Here you find an easy map for a tour along the river Isar (just for the locations)

    This is a bike community in Munich.

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    Blade Night Munich

    by claudia1975 Written Jan 20, 2005

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    Every Monday in the summer months (between Mai and August) there is the Bladenight in Munich. Many streets are closed for cars and other vehicles and only inline-skaters are allowed on the streets. The Blade night is a very well organized mass event with up to 32.000 participants one time. There are bands playing and companies displaying sports fashion or energy bars and drinks. The blade tour is about 15 km, but you can also shortcut or go several rounds. There is also a special tour for families. The recent directions can be found at the web page. The Blade Night Munich is a great way to exercise, get fresh air after a day in the office and meet interesting people at the same time. Plus it is for free.

    Equipment: Inline skates (roller blades)
    helmet for kids
    protection for wrists, knees, elbows
    something to drink and eat
    maybe a headlight if blading in the dark

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    Allianz Arena

    by bonio Written Oct 4, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The new stadium built for the 2006 soccer world cup. It is shared by München's two top teams, FC Bayern and tsv 1860. Very impressive inside and out, try to see it at night when it is lit in the colours of the team playing, thats Bayern - red, 1860 - blue.
    I was lucky to watch 1860 play Eintracht Braunschweig, a 1-0 home win, almost 41,000 people there too.

    Equipment: Tickets on sale on the approach to the stadium from the U-Bahn

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    tsv 1860 Munich

    by bonio Written Aug 30, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    An alternative to FC Bayern in 1 Bundesliga. Very much the poor relations but on the plus side it's easy to get tickets and those there are real footie fans not glory hunters who support a winning team.
    Managed to see a game while visiting for Oktoberfest in 2000, a 3-1 win over Freiburg, and enjoyed very much. I proudly wear my 1860 shirt around my home town....few people have heard of them......

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    Surfing in Englisher Garten

    by barryg23 Updated Nov 5, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the most bizzare things we saw in Munich was this surfer in the Englisher Garden. An artificially generated wave has been created which allows surfing on a small part of the river Isar in the Englisher Garden. I think this wave was created by an American soldier stationed in the city after WW2. No need for surfers to wait for the wave - it's always there. To see the surfers go to the southern end of the gardens, near Prinzregentstrasse. The best view is from the bridge on Prinzregentstrasse overlooking the wave. If you are interested in surfing here I think you will need to bring your own board as I didn't see any place hiring them out.

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    SpVgg Unterhaching

    by bonio Written Dec 29, 2008

    A trip out to the suburbs and a visit to the Generali stadion for the 3Bundesliga game between Unterhaching and Carl Zeiss Jena.
    Just 9 euros to stand behind the goal on a freezing afternoon in December, the game a 1-0 win for the home side. The visitors can count themselves a little unlucky, the created many more chances than Unterhaching but lacked the ability to score any of them.

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    Allianz Arena

    by iaint Written Jan 1, 2013


    I arranged a tour of the Allianz Arena as part of my son’s weekend in Bavaria for his 19th birthday.

    It’s where FC Bayern (or Bayern Munich, as foreigners call them) play football (soccer, as some call it). It’s also home to 1860 Munich - in the German 2nd division at the moment, but in the top league from time to time.

    Some German national team matches are played there too.

    Cost was €10 for a 1 hour tour. Excellent value (especially with the € at 1.3 to the £, but even at parity). The ticket also gave us a free entry to the Audi Mobile Museum in Ingolstadt - tip on my Ingolstadt page.

    Highlights included the players’ changing rooms and the tunnel out to the pitch.

    Plenty to eat and drink at the stadium, plus an FC Bayern “megastore”. That is not such good value - €80 for a Champions League shirt. Mind you, the rubber ducks for your bath were a bit cheaper.

    They have 1 tour in English each day - at 1.15pm. I suggest booking in advance - online is possible.

    Equipment: Warm clothes in winter - you'll be outside part of the time.

    Credit card for the shop...

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    Mike's Bike Tours!

    by Nexus7 Written Jun 15, 2003

    This is the funnest tour through a city I've ever been on. It's not very strenuous, just a causal strol on Schwinn Cruisers with a ringer bell. You get to bike around the English Garden, see the Glockenspiel, eat lunch at a Chinese beer garden, look at naked people, see the old sights and witness the hofbrau haus. All the while, the tour guides make it a lot of fun. Cost was $23 Euros.

    Equipment: You need only what you can carry and decent riding clothes. Lunch moeny too. Helmets are provided and water too.

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    Mike's Bike Tours

    by alysania Updated Aug 5, 2003

    Mike's Bike tours is a really fun way to see the big sites in Munich while being active. Every tour has a tour guide and the groups range in size but are usually about 15 or so. The tour guides are all very friendly and outgoing and add some great humor into the tours. The tour isn't too long or too short, and even an inexperienced biker could take the tour without a problem. There is only one major up-hill and the rest is pretty flat. The tour guides are what really make this tour special.

    Equipment: They provide you with a bike. Just bring a camera and backpack with water if you need it!

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    TSV 1860 Munich

    by William1982 Written Aug 8, 2004

    The other team in Munich, TSV 1860 Munich also play at the Olympiastadion. The so called 'workers team', 1860 are one of the oldest sports clubs in Germany, but are also relatively unsuccessful in German football with only one title in 1966 and two cups in 1942 and 1964. In comparison Bayern have won 17 league titles, 10 cups and a couple of european trophies.

    1860 have recently been relegated to the 2. Liga.

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